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  1. At first I thought it said “Geek off” and I was about to be offended

  2. See, there is a certain level of insanity with which i just cannot interact. The intellectual chasm is just too wide. It is like trying to reason with the orangutan at the zoo not to fling his poo.

  3. I once had a KJVO apologist tell me the KJV translators corrected the mistakes in the copies of the Greek manuscripts. I guess that was during the re-inspiration.

    1. I’ve heard the Greek and Hebrew disparaged as well. It’s so convenient, isn’t it, for them to scoff at something that would actually take them time, effort, and discipline — learning an ancient language?

      1. If they bothered to learn the original meaning of a passage, it would negate years of proof texts.

        1. Paul Best:

          Perhaps they would say, “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner” and subsequently repent of their idolatry.


    2. This is one of those things that sounds like a parody–surely KJVOnliers aren’t so out there that they actually believe the KJV is more accurate than all these much older Greek manuscripts? Except when you run into one for real and you realize, nope, that is exactly what they believe.

      It’s just mindboggling. And heretical, IMO, but that’s a whole nother rant.

      1. Yup. I used to be one of ’em. It was KJV-onlyism that caused an irreparable break between me and my family. For having a different version I became a heretic, my dad threatened to kill me (yes, really!) and my sister said I was trying to destroy her faith. It is a kind of mental illness. Insanity.

        1. Wow, RTG, I thought my family was whacko, well they are but they are going to let GOD kill me. According to them HE hit our van with a tree once as a warning, while we were driving in it. HE also hit my equally heretical sister’s car with a telephone pole, gave my youngest a rotten disease, all sorts of mean things. Their god is a scary dude. Of course when bad stuff happens to KJVOs it is a test because their god loves them like sons.

        2. Death threats over reading a different Bible translation?
          That’s a new one to me.
          I’m sorry that happened, rtg.

        3. Just send them a copy of “Misquoting Jesus” for Christmas. They’ll never talk to you again and you won’t have to worry about it!

        4. Just send them a copy of “Misquoting Jesus” for Christmas. They’ll never talk to you again and you won’t have to worry about it!

        5. Just send them a copy of “Misquoting Jesus” for Christmas. They’ll never talk to you again and you won’t have to worry about it!

        6. Just send them a copy of “Misquoting Jesus” for Christmas. They’ll never talk to you again and you won’t have to worry about it!

      2. Yes, Annie Moose, there is a sub-group within the KJVO group that believes that the Greek and Hebrew were somehow corrupted, and God gave the KJV to reset the correct wording.

        This is, to my understanding, what Ruckman teaches, and what Gail Riplinger seems to believe as well.

        These people are hostile to preachers mentioning the Greek or Hebrew words and are hostile to people using Greek/Hebrew lexicons.

        Truth in advertising: I consider these people loons, although I personally think that the Received Text is the correct text.

      1. It’s Reddit for women, I always say.

        Except I’m a woman on Reddit so I’m not sure what to conclude from all this, other than possibly I should be spending less time on the interwebs and more time in the kitchen amirite? ;D

  4. From the picture above:
    De 4:2 KJV “YE SHALL NOT ADD UNTO THE WORD which I command you”

    Does adding all caps count as adding to the Word? Does the 1611 KJV have caps for the beginning of the verse and then switch to lowercase? If not, WHY DOES HE ADD THEM?!!!

    Also, doesn’t the KJV add words? Isn’t that why some words are in italics in the KJV? If they weren’t added, why did the translators feel obliged to use the italics to differentiate those specific words?

    1. Is putting spaces between the words adding to the text? They aren’t there in the original scrolls.

    2. I liked the John 14:23 reference to “prove” that the words should not change: “Jesus answered and said unto him, IF A MAN LOVE ME, HE WILL KEEP MY WORDS:”

      Do they not realize that “keep my words” means “obey my words”?

      1. So, what’s a little prooftexting to make your point? Surely God will allow you to pervert His Words in order to preserve His Words.

  5. The King James Bible “repels” Bible correctors? Who knew? They’re the ones who say the correctors just can’t get away from it, lol.

