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  1. You’d think fundamentalists would want to avoid all appearance of evil (don’t they always say that?) and NOT do something the Nazis did.

    And, yes, Nazis. I went there.

    1. These evildoers who have elevated a work of men above the Word of God don’t realize that they are showing evidence of being unregenerate! Seriously, I am not exaggerating how strongly I feel about the lack of conversion of people who take preference for a specific version to this level of idolatry.

      Not just the Nazis, these ignorant fools also share many of the same arguments as Muslim extremists regarding the Bible. They claim to want the pure words of God while their teachings and actions undermine the very strong evidence supporting the textual transmission of scripture to us.

      Its not just crazy, ignorant, and illogical. This is a doctrine of demons!

    2. Godwin’s Law does not make the Nazi comparison invalid. There are times that we should remind ourselves of the evils of Nazi Totalitarianism. Godwin’s Law is too often used to silence folks through the use of pseudo-intellectual snobbery.

    3. I’m not familiar with Godwin’s Law, but in the New Testament, they certainly did burn occult books. (I don’t agree with burning other translations of Scripture, whether good or bad), but just because the Nazis burned books doesn’t mean that no one should ever do it again.

      1. Godwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison to Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” The law itself says nothing about the validity of the comparison. However, there is a widespread discussion that as soon as the comparison is posted, the dicussion ends and whoever posted it loses the debate. Mike Godwin himself wrote that all he wanted people to do was consider whether they were using the right yardstick.

      2. In Scripture, the formerly occult-following pagans chose to burn their books to publicly renounce their religious past and show that they were now following a new Way. If the man in the video is burning a book that once he believed in but that now he feels is false and dangerous, he’s welcome to burn it because he won’t need it anymore and he doesn’t want someone else to have his former book. I was under the impression that this guy was just taking Bible he didn’t like and burning them, though, which to me is quite different from what they did in Acts.

        1. Agreed. My only point was that just because the Nazis did something doesn’t mean that the “something” itself is evil.

        1. RobM is one of my SFL babysitters, and just like babysitters often do, they think they need to comment on absolutely everything their charges say and do!

          No, I’m making fun of KJVonlies, and liberal clowns like RobM. Wait a minute was that “personal” I’ll probably get kicked off for a “personal” attack, but RobM calling me a “troll” will be acceptable! (I can never figure that out around here)

        2. Very unclear how any of the comments were making fun of any “liberal clowns” whatever that is. I correctly interpreted the sarcasm. Yay me!

        3. I’m sure you also noted that I stated I didn’t believe you were POE’ing or trolling. Nothing gets by greg when he’s being defensive about not actually being “accused” of anything.

        4. “he’s often a troll”…”not actually being accused of anything”….. hmmm…..ok……..just consider the source!

  2. Cordless drill cheaper than ammo? I guess I bought too good a drill and bits. They were kind of expensive.

    My take-away from this is, as usual with this guy, “What an idiot.”

      1. I stand somewhat corrected. I usually buy the least expensive ammo for target practice, though. Not that there is any really inexpensive .300WinMag. (Which is why I am getting into reloading my own).

        I use tools for a living, and tend to buy good ones. I own 9 drills, I think, any of which cost a bit more than the one in the video. I also know to use sharp bits and take care of them.

        And I haven’t admitted to being a noob in days!

        1. UncleWilver, I also was in the construction trade for a couple of decades (forced into a career change 1 1/2 years ago due to the housing bust). What gives with the new Milwaukee tools sucking so bad? I had several older Milwaukee power tools (drills, sawzalls, even a circular saw) that were like reliable friends. Is it just their battery tools, or have they completely gone to hell with their quality? 🙁

        2. Nico, I’m actually an aircraft mechanic (3 pneumatic, 1 cordless) that does some light construction-remodeling on the side (2 cordless, one a/c) the others are old for home use.
          Anyway, in the mid 2000’s, an Asian conglomerate bought Milwaukee and began mass producing cheap to medium tools for big-box stores, and the decline began. I’m not sure if the even make a decent Sawzall, which was the best tool Milwaukee made. The same thing happened to Rigid Tools when they were bought and became a Home Depot brand. Happily, some of the other manufacturers, including my pretty yellow cordless tools, have continued to make decent tools in spite of being sold in big box outlets.
          Too many tools are being marketed to people who do not want or understand quality, just cheap.

