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    1. Not so much… pretty mainstream actually.

      That whole “loyalty to the pastor” bit is the same stuff I heard for many years at Lancaster Baptist Church.

      If you run a bus route, you tell your children you are picking them up because “pastor loves them.” If you are preaching at the nursing home, you remind the people it is “because of our pastor.”

      And if the pastor didn’t get a laudatory note from you about once a month, if he felt you were growing “cold to him,” he would begin to suspect disloyalty.

      I even remember an evening sermon in which he preached the three kinds of loyalty a church member could express: loyalty, aloyalty, and disloyalty.

      It wasn’t enough just to be loyal in heart, it had to be constantly expressed, reaffirmed, and shared with others else run the risk of becoming “aloyalty.”

      1. That’s incredible, wuming. If I hadn’t grown up in the IFB movement, I wouldn’t believe it. I could never stay in a place like that. Sickening.

      2. I left there many years ago, but still remember the book new members would get entitled “Your Pastor and You”.

        Cause that relationship required a book to explain…

        performance based religion

        Members’ spirituality was judged by how well they worked the pastor’s program of works (soul-winning, tithing, giving over-and-beyond to the never-ending building program, etc.)

        It is good to be gone.

  1. I’m assuming his congregation must be illiterate because if they could actually read what he has written they wouldn’t probably be there.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if he preaches against all the prima donnas of Hollywood and the world. Yet oddly it seems to be ALL about Gerald.

  2. “You should not have any pictures of Jesus in your house.”

    Something tells me that he’s quite okay with you having as many pictures of Gerald B. Collingsworth in your house as possible.

    1. Yes. The HOLY pyramid scheme, more like a MOGway, not Amway.

      I still stand by my comment from last time he came up – “Great hair!” (“Great book!” and “Great theology!” seem to be out of the question)

        1. Most of the self-published books I’ve seen would fit that description. The one that was worth reading could have been published elsewhere, but the author is an old Wobbly and would rather not deal with the structure. Which is too bad, because he could use the money.

          My experience teaching Freshman Comp and tutoring taught me that most Americans think they are literate, but are not. And I think that our refusal to expect our young to learn to speak clearly, think rationally, and write in a manner that can be understood, is going to be the end of us.

  3. I confess I haven’t gone to church since 2007, so how many times have I “committed adultery on Jesus”?

    Thank God I have no children or they would “wind up being trash.”

    Is it any wonder that a lot of people don’t go to church any longer? We are tired of the abuse by these self-appointed menogawds.

    1. BJg, you asked, “I confess I havenโ€™t gone to church since 2007, so how many times have I ‘committed adultery on Jesus’?” I’m no rtgmath or Ben P, but it should be easy enough to figure out if you will provide us with the starting date of your spiritual whoremongering.

      Assuming you should have been attending Sun am, pm, and Wed. pm, at the bare minimum of expectations you have slept around on Jesus 962 times. This accounting does not include 2007, since we have no date for your first episode of unfaithfulness. It also does not take account of special services, revivals, etc. you have missed. The number could be as high as, what, 1300? 1400? That’s a LOT of two-timing, mister.

      1. Dear nico,
        Thank you so much for your help. The date of my departure from the sacred assembly was July 2007. After reading your post, I feel like a man-wh*re.
        You’re cracking me up:)

      2. It started long before actual physical adultery – Jesus said “you have heard it said ‘thou shalt not commit adultery against me by skipping church’ but I say unto you, whoever even thinks about skipping church has committed adultery already in his heart”

      1. When he says” You girls will be sluts” it makes one wonder if any daughter of his would go that route just to keep daddy from being a liar? Or will it be a self fulfilling Prophesy? (a’ la “FOOTLOOSE”)

        1. My late dad was about as far from IFB as you can imagine (a very lapsed Catholic), yet he shared this guy’s penchant for predicting that all the young kids he knew (including his own kids) would turn out to be dope-dealers, juvenile delinquents, sluts, whores, and so on. It actually got to be a family joke after awhile, but when I was a kid — and being called names I didn’t even understand — it wasn’t so funny.

          But at least my dad wasn’t standing in a pulpit spewing this stuff.

    1. Interesting contrast between how Gerald feels about “sluts” and how Jesus treated a woman taken in adultery (John 8:1-11).