  6. It isn’t hypocritical at all to add “[i.e., shield].” Oh wait. It totally is. Never mind.

  7. But the KJV was translated from the Texus Receptus which is in Greek, but some Greek words don’t have an English equivalent so they, the translators, put in a word that fit best in the sentence at the time of King James so technically they ‘re-writ’ the word?…maybe it’s just me.

      1. Exactly! “God forbid” is a far cry from “may it never be” which is more accurate. That phrase alone was where my KJV only mentality cracked and could not be repaired. It makes me wonder if any KJVO knows how to use a Greek concordance.

        1. Yup. They are invoking God’s name where it does not appear in the Greek. A clear error in translation.
          That said, the KJV is a fine translation, but it is only a translation. The translators did a great job overall, but were not directly inspired by God. Anyone who believes they were believes in double inspiration, which is a problematic doctrine. I thought the canon of Scripture closed way before 1611 and was not open to new additions.

        2. When I made mention to my kids at dinner one night, “bowels of mercy,” they were totally offended and exclaimed, “Eww, Dad, No!!! We’re eating!”

          True story.


  8. Okay, Darrell …

    Did you do up the graphic? Or did you find it?

    If you made it, you have handed the KJV-onlyists a guaranteed loveable-by-them graphic expressing exactly what they believe. You are the Poe.

    On the other hand, I almost hope you didn’t make it. Because as much as they will love it, it has the same Fundy Awfulness about graphic design — trying to throw too much into too little space. I could barely get the graphic big enough to read some of the verse text. Or interpolate it from the pixellation. But again, they will love it.

    I like getting the occasional SFL messages on Facebook, too!

  9. Is this the original 1611 formula, or the re-manufactured 1769 spray? I heard if you used this spray on a King James Bible, all the italicized words would disappear. I wonder how well this spray works on “big” stains, like the Apocrypha the original 1611 contained. I’m sure the manufacturers of this godly Bible protecting spray will come up with something more powerful. I also wonder if it can eliminate that pesky “Translators to the Readers” the KJV Bible translators wrote that completely refutes everything modern KJV only advocates believe and teach regarding the alleged infallibility of the KJV?

      1. Big Gary, before we were married my poor ex Catholic husband bought me a beautiful red letter edition Bible. I was too nice to tell him it was verbotten but suffered agonies of shame every time someone who “knew better” saw those red letters. What a waste of emotion and so much else.

        1. I had no idea this even existed as a thing until right now. Objections to red letters, why didn’t I think of that?

  10. I like the 2nd section headline:


    So when they say forever, they really mean since 1611.

    1. No no noooo, since 1769. The 1611 was mostly perfect and re-inspired by God, but at the last minute some evildoers (probably Catholics, or maybe Calvinists, I dunno) managed to tack the Apocrypha on at the end. So it had to be re-re-inspired all over again in 1769.

        1. Very true, though. Humble fundamentalists are hard to come by. Humble pastors within IFBism are practically extinct.

          Of course, they believe they are humble before God and are extraordinarily proud of that.

        2. Not really, when you get down to it. Apologetics that is excessively misleading is all about pride, whether we intentionally do it or not. It’s why when something is shown to be false, the human mind tends to become more defensive and stern in their original stance. The brain always fights change lest there be an inherent benefit.

  11. Ok. I clicked on the Pinterest link and after the third pop up telling me to download the app, connect through Facebook, and go to the App Store, I said @$&k it!

    End of rant.

  12. The fun part is that all those verses are in the Mormon bible, as well as the Jehovah’s Witness bible. (And the Catholic bible, and the Coptic bible, and the Siriac bible, and the Adventist bible…)

    1. I once pointed out to an extreme KJVO family member a similar thought, that the verses he was using to defend the KJV were in my NASB, ESV, and NIV. He looked at me with a blank stare, and I realized I had hit him with something that had never crossed his mind. I thought that was an obvious and logical thought. That was my problem-trying to debate against an untenable position that can only be defended by reaction, misinformation, and emotional pleas.

      1. “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”

        — variously attributed

        1. But I was reasoned out of it, only by my own questions and asking people from both sides of the argument. So I guess I’m not really refuting what you are saying….

