After crashing on the highway, “evangelist” Phil Kidd had this update for his fans:

His wife, however, tells a slightly different story:

This raises a few questions. Why does an evangelist drive a Jaguar and write with a Mont Blanc pen? But more to the point, why would any decent human being brag about their hair not being messed up when their wife has serious and painful injuries? Was she not sheltered in the arms of God or does she just really not matter?

I didn’t think I could lose more respect for this guy. Apparently, I was wrong.

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  1. Kidd’s latest facebook post:

    Just on the other side of the guard-cable is where my car stopped flipping and starting spinning in circles.
    NOW notice the mile marker on the interstate sign!!!!!
    The number is “5”-that is the number of grace. I landed right on grace!!!
    Dr. Phil Kidd’s photo.
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      1. What an ass, and what a bullshitter.
        The highway patrol officer wrote in his report that there was “a 2% chance of coming out alive?” I’ve seen a whole bunch of police reports and accident reports, and they don’t have things like that in them.

        And even here, he insists on calling himself “Doctor Kidd,” (he isn’t a real doctor), and seems immensely smug for a man whose wife’s neck has just been broken.

        1. mmensely smug for a man whose wife’s neck has just been broken [edit] by his own hand/fault [/edit].

          There I fixed that for you. 🙂

        2. Ugh, GEORGE!

          …immensely smug for a man whose wife’s neck has just been broken [edit] by his own hand/fault [/edit].

          Darrell: Can you delete the previous type by me?

        3. Also, traffic cops are not actuaries. Figuring out the odds of a particular outcome in a particular scenario is very, very far from their work and their expertise. They have other things occupying their time.

        4. That comment is a complete lie. Police reports do not include odds; police don’t even know odds. And actuaries generally couch probability in something more than a simple-minded grade-school level percentage. You know, like actual statistical modeling tools like a standard distribution, ANOVA, poisson distribution…

          I suppose at this point the question is, what kind of person needs to lie like this? I feel bad for the guy, because he clearly needs therapy.

        5. I’ve written a few police reports in the past 27 years. I’ve never written or read speculative crap like that in any police report

        6. And as soon as the actual report becomes available, that lie will be obvious to all.

          Expecting that fb comment to be deleted in 3…2…1…

        1. I’m still having difficulty getting past the evangelist driving the Jaguar….

        2. The reason you can’t get past the evangelist driving the Jaguar is because he is likely speeding.

          OR he is going very slowly on a two lane highway with too much traffic going the other way. All it takes to be a leader is to drive slowly on a two-lane highway.

        3. The oft misused “I know how to abound”, however Paul was saying he knew how to charitably give in abundance, not that he was pimping his chariot.

        1. I don’t listen to “Christian” music much anymore. My daughter and my wife like it a lot. But I find the grand statements, the sweeping praise, the assumption that complete submission to the crap brings glory and blessing to be insipid.

          All submission to the crap has brought is more crap.

          If the griefs were actually borne and the sorrows actually carried and the load lightened and understanding achieved, then I’d have been happier. As it is, betrayal is too often there.

    1. I had a timing belt shred at the 25 mile marker on I-85 in SC once.
      I just looked up 25 on a biblical numerology site:

      The number twenty-five in the Bible symbolizes ‘grace upon grace.’ It is composed of 20 (meaning redemption) and five (grace) or grace multiplied (5 x 5).

      I wish Dr MMA would quit lurking long enough to explain that one to me. I have long been skeptical of numerological voodoo, and would like it explained from actual Scripture.

    2. Even if you accept “5 is the number of grace”, wouldn’t that be a sign that God’s grace was why he didn’t get “called home” for his wicked behavior?

      1. Plus… wouldn’t true grace = not rolling your Jaguar and breaking your wife’s neck? Everything is relative…especially when it comes to faith

  2. I’m not generally one to quote scripture but…the concern for the hairdo, Jag, and the super expensive pen (but clearly not the wife) really bother me. Since fundies say they’re concerned about the word of God rather than the word of man, let’s allow God to say it for us:
    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”
    “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

    1. Those are wonderful Scriptural passages. Thank you.

      I have friends who are into that Prosperity Gospel cr*p, big-time. They can explain away those Scriptures faster than you can say “Benny Hinn.” I just don’t get it.

      Their rationale always seems to be, “I’m the daughter / son of the King; I deserve the best.” Can someone show me where that is in the Bible?

      These are good people; I don’t mean to slam them. They are very generous toward the poor. But I just don’t get that prosperity shtick. So, someone needs a car for transportation; I get that. But why does that mean we have to pray for “a big shiny new truck with leather seats”? Why not just, you know, a car?