      I think a lot of IFB pastors (1) are misogynists (2) have a really, really dark side

      1. His attitude seems comparable to that of the Pharisees: “Look at that woman touching Jesus; if he were really a prophet, he would not let her touch him, for she is a sinner”

    1. This guy is an unabashed Hyles follower, so does that mean you commit double adultery when you miss church and the church observes Communion?

  4. The teenagers should be taught that their pastor loves them? CREEPY

    Aside: The fundies are way more obssessed with sex than the normal world. Since I left fundyism I hardly ever hear about sex anymore – it’s like crickets chirping.

    1. I know there is A LOT more sex talk in popular culture than I’m seeing/hearing because of how I choose to live my life. But you know? I dropped cable so long ago that I can’t remember when, and nobody came to my house to force me to hook it back up. I don’t read a whole lot of magazines that I’m “supposed” to like, and nobody is shoving them into my newspaper box. I don’t go to movies with people simu-humping in them, and nobody’s kidnapped me to one yet. I switch stations when the raunchy music comes on, and nothing in the radio switches it back! I live in the world and nothing is making me be of it.

      But if you “separate” in order to follow the “man of god,” there is no way to avoid the constant drone of sex sex sex sex sex. You have to go and listen to the pastor rant about this skeevy stuff if you want to belong, and you have to pretend not to disagree.

      You know what word my worldly daughter has never in her life heard, not once? Not even from her worldly little friends, and absolutely never in church? “Slut.”

  5. So, if I understood this “preacher” right, if a girl misses Sunday Evening Church or does not go, she will automatically turn into a slut? This guy is nuts…

    1. Yup! and boys will become whoremongering, dope-smoking, booze-sucking trash just like I have become since I quit church months ago. [loads of sarcasm] I haven’t done any of that at all except the quitting church…

  6. It’s a good thing we’re not like those dirty Catholics with their works-righteousness. (Say all the fundie pastors who can’t wait for Jesus to pass out their rewards.)

  7. “Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? or were ye baptized in the name of Paul? I thank God that I baptized none of you, but Crispus and Gaius; lest any should say I baptized in my own name.”

  8. This guy reminds me of Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart, especially the hair – Can you possibly imagine a better way to serve detention, than by helping me to answer my fan mail?

    1. Yes! You are absolutely right! Gilderoy Lockhart must have escaped from St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and started a Baptist church in Ohio.

  9. Wow this is normal fundy rhetoric that’s what makes it so sad. I can’t tell the number of times I have heard each of those lines said in church services all over the states.

  10. I also know some people who have “won metals for being in combat in the service.” Oh… wait… no I don’t, they have all won *medals* for their service. I guess proofreaders are a thorn in his flesh as well.

    I guess even though I am living in sin by committing adultery on Jesus, like one of my favorite songs says: “I found my faith living in sin.”

  11. I used to work with a pastor who was threatened by me. She had it written in our children/youth ministry policy that she was the only person who could counsel youth. I was a children’s/youth director and got mad when she overheard a youth, talking to a friend, refer to me a his youth pastor.

    This guy is a piece of work.

  12. Ease up on the criticism, please. Supreme Lord and Dictator Doctor Pastor Gerald B. Collingsworth is only misunderstood. He canโ€™t help it if His way just happens to exactly correspond to Godโ€™s will, so that any deviation from one is a deviation from the other.

    What, do you want your boys to grow up to be booze sucking trash? your girls to be sluts? His Grandness only wants the best for you.

    If He seems a little testy, it is probably because โ€œa pastor can have such a frustrated life . . . because he is irritated by a bunch of nuts.โ€ If you will only obey His every word, and point to Him in every circumstance, and make the whole business of your religion to be only and always about Him, everything will work out wonderfully. Trust me.

      1. Ah, this is a great Steven’s song!

        Speaking of His Reverendness’s irritating nuts . . . no, seriously, I had a point but now can’t remember . . . oh yeah. On page 47 His Magnificent Monumentalness says, “A leader rubs off on his people.” Then on page 120, He indicates that He is surrounded by irritating nuts. There seems to be an important point here.

        My hope is that His Holy Glowingness is not rubbing His irritating nuts on His people. There is a balm in Gilead for that.

