Friday Challenge: Six Degrees of Jack Hyles


Maybe it’s because I’ve been seeing a lot of Kevin Bacon while bingeing on The Following, but when a reader suggested that we play a game based on the classic Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I couldn’t resist. This may turn out to be a complete disaster of a Friday Challenge but we can try it anyway.

For the purposes of this game a person who has a degree of 1 is anybody who has taught, preached, studied, or attended at Hyles-Anderson or FBC Hammond. Therefore both Jack Schaap and Steven Anderson would have a degree of one. Anybody who attended school with, was a church member of, or was in ministry with that person would then have a degree of 2 and so on.

So what’s your Hyles Degree? What degree did fundies you rubbed shoulders with have?

225 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Six Degrees of Jack Hyles”

  1. May be I’m the first in this list to be from South America, Argentina. I used to be an independent baptist pastor in 2 churches. We suffer the hispanic branch of Hyles-Ander College: “Fuegos de Evangelismo” (Fires of Evangelism) directed by Elmer Fernandez. I’m witness of local scandals of their students (“preacher boys”, very poor preachers, indeed). You can´t find an article in spanish about theses guys (Schaap, Hyles, etc). I’m writing about it, and your site is a great help. They have a principle: ” if you don´t talk about this, it doesn´t exist”. If you have more information about the “hispanic Hyles”, let me know. May be I’m the 4th degree in the scale.

  2. I consider myself a three. My first serious boyfriend in junior high has a younger sister who is a member of a very fundamentalist church and she attended HAC a few years ago.
    I also attended said church for a few years as a young child but they talked about Revelation and all that, so nope.

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