Confusing Youth Conference Videos

I’ve watched this video shown at North Valley Baptist Church’s youth conference and I’m still not exactly sure what the point is.
For one thing they’re using a song by Aloe Blacc that I am absolutely certain doesn’t meet their music standards. For another, what exactly is the message? Is one extended fat joke? Or are they really saying that people shouldn’t pay any attention to nutrition?

I’m not even going to bother asking where Jesus was. Unless he was one of the people throwing lettuce.

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    1. Yeah, they spared no expense. They atleast could have had Fatty ride up in a nicer vehicle. (I take it that is actually Fatty’s car in real life and not the pastor).

      1. Love the wasted food from a church that probably has never served a meal to a needy person in its entire existence.

        1. And I like it how all of you leftist Socialists on this site who voted for Obama want to purposefully spend the country literally into a death spiral. Please spare us the sanctimonious line about a thrown watermelon used as a gag when you want to literally destroy the country.

        2. Oh, I dunno. I read that church’s rule book, and it seems like Jack is a pretty needy dude. I think it’s safe to say plenty of congregants have served him a meal or two.

        3. All the billions wasted by Progressives could have helped and feed literally millions of people. I’m more concerned about that some some silly gag stunt on a video.

        4. For all the concern, let’s keep the political comments to a minimum. We’ve already got religion here, quite enough to start any decent argument. 🙄 If a man is right with God, it will affect the way he acts in this world.
          And there’s nothing wrong with considering small, fussy problems, many a great idea has sprung from a small source.

        5. Panda – Pay no attention to stacy. She gets this way when she is ovulating. She is just trolling for a date.

        6. Miss Rosa,

          I’m not trying to be overly political. I’m just trying to provide a bit of sanity to this already overly-politicized blog.

        7. @Stacy “What in the World are they Spraying” McAnderson: Since you don’t care about this church wasting food for an utterly silly and pointless skit, then I have to assume that you also don’t really care about federal government spending. So spare us the lies and faux-horror at money being thrown at wars that you supported and to pay benefits to seniors that you will take full advantage of, all while carrying a “Keep the Government out of my Medicare” sign.

        8. Did you see the guy biting into the pineapple? Was that suppose to be an ethnic slur against Fatty??

        9. I thought the pineapple panto was supposed to be a slur against vegetarians and “healthy food” eaters in general.

        10. Mr. D. H. Band,
          That was my thought when I saw the pineapple being eaten. My son lives in Hawaii and my daughters had a lot of friends from Guam in college, and my first thought was “is this an ethnic slur?” After further review, I am going to believe it isn’t. A pineapple is about the last fruit I’d expect to see bitten into like that, other than maybe citrus. I’m going to assume humorous intent from the unexpected.

        11. Dear stacymcanderson:

          In the interest of bring political sanity to the blog, kindly note that socialists support neither President Obama nor any other bourgeoisie President.

          This concerns ninth commandment obedience. Please attempt better.

          Christian Socialist

        12. Deaconson,

          You make false assumptions. Just because I’m a conservative, I don’t support the lies that the soldiers are over there fighting for “our rights.” They are over there fighting for the central bankers’ bidding. And they are also over there protecting the world drug trade by making sure the poppy crops don’t get destroyed.

        13. That doesn’t mean that I necessarily disrespect all soldiers. They are just pawns with no authority or power in the least. I know there are some good ones who are trying to do what’s right and are just following whatever orders they are given.

        14. When the people on this blog start saying that Obama is too far right and too conservative, that is a sure sign any shred of normalcy or sanity that may have been here is gone.

        15. Stacy – You seem to know a lot about the war in Afghanistan. Did you serve here? I say here because I’m here right now, “protecting the poppy fields” as you put it. We’re not here fighting for your rights. We’re here to kill the bad guys so they don’t train more bad guys to repeat 9/11, and so that the beautiful people of Afghanistan can have a safe place to live. Don’t speak about things you don’t much about please.