  13. Why do they pledge allegiance to a bible named after a man who wasn’t a Baptist? And it was commissioned to correct the “errors” of earlier Puritan translations, so it is the result of bible correctors (oh, the irony!). Additionally, it seems that James’ instructions to the translators were designed to give legitimacy to the ecclesiology of the Church of England, thought that may help the MOG establish his own tyranny in his micro-kingdom. These KJV onlyests seem like the blind leading the naked :^)

    1. The Geneva Bible had footnotes that weren’t “divine right of kings” friendly, and used the word tyrant instead king, which James I found offensive. He also wanted the word church used instead of assembly or congregation, helping to strengthen the State Church.
      I had never thought of those editorial decisions in light of the Mog’s kingdom. Interesting point for consideration.

  14. http://www.chick.com/reading/books/158/158_03.asp

    Wow, talk about re-writing history! It is pretty well established that King James was bi-sexual. Accounts that do not discard evidence that doesn’t suit them and that don’t have an axe to grind agree that while he fathered children and had a wife and a mistress, his favourites were other men.
    Fundies however, could never admit that such an ‘abomination’ could have touched ‘their’ bible so they have to put their, explain it away hats on. It is a wonder to me how they keep all their explanatory doctrines straight.

    1. Wow, talk about re-writing history! It is pretty well established that King James was bi-sexual.

      What?! These things go totally against what I believe. Let me go to Google and see if I can find some fringe website that explains all this away so that I don’t have to change.

      1. Or do as our friend Bull Gipp does, and just make up a lot of stuff that pleases you.

  15. This stuff has a defect, not all the translations in the TR were done from Greek, what about “Latin OFF” for the parts Erastmus re-re-translated from the Evil Cathlick Vulgarate.

    plus they need a disclaimer

    *not all “promises of God” are available in all areas, applicable in participating English-speaking countries only, some restrictions apply, **Preservation clause not valid prior to 1611AD. A warranty or guarantee of any kind is neither inferred or implied from the phrase “promises of God” used in this document and should not be interpreted as such. The parties involved in “Greek OFF” are not liable for any damages real or imagined from using this product in violation of the operating instructions. Immediately seek medical attention if the effects of “Greek OFF” do not wear off within 4 hours as this could result in permanent damage to your spiritual walk. Women wearing pants should not use this product as life-threatening side-effects and damage to your reputation may occur. Consult your Mog to determine if this product is right for you.

    1. Okay, captain_solo, you have entirely way too much time on your hands…



  16. In my first Fundy church it wasn’t just the KJV for many. It had to be a KJV Scofield Reference Edition. Scofield’s notes were almost as sacred as the biblical text.

    1. Yup. That, too. I sill have my original Old Scofield Bible around somewhere.

      But that was before Young Earth Creationism became necessary for Salvation. Ever since the Seventh-Day Adventists were able to disguise their influence while inserting that doctrine into the mainstream, the Old Scofield Bible has been out of favor since one of its notes in Genesis 1 allowed for an old earth and a long period of time between Gen 1:1 and 1:2.

      1. When I was given my first Scofield Bible I was warned to be wary of what the notes said about the time in Genesis. I was too naive to know any better.

      2. Reading this, recognizing the craziness, there is still a real sadness about it. Such a throwing away of lives and love. So much dividing and discarding and denouncing of things that people lived without for centuries. It seems like they get harsher and crazier all the time, like they are in a centrifugal force that filters out the people with any sense.

        1. When we left fundamentalism many years ago the KJV only crowd was a fringe group. Now it seems they have taken over. What happened?

        2. A lot of discerning people left.
          Or, as my fourth-grade teacher might have assigned as math homework, “If you have fifteen normal people and four lunatics, and then thirteen normal people run away, who’s left in the room?”

        3. elfdream asked:
          “When we left fundamentalism many years ago the KJV only crowd was a fringe group. Now it seems they have taken over. What happened?”

          IMHO, the Sword of the Lord and Hyles fell into the KJVO heresy, and so did their disciples. Treiber, Chappell, Wilkerson, Gray, etc.

