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  1. Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to step out of the shadows and out of lurking mode to comment on these two. I happen to know these two guys and you could not be more right about these two.

    As I rule, I don’t tend to agree with this site at all. I am a Baptist myself; and yes, I use the KJV. However, I do not align myself with these types.

    I was saved on June 7, 1982 in the ORIGINAL Open Door Baptist Church in southwest Detroit. Larry N. Dennis was the Pastor. That was a special place and that was an awesome Church, back then. Sad part, Larry Dennis ran of with another woman, (a deacon’s sister) and that Church went into a bad period. My mom took me out of the school that Open Door ran and put into a school ran by Pentecostals, Assembly of God to be exact.

    In 2004, after my grandmother died, I began to really seriously doubt the doctrine of the “Signs and wonders.” I left pentecostalism for good in December of 2004. I will the first to admit, the Baptist’s are not perfect. But, the doctrine makes better sense.

    I did attend Dr. Lawrence Mendez’s Open Door, which was originally called Downtown Fundamental Baptist; which merged with the Open Door that I attended as a kid —–and I must say, I was NOT impressed at all. You could not have powered a 25 watt light bulb with the intelligence in that room.

    Not to mention the ghetto thug mentality in that room. I saw it, and it sickened me. The original Open Door was never about all that at all. Now they’ve got that Mexican beaner, (Sorry, just how I feel about him…) who was a supposed former drug dealer running that crap hole church. I wish they’d change the name of it; because it is simply not the same Church that I remember.

    I could go on more about it. But, someone else can verify what I tell you here; his name is Kenny Hill. He can put you up to speed on that Church.

    Thanks for reading.

    -Charles Patrick Adkins
    Original Open Door Baptist Church – Detroit, Mi Alumni – 1982 till 1983 or so….

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