      1. There are a lot of ways to gently and scripturally refute that, but I’ve found the easiest way is this; Jesus really was the Son of the Most High, and how did he live? No servant is above his master, after all.

        1. I think it is called “Name It And Claim It.”
          A friend of mine had a more accurate label for this heresy: “Blab It And Grab It”

      2. Nothing wrong with a truck. I challenge anyone to put an 8′ Fisher on their Prius or Beetle and plow with it. I will call AAA when you tip your car over.

        It ain’t gonna happen, my friend. Also, no one with a Civic is gonna haul your couch when you move.

        I hate leather seats though. Wearing a miniskirt on leather seats can be uncomfortable if the vehicle’s been in the sun too long.

        1. Just try sitting on vinyl seats that have been in the sun on a hot day.
          I don’t know if vinyl-covered car seats are still around, but we had them, back in the day.
          Some of my thigh skin may still be stuck them.

  3. Wow 5 min ago all I did was reply to a comment made on May 9 and it’s already gone. His office staff is busy today. And all I said was that he is boasting – not at all offensive

        1. @MiriamD. You are forgiven, which is what you will never get from “Dr.” Kidd if he sees your comment!

      1. Had that been the case, he would’ve claimed that Satan had tried to get him, but God saved him. Or something. He could probably find some arbitrary meaning for any number it happened to be!

  4. Christ teaches that those who would seek his kingdom should sell there possessions and provide resources for the poor. This doesn’t mean that we are to become impoverished, but it does mean that we should not hoard our excess earnings (see Luke 12 – the story of the rich farmer). It seems like Dr. Kidd’s lifestyle reflects some major hoarding. He is the antithesis of a kingdom-seeking disciple and, if young preachers view his jag, suit, and pen as a sign of God’s blessing, is leading many astray.

  5. Well here is why his hair wasn’t messed up – how can people connect this shit!
    What an embarrassment to Christians!

    “I’ve read most the comments and was surprised on the forgetfulness of Gods Word. Abraham was blessed because he believed God. He took God at His Word. America is crumbling because we have not taken God at His Word. Did you forget about the men in the fiery furnace their hair was not burned nor did they smell like smoke. God is still looking for people to believe His Word. God blesses those people. Do you believe God. What Bible do you read. Gods Word still is True.”

    1. Don’t you love how they slip their KJVO stand into that comment without mentioning it. You are not safe on the road because you probably read an uninspired version of the Bible.

    2. Hey that’s the comment I replied to – I said boasting is the problem not owning – censored. Now I’m banned from liking and commenting

    3. “God is still looking for people to believe His Word. God blesses those people. Do you believe God. What Bible do you read. Gods Word still is True.”

      Wow…a very dangerous theology. He may be reading a bible, but he’s not studying it. Definitely not “rightly dividing the word”

    1. Most of the replies to the “ban and delete” statement keep disappearing. Mine stayed long enough for seven likes, though.

      I am now banned and deleted. All of the bans I have acquired on Facebook and Twitter have been hardcore Fundy jerks. I wear that badge with pride.

      Thanks, Kidd. I know you’re lurking. Man up and step out of hiding.

      1. I thought today was going to be another slightly boring Monday. Instead it is a thrill a minute. Thanks “Dr.” Kidd. (Maybe if you ask Darrell nicely he will let you delete that!)

  6. “It never unbuttoned my suit coat.”

    The “it” refers to the Jaguar.

    Got news for you, kid Kidd–Jaguar automobiles are incapable of unbuttoning clothing. For that, one needs opposable thumbs.

    On the other hand, feline jaguars can easily rip off your suit coat, and they can even muss up your hair.

  7. OK, Phil Dirt Kidd, I get it– you’re glad you didn’t get killed in that road accident.
    But your theory that you were spared because God loves you so much (more than your wife and more than all the other people who got hurt in accidents that day) just doesn’t wash.
    If the good Lord is so concerned for your physical preservation, why didn’t the Almighty intervene a few seconds earlier, to prevent the crash entirely?

    God maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust, old man.

  8. I left this on his FB page since it’s open to all. Doubt it lasts very long.

    When the police arrived was your cd player still playing “Highway to Hell?” Oh wait… that’s for another sermon right?

    1. rolled 4 1/2 times going 65 in a Jag… yeah… r-i-i-i-i-g-h-t…
      nope, I call bullshit. I think he’s lying, I’d like to see the official police report on what the investigating officer estimated the speed to be and whether or not the good doctor was cited or not.

  9. When I first saw this, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I thought, “Maybe he nor his wife knew she had injuries yet.”
    But the timeline shows that the accident was Sunday night. And then the jerk posted this on Tuesday. Officially an ass.