        16. Thanks, G Man. It’s amazing the stupid things people can say, isn’t it, when they have no idea what they’re talking about…when they haven’t been there?

          I did a year in Iraq. Without a weapon, fool that I was. I was a civilian, and I volunteered go run the Entertainment program. So, if you ever have a group of musicians, cheerleaders, comedians, or actors come through your area, say hi to their manager for me. There is half a chance that I have worked with that manager.

        17. GMan, please spare us the sentimentality. The US funds the “big bad terrorists,” so it’s stupid to purport to fight an enemy that you fund. But this is nothing new. US corporations funded the Nazis before and during WWII and the US also funded the North Vietnamese and supplied them with weapons. So it’s not a new thing that we should support thos “big bad terrorists” that you are fighting “for our freedom.”

          By the way, I realize that this is beyond your control and you have no say in the matter, so don’t take this as a disservice to you. You are just a solder (if you’re not a fraud) who has no power to make political decisions and is lied to about the true purpose of your orders. I commend you for following orders.

      2. this was part of the youth conference skit, it was a parody of colin kaepernicks beats commercial “hear what you want” the them was baseball this year so they did the parody of “eat what you want”

  1. Anyway….I don’t get it either.

    I mean, they’ve mashed the Beats commercial with the music video for The Man, with the apparent message being………..?

    Anyway, I’m thinking there has to be some context majorly missing that was available to the attendees at the Conference itself.

    And as for the music standards: as far as I know, those were mostly Mr. Boruff’s thing, and he’s not there anymore.

    1. They should have kept the original intact.
      They should’ve let Fatty ride up in a nicer vehicle instead the kids destroyed his.

      Plus you have to give them props for filming this “skit” outside Pac-Bell Park.

      Is NVBC working with the San Francisco Giants in order to boost season ticket sales??

  2. That’s it? A healthy-eating rabid mob against the cool, junk-food-eating fat guy? The healthy people being the haters, and invoking Michelle Obama even (someone the anti-healthy-food campaigners love to hate).

    Wow. The message is so twisted.

        1. I bet the Pastor gave Fatty (guy in the video posted) a couple of gift cards to restaurants just for partaking in the skit.

        1. I looked at their website and it linked to their video page on VIMEO. I guess they’re too lazy to get a YouTube channel.

          Anyway this Fatty Arbuckle (DJ Uson) is in just about every video skit on their page. He really is one of God’s clowns.

        2. Hmmm… isn’t this the pastor that “doesn’t want excuses; just results”

          And doesn’t want staff members who are overweight?

        3. That sounds like something Trieber or Schaap would say. Remember when Schaap ranted on women gaining weight after they got married.

          Also if you look at the staff at NVBC, everyone looks fine except poor Fatty Arbuckle (DJ Uson).

  3. This (strongly) reminded me of Doug Wilson and all his talk about how what we eat doesn’t matter to God.

    1. But then, don’t go whining to Him about malnutrition, calcium deficiency, arteriosclerosis. chronic obesity, flatulence, etc.

        1. Farts from little dogs or little puffs from any dog?
          Our shar-pei will sometimes do “silent but deadly”. :yuck:

  4. Ninth! “Nine for mortal men doomed to die” *random number association*

  5. First of all, that song is a rip off from Elton John’s “Your Song”. Second, it’s encouraging youth to be cruel to each other–especially to the overweight minority kid. And I agree with rtgmath, it’s a slap at the First Lady, wife of Him-Who-Is-The-Cause-Of-All-US-Problems in the eyes of the fundies.

    1. As if this song would ever pass inspection at GSBC. Way to lure in unsuspecting potential students by making them think the rules are not going to be as oppressive as they really will be.

      It’s a trap!!!