          Today’s history lesson/soapbox tirade is over.

        3. I am an aircraft sheetmetal mechanic and I can attest to the need for good drill bits. I try to stick with the cobalt bits, they seem to work the best

        4. Add me to the A&P pile! I got a DC clamp ammeter and a Leatherman Wingman for Christmas. Happy happy happy!

        5. UW:

          School, post-military.

          MCD: Ah, I see what you’re saying! Of course, I’ve never used one of my fine bits on a book! Seems a Harbor Freight bit would do just fine in that venue. :mrgreen:

        6. I was also disappointed with my Milwaukee 18V pith-ion. They used to make a 21V, but I think there were problems with the power-source catching fire (and maybe some regulation). I ended up buying a Hilti, and it is pretty darned nice.

      1. When I am drilling on an aircraft, I certainly don’t use a cheap cordless drill. I use a very nice Sioux drill. I like cobalt bits, but since my current company doesn’t supply them I use the carbide bits the company supplies and save my good ones. Usually for fixing an oops made by someone who shouldn’t use a drill without adult supervision and has left a bit or easy-out broken off in a screw.
        I am an A&P, but have worked with some non licensed sheet-metal mechs who do some amazing work. Since I have lost most of my Fundy judgmental attitude, I don’t even treat them as second class.

        1. Uncle Sam buys our drill bits (i.e. you), so I make sure we order the good ones, to minimize walk offs (not that you would center punch rivets before you drill or anything). We are keeping 50 year old acrft flying (KC-135R) so they need some extra love. We use Sioux drills in my shop, but we used to use ARO drills in a former shop and they worked very well. I also am a humble man and have a spirit of forgiveness, so I don’t judge crew chiefs you have their A&P’s and want to tell me how to do my job. I just feel sorry for them 🙄

        2. I am happy to buy servicemen (& women) decent tooling. I want them to be able to do their jobs well.
          I like working on older aircraft, but newer ones pay the bills.

        3. Thank you, we really appreciate having good tools to do our job..we don’t take that lightly. Our planes are in the process of being replaced, but they are still doing their job. What sort of planes to you work on?

        4. Right now, CRJ 200s, 700s, and 900s at a small MRO in central GA. Most of my experience is on Boeing ’27, ’37, ’57, & ’67 aircraft and MD 90 series, among others. I also sometimes work on Cessnas as a volunteer with a small mission agency.
          I’ve never touched a 707, which is closest to what you work on in my world.

        5. Should have been MD 80 series. I can drill a hole a lot straighter than I can type the correct keys.

        1. There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don’t. 😀

        2. There are three types of people in the world: those who can count and those who can’t.

    1. Made me think of the dad that shot holes in his daughter’s laptop. Not sure how to embed, but the video is easy enough to find; perhaps some kind soul with a better mastery of the dark magic of computer technology can link the vid directly. I suggest skipping to about the 7 minute mark to see the action.

        1. That’s the one! All praise to you, Dr. Fundystan. I have not been initiated into the sacred higher levels of computer gnosis, but I knew someone would come through.

        2. I remember that video. While I wouldn’t have minded seeing the laptop donated and put to good use, I support that dad, especially about people working in service/manual jobs. I hope his daughter learned from this and changed.

        3. Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and bite the hell out of anyone who disturbs you.

          So, Dr., that’s it? No esoteric incantations? No chicken sacrifices? No summoning of dark spirits? Maybe this here computer technology isn’t of the devil after all? Should I throw away all of my fundy cassettes of preaching against the evils of the computer?

          Seriously, thanks, maybe I’ll give it a try sometime.

  3. Every time I run across some KVJ-only nonsense, I am always amazed at how much mileage they get out of one ancient manuscript being called Vaticanus. This is guilt by association of the most absurd sort. Let’s make the reasonable assumption that there is a copy of the King James version in the Vatican as well. (In fact, KJV-onlyists would have to concede this point because how else could the Vatican be pursuing their alleged program of KJV-perverting without knowing what the KJV says.) Does that mean that the KJV is thereby polluted by its Catholic provenance as well?

    As for the argument about the “missing” or “omitted” verses, isn’t at least as important to determine whether any of those verses were wrongly added at some point as it is to determine whether any of those verses are wrongly omitted in certain modern versions?

