134 thoughts on “The Unfundy”

        1. As I get time I’m editing the links on the back end to show the pictures.

          I’m doing about 10 other things at the same time so I may have missed a few. 🙂

        1. *relatively – dang it, George!

          (Though as a young adult I’ve had to re-teach myself a few things due to crappy ACE)

        2. Had an interesting brush with ACE today. An obviously proud homeschooler and her even prouder mom were talking about how math was her best subject and how good ACE was. She was soooo great at long division!

          I asked her to demonstrate to me how she did a subtraction problem and she was stymied. She had forgotten how to “borrow” or regroup. I was sorry I had asked! When she was trying to think, she was using her fingers to try to add or subtract.

          While I *am* sorry I asked, it shows that parents and “grades” are not necessarily good indicators of learning. I wasn’t trying to embarrass the child in the least. I wanted to show her something interesting and fun. And I discovered a huge problem.

          I hope she gets help.

        3. She probably uses a calculator. I didn’t ask.

          While I like and use calculators, I find that those who cannot do basic calculation in their heads don’t do well with math at any more advanced levels.

        4. Not like I’m a huge fan of ACE, but I can still math. It takes longer,but that’s from age and disuse.

      1. I do not yet quite unbelieve. But it is close. I could believe more easily if prayers were answered and the people of God actually behaved like they were “of God.”

        The “Spiritual World” that is visible in the here and now is too topsy turvy for me to have much confidence in an unseen spiritual world. That is where I am. I hope your world is brighter and happier, Ben.

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