      1. Ah yes, the “it’s super FUNNNNN to be a Christian” propaganda. We had this book my mother made me read called “Why Not?” (or something like that) which was a 1950s polemic against all the evil little sins that teenagers are tempted by like listening to records, chewing gum, mixed bathing, etc. The last page or two was devoted to “what CAN Christian young people do for fun?” Basically, the author just went on and on about how happy his two daughters were and how they had lots of friends at church. That was it. “You’re happy because we said so.” That’s the vacuum they want to force young people into and then they wonder why so many of them crack under the pressure and jump ship as soon as they are able.

        1. I remember that book, and its sequel, “Why So!”, about important stuff in the Church, none of which I can recall.

        2. By Hal Webb. I have both of them on my bookshelf. Copyrights are 1962 (Why Not?) and 1967 (Why So!).
          While it isn’t the worst stuff ever written, it certainly isn’t the best. A bit of proof-texting and VOILA! More rules to follow!

        3. I believe this was also the book that perpetrated the lie that if you play lots of sports you will never masturbate.

        4. Deacon’s Son,
          I didn’t remember that admonition, so I looked it up. Good memory. Page78 of “Why SO!” in the chapter titled Habits. Enter lots of sports and play hard. Exercise each day. The more energy you work off the less temptation you will have with the habit. and so on.

        5. Ok, so since you brought “it” back up, is the big “M” still viewed as a besetting sin in fundyworld?

    2. Bald JG,

      You’re partially right. The current president is the cause of many of the nation’s problems. But it’s also the other 2 branches of government as well, and not just the Executive branch. And the people of the nation are the true problems. That we as a nation actually voted in this person shows how ignorant and gullible we as a nation we really are. We get what we deserve.

  6. I’m still stuck on how the musician ripped off Elton John’s “Your Song”.

    1. Are the celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the film Heavyweights and this is one of the cast members all grown up??

    1. Jack Trieber or whoever directed this video certainly has no taste in creativity whatsoever or watched a movie or a music video on MTV.

      1. It’s obvious to me that young Cox, having established his little kingdom in the video booth, is in full production mode.

        1. Jack trieber once railed at young Cox, up in the video booth, for trying to set up his own little “kingdom” in said booth with his friends.
          A classic video post from a few months back.
          Link, anyone?

        2. Yes, different church, different crazy, overindulged pastor.
          But the comment was hilarious nonetheless.

        3. Used-To-Be——I am reproved. I know better than to run with a “fact” I haven’t checked. (from an earlier comment later on the string) Next thing you know, I’ll believe everything posted on the internet and start following the mcanderson blog!

  7. Thanks for sharing this video. To me, NVBC absolutely epitomizes the IFB trying their damnedest (haha I can say that now, cuz I’m freeee!) to stay relevant to our present culture. Jack Trieber will never, ever, EVER back down from what he considers the will of God (the creator of the cosmos? ), and that means short hair on men, long skirts on women, and no worldly music….OOPS! Also, check out the video “Let Me Know” which uses the melody from “Let It Go” – from the blockbuster Disney tool of Satan “Frozen!” The fun never stops!

    1. Maybe Disney copied the song from THESE people.

      Betcha never considered THAT option, didja? Huh? Huh?

      Because we know that Satan is the Great Counterfeiter, so it’s logical that Treiber’s people came up with the godly idea first, and then it was perverted by the Disney crowd.

      1. I kind of like that one, fits Michael Eisner’s modus operandi too well. 😈

    2. So in their trying so hard to look like they are above the culture, they have made themselves irrelevant, which means to speak to the culture they have to try and make themselves relevant to the culture and as they try to be relevant, they simply reveal how out of touch they really are?

      But what I have found is the audience most IFB is aiming for is very narrow. They really simply speak to themselves and to people who are like them–only able to think in two dimensions–its either/or, never more than two choices. I am assuming I do not understand this video because I am not of that ilk.

    3. I think the hidden message in this video is, Fatty Arbuckle left the hometown team (Giants) and came back as an opposing player and everyone (NVBC) hates him for it.


