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  1. Okay, I thought we were going to get the news that Scourby was a soap opera actor and not a religious person.

    I guess my comment was on the wrong subject.


      He is an Anti-Christ. No, He is Anti-Christ. Or…He is a Anti-Christ? One of those.

      1. Ridiculous. Talk about mountain out of a molehill. Ooooo they mean the same thing! Heaven forbid!

  2. Don’t add to scripture. Don’t take away from scripture. I hope the fundamentalusts remember that when the insist that Christians follow certain “Standards” to show that they are really saved….

  3. Just out of interest I googled Scourby. According to Wikipedia scourby was baptised into the Orthodox Church and was married in an Episcopal chapel. There is no indication that he ever became and Fundamenalist so he is burning in Hell right now. Which raises the interesting question of whether Fundamentalists should listen to his recordings….

      1. The Greek Orthodox could give IFB fundies a run for their money about the vital importance of not getting “the words” wrong.

    1. The guy who posted this video was raised Amish, but left the church. He makes some very good points about Amish hypocrisy in videos which are ironically similar in tone to this blog. And having worked with the Amish for several years, I know exactly what he’s saying, and he’s right. But he also has a video where he did movie “reviews” of Christian DVDs and gave one of them a thumbs down because the lead actor, who was portraying some fundamentalist church leader, was a “sodomite.” Liked the portrayal, but not the actor. So he didn’t recommend it. It’s this sort of myopic, simplistic thinking–right alongside rigorous Bible “scholarship”–that just makes me shake my head. The IFB community is filled with pseudointellectuals like this guy.

  4. You can only add to Scripture if you use italics, allow yourself to be an instrument of re inspiration (unknowingly), and be a 15th century Baptist in the service of James I, sovereign of the true Christian realm.

    (all historical misconceptions taken from IFB World History as I See It, unabridged edition)

    1. You can also add to scripture at the pastor’s direction to “underline that word and write this in the column”.

  5. Hold on everyone, have you not heard, were you not told, that Alexander Scourby wasn’t saved when he started doing those readings and somewhere part way through, I have forgotten exactly where or maybe it varied with the telling……….but anyway, he got saved and insisted on re-doing the entire thing because he hadn’t possibly done it right as an unsaved man. Is this story now being discounted? How can Alexander Scourby the Great have made a mistake after he was saved?

    1. I don’t see how a person can be saved and say “an” antichrist. Where’s the Tylenol?

  6. “I can’t say it was intentional”
    “I’m still going to listen to Alexandar Scourby”

    Waste of breath, everything he just said.
    But yes, telling a recording “no, wrong” will totally make you right with God.

    1. It was because he found it “interesting.” He said that about 12 times & drove me nuts.

    2. Ha ha ! There’s something like 7 billion people in the world at at least 5 billion of them think criticism of others reflects well on the criticizer. This guy is their leader.

  7. I wonder which this eminent scholar prefers an Oxford King James Bible or a Cambridge King James Bible?

    Now “that” will give the KJVOs conniptions for sure.

    1. We all know Cambridge is the only *correct* choice for a proper fundy.

      That’s what my daddy bought me when I was finally old enough for a proper Bible.

      1. Question: Did you keep your Cambridge bible box in like-new condition with said bible contained therein? If not, you are a mere shadow of the fundy you once claimed to be!

        Cambridge wide margin bible + Cambridge bible box = True Fundamentalist of the most pristine variety.


  8. I find it hilarious that this guy hates Steve Anderson with a purple passion. He even has a one hour video entitled ‘Is Steve Anderson a Member of the Illuminati?’ I’ll watch it sometime when I run out of more useful things to do with my time, such as watching the grass grow. But if anyone cares to share a synopsis, that’d be awesome!

    1. I haven’t watched it, but I can almost guarantee it involves something he thinks will sound profound but really just reveals both of them as immature nitwits.

    2. I think Steve has posted a YouTube vid about him. It’s hilarious to watch two nincompoops bicker 🙂

    3. Its a bit like Goebbels ang Goering fighting over whos going to take charge of Germany. Who do you root for?

      1. George again?
        Or is Goebbels ang Goering a particularly evil Nazi? Should that be an particularly evil Nazi?

  9. Bibliolatry.

    I need a vacation from all this. I think I’ll head out of state to the in-laws up in the great state of between Washington and Montana so I don’t ad hominem someone or add an an.


    1. Pretty country. Full of radical racist groups, especially in the northern parts.

      I might be moving to the West Coast in the not too long future, if I can get a job out there.

        1. As you know, I’ve been to Alaska about a dozen times. Alaska would be great if they’d move it somewhere warmer.

        2. That’s why I may end up moving to Sedona or Prescott, AZ in a few years. I just don’t know if I could ever leave Alaska for good.

  10. That was just plain silly. LOL. So AN Anti-Christ is NOT Anti-Christ? Oh well, I guess we are all more edgemecated. 😉

    1. It does serve as a good illustration why “Mockers” like Stuff Fimdies Like get handed so much ammunion on a plate. (Or should that be “AN ammunition?)