        1. โ€œA leader rubs off on his people.โ€

          This seems to belie his offishness.

      2. In response to your wonderful video post:
        It’s too bad that this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often in some of our self-righteous congregations.

      3. I went to the training for the Southern Baptist disaster relief team last weekend. A guy was doing singing during one of our meetings. First he sang a beautiful version of “How Great Thou Art” then he sang this little gem, changing the words “Self Righteous Church” to “South Baptist Church.” Most of the room was LOL.

    1. David, I regret to inform you that you ‘committed adultery on Jesus.’ I’m not sure what that means, as I have no known sin in my life.

      1. I only go on Sunday mornings. And you know, I can even remember what Father Mike spoke on the previous Sunday — all through the week, usually!

        That never happened with the preacher’s, uhh, long-winded epistles at the IFB church. Never. Why, my wife usually can’t come back from the IFB service to tell me what he preached on an hour back!

        And while I do have “known sin” in my life, I would say I get more out of the one time I attend Eucharist than what most IFBers get from a month of their meetings.

        1. I can say much the same. And I feel loved and encouraged when I leave service, instead of feeling battered.

          (I even remember parts of this last Sunday’s sermon, even though I was in ER all day Saturday. That’s saying something!)

  13. Dear Darrell:

    Yes. I remember Gerald … er … the most very triple Holy — may his wife never forget it — Reverend Doctor, Gerald B. Codpiece … er … Collingsworth.

    Apparently, Gerald read Darrell’s Fundamentalist Rulebook, and is working ambitiously to create his own Rulebook and making it bigger than Darrell’s.

    Christian Socialist

  14. I don’t care for Gerald referring to Mrs. Crouch as a “phoney-baloney”. To maintain a certain level of offishness, he should refer to her under the historically accurate label of “heretic”.

    1. Hey, Jan Crouch is a real fer-sure Gen-Yu-Wein Phoney, pink hair and all! So don’t go picking on Ms. Crouch, she’s the only reason I ever watched that crummy program, always liked her blubbering. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. The goal of the people working there is to point people to the pastor? Shouldn’t it be their job to point people to Christ? I guess Jesus needs a pastor to triage the lowly sinners. After all, he’s a pretty busy God, you know.

    1. This pastor’s theology is so off! Scripturally, he must decrease but CHRIST must increase, but instead he wants glory and recognition and acknowledgment.

  16. I only attend one service per week, where I worship with the saints, receive the Word preached, and take the Eucharist. Far as I’m concerned, actually renewing covenant in worship is infinitely better than showing up for three lectures per week devoid of the rest of the means of grace. Side note, I smoke cigars, do those count as dope?

  17. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….heresy……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    1. No no no. When you’re the proxy for God, it’s not egotistical at all to demand people worship you!

      I particularly love the long diatribe about how no one but the pastor should have anything to do with a building project, except of course the double portions they need to contribute.

  18. It takes a village to adore a Mog!

    “O come, let us adore him,
    O come, let us adore him,
    O come, let us adore him,
    Gerry the Mog!”

  19. The whole tenor of his ‘if you aren’t in church, your children will immediately be criminals!’ argument is making my jaw make strange popping noises. If he said that to me I’d deck him. Not on my own behalf, but because I would not have those things said about my children, who are all decent, honorable citizens. That is, if my oldest daughter didn’t beat me to it. She’s feisty.

    1. Dear Liutgard,

      Sorry to hear you were in the ER. Was your trip there related to the health problems you’ve mentioned previously on this site or was this something different? Whatever the case is, I hope your medical problems are under control and that you’re feeling better.

      With regards to your comment on decking Gerry, I would literally pay to see you do that.

      On an unrelated note, you and rtgmath are making me think about visiting an Episcopal church. There are times when I feel the desire to go back to the Catholic Church, but my theology is too Protestant for that.

      1. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.

        That’s where I ended up too, and I absolutely love it. There’s a wide range of episcopal, from Anglo-Catholics to more evangelical-style episcopal churches, so don’t throw out the denomination if the first one you go to not what you expected. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, I’ve been to two other random episcopal churches while traveling for business/vacation and I found the same warm and Christ-centered spirit in both of them…

        1. Thank you so much for this information. Maybe you feel the same way, but my time in Fundyland has largely ruined even sane Baptist churches for me. Even something small like hearing a sermon punctuated by rhetorical “amens” is an unpleasant trip down memory lane.