  8. Hey, an evening post for us night-owls so we can get in before post #105 – Thanks Darrell!

    I know nothing about the church, history or context but I liked it – the big hero is not bowing to nutritional pressure (I must confess that I like donuts also…) I wonder if maybe it’s part of a series of vids starring ‘Lenny the Legend’?

    1. Are the girls allowed to wear pants/shorts as well? This doesn’t look Fundy to me.

      1. All the girls in the video were wearing skirts. Almost all the protesters did seem to be boys and men though – probably because women are supposed to be submissive and not protesting or angry.

        1. Better change your name from “Lady Semp” to “Whore of Babylon Semp” then.

        2. I’m only wobbly if I’ve had too much to drink, and I don’t do that sort of thing.

  9. Go gluten free?
    I’m tired of being a Celiac in the midst of fad diets.

    To your point, there doesn’t appear to be any real point to the video. Certainly nothing positive.

    1. Specially since going “gluten free” doesn’t make a person who’s not sensitive to gluten any healthier.

      1. I find that half the people who want “gluten free” food don’t even know what gluten is.
        That’s not to make light of people who really have a wheat allergy or celiac disease, but an awful lot of healthy people seem to be deciding they have food sensitivities these days.
        In the old days, you could be a picky eater without having to claim protection under the ADA.
        Get off my lawn.

        1. That depends on what you replace gluten with.
          Vegetables, fruits, grains, and tubers all tend to have a lot of carbohydrates. Then, of course, there’s sugar, honey, corn syrup, and other sweeteners.
          It also depends on what you mean by “gluten.” Many are referring only to wheat protein, but corn, rice, barley, and other grains also contain glutens.

  10. Hey that was me singing that version of the song and I thought it was pretty darn good! Lol I’m glad they asked me to be a part of that skit, because it encourages people to eat anything they want, and that is my policy! 🙂 Although being a vegetarian probably would be healthier… Oh yeah, and Bald Jones Grad, I’m not a “fundy” but I still hate Obama. And one last thing: I notice I’m the only person on here that has the nerve to use my own name. Have a great night!

        1. I have thought about using my real name. I’m not scared to or opposed to it. I just note that most people don’t, and that seems to allow some people to participate when otherwise they might not.

          I still have friends at the IFB church I used to go to. And I don’t intend to bad mouth them, even the ones I feel were part and parcel of the abusive package that helped me push away. The fact is that good people do bad things under the leading of tradition, doctrine, good intentions, ignorance and what have you.

          So I will remain Rtgmath for now.

      1. I mistakenly posted this reply to Jon Epley ‘way downthread. Operator error on my part, so I am sorry for the double post:

        Dear Jon, Thank you for letting me know that you hate the President. I proudly voted for him 2X, and was a regular campaign donor. I traveled 4,000 miles for the privilege of attending his 2nd inauguration.

        1. Bald Jones
          If you were stupid enough to vote for Obama twice, then you and people like you deserve all the shit this country is in.

    1. If you enter my pseudonym into a search engine, you will find more info than if you were to enter my real name, which comes up if you would like to know it.

      I’m not hiding.

      Darrell, you’ve had so many names assigned to you sometimes I forget which one to use.

        1. no space-one word. You may have to correct the spell-check.
          I did notice the link to my failed attempt at a blog has disappeared. good riddance!

        2. I just tried a few different search engines. Only Google allows you to say “unclewilver” is the search you want. All the others I tried changed my name to uncle wilbur.
          Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, and Alta Vista all assume I can’t spell what I am searching for.

          I hate the fact that I’ve sold out to Google in their attempt at world domination, but their product works.

        3. Yeah, the same goes for me– For ethical reasons, I’d like not to use Google, but Google sure works.

    2. Yes, you west coast fundies will forever hide behind your theory that “worldly” music is okay as long as you take the drums out and have someone from the church sing the song. What utter hypocrisy.