      1. I know a guy who broke his diving, and didn’t realize it. After it stayed stiff and sore for a week or so, he went to his doctor. Surgery and a couple months later, he was out of the halo and back to work.
        A doctor friend (real, medical) told me some people don’t realize they’ve broken their neck vertebrae until they turn their head wrong. That often ends in paralysis or death. If you think you even might have a neck injury, seek help immediately.

        1. Neck. Sorry to be vague. I shouldn’t post and cook at the same time.
          Yes, he dove off a dock and hit submerged debris no one knew was there. He continued to swim a while and as best as I recall, even came to work a few days before he decided he should see his doctor.

        2. That’s God’s way of reminding you that a man shouldn’t be cooking. Didn’t you know that’s wimmens place?

          Take the rebuke and be thankful you didn’t roll your Jaguar.

      2. It’s the wrong kind of Football, but google what Bert Trautmann did in the 1956 FA Cup Final.
        Although there is the possibility that he realized the extent of his injury and played on anyway…

  10. “I’ve been a deep believer my whole life. 18 years as a Southern Baptist. More than 40 years as a mainline Protestant. I’m an ordained pastor. But it’s just stopped making sense to me. You see people doing terrible things in the name of religion, and you think: ‘Those people believe just as strongly as I do. They’re just as convinced as I am.’ And it just doesn’t make sense anymore. It doesn’t make sense to believe in a God that dabbles in people’s lives. If a plane crashes, and one person survives, everyone thanks God. They say: ‘God had a purpose for that person. God saved her for a reason!’ Do we not realize how cruel that is? Do we not realize how cruel it is to say that if God had a purpose for that person, he also had a purpose in killing everyone else on that plane? And a purpose in starving millions of children? A purpose in slavery and genocide? For every time you say that there’s a purpose behind one person’s success, you invalidate billions of people. You say there is a purpose to their suffering. And that’s just cruel.”


  11. Hello Stuff Mockers Like. Are you seriously criticizing one of God’s own for giving God glory?? He wasnt “boasting” about having a Jaguar or a fancy suit and pen. He just happened to have a nice pen (most likely a gift from a friend) and be driving a nice car! The point is, he was sheltered from even minor injuries in an accident that should of taken both their lives. And to claim that he doesnt’ care about his wife. That’s just sick. Maybe her injuries were too much to think about, but that didn’t keep this man of faith from attributing the praise to where it is due and maybe convince some hard hearts of the Lord’s mercy. Seems to me that he does care, more then you people have ever cared!

    p.s. If you bothered to watch the video, you’ll notice Dr. Kidd doesn’t even care about the car, or even about catching the maniac who drove them off the road! Now that’s what I call being a man!

    1. I’ll be very surprised if there was another car. I think Mr Kidd didn’t want to find it because he doesn’t want people to know he’s lying.

    2. So God allowed a horrific accident so that he could demonstrate how wonderful he is in sparing an asshole evangelist’s life…here’s another possibility…maybe after the accident if we listened really hard we could here God mutter…”Sh*t, I really botched that one up…”

        1. *lurkity*

          “Me damn it.” lol

          On a more serious note, I’ve noticed all Phil’s posts about this incident seem to be either deleted or no longer available to the general public. However, his wife’s post still remains, calling his crap for all to see. Poor woman, we hear your cry for freedom. Your husband may call you a dissenter now, but you will always be God’s child, crap calling and all.

    3. Praising God for escaping even minor injuries while not mentioning that one’s spouse has received severe injuries in the accident is very troubling.

      Two people are in a car accident. One person says, “God is Good! I was in the accident and God protected me from harm!” So, did God NOT protect the other person? Was God punishing them? What made the one person so special?

      That sort of boasting marches right up to the line of works salvation. God is good to you because you were kept safe. That is the same as saying if you were not kept safe then God was not good to you. Or somehow you deserved grace but someone else did not. We identify with such ideas because in the Old Testament God promises protection and blessing for obedience and punishment for disobedience. The New Testament, however, seems to discard (at least partially) the here-and-now physical consequences of obedience and disobedience and instead promising suffering to believers.

      And no. Considering he is such a “Man Of God” and basking in the glories of God’s protection, are you saying he is so weak that his wife’s injuries were to painful for him to think about or consider or recognize? Especially first? Such a proposal is idiotic.

      I am afraid your idea of a what makes a “man” and mine are entirely different. You may have your hero-worship. (Or am I addressing His Eminence Himself, the Lord Phil Kidd, incognito?) I am unwilling to attribute such high motivations to a mortal who is a sinful person after all.