      2. Sort of related. My kidneys are only operating at 37% of normal right now, and a minor UTI can be life-threatening. So the minor UTI sent me to ER, where I spent the day with lots of fluids and some IV antibiotics. This is getting really old. And now we’re having to revisit my meds, balancing the cardiac meds against the kidney meds, etc. I really want to get out my horsewhip, round up all of my caregivers, stick them in a conference room and tell them that they can’t come out until they make up their minds. I hate the buck-passing that’s going on.

    2. All you would have to do is point out that correlation does not equal causation and then watch him try to squirm out of that argument. That should b enough to put him in his place.

  20. Since my church doesn’t have a Sunday evening service is it still adultery when I don’t go? Or are they helping me to commit adultery? (Of course we play rock music and wear pants at church, so we probably don’t count as a church. My Mother-in-law once told us that we basically attend a country club and not a church.)

    1. Yeah, parents who “don’t feel comfortable” at you church are great aren’t they. I did refrain from asking “what will bother you, the God-honoring worship music done in a style that you have arbitrarily decided is not compatible with worship or the fact that they will preach the Word of God and not just berate the congregation and tell stories for 65 minutes?”

      I think from the truths of this intellectually stimulating book its obvious they should be happy I didn’t instantly become a raging alcoholic adulterous man-whore with tattoos the moment I stopped going to a “bible-believing church”

      1. I like your mental reply to your parents!

        Sometimes I think people like this are actually disappointed that we don’t immediately becoming derelict alcoholic deviants upon leaving the IFB. If we did, they could be proven right. Since we don’t, we’re an affront to their beliefs. And so much for “delighteth not in iniquity.”

        1. I’ve been tempted to go back to the bottle every time I hear this kind of garbage.

          I wonder if this guy still believes all this.

  21. I’m intrigued by the line “I cannot wait for Jesus to pass out the rewards!” as if Our Lord were passing out gold stars in school, and no doubt our fair MOg figures he’ll be at the very front of the line with both hands open, a big feces-eating grin on his face. And if he doesn’t get enough then it’s all YOUR fault, people! ๐Ÿ™„

  22. Breeches. Seriously, breeches?

    I think this dude means “trousers.”

    Also, “Some ladies wear breeches and let their daughters dress like tramps. They let their daughters go to the local water hole and let boys lust after their daughters. If you raise your daughter like this, she will be a slut when she grows up.”

    This shouldn’t need saying, but I’ll say it anyway: no one lets anyone lust. People choose to lust regardless of clothing or demeanor.

    The Fundy idea that a man’s lust for a woman makes her a slut, that unwanted attention makes her a slut is rape apologia. Argh! It makes me so angry.

    I hope Gerry here doesn’t have daughters.

    1. Does anyone outside of a Fundy church even wear “breeches” anymore? Or even worse, “britches”? Also, it seems only fallen women wear them, can’t recall anything referring to a man’s breeches or britches or whatever.
      :/ :S , or, what’s the emoticon for skeptical/huh

      1. I wear breeches often. They are very useful when you ride horseback. and I have fallen off a few too, so I guess I am a fallen woman.

        This man is sick or crazy or both. He makes me shudder to think he is known as a christian.

        1. I have to wear “breeches” because of a physical disability that makes it too hard for me to deal with skirts and dresses. I even wear “professional” breeches in my role as an educator. I have received scandalized looks a few times when I have walked into a “No breeches” zone wearing my “breeches.” It’s so sad when your spirituality is totally determined by your wardrobe, no matter how nice and suitable it is.

        2. @fundynomore: Good point; we used to be caught in a church that measured spirituality by hair length, whether or not a woman wore trousers, and how much people went soul-winning (bonus points for ‘gettin one’; double bonus for bringing them to church; triple bonus for getting them to come forward and confess that they had been saved; quadruple bonus for getting them baptized). Some of the nastiest, un-spiritual people were good at the soul-winning.

          Glad we’re gone!

    2. Good old Steven L. Anderson preached that the linen breeches the priests wore in the OT prove that men should wear britches and women shouldn’t.

      I was going to link, but then I’d have be giving him views.