      1. Can you explain?
        I’ve heard people make this accusation before and it makes no sense.
        Fundies: The words are okay but the singer and the drum beats are bad. So we remove what we consider bad. Clearly the song is now good.
        How is that hypocritical? It’s very logical.
        It’s okay to preach against Southern Gospel and then have Southern Gospel sung at your church IF the part you preach against is the artist or the drum beats or something else that can be removed if it is sung at your church. Hypocritical would be to preach against the WORDS of a certain song and then sing those WORDS at your church.

        1. No, it’s hypocritical to say that the drums are wrong and the singers are wicked but there’s nothing wrong with the words themselves, or the melody, or the rhythm for that matter (as long as there isn’t a drum to highlight it). Especially since the ONLY reason that churches sanitize and musically-bowdlerize these songs is to pander to people who want something a smidge “worldly” to make church more entertaining and comfortable. If you’re going to get up there and sing that Casting Crowns song, just sing it. Don’t try to convince me that your version is “better” because it’s being sung by someone who adheres to all the IFB doctrinal shibboleths and because the beat is muted. Is the song a good one or isn’t it? That should be the only question. Anything else is madness.

        2. Fundy musicology is hilarious. The idea that certain beats are evil, or supposedly African-derived musical styles are inherently pagan, well, there’s not a big enough eye roll emoticon for it to put here. Actually, come to think of it, hilarious is only the right description if you define hilarious as ignorant, nonsensical, and somewhat racist.

          Actually, if I remember right, it was hearing arguments like this as a kid or young teen, in videos talking about the evils of rock music, when some sort of light first went on, and I had that thought for the first time – “they’re lying to me.”

          I can follow the argument that certain musicians shouldn’t be listened to because the lyrics are immoral, although I tend to greet them skeptically – soon after those young teen years I started exploring far and wide and found much value in music as a vehicle for empathy, for learning of the wide range of experiences of others – and all that can’t fit into Christ-like lyrics. And fundies aren’t the greatest at interpreting lyrics, either. But it was always this idea of any music with a beat as somehow inherently evil – “there are battles between angels and demons all around us, and maybe the forces of darkness can harness the music, the actual BEATS for their use!” – that cracked me up thoroughly.

        3. I don’t mind churches that play a CCM song in a more traditional or conservative way. Artists actually do that all the time when they play a song “unplugged.” I don’t mind a church finding good music and presenting it in a style with which they are comfortable.

          What I dislike is if a church constantly criticizes CCM, the songs, and the musicians (as well as anyone who listens to it) yet then uses the music themselves, often without acknowledging where it’s from, even to the point of covering up the music book so the congregation doesn’t realize that the very people they malign one Sunday are good enough to have music sung in church the next.

          There’s a huge difference to me in saying, “We prefer traditional worship because we feel it’s more respectful and dignified” than “contemporary music is evil and anyone who listens to it is indulging their flesh and can’t be pleasing to the Lord.”

        4. One of the few times I somewhat agree with a post here…..weird. …….Has anyone else noticed that any “controversial” music is make ok by speeding up the song twice as fast as it was written and not drawing out any notes at all? I think the belief is that by taking out all emotion and humanity and feeling and replacing it with IFB speed and lack of emotion somehow sanitizes it. In my opinion, if you feel like the only way to make a song “spiritual” is to neuter it and make it any humanity at all, why not just skip it altogether? ……………………It’s even more confusing and “different” than this out of place oddity:

        5. Pastor’s Wife, EXACTLY. They’ll blast CCM music and say it’s all fluffy and etc etc, then bring in a Chris Tomlin song. Why not start out by saying a lot of modern Christian music is fluffy and not in our church’s style, but this song and that one is good so we’re going to sing it because it has great lyrics etc etc.

          Instead you get to hear people hating on modern music and those evil “worship screens” then sneak it in on the side.

    3. As I watched this video my first thought was that this is not Aloe Blacc singing. The singing in the video does not do the song justice.