      He should have taken the road of humility at the start. His posts have started with and continue to be filled with pride and self-defense. His backpedaling and his threats of legal action show nothing of a good heart before God or in his marriage. All they show is that to him, everything is about him.

  12. Well, at least he thanked Jaguar for producing a car that can flip 4 1/2 times and the occupants can walk away a-okay.

    That kind of pushed his god out of the picture, doesn’t it?

  13. From the Facebook Comments:

    XXXXXXXXXX: I took this video to our local Jaguar dealership so they could see it. Thought it would be a good soul winning tool! Sales manager didn’t want to talk to me but a young salesman did watch it and was amazed. He did tell me he was saved and was glad to see how God protected you.

    Dr. Phil Kidd Great idea friend.. My dealership watched it as well..

  14. I think we’ve been to hard on the Dr. In his Facebook post, he writes about his Mont Blonc pen. Maybe it goes with his Bolex watch and his Brubery coat he bought at the swap-meet.

  15. Now there is a picture of his daughter who is coming to help his wife posted. I feel that her shirt is just a little too tight, I can see the shape of her bossum, and can make out her cleavage. Her skirt is also tight and is above her knees. She is wearing trendy, high heeled shoes. Must be wanting to provide her daddy with sermon material.

    1. You know, I’m hoping it’s an indication that she got out from under all his bullshit. And there’s a spark of hope in my heart for him that he’s even willing to post that picture.

  16. Any man who crows about how he got out without a scratch but doesn’t mention his wife’s injuries is beneath contempt. He should try the experiment again, alone this time to see if he gets the same results!

    And a brand-new Jaguar? That isn’t what a sane adult would do to a car. That’s a teen-age miscreant with a toy that cost him nothing out on a joy ride kind of accident. And people look up to this guy?

    Of course, his later FB post and video shows him taking a more circumspect approach. But it is the early ones that tell the heart.

        1. ARMS! I meant arms of God, not hands. Would blame George, but that mix up was my own fault. Dern wimunz n’ they lack of brain.

        2. Helping the wife was only the permissive Will of God, not the Perfect. God allowed him to do it, but clearly she is a hindrance to this great man! 🙂

  17. I took this video to our local Jaguar dealership so they could see it. Thought it would be a good soul winning tool! Sales manager didn’t want to talk to me but a young salesman did watch it and was amazed. He did tell me he was saved and was glad to see how God protected you.

  18. I paid a visit to his Facebook page. His cover photo is of him chatting with what I assume to be a homeless gentleman.

    So, I left the following comment:

    “This reminds me of something Jesus said.

    Matthew 6:2

    2 “So whenever you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be praised by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward.”

  19. What about his Brioni suit? His Tom Ford shoes? His Patek Philippe watch? Are they all ok? I don’t care about the Mrs. being in a neck brace, I wanna hear about all his expensive stuff.

    This dude comes off as one of the biggest tools on the planet.

    1. Probably deleted on the advice of the biggest Christian Legal Eagle available.

      He should have hire J. Cheever Loophole. Lawyer Loophole is of similar ability and has lower fees.

  20. And now the story evolves. We went from not a hair on his head being moved, to stitches being removed from his hand after his heroic effort to help his injured wife.

    Hmmmmmm. I think obvious injuries are noted on police reports too, so we shall see.

    Per Phil’s long-suffering wife:

    “One week after the accident and we are doing well. Dr Phil Kidd and I left the dr’s office a short while ago. They removed the stitches from his hand where he cut them getting me out of the car. He has been cleared to resume normal activities as he feels up to it. I will b in this neck brace for awhile. Other than that and a little swollen nerves across my left shoulder I am doing what I can. I am thankful my daughter joann is nursing me back to health. My family has stood by me during bouts of extreme pain and is loving me back to health. I love them so much. This accident has been a truly amazing display of God’s protection. The airbags never deployed so only the grace of God and a seatbelt kept us in the car.”

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s controlling her facebook communications. At the very least, posts from her now, after the fallout, saying how caring her husband is, is rather obviously an attempt to try and head off the criticism.

    1. Airbags rarely deploy in a roll-over. Mine didn’t when I rolled my first Mini Cooper. They are designed to inflate on an impact , not loss of control. Their purpose is to soften the blow of a collision, not cocoon you from all eventualities.

        1. I have another one, and two of my three kids bought one. Both of my daughters learned to drive a manual in the first one. My son would have if I hadn’t destroyed it the day before his fifteenth birthday.

          Librul foreign car repeat buyer, to be exact.

          At least I don’t preach ‘Merca First and drive an import.

