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  1. Cos Jesus loves Glock’s way more than he loves wine. He even turned toys into real guns once – I think?

    1. God loves the .45ACP caliber, use by Jesus and real men, which this guy clearly isn’t. Any less of a caliber is a preversion promoted by the godless homersectuals.

      Glocks are ok, but I find them the go to weapon of the poser, so I avoid them.

      1. Real men carry 10mm. Concealed. 😯

        Five-seveN, on the other hand, is just… fabulous. 😆

        1. I know of a few IFB pastors whose enormous bulk would have no trouble concealing a Delta Elite, so I dunno about that.

        2. Hmm. The FN 5-7 has almost no stopping power. The round is too small and too fast. Great penetration, but unless you are shooting through a wall you get over penetration without much cavitation at all. I carry .40 because it has deeper penetration than any handgun round other than the .357 SIG and has the same cavitation as a .45 (but carried farther into the target). I think my second choice would be .45. Not a big fan of 9mm, but whatever floats your boat.

        3. Dr. Fundystan, not everyone agrees with that analysis, but whatever floats your boat. The expense of 5-7 means it’s more for people who are fans of more exotic rounds, or the government (the Secret Service uses it, so I don’t see how it could be complete crap). Obviously, .45 works just fine, as does .40 – and even modern 9mm isn’t terrible in a pinch.

          OTOH, my “fabulous” comment was less about performance relative to everything else, and more pertaining to the comment about the sexual orientation of thinner calibers. 😳

        4. Its not complete crap, Josh, it is actually a very potent round – it just is designed for specific tasks. It is designed to shoot flat at up to 50 yards and to penetrate most cover. I just believe that it is a poor choice for CC because of the risk of over-penetration and the lack of cavitation.

        1. There’s an interesting book about how Glock gained its brand recognition and market share by offering sweet deals to law enforcement agencies and officers.

      2. I few months ago there was a local radio talk show host that said “we should be preaching in the name of Jesus, with our pistols on our hip” because Jesus was a supporter of the second amendment. I am a supporter of the right to bear arms and this guy made me want to gag.

        1. The problem isn’t being a supporter of the second amendment: a lot of us here are. There also isn’t a problem with “letting your faith inform your politics.” There is a problem with getting the two confused, however.

          Anyway, here’s a little drivel to the tune of a familiar children’s Sunday School song:

          Pastor’s packing this I know
          For I’ve seen his vi-de-o
          Glocks and Colts to him belong,
          When he carries then he’s strong.

          Pastor loves handguns!
          Pastor loves handguns!
          Pastor loves handguns!
          I’ve seen his vi-de-o!

        2. Gun control is a really thorny issue. In certain IFB circles, it seems that anti-gun control has become a fundamental of the faith. It goes hand in hand with hatred of the sitting President.

          I can see both sides of the gun control issue.
          Extremists on either side are nauseating.

        3. If you want to get even more scared, Google the “black robed regiment” movement, courtesy of Glen Beck and David Barton. The only reason I can think of that this has not yet infiltrated the IFB movement is that some other hyper-conservative denominations (e.g., evangelical fundamentalists) are on board so the movement smacks of ecumenicalism, which is the one thing IFB hate more than Obama.

        4. @Bald Jones Grad,

          “In certain IFB circles, it seems that anti-gun control has become a fundamental of the faith.”

          It definitely depends on which circles of Fundystan you are talking about. PCC was pretty anti-gun while I was there (1989-2003) but mellowed some toward the end. As I recall, some of their older history/government books parroted the Brady Campaign line that the 2nd Amendment was written to protect the right of the government to arm the National Guard, and Dr. Mullenix (and to a lesser extent) sharply criticized armed self-defense as reflecting a lack of trust in God, and bragged about getting rid of the one pistol that his wife’s father had given him, if I remember correctly. PCC did give Pastor Schettler a Brady-OK bolt-action .270 one year, though, so they were apparently ok with hunting guns..

          The fundy circles I moved in were enthusiastically pro-authority and fiercely anti-libertarian. In areas where there is a strong secular tradition, fundies tend to embrace the 2ndA (seemingly alone out of the entire Bill of Rights), but this is by no means universal.

        5. @Phil Ray: I did a bit more thinking about my post. I was unfair to the IFBs. Certainly the IFB has their share of adherents who see gun ownership as a religious fundamental. You made good points. To be fair, in my neck of the woods, even most evangelicals and charismatics also worship at the altar of Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Remington.

  2. Yeah… that’s not worrying at all. ❗ 😯
    Especially :40-:45… *Shaking/quivering* “Yeah… terminated.”

    