      1. The guy doing the voiceover is horrible. Doesn’t this church have any good singers?

    4. Dear Jon, Thank you for letting me know that you hate the President. I proudly voted for him 2X, and was a regular campaign donor. I traveled 4,000 miles for the privilege of attending his 2nd inauguration.

    5. Damn, Leanne Zeck is not my real name? I suddenly feel lost. Can someone help me? I think I am having an identity crisis.

      1. Not only an identity crisis, but I am really disappointed with myself. There is absolutely no creativity in a name like Leanne Zeck…I should have been able to come up with a better alias.

    6. “Jon Epley’s Believe it or Not”

      Wasn’t that a television program from back in the 80’s?

  11. Was that Fatty Arbuckle??

    They obviously ripped off an NFL/NIKE commercial (Way to go Jack).

    Was this filmed outside Pac Bell Park?? North Valley looks like the FBCH of the West Coast.

    1. or they’re doing a really bad job of trying LeBron James to play for the Golden State Warriors.

  12. I think it’s a politically-libertarian-style thing. . . “eat what you want”. They’ll probably use the food thing as an analogy for their own predicament, and then turn their adherents into “heroes” for their willingness to “hold the fort” etc….

    OK, no more scare quotes.

      1. Libertarian = A right-wing Republican who uses drugs and sleeps around.

        1. Flaming leftist: Anyone who denigrates libertarians by making jokes about “sleeping around,” but then gets offended and self-righteous when someone points out the promiscuity and hyper-sleeping around syndrome of the homosexual community.

  13. -Just a guess, but I think it was an attempt at condemnation of “the world’s” obsessions with weight loss and sports, probably with a little “don’t hurt God’s team” thrown in.

    It was a depiction of a sports figure, who was bringing his team down by his personal choices, which could be preached on as selfishness, or how one’s sin hurts others and the cause of Christ. It was also a depiction of mass, hysterical reaction to obesity and fitness, like “look at what these fools waste their time worrying about, while they’re all on their way to Hell.”

    -I thought the Michelle Obama sign was a funny clue and the “compromise” in music was a pretty desperate attempt to be relevant. Fundies are so quick to defend their gluttony and point out that “physical exercise profiteth little.” -We got blasted from the pulpit one time, shortly after the pastor had just visited our home and had noticed and commented on our gym. He said “You spend so much time on your physical strength, but what condition are your ‘spiritual muscles’ in?” (while flexing an imaginary bicep) -not that he ever bothered to ask us about our prayer life, or Bible reading or anything like that.

  14. I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man
    Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am
    I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man

    Trieber actually allowed this to reference someone other than His Eminence Himself? Or maybe young Cox is subtly getting his revenge.
    Beats me.

    1. Beats was supposed to have a registered symbol after it. HTML encoding and I are mortal enemies.

    2. This song is actually consistent with the message of many fundies. As long as you are the man you can do whatever you want.

      1. Especially if you’re the self-anointed Man-O-gid his very own self. 😛

      2. I just figured it was as long as you are *a* man you can pretty much get away with most things as long as you make a contrite enough face if you are caught and carefully shift blame to another party

    3. This song is definitely written for Jack Hyles. Incipiently, isn’t Trieber one of Hyles’ buddies??

        1. smh.

          Plus I’ve seen videos of Trieber speaking at FBCH and praising Hyles.


      1. Yes, I believe it was Trieber’s church that originated the (infamous) “100% Hyles” buttons

        1. Well phooey on them.

          When my former FU dictator got into police trouble they made up a huge sign that said “100% [pastor’s name]” and had the ACADEMY KIDS sign it. I found it under the stairwell on the way to Sunday school one day, and covered the pastor’s name with a piece of paper that said God, so the sign said “100% God.” It didn’t last too long but I got a kick out of it…..

  15. My take: these types of vids are the newfangled compromised version of God’s only approved form of youth group frivolity, namely, The Skit. If Jesus wanted us to use video technology to entertain our teenagers then he would have come to earth in modern times.