  21. tweets:

    Dr. Phil Kidd @DrPhilKidd · 12h 12 hours ago
    STRANGE.Ppl blow their life n cheap motels,slutty women&illegitimate children.But u invest n people&God blesses-IT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

    [Now this one is very interesting, because later he claims he has just been released to normal duty by his doctor.

    Dr. Phil Kidd @DrPhilKidd · May 5
    2 days ago my car rolled 4 1/2 times@65 miles an hour down interstate! 2day I’m back n my gym with a full workout.

    Dr. Phil Kidd @DrPhilKidd · 16h 16 hours ago

    This Friday-I’m preaching n Hurdle Mills,NC
    New Life BC
    So excited 2 b cleared 2 b back on the road!!

        1. I get that, but even on short tweets he does it. I edit and edit so that I don’t have to murder the language with those abominations.

      1. “Phil Dirt released by the doctor to be able to perform normal duty” —Maybe in all the hustle and bustle and in the job of “rescuing his wife”, he did actually get a few of his hairs out of place on his head and considered it an emergency and had to be taken to ER to get it all recombed…..

    1. I have never blown my life with cheap motels, slutty women, or illegitimate children. Wasted a good portion of it on religion, however.

      1. You and me both, sister.

        I will concede I have stayed in some cheap motels, but it was for good reasons, and (much to my disappointment) there were no slutty women in my rooms.

    2. I am sure any child born to an unwed mother appreciates the fact that this fucking asshole considers them a “blown life”.

      And I like how he equates slutty women and cheap motels. I have stayed in plenty of cheap motels but had no slutty women.

      1. Scorpio, I too have stayed in plenty of cheap motels with no sluts because I have to function on my own dollars,,, not bucks from a bunch of my cult followers.

  22. It’s a small thing compared to everything else, but he says it didn’t unbutton his suit coat. Excuse me, “Dr.” Kidd? Most people, and I’m presuming this includes you, drive sitting down. For most suits, the rule is that you unbutton when you sit down, you tacky SOB.

      1. I was going to say that Il Papa doesn’t wear a suit coat, but he does seem to have one on, or a robe with lapels (?), in that video.

  23. Another reason I’ve disdain for ‘social media’…enables folks to ‘grandstand’ & emit various “d00$hb@99ery”. I don’t fault folks for having $….but I think a pastor would want to have an air of humility (vs. festooning themselves in the ‘worldly’ trappings of ‘success’).

  24. I’m reminded of the following joke:

    “What’s the difference between a porcupine and a Jaguar?”
    …”with a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.”

    …always makes me laugh.

  25. One of the hosts of the BBC show Top Gear once joked that you can get away with anything if you can say you did it “in my Jag”. Kidd seems to have taken this way too seriously.

  26. I glanced through his FB feed to figure out what he was really saying… he appears to have deleted the offending comment so far?

    However, I did run across a post that thanked Dr. James Sightler for caring for him and his wife medically.

    Google says Dr. Sightler is a pediatrician.


  27. If you really want to do something interesting, you could send copies of Fill Kidd’s heartless post to the upcoming churches on his itinerary and ask them if this is really the kind of person they want to support.

    1. I’m assuming that the religious organizations that host him know of his proclivities and attitudes and agree with him. I don’t know of many religious organizations that would host someone and not know what that person is going to say. The typical MOG is far too controlling to allow someone the potential to embarrass him from his own pulpit.

      Anything sent to his hosting churches would likely get chalked up to persecution. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

  28. Some of his messages:

    Benefits of Backing You Pastor

    My favorite:
    How to Leave the Luxuries of Lucifer’s Palace

    “Physician, Heal Thyself!”

  29. So, fake doctor Kidd posted a picture of his son, saying how he had visited them after the accident, etc. Someone posted a comment about how they appreciated his son’s church (Thrive Church, in NC), etc. It was a positive comment about his son’s church, but Kidd DELETED the comment.

    Guess he is ashamed of his son’s church.
    More proof it is all about him and his image…just IMHO.

    1. I take that comment back because I found the post I thought was deleted. Sorry about that.

      “I like Paul I watch his videos on YouTube from his church Thrive Church in North Carolina! I appreciate his messages and the music from the Thrive Band.”

  30. Fake doctor Phil Kidd’s fb rebuke:

    People commenting about the price of my pen? I just found one like mine on eBay for under $50.00…
    The Jaguar my wife owned is several thousand dollars cheaper than a Buick Enclave!!!
    Wow- the more I study this stuff the more idiotic I find God haters to be. Jealously, hate and anger sure can make you look like a fool!”