  4. My wife came in while I had the video playing and thought I was watching a Muslim holy man burning something.
    I told her it was a JVB nutjob. I think her view is, “Oh. Same difference.”

  5. I think that the important thing to keep in mind is that he’s NOT a little hillbilly out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t know what he’s talking about and just burns Bibles because he’s an idiot. (6:01)

    1. YES! That was my favorite part. What a wonderful sense of humor this fellow has! Excellent straight-faced delivery of that line.

      I also enjoyed the struggle he had drilling holes. He might know his versions from his perversions, but he has horrible choice in drills and bits.

      1. He should have used the KJV to cut holes in it. After all, it is sharper than any two-edged sword – and if you don’t take the Bible literally……

    2. He’s channeling Grandpa Simpson there.

      “Dear Mr. President: There are too many states these days. Please eliminate three. P.S. I am NOT a crackpot!”

  6. “I’m not some little hillbilly out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t know what he’s talking about that just burns these bibles because I’m an idiot. All right.”

    Er, ok. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective, because you seem pretty kooky-crazy to me.

    Dude. There’s no way you have the money or time to buy and burn every copy of this bible, especially with that cheap-ass drill you’re using. Maybe it’s not the drill. Next time try a good auger bit or paddle bit.

    Or you could just burn the book as is, and use a free stick from the woods to stir the fire occasionally.

    Or, even better, you could realize that in spite of your protestations you ARE an idiot out in the middle of nowhere burning bibles out of ignorance. This realization is also free. Think of the money you’ll save!!

  7. Once again the reprobate that runs this slop of a website pulled another devil stunt. Just like her father.

    She LEFT OFF a critical part of the title


    Why leave this off and CHANGE IT to JUST Bible??

    Becasue SHE IS A DEVIL

    1. Ooh, a troll! I want to keep it. It will be my troll & I will call it Trolly.

      Hi, Trolly, Trolly! Aren’t you a cute little Trolly? Come here, Trolly!



      (I know, I know…don’t feed them.)

  8. If this guy wants to spend his time buying books in order to burn them, I’m sure the publisher will be happy to print more. Are there really people that come to him to ask for a KJ? Does he have the market on them in the area? Is he that far back in the woods? Does he realize he keeps calling it a Bible? Well which is it? The Catholic church also kept proper economics alive (at Salamanca). Is real capitalism also a satanic perversion? Why is he wearing leather work gloves just to drill some holes? So many questions so few [good] answers.

  9. Oh mercy, just when I perceived I was sufficiently weary. From what desolate forgotten wilderness does such manner of miscreant spring forth? Oops, that might have sounded a little too KJV. I’m guilty, I love the language of the KJV, probably because it is familiar, having been raised on it. And I read somewhere there is evidence that being schooled in Shakespearean English (which is a little older that KJV English) enhances literacy and brain development. But, good grief, that doesn’t mean the KJV is the only valid translation. What about all the translations into other languages that took place long after James was the king? And what about the Geneva Bible that the pilgrims used? Are the people who have/had only those translations going to hell? Give me a break. I wonder if the guy in the video has ever led anyone to Christ. Or is he too obsessed over splitting hairs to be effective in sharing the love? Assuming he has any love to share.

  10. I’ve spent some time listening to this man. I even quite liked his series on ‘How to Start a House Church’ (at the time, I was involved in starting a house church – albeit one that was deliberately intended to be a progressive / liberal church).

    He’s interesting, if only because he seems, at first, to be so calm, reasonable, even scholarly, in his approach. Not for him the angry shouting, stomping and raving. I think he really believes it, and is not into a power-trip.

    And yet, when all is said and done, his crazy fundamentalism still so very, pitifully, embarrassingly, ignorantly wrong.

    1. I’ve watched him before, too. He likes to talk about the greatness of Peter Ruckman and display his vast Ruckman library. The calm talker thing kinda makes me feel like I’m watching the unibomber or something.

      1. Yes. And his ‘scholarly’ approach doesn’t come from an actual education- the ‘I’ve looked into it’ sounds like a conspiracy theorist nutjob, such as the Unibomber. I’d bet cash money that he thinks the moon landing was faked, JFK was shot by the CIA, 9/11 was an inside job.

        And isn’t facial hair a IFB no-no? Or does he get a pass because he thinks he’s some sort of prophet?