  16. The skits are nvbc’s “only” opportunity to let their hair down. Trieber has zero to do with the skits and normally doesnt see them until they are performed live. Most of the younger staff absolutely do not believe like Trieber. They try to slip some mild “worldliness” into the skits whenever they can because they are normal for the most part. As far as the humor is concerned, theyre just doing their best to make thousands of teenagers laugh. Thats pretty difficult to pull off without setting off fundamental alarms everywhere. I APPLAUD them for using that song. Its actually a pretty progressive move and they pulled it off perfectly.

    1. I have to give NVBC credit. They at least don’t half arsh it and put some life into it unlike other Youth Conferences.

    2. Most of the younger staff don’t believe in Trieber’s divinity and omnipotence?
      Don’t let Trieber find out, or he will give them until sundown to leave town.
      That last isn’t speculation on my part– it’s what Trieber wrote in his church staff manual.

      1. Apparently Trieber really likes this Fatty Arbuckle guy. If you look at their VIMEO page he is in every single “skit”.

        He truly is one of God’s clowns.

        Also doesn’t Trieber play Southern Gospel music on his radio? Will he be playing CCM music next?

        Watch it Jack!

  17. This is a parody of the “Beats” headphone add were Colin Capernic walks through a crowd of people yelling at him, oblivious to their jeers because he is blocking it out with his “Beats” headphones.

    As for the video………..I just don’t know. Fat Joke? Anti-Obama?

    No idea. So confusing.

  18. Considering there seemed to be somewhat of a baseball theme here, I guess we can just be glad no one was hitting girls with a baseball bat.

    1. They’re ticked off at that other youth ministry for stealing that idea.

  19. Ok in answer to some of the comments above: Yep I sing with The Inspirations. I mentioned the name thing because I wondered how many of my friends were on here lol. I am not a “west coast fundy”. I actually live far away from California and am a Southern Baptist. I think this site is hilarious because it does point out some of the ridiculous things that some people believe and the double standards of many. Some things go a little far and hateful for me, but I overall enjoy the things that are posted here. 🙂
    I attended 3 Independent Baptist Bible Colleges but realized finally that it wasn’t for me. When I entered the Southern Gospel World I was preached about, condemned, and hurt by many “fundies” across the country. But… There were several who maintained their friendship with me and supported me, and I will never turn my back on someone who has proven to be my true friend. I participated in this skit because I was asked by some of my friends, and I thought it would be funny. Still do.
    If you are looking for some underlying meaning or “deep spiritual ‘fundy’ subliminal message”, then this skit would be confusing. But if you realize that it is just intended to be funny and a play off the actual commercial then you will see that it was just a harmless comic relief moment. I know this was a long post, but somebody posted up there that I was a “west coast fundy” and someone else called me a “MOG”. That MOG stuff pissed me off! Anyone from the IB background will understand that. So I wanted to explain my background and involvement in this skit. I enjoyed doing it. Have a good one!

    1. Thanks for the explanantion Jon. The only thing I have an issue with is that this video is not funny, at all. Just like any other fundy skit, they try so hard to be relevent, it just fails. The fact that this is done by a group/church who would condemn anyone who had this song in their collection, it just reeks of the typical double-standard fundy crap we have all experienced. My advice to you is the next time they ask, just say no.

    2. I also add my thanks for the explanation. In my opinion, and it is not meant to reflect any other SFL participant views, had a church that wasn’t so “anti-world” put it out, I might have been more forgiving. It was obviously a parody of the Kaepernick Beats ad, and as such was mildly amusing. The “ministry” Trieber runs is often seen trying to use pop-culture references while decrying current pop-culture.
      If it is wrong, then don’t reference it and cause interest. If it is not wrong, then lighten up on the non-biblical man-made rules.

      1. I didn’t watch the video. It wouldn’t be relevant to me anyway because I don’t know the reference it’s making. Never heard of these Beats.

        Just color me 50 shades of clueless.