    Phil Kidd critics = God haters?

    1. In case you ever wondered if the prosperity gospel was common within Fundystan, well here is some proof on Kidd’s fb comment section:

      Dr. Phil Kidd
      “Brenda- yeah when I lived 20 years of my life in a 1953 greyhound bus everybody loved me!!!
      But if God EVER blesses in any way people turn on you.”
      Like · Reply · 13 · 3 hrs

      Lara Martin
      “If they would get right with Jesus maybe he would bless their lives too!”

      So, if I “get right with Jesus” He will bless me with a Jaguar and a $900 pen too?

      I could play Fundy Bingo with this comment section:

      Melinda Crawford Light “People are so ignorant!!!! Don’t even know what their talking about!!! They are on Dangerous Ground talking about a Man of God like that!!! Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!!!!!”

      Well, at least it’s not the she-bears this time.

    2. This comment made me laugh. Yup ‘dr’ Kidd, you are one blessing TOO many.
      ”Derek Henson Yes you are a blessing too many. I play your sermons online to my family all the time !!!”

      1. “A blessing too many” is a wonderful euphemism for a person or thing you’d be better off without. I’ll have to remember this expression.

    3. An attorney? “The largest Christian Law Firm in America”?

      Give me a break. Kidd deserved the criticism. Here he is flashing around his own prosperity and giving impressions of living it up. And when people call him on it, suddenly, “They are Haters of God.” “I only paid $50 for that $900 pen.”
      “Why are they accusing me of being flashy and worldly?”

      Uhhh, because the Pen was more important than his wife on that first post? His car — a Jaguar (and now it’s his wife’s car, not his!) flips, his wife was trapped and injured, and he crows that his suit coat didn’t come unbuttoned and his pen stayed in place. Not a word about his wife. He was sheltered in the arms of God. His wife evidently not so much.

      And to watch him backpeddal without apologizing is certainly entertaining.

      Who is he going to sue? For what? People exercising their Free Speech? How is he going to come out looking any better? His original post is floating around. It will be spread around even more. He has no expectations of privacy since he put it up.

      The only thing he could do to make things better is to acknowledge the justness of the criticism, apologize, repent, and try to live a deflated but honest life before God and men. Anything and everything else he does will only make things worse.

      Let’s see how bad he makes it. Can he completely ruin his own “ministry”? I can only hope.

      1. And Kidd will have to testify to the facts in court – under oath – with screenshots of his original posts and the police report.

        That will be an interesting public record for us to discuss.

  31. Kidd’s new, updated version of the story. Posting here in case he goes on another fb delete rampage:

    As Paul Harvey used to say”And Now The Rest Of The Story”.
    First, allow me to give an update on our recovery from the accident. My wife is doing well as she continues to heal from her neck injury. Doctors now believe she might only have to wear the neck brace half the time they first thought.She is under 24/7 care by myself and our children. I should be released by doctors Thursday.
    But the controversy about our accident was born from those not knowing our true situation.
    1. The Jaguar in the accident was my wife’s car she drives from her business investments from years ago. I had driven the car maybe 200 miles since purchase. The church I pastor has NEVER paid one penny on the vehicle and neither had I. I drive a KIA SOUL, and the only reason we were not in it the night of the accident was due to the fact it was in the shop for repairs.
    2. My pen was a gift to me from my family from years ago. I have kept it simply because it was a family gift. I had never even heard of a pen costing anything over a few dollars. I was so uneducated about the pen that the second day I owned it I stirred my coffee with it. It was then my family informed me that it was not just a regular pen. Again, it’s value to me was not in dollars and cents but in the sentimental value.
    3. The comment about my hair not getting messed up was an inside joke among us in the emergency room that night. My wife said “My Neck Hurts But My Hair And Purse Never Moved”. I replied “My Hair Didn’t Mess Up Either And I Still Have My Pen In My Pocket. It was a light moment we shared in the midst of our shock.
    4. Now let me address the spiritual side of the accident. We are people of faith. I can not tell anyone I understand everything or have all the answers surrounding our accident. I realize many good people reject faith in any form. In the business world in days gone by, some of our most upright and honest business men were profound atheist. But we respected each other’s opinion and never had a cross word. No doubt I could call them today for advice and help.
    5. We did not just wreck, the person that caused the accident fled and was later found by local and state police. I’m limited to what I can say about that at this time. Witnesses that seen the accident verified my testimony.
    6. For anyone to even jokingly imply that anything was above the safety of my wife is insane. The only injury I received was from ripping the metal back to get her out of the car. I told the by-standers I was not getting out of the car until she got out.
    We have been married for 37 years and she is still the love of my life.
    In conclusion I want to thank all those that have sent such encouraging words of love and support to my wife and I during this time of adjustment.
    For those that have been misinformed I hope I have at least answered some of your questions. If not, we can still be fellow Americans as well as friends that just disagree.
    Comments on this article are not desired or expected.
    Have a blessed day!!!