        4. Not having been in the IFB movement, but a different brand of crazy, I mean Fundy, I can’t speak to Sword of the Lord or Hyles but I can say that this hardening of the core of Fundamentalism seems to be universal to all of their branches. In the PBs that I came from there has been this trend towards separation at the core that has been recognizable for several generations. It seems that they get harsher and sadly crazier as time goes on. It is the logical outcome of their teachings, though. ”So much the more as you see the end approaching.”

        5. As for the Sword of the Lord and Hyles branches of Fundydumb, there was a time when neither was KJVO. I can not tell you the exact year, but I think the SOTL fell into this heresy in the 1980’s after John R Rice’s death. Some think Hyles jumped onto the KJVO bandwagon as a distraction to the major scandals he was dealing with.

  17. I love how these people always assume that, when Scripture mentions God’s word(s), it means “written words.” Specifically: BIBLE words. Even when the context indicates otherwise.

  18. Well of course the people of ancient civilizations spoke english. The Holy Spirit inspired the words of scripture in english and then they were translated into hebrew and greek. After that in 1611 they were translated back into the perfect language english.

  19. It doesn’t really matter what version of Bible you’re using. Nobody’s going to be able to see to read it after looking at that blinding orange and blue monstrosity for long anyway.

  20. A fundy I troll on FB had this picture, with this info – THE PRESERVED WORD OF GOD, By Chris Long

    “God gave us the words that He wanted us to have, and we dare not alter them. If we are to keep His commandments, we certainly need to know precisely what they are. Hence, the Lord provided ample warnings to us, so that we might not be tempted to change His words.” ~Chris Long


    Zane Newitt wrote …

    “Greeking” the Holy Writ is on the rise. You can barely read a [ Bible ] post without a “the Greek says.” I used to carry a Textus Receptus (TR) with me and when someone would say that I would hand them the TR and say “read this” …

    0% could read it.

    So really, when a person says, “the Greek says …” their authority is a scholar or a non existent manuscript.

    Trust God’s work in preservation and learn English, not Greek.

    ~Written by Zane Newitt


    Someone said that the above picture could be made into a business card to use as needed.

  21. The King James Bible Debate page is very amusing.

    It is all the Roman Catholic Church’s fault!
    While many believers are stirring, too many remain asleep! Over a century ago, Roman Catholics mocked the fact that multitudes of Protestant scholars were cutting up their own Bibles with destructive criticism:

    “One thing at least is certain; the Catholic Church will gain by the New Revision, both directly and indirectly.” (The Dublin Review, Burns and Oates, 1881)

    “…the Pope is calling on all Catholic lay-writers … fear not and shrink not … Catholic America is young … [ The Reformation ] was based upon Bible-and-Bible Onlyism … [ But now ] King Bible-and-Bible-Only is dead, having turned destructive critic and sawn off the bough whereon he sat.” (John Hannon, The Devil’s Parables, 1910)

    This madness has continued today, causing many people to flock to the Roman Catholic Church, or liturgical forms of worship. They are searching for the final authority that they no longer see in the Bible:

    “New converts flocking to an ancient church – Orthodox traditions dating back centuries attract members … Members make the sign of the cross throughout the service, they kiss icons of Jesus and the saints and, sometimes, the Communion chalice and the priest’s robes …” (Houston Chronicle, January 9, 2011)

    Rome grins at this state of affairs (see chapter 4):

    1. Are they serious? They got the wrong Spok to harass, the new guy is the gay Spok, not Nimoy. WTF are they targeting him for?

      1. Because he has not been, and never will be, their friend.

      2. For attention, of course.
        The same reason the Westboro crowd has for everything they do.

        1. Good point. I should’ve known not to get trolled, but I think I fell for it again.

    2. I saw the picture and immediately thought of the sound that Chewbacca makes (yes, I know it’s different, who do ya think I am, John McClane? Fan of the Fett? 🙂 They all have their heads thrown back, “Grrrwaaaargh” lol Anyway, Poor Nimoy. Sad day for the Trekkies.

  22. Did anyone else notice that TITUS was abbreviated as TIT?????? Very satisfying to chew on THAT.

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