    2. He’d have been happier if the addition was “the” instead of “an.” It fits better with the eschatology most vocal in fundamentalism. His pique seemed to be that by adding “an” it didn’t indicate that there was a particular antichrist coming.

      The writer felt that Jesus would be returning soon. Other passages in John indicate this as well.

      If the writer of 1 John and The Revelation are the same, the Revelation may be in part an attempt to go forward from the disappointment that Christ had not returned by then. I John’s tone is fatherly and gentle. The tone of the Revelation is magnificent and horrible. I John focuses on how we see our brothers in the light of Christ. Revelation focuses on how our enemies will suffer at Christ’s coming. I John mentions “an” or many antichrists. Revelation makes him a major character with supernatural powers.

      Analysis is interesting. Much more than “a,” “an,” or “the.”

  11. Out, out, demon of the indefinite article!

    Wasn’t there some head-scratching around the time of Mel Gibson’s Jesus movie, about how now we were supposed to call it the Passion of THE Christ, instead of just plain Christ?

  12. This has nothing to do with the conversation, but does anyone else think that with an olive drab pillbox cap, this guy would look like a young Fidel Castro?

      1. Fidel Castro was occasionally known to talk sense. Just occasionally, but it was known to happen. As for this guy….

      2. I miss the days when fundies had to be clean shaven and have side-parted plastic hair. They were so much easier to avoid in public. I should know, I was avoided in the ’80s.

    1. Great verse! And I’ve been told that the KJV is misinterpreted. The original actually said, “…strain out a gnat…” Not “at a gnat.”

      How ironic is that?!

  13. No comment on the crazy guy, but every time I see this post title, “Everything is AWESOME” plays in my head. 😀

  14. Dear funny looking person in the above video:

    There is no indefinite article in the Greek – it is implied. There is an indefinite article in English; hence, if you leave it out, a general noun becomes an adjectivalization – which is bad grammar. Scourby may have gently corrected the KJV, but in doing so he actually shared the proper meaning of the Greek text. So…

    You know what, forget it. Let’s go to Walmart and buy some tinfoil hats.

    1. Great point. And I’m sure there are tons of verses where the KJV itself adds the indefinite article to clarify what is said in the Greek. Whether to add it or not is just a matter interpretation in a lot of these passages.

  15. I like this guy better when he is shooting things. Or is it burning things?

    Seriously though, because of the added “an”, I no longer believe. So you can never be too careful.

  16. It was at the moment when this guy says that he is sure that Scourby must have taken a break sometimes that I wanted to punch him in the face. Sanctimonious jackass!

    1. Yep! I had always wonderwondered how Mr. Scourby had managed the whole darn thing in one sitting!

  17. Ugh. Alexander Scourby. A/k/a HAL from 2001: An Space Odyssey reads the Bible. If you want to make sure the Bible sounds like the Most Boring Book in the World, just give Scourby a listen.

    My fundy father was unfortunately obsessed with Scourby because he tends to believe that a lugubrious/sedate/affected approach to anything automatically coverts that thing into something sacred. Seriously, Scourby could have read the lyrics to It’s All About That Bass and my father would dreamily listen, with half-closed eyes, occasionally grunting with a soft “hmm” to show just how impactful the reading was on him.

    If Scourby had wanted to become an antichrist, that voice would have taken him pretty far . . . until his followers all collapsed with fatal catatonia as he meticulously subjected them to a long chapter of “begats.”

  18. As a music director I was “Church-Martialed” over changing the word “we” to “I” in the song This Is The Day. It can’t be the day WHICH the Lord HATH made unless the we say so.

  19. Every time I watch a video like this, I am reminded how much energy it takes to be a fundamentalist. Everything is an attack on your faith–even someone using an indefinite article in a verse of Scripture. So very tiring.

    1. You’re right: so much passion constantly extended over trivial things, always being ready for a fight. Exhausting.

  20. Dear SFL Reader:

    Grammatically speaking, he hasn’t a leg on which to stand.

    But what I want to know is, why does this guy listen every day. That sounds a little too much like religious masturbation.

    Christian Socialist

  21. This guy gets dressed up fort a video shoot, sits in front of a library, and spends 5 minutes saying stupid stuff. His time would be better spent reading one of those books instead of spending it trying to be important.

    1. Are you sure he’s even wearing grundies or pants? All I see is a shirt and tie. No telling what lurks behind that desk.

  22. Ironic that it is the an KJV that changes the an meaning. An Scourby is no doubt correct and the an KJV is incorrect. By leaving out the an word “an”, the an word “the” is implied. Which is not what the an verse is saying. So despite what this an jackhole is saying the KJV is wrong. Whoops, I think I left out an “an” there. An sue me.
    the an Admiral
    (See what I did there?)
    The prevalence of this type of lunacy is one reason so many people want nothing to do with fundamentalism. This nimrod is a poster boy for lunatic fundamentalists.
    Ok now I’m really done. Think I’ll go watch the kids open an present.