    Pastor Kidd…

    1. And now the threat:

      Dr. Phil Kidd “Done.. Just hired the largest Christian Law Firm in America to hold those liable that started and promoted the lies on the Internet.”

      Um, those were his fb posts. People were simply reacting to his own words and photos.

      1. Dr. Phil Kidd “Done.. Just hired the largest Christian Law Firm in America to hold those liable that started and promoted the lies on the Internet.”

        “Cody-You are correct. Haters are going to hate. But my attorney team thought it best to do it this way to begin the process.”

        “Julia- I agree. The Internet can be a great tool for business, church and even family. But when it is misused it can damage, hurt and harm people.
        And those that use the Internet in that fashion need to be held accountable.
        And in this case they will be!
        I’m trying now to get the story on Fox News..”

        “Please help me pray as our team tries to get this story on Fox News. We need to make sure that those responsible of slander toward Christians are held accountable.”

        “The conflict was started by an atheist paper. My family endured over 75 death threats in the last 3 days. Not including the nasty cussing on the phone.They splattered my site with filth. They lied about everything and everyone involved.
        It was not all atheist- as I said, I have friends that are. But also jealous preachers got involved. The same legal defense will”
        “Bring legal allegations against all parties , atheist or not.”

        “I’m asking everyone to post it around the world. Our legal team will announce detailed information later.
        We fully plan on total exposer and filing charges.”

        “Terry- we not only forgive you but we want to act like it never happened.
        But those that presented this accident in such a corrupt light will be punished by the legal system to the fullest extent of the law.
        It was started by a liberal atheist writer that is anti-God.
        Looking forward to our day in court!”

        1. At the very least I believe ‘God haters.’ Isn’t it funny how he is trying to twist things now. Things are ‘private jokes’ etc. Sorry bud, you put it out there on FB and it is OUT there. Also why on earth would a ‘man of God’ want to sue for libel? I mean you can’t bear the persecution of the wicked and sue him at the same time. That is like having your cake and eating it, too. You have to give your persecution brownie points back if you sue.

        2. What an ass.
          I feel I should call him something more witty, but all I can say is: What an ass.
          And even calling him that is unfair to donkeys.

          So, Fill Dirt, you’re going to sue people for repeating what you yourself published on the internet? Good luck with that, Sherlock.

          You say you’ve retained lawyers, but what you really need is a better shovel brigade cleaning up after you.

          You’ve gotten “over 75 death threats in the last 3 days”? Prove it. You’ve lied about so much else that you have a long way to go to get anyone with half a brain to take a claim like that seriously when it comes from you.

          You have “friends that are” “athiest” (sic)? Name one.

          Dude, there’s an easier way out of all this. You’d only have to retract all the whoppers you told in the last several days and say something more humble, like, “I got hit so hard when the car flipped over that I’ve been spouting nonsense for over a week. But I’m grateful that my wife and I are still alive after I goofed and caused that wreck.”

          A normal person could say something like that. But you can’t, can you Phil?

        3. First Amendment rights to free speech are only there to protect the Fundy mannogawd, you know.

          Posting your story PUBLICLY then whining and threatening because people formulate and express an opinion about what you posted PUBLICLY is lame. If you do not want to risk people criticizing your stuff, don’t share it PUBLICLY.

          And I do not have to believe his new and improved version of events either. This is not his Fundy church where everyone has to agree with him. No siree.

        4. Is the answer to your question, an idiot? He claims it was a gift, so maybe an insensitive idiot who wants people to know how little he values their gift; or is the answer, a liar.

        5. “Also, who stirs coffee with a pen???”

          Somebody who likes nasty, germ-filled coffee?


        6. If that Mont Blanc pen were a gift you cherished as a gift & not status symbol, you wouldn’t bother to name drop the brand of it so readily. Name dropping brands is a real douche maneuver in any setting, it’s extra galling when your wife is recovering from severe injuries.

        7. Also it seems the “largest Christian Law Firm” in the galaxy must be on hard times telling him they’ll take the case and pursue legal actions!

        8. “If that Mont Blanc pen were a gift you cherished as a gift & not status symbol, you wouldn’t bother to name drop the brand of it so readily.”

          Exactly. If the point is that it has sentimental value, I might say, “the pen my Grandpa gave me when I was 10 stayed in my pocket,” but why say (and misspell) the brand name?