        1. Facial hair is OK in some IFB circles. Just as long as you preach against women in pants. Amen?

        2. As discussed here a few weeks ago, the IFB scholarly mantra is:

          “I don’t know that it’s true, but I don’t know that it isn’t.”

          With that one brilliant postulate you can prove ANYTHING!!

    2. I remember seeing released videos of Osama bin Laden on TV. He was eerily calm and soft spoken as he laid out his plans to annihilate anyone on his hit list. Gave me the creeps, so does this guy, I’m amazed at his complete lack of expression, a dead joyless soul in my opinion.

  11. This man claims to be a defender of GAAAW’s One True Word, the Holy KJV 1611 Bible. But look at him: he has a beard! He looks like some degenerate hippie from California. He can’t POSSIBLY have the right to burn the satanic, papist rag known as the NIV so long as he wears the appearance of evil on his face. Shame on him. And he has the audacity to speak about GAAAW’s Holy Word while wearing sweat clothes and a beanie, then he makes a mockery of the Sacred Desk by using a tree stump instead of a pulpit. Blasphemer!

    1. Your comment made me laugh! But isn’t it true? It’s always easy to make up rules about what things are holy and what things aren’t in order to condemn someone else and make oneself look righteous. I’m sad for all those I know in fundamentalism who are so convinced that they are holy because of their rules (like no facial hair!) when they’re only holy because of Jesus’ imputed righteousness.

  12. All jokes aside, after I saw this, I got really upset because this guy destroyed the Catholic Bible. I mean, how will ever read 2 Maccabees now? Oh wait, I’ve got 3 copies of the NAB.

    To quote Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon.”

  13. @0:53, Just out of curiosity, why would Catholics have “spirit of the reformation” written on their bibles? 😯
    Methinks this man knoweth not the paths.

    1. I assumed it was a Catholic version as well. Turns out, according to the learned scholar all “new perversions” are the work of those evil Catholics.

    2. This is the first thing I noticed. The video said it was a “Catholic” Bible, yet it was a “Reformation” Bible. Things that make you go hmmm?

  14. The Catholics had nothing to do with the version he’s burning. The “Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible” was published by Zondervan and most, if not all, of the editors and contributors are Presbyterian or connected with Westminster or Reformed Theological Seminaries.

  15. I was feeling offended until he got to the end and told me that this version WASN’T EVEN BASED ON THE SAME GREEK TEXT!!! If I had known that, I would have been on board from the get go.

  16. The other day on the Friendship Pass post I said that just when you thought fundies couldn’t get any crazier they do. After seeing this video I stand by that statement.

    One more thing, don’t buy your drill at the Dollar Store dude.

  17. Burning Bibles… do you realize that if anyone else did this, anywhere else in the world *cough*china*iran*cough* these same wingnuts would be up in arms over those gidless heathens burning the Holy Word?
    There is something morbidly fun in drilling holes in books like this; this guy probably terrorized his sister’s dolls when little. 😈
    “Now we have a truly Holey Bible!” groangroanGROAN! 😡 😛

  18. I could cry seeing this. I lost one nephew in Iraq, and almost lost another in Afghanistan so that this guy can dress up like a mullah and burn Bibles that contain God’s Word. I hope that he finds his way to a padded cell–soon!

  19. Nothing’s changed, really.

    State-sanctioned religious groups and churches have been burning books (and people) for thousands of years. Book burnings occured under the approving eyes of men like Luther and Zwingli during the reformation when dissenting works of people like the “anabaptist” were brought to print and didn’t line up with acceptable comtemporary belief systems.

    I do find it interesting that if you were to do this to the Qur’an there would be hell to pay!

    At the end of the day it’s just paper. I think God is big enough to preserve His own word while dealing with little minds with extraordinary patience.

  20. You know what this really makes me think of? “Do not meddle with the words of the Scriptures, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!”

  21. I got as far as “making it holey”… What a loon. I can’t understand the time, energy and effort from fundamentalists writing books, preaching sermons, making videos, etc. to “prove” KJV is THE true bible. I somehow missed the dialogue where Jesus tells us to staunchly defend a version of Scripture that would be translated in 1611. Crazy Nazarene just went on and on about caring for orphans, widows, the oppressed and marginalized. 🙄

  22. On the back burners:

    The NLT Girls Life Application Study Bible: “Just for tween girls–a fresh, fun study Bible!”