      1. I always thought in context that the priests were supposed to have breeches because they were going up on a platform and they needed to preserve their modesty under those flapping robes.

        Nothing there seems to indicate that as cultures change both men and women might prefer to have both legs individually covered in cloth instead of having one loose garment hanging over everything.

        (Not arguing against you but against Anderson.)

  23. This is sad. Paul did not hate the Berean’s for questioning his preaching. Acts 17. The pastor and the staff should say “look unto Jesus” that will bring joy and church harmony.

  24. “You should not have a job that keeps you out of church. Every time you miss church, you are doing it for the dollar bill. You are selling out Jesus for money.”

    So according to him, no Christian should be a cop, a nurse, a doctor, a paramedic, a fire fighter.

    1. I’ve wondered before, since I’m a Christian and I’ll make use of any other options for Christian fellowship, would it not be the best and most loving thing for me to volunteer to work on Sundays, so that my unbelieving co-workers could go to church (which of course they would after seeing the love of Christ in me to give them a day off…)?

      Are there butt cushions offered for longest one-sentence comments? ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Ooh! Automatic hyphenation at the end of lines! Never noticed that before – had to stop and wonder if I’d done it accidentally before realizing.

      2. I’ve noticed at my work, since we work Mon – Fri and weekends are overtime, that it’s a good witness to not work Sundays only until things get insane. Once things get insane and everyone is exhausting themselves working a two, three weeks or even a month without a day off, the person that takes Sundays off, leaving their share of work to someone else, gets grumped about.

  25. Thanks Darrell; this posting transported me in mind back to our old church days; it was JUST like this.

    Staff would preach on I Samuel where David longed for a drink of water from a well, and his men got it for him… how that we should pay attention to our pastor’s (“Man of God’s”) slightist desire, and try to accomplish that for him. We should be so in tune with him that the merest glance should have us leaping into action to serve him.

    If anyone pointed out that this was wrong and man-centered, they took us straight to I Cor 12 – Follow me, as also I follow Christ. See, they said, it is perfectly fine to follow a pastor.

    This “MOG” would go to staff or deacons when he wanted something like a new car or new toy or a bonus, and instruct them to bring it up before the church as a “surprise” birthday or Christmas or anniversary gift.

    Just makes me ill reading this stuff. Where is Jesus?

    1. I was thinking this was just like my old church, until you mentioned I Corinthians.

      I don’t think they knew that book (or any of paul’s epistles) were even in the Bible.

    1. This type of attitude might keep a certain number of sheep in line and might bring him some earthly success, but I wonder how much of it will end up being wood, hay, and stubble. Trying to lead like Jesus did, humbly and graciously, on the other hand, isn’t an easy road, but I trust that it will lay up treasure in heaven despite the almost endless setbacks and discouragements.

  26. On unhappy church members: “They ought to be happy if they have been out soulwinning. They ought to be happy if they have brought a busload of people to church.” *smh*

    What a bunch of legalistic works-righteousness! Our joy comes from knowing who we are in Christ, not from filling our lives with religious duties. “You’re unhappy? Do more!” No! This leads to discouragement and burn-out. Instead, learn who Jesus is and how He loves you!

    1. It’s worse that just unhappiness; people try to do more and are still unhappy, so they begin to get a lot of stress and then they learn how to became “plastic people” that are always smiling and faking it. But underneath, they know they are faking it, and the stress and worry increases. Knew women who worked as secretaries to churches that were utterly stressed out.

    2. Oh GOSH have I heard this one.

      Also gems like faking happiness, because “no one else wants to hear about your ‘problems’.” Discouraged, depressed? Just outthink it! Remember other people have it worse and quite whining! All your friends don’t care, they just want something to gossip about!

      After all, HE doesn’t need anyone else to help him. When he feels down, he just hangs around the church and kids around/makes fun of people, and that helps him feel better.

      Ok I need to stop, I’m feeling nauseous.

  27. The verse that comes to mind after reading Gerry’s book excerpts is, “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:23.

    While Gerry invites ridicule, his false teachings are no laughing matter. I do not say this lightly, but for many of these Mogs, their rewards will not be what they had been expecting.