        1. Beats is a line of headsets, earbuds, and speakers marketed with Dr. Dre’s name.
          I don’t use them. I use inexpensive earbuds from BigLots, because they sound okay to me, and I don’t get upset when I destroy them. I do have a set of Turtle Beach muffs for gaming. Refurbished, bought from BigLots, made for use with XBox and adapted for PC.

          Cheap is my friend.

        2. Here’s what I, a certified old fogey and aspiring Luddite, know about Beats headphones:
          1. They’re endorsed by Dr. Dre.
          2. They’re crazy expensive.
          3. They’re very cannily marketed.
          4. They’re very heavy on bass. That makes them not so great for listening to classical music or jazz, but since much rap and pop music is mostly bass, many young people prefer them.

        3. I don’t like the heavy bass, either. Maybe that’s why I like the inexpensive sets.
          A couple of weeks ago I had to rent a car to get to and from work, since mine was getting a clutch and water pump replaced. The car had a Beats system, which was wasted on me. I listen to audio books on my commute. No fancy speakers required.

          I never missed the extra bass during the reading of The rise and Fall of The Third Reich

    3. My reference to “west coast fundies” was pertaining to Jack Trieber and his California church, not the hometown of the singer. This sort of “oooh look how cool we can be but it’s okay because we are true believers” is endemic to the west coast fundie world, including WCBC and churches of their ilk. There are lots of southern and BJU-influenced fundy churches who would be HORRIFIED by this video.

        1. He is, but Paul Chappel was his youth director, so there are ties between the churches.

    4. Jon, I grew up listening to the Inspirations. Mom and Dad use to take us to the Singing on the Smokies. Great memories.

      I love this website. My IFB pastor told me about it. I guess we just love to laugh at ourselves. It really is quite funny or sad when you step back and see the reasons people laugh at you. Most of the time IFB folks are not made fun of for the cause of Christ. We are made fun of because of majoring on the minors. The minors being our opinion.

      I am sick and tired of legalism in any form and love this site.

  20. WAIT! Did anyone realize they re-mixed alo blacks song and recorded it themselves so it was not worldly! LOL that was beyond lame

    1. They should have kept the original intact or let Fatty (guy in the video) sing it.

      Also, isn’t Trieber’s son on staff there as well?

      1. Hereditary succession is the rule in most monarchies.

        1. One reason ol’ James I commissioned a new translation was the promotion of the “Divine right of kings”.
          They are KJV, so it stands to reason.

  21. I could imagine at the MTV awards the worst Youth Conference Video award goes to……Then Jack Trieber takes the award and gloats about it, not realizing that his church won the worst video award.

  22. Was that the whole thing? How was eat what you want part of the youth conference? Was this right before mealtime? I totally do not get this.
    I don’t know who is behind stacymcanderson but it is POEtic
    genius. Am I first to realize how similar it is to Steve Anderson?

      1. check out the guy holding up the “Haters Gonna Hate” sing. It’s Fatty’s twin brother!

  23. Also, check out the guy holding up the “Haters Gonna Hate” sign. He looks like he’s the twin brother of Fatty Arbuckle (Fat guy with headphones).

  24. Deep breaths everyone:

    1. This is a parody of an existing commercial:

    It was not badly done- I thought it was kind of funny. The signs were pretty hilarious.

    2. Food waste is a ridiculous argument:

    Of all the things to criticize- food waste is not one of them. (Those without sin cast the first tomato)

    3. Anything presented out of context is confusing- though I am sure that the context would have been appalling (there I go again stereotyping)

    Fun note: autocorrect corrects fundies to “fun dies”- hilariously insightful.

  25. I suspect that the message here is that we shouldn’t be absorbed into “worldly” trends like gluten-free food or whatever pish-tosh “heathen doctors” are trying to sell us on these days. I recognize the “screw trends, be unpopular” vibe from my own fundy days.

  26. I’m pretty sure that was Ergun Caner holding up the “Haters gotta Hate” sign!

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