    The NKJV Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible: “Spend a year in Scripture with Pastor Stanley!”

    The Fire Bible, Global Study Edition NIV: “Originally designed as a tool for indigenous Pentecostal Christians around the world”

    The NKJV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible: “Freshly updated for a new generation, this edition will help you keep in step with the Spirit!”

    The ESV Share the Good News Outreach Bible: “Designed for beginner Bible readers, this outreach edition will help seekers explore the wonders of God’s Word!”

    The HCSB Specialty Bible series: The Airman’s Bible, The Emergency Medical Services Bible, The Firefighter’s Bible, The Law Enforcement Officer’s Bible, The Men’s Fraternity Bible, the Sportsman’s Bible (camouflage with zipper)

    The NLT Everyday Matters Bible for Women: “This Bible will make your life richer, not harder!”

    Yes, I received a CBD in the mail today. This is just a small sampling of the perVersions offered. I’d say Cuckoo Bird the Firestarter better keep his fire hot and get an industrial-strength drill press. He has a lot of work to do.

  23. I actually have to laugh because I don’t know any of my friends who would get offended by someone burning a bible. And I don’t know anyone who would say that someone could be saved by the bible he is burning….This seems to be all part of their idolizing the Bible over the God of the Bible.

      1. That’s the standard way of disposing of unusable holy objects in Orthodoxy as well. Many churches have a designated burn barrel or some such to dispose of old vestments, irreparable icons, old books, etc. Seems more fitting than just throwing them in the ordinary trash, I guess.

        1. It’s like the difference between a respectable honorable burning of old flags by a veterans’ group and a public flag-burning meant to display disrespect.

        2. I remember when my son’s Scout troop held a ceremonial burning one Memorial Day. 🙂 😕 We said a prayer and placed them carefully on the fire and spoke of the veterans we knew. The Scoutmaster was in tears, it was pretty moving.

  24. Dear Fundamentalist with masculinity issues,

    I am a Catholic woman. I’m also probably at least ten years younger than you. And I handle power tools better than you. Put the drill away before you hurt yourself sweetums. And buy something with some actual torque next time, only little b*tches have tools that weak.

      1. I’m normally a very nice person I promise, I just have an exceptionally low tolerance for BS. Doesn’t help that I’m basically 100% Irish and can insult with the best of them any day 🙂

  25. Does he not know those “extra”books were in the original Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures? Jesus and the writers of the New Testament read and quoted from those same version as those books weren’t removed until later.

  26. Am I the only one who, watching this video, was reminded of the infamous terrorists that Robert DeNiro alerted us to be on the lookout for on SNL? Their names were:

    Ha’id D’Salami
    Grabber Boubi
    Hous Bin Pharteen, and his cousin:
    I-Bin Pharteen; and their close associate:
    I-Zheet M’Drurz, who reportedly left skid marks, fleeing the scene.

    I think this bible burning dude may be one of these wanted terrorists.

    1. Oh, it gets worse than these. :mrgreen: This is only a small sampling.

      The first time I heard and saw the list, I thought I would have a coronary. I literally fell out of my chair laughing.

  27. Anybody have any idea how many times James White has been called a heretic and by how many groups? You’d think one video on youtube that most people haven’t even seen wouldn’t warrant a mention in the middle of this great defense of God’s King James Word. haha

  28. From His website:

    3. No other religious book (including the original autographs) has ever come close to producing the spiritual fruit (Luke 6:43 -44) that the KING JAMES VERSION has produced in less than 400 years.

    Including the original autographs?

    This guy’s teaching is from the pit of darkness. The original autographs? Really?

    Does anyone here have anything to add to this? So, the KJV1611 is superior to the original autographs? This, dear friends, is heresy at its worst. If you don’t agree, say so.


    1. Well, I guess since we don’t have the original autographs, there’s that.

      And, being in a generous frame of mind, I will give him this much. The last 400 years has produced superior KJV-only fruits and nuts when compared to the previous centuries. Yes. On that he is absolutely correct. 😀

    2. Its called idolatry. The last time I checked the spiritual fruit is the work of the Holy Spirit. The KJV only crowd continues time and time again to attribute the work of God to a book.

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