    1. Immediately before reading this on SFL, I was ready Bassenco’s blog about hell and the people in it. (Very good, informative reading, btw) Then I came here for a terribly sad example of the same thing – this guy has the mindset of hell down perfectly! Can anyone actually see him submitting to Christ after death, when he has shown no care for Christ’s words or commands while alive?

      There, but for the grace of God, go I…

      Link (I hope): http://jeriwho.net/lillypad2/?p=8011

  28. 1. “If the people were not pointed to me, we will have schisms in the church.” ME ME ME!!! MY kingdom!! I’M the one ruling!!! No room for anyone else’s say!

    2. “If the SS teachers are cold to me, do you know who I am going to blame? The SS Director.” Sure, like you couldn’t possibly offend them personally, right?

    3. Why in the heck did he randomly bring up the pastor in his SS lessons? It’s like, “Now, David was a young lad….isn’t the pastor awesome, btw?”

    4. Someone actually wanted to go soul-winning ONLY with Gerald–excuse me, Pastor?

    5. So you’ll actually get the rewards for the souls your minions “led to Christ”? You might want to re-think this strategy, Gerry. If your people know that you believe you’re getting all the glory for the souls they won, they won’t have any motivation to go out soul winning anymore and get all the glory for themselves.

    6. Dean Miller is an idiot. He’s had four church splits and it has never occurred to him that he might be part of the problem. MINE MINE MINE…MY souls, MY church…..

    7. His judgment seat doctrine is all off.

    8. Ah, the same ol’ threats that if you aren’t in church every time the doors are open, your kids will go wild and your life will fall apart. Odd….that didn’t happen to most of the kids who left my old church (myself included). Of course, he’d probably think my wearing pants, listening to rock, and going to the movies is pretty wild.

    9. He hates his little girl. He hates the fact that she could be a slut. Gerry’s thinking: Oh, WHY couldn’t he have had a son?! Oh the humanity!!!

    10. Oh how KIND of you to let Gerald Brandenstein off the hook of judgment. VERY merciful of you to excuse him. //sarcasm

    11. You shouldn’t have any pictures of Jesus in your house…there are no pictures of him in the world. Ok Gerry, I always suspected this of you, but now I know…you’re all-out crazy.

    12. Local water hole? What are we, buffalo?

    13. “They will be an irritation” –is he talking about pastors who know everything? *checks* Nope, guess we’re not that lucky.

    14. So if someone is counseled by him and then doesn’t follow what he’s told them, he refuses to counsel them again? Egotistical, blankety-blank control freak.

    15. I’m pretty sure, Gerry, that you have a frustrated life because that is the life you have created for yourself. With all those rules and preferences to fight to the death for, and all the people you have to constantly watch to make sure they’re not sinning or ruining your church or talking about you behind your back, I can’t imagine that you have much down time to relax.

    16. God condemn you for the heresy you teach.

    1. “6. Dean Miller is an idiot. Heโ€™s had four church splits and it has never occurred to him that he might be part of the problem. MINE MINE MINEโ€ฆMY souls, MY churchโ€ฆ..”

      My former fundy CEO stated to the remaining of HIS flock, “just because people have left, doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong.”

      It seems to be a dead man’s whisper to keep bringing this up.


    2. On his judgment seat doctrine, he quotes the Bible verse about every man’s work being made manifest, but then he immediately says that that means everything you’ve been doing in your closet and everything you haven’t confessed will be made manifest. Why does he replace “work” with “sins”?

      Our sins were laid on Jesus. There is therefor now NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. But I believe our works will be evaluated: God knows our motives for the deeds we’ve done; He judges whether our service is worthy or not. But I don’t believe that the works referred to in that verse are secret, hidden sins.

      1. Thank you, PW! I almost bought what he said; I missed that all-important distinction he breezed past. It’s good to be reminded that, while our works will be judged, we will face no condemnation for sin. That’s very good news! Who says women are no good for preaching the gospel? ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. I see Collingsworth loves using the term “sluts” judging from the excerpts shown (something you’d expect a near church split over him using that word for); and considering he’s a Hyles-ite; sadly not surprised.

    1. We’ve never worshiped our pastor. Or even the pope. And our priests always point us to Jesus. The Liturgy is about Christ, not about Father So-and-So. Oh yes, we also believe in Sola Gratia. We papists are just full of surprises! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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