78 thoughts on “Fundy Thanksgiving: Day 4”

        1. Maybe the colosseum comparison is unfair. The Colosseum must have been pretty beautiful and impressive in its heyday.

  1. Not being a true IFB I may be confused, but is that Tony Hutson or John Hamblin? Or has there been some weird science experiment and the two have become one?

    1. Hamblin isn’t that heavy; I’ve heard him, but not Tony Hudson – if the clips of Tony Hudson are accurate, Hamblin doesn’t talk about good like Hudson does.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    And a special thank you to all those who help provide my food, today and all year long. Thank you, farmers and ranchers, migrant farmworkers, meat packers, fruit and vegetable processers, dairymen and dairywomen, truck drivers, grocers and grocery employees, restaurant workers, waiters, waitresses, and buspeople. Thank you for your service to humanity.

    1. Interesting that in the bible gluttony and drunkenness are often grouped together because both are a lack of self-control, but as you point out how one sin is condemned and the other tolerated. So if drinking even one drop of alcohol makes you a sinner does does eating one morsel of food make you a glutton?

      See Deuteronomy 21:20; Proverbs 23:2, 21; 28:7; Matthew 11:19

  3. Darryl ~ loved these Thanksgiving Week posts – I think you should do the 12 days of Christmas if your rural internet connection and jubilant children will allow!

  4. As a person who lost 100lbs through diet and exercise, I know from personal experience that a lifestyle of wanton over-indulgence is a harmful and ruinous. That being said, is simply being overweight a sin? Gluttony has at its root selfishness. The desire to accumulate and consume and horde and keep for oneself when you turn a blind eye to the needs of those around you is the purest, vilest form of gluttony there is. For many, this does manifest itself as habitually overeating. For others, it takes means rabid consumerism and accumulation of “stuff” (e.g., the diabolical perversion of capitalism we see yearly on Black Friday). I would be hesitant to label any overweight person as a glutton without knowing their whole story.

    Now, when it comes to Thanksgiving and other holidays, these days are special because we allow ourselves these occasions to enjoy the things we ordinarily take in moderation. Feasting and revelry on select days of celebration are healthy and wonderful. I get to bend my dietary rules on Thanksgiving and I love it. So have an extra helping of stuffing, and extra glass of wine, a fine cigar, and be blessed. As we move into the season of Advent, may our eyes be opened to the needs around us, and may we be reminded through these special days that life is meant for sharing, not selfishness.

    Happy Turkey day. Blessed Advent.

    1. Dear Vortac:

      Thank you for this.

      While any socialist would cheer criticism of our prostration before the gods of materialism, accumulation and consumption, your brief statement also encompasses the greater part of what the sadly misunderstood institution of the Sabbath intended.

      Thank you for helping us to see God’s kingdom more clearly.

      Christian Socialist

  5. It’s weird how gluttony is marked as the major sin of Thanksgiving. I don’t know anybody who deliberately stuffs themselves on Turkey Day. IME the traditional U.S. Thanksgiving feast is huge because of the leftovers–because then we can give thanks for not having to cook until Monday!

    1. I used to stuff myself every Thanksgiving. It was the sheer number of dishes prepared, more than anything else, that inspired gluttony.
      But somewhere back there, I decided I’d done enough of that, so now I only eat a normal amount of food on Thanksgiving. And I don’t care if it’s turkey and dressing, or something else.

  6. Morons you realize Tony Hutson was a IPF world class Power Lifter…. He was all muscle… but obviously as time went on he retired from power lifting and so that muscle turns into fat after some time. Now he does like to eat so that accounts to that but he isn’t that big because of food. he was that big because of how much he used to lift… He was one of the world’s strongest man.

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