    I hope everyone has an merry Christmas and an happy Nude Year.
    the Admiral

  23. Bryan Denlinger, a Ruckmanite, who doesn’t believe people now are just saved by faith in Christ Jesus alone and thinks there are exceptions to eternal security.
    Thi guy is seriously messed up, most likely through all those Ruckman books and Chick tracts.
    The Ruckmanite movement is messed up anyhow.

  24. Like a noble Berean, I decided to check this out for myself. I found a Greek NT, based on the TR, and saw that it read this way:

    παιδια εσχατη ωρα εστιν και καθως ηκουσατε οτι ο αντιχριστος ερχεται και νυν αντιχριστοι πολλοι γεγονασιν οθεν γινωσκομεν οτι εσχατη ωρα εστιν

    Unfortunately, like a good fundamentalist, I know very little about Greek. As I understand it, you go to the Greek NT when you want to explain away the obvious meaning of a passage in order to elevate some crazy theory that you espouse to the level of doctrine.

    So, in order to make up for my lack of knowledge, I inquired of some of the finest minds in the world, who happen to program for Google in their languages division (aka Google Translate). It turns out both the KJV and Scrubby have it wrong. The truly inspired meaning is below. Perhaps in time we will learn what a gegonasin and ginoskomen is. I think it may mean blogger.

    children for theirs is the last hour and as I heard that the Antichrist is coming and now many antichrists gegonasin Accordingly ginoskomen that theirs is the last hour

    1. Love it. Having taken about half a year of Greek myself, I can tell that there is in fact a definite article in front of the first “antichrist,” but none in front of “antichrists”. Interesting. And while I can’t help you with gegonasin, ginoskomen means “we know”. Just so we know. 😉

      1. I’m not sure which text you are reading. The UBS 4 and Textus Receptus (the only texts I have on my bookshelf, and I’m too lazy to open Logos) both read “ὅτι ἀντίχριστος ἔρχεται” – hoti introduces what is being quoted, and antichristos erketai means “Antichrist is coming”. There is no definite article.

    2. awesome. lol.
      The fun thing about language is it is more than just the words written down or left out–which seems to be the focus of so many fundamentalists in their understanding of the inspired text verses the deceptive texts.
      They seem to lack the concept of the cultural influences and usage of words. As in England they do not use the definite article in all cases as in “I am going to hospital.” whereas we place the definite article in the sentence.
      The fundamentalists literally follow and love the very letters of the law.

      1. Random thoughts: Fundies lack a lot of things. Cultural awareness is one.

        They love the law only when it suits them. One of their favorite expressions is do now, ask forgiveness later.

        They love using the Greek when it suits them. Of course, since most people don’t know the languages, fundies can say anything about the Greek or Hebrew and not have too many worries about being found out.

        1. I have heard fundy preachers defending their imposition of modern ideas onto the ancient texts, saying that the Scriptures were written without cultural biases. They were written for us, today.

          Of course, such a thing is impossible. But the idea leads them to use later texts to interpret earlier texts. So the serpent in Genesis 3 becomes Satan because of what John says in (?) chapter 19. All those thousands of years people thought it was a serpent who tempted Eve! How wrong! How silly! Trusting Scripture before it was completed!

          Fundamentalist ideas of interpretation lead to inherent contradictions. But it isn’t just fundamentalism. A lot of the inherent difficulties in how we handle Scripture are ingrained in the Scripture itself.

        2. Even worse is this ridiculously ignorant idea about language that we can take a single word and use it to determine the meaning of a sentence or paragraph or whatever. In actual fact, language works exactly the opposite. It is the context which determines the meaning of the words.

  25. You know what is worse? What is so much worse than Alexander Scourby adding “an” to the reading?

    The New Testament authors “quoting” Old Testament Scriptures. They add, subtract, slice and dice.

    1. You mean as most people do, when quoting something they know but not particularly well? I mean, sure, it doesn’t help the case for plenary verbal inspiration (probably a good thing), but…

      1. To which I would add that it was perfectly normal to “slice and dice”. This was normal 2TJ midrash. Paul, especially, is quite comfortable with it. Which seems to imply that in his mind at least the Scriptures were very different from what some today believe the Scriptures to be.

  26. I might as well admit: I find the video offensive. Of course, this jackass would find my offense to be affirmation.

  27. OCD meets faith.

    I liked the video. Especially the end where he states that he encourages the same level of investigation on himself. I suspect that one day he will also leave fundyland.

    I left fundyland because I found that the MOG I was listening to would occasionally and purposely add words to change the meaning without reference to other translations or texts. To me this is a dangerous game to play with God. Jeremiah 23.

    In this case there is textual rational for the change.

    Not everything is always what it seems to be. Sometimes it is better to remain silent.

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