        9. So….he can spew out hate almost every time he goes to the pulpit, but some internet sites took something he wrote on a PUBLIC forum and poked fun of him and now he’s running to his lawyers?

          I thought he was supposed to be tough and manly…

        10. Rather amusingly, someone has created a fake dr phil kidd page on fb. I am willing to bet he keeps tabs on that one……

        11. It appears to me that “Dr.” Kidd feels it ought to be against the law to speak about him unfavorably or to question the veracity of any of his statements.

        12. Or maybe he just won’t admit he banged his head very hard in the accident. That is the only generous explanation of his behavior up to now

    2. One of his comments under that FB post:

      “ONE THING I LEARNED ABOUT ATHEIST THAT ATTACK ME- they are very fast to spread lies but very slow to apologize for misrepresenting those they oppose…If I wasn’t a man of faith, that fact alone would turn me off from their influence…”

      Sorry, but Kidd MISREPRESENTED HIMSELF with that jaguar wreck FB post he deleted.

        1. It looks as though “Dr.” Phil is not only keeping tabs on that one; he is posting there (under his wife’s name).

        2. That would be great! It is not my page though. It just came up when I searched his page.

      1. Of course, that’s a trademark like “World’s Finest Chocolate” (the candy’s brand name). Even if you think it’s bad chocolate, it’s still the World’s Finest Chocolate.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I assume. Billable hours are better than telling a client “I can’t do anything about internet people making fun of the stupid story you concocted”.

  32. Fox news? Seriously?

    He cherished his “gift” pen so much he stirred his coffee with it.

    I’m calling Poe on this guy. There’s just no way.

    1. I think he’s an unintentional parody of Fundamentalists, not a deliberate one.
      If I’m wrong, and Phil Kidd is doing a character, he’s extremely good at it, and never caught out of character.

    2. It is simply not credible that you end up with a Mont Blanc pen without seeking one. 99% of the population don’t even know what they are, and the people who do know what they are, don’t buy them for people who don’t WANT one.

      1. I know what they are (mainly from magazine ads I’ve seen), but if I had that kind of money to sling around, I’d buy a car or heart surgery or something instead of an overpriced pen.

        1. He said he found a pen like his on Ebay for $50 (probably used or in less than perfect condition), which appears to be an attempt to cloud the issue. IMHO, he is trying to make his pen seem less costly than it is.

        2. Here is the exact quote:

          “I just found one like mine on eBay for under $50.00…”

          LIKE mine, so not his actual pen.

        3. That’s what I thought, too. But here is what he said.

          People commenting about the price of my pen? I just found one like mine on eBay for under $50.00…”

          So, no. He didn’t buy it for under $50. He went looking to see if he could find a cheap price to make people think he didn’t pay much for it. Then the “gift” idea came out. The story evolves — or devolves!

          If he hadn’t placed the emphasis on the pen himself, there would have been no criticism. He brought it all on himself. The only BIG LIAR in the room is Phil Kidd.

        4. Dude is such a freaking douche. Like just completely phony on EVERYTHING he does. That quote reads like he searched ebay and saw a listing where the bidding was still under $50.

        5. Yep, I think Rob’s hypothesis is the correct one.
          He looked at e-Bay and found an opening bid (not a final sales price) for a Mont Blanc pen.
          Or, even more likely, he made that up like all the other details of his ever-shifting story.

  33. “Why does an evangelist drive a Jaguar and write with a Mont Blanc pen?” My question is, even if an evangelist DOES have such signs of earthly success, why mention it? Why be specific about these obvious luxury items?

    It is immodest to flaunt one’s prosperity like this, imo, especially when one presents oneself as a servant of God.

    1. Sorry to be so repetitive, but I can’t stop myself from saying this one more time:
      The fact that he has an expensive car and a show-off pen offends me less than the fact that he goes around boasting about how the accident left him without a scratch and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that the same crash left his wife with a broken neck and an injured shoulder.

      1. Yes, Big Gary! It bears repeating because there is a certain person, coughkiddcough, who is flinging sand around to make people forget that this is the actual issue.

        1. Why are you defending her? From all I have read of his and her posts, she is part and parcel if his ministry. It was her Jag he was driving. Probably her Mont Blanc too. She is living it up while he is treading out the corn.

      2. To the extent that it’s “defending her” to say that a normal husband would be more interested in his wife’s welfare than that of his fountain pen, I don’t mind defending her.

  34. I keep reading what he wrote and thinking, “This HAS to be a parody account” — even without considering what his wife went through. To believe that it’s real doesn’t just make me want to abandon the faith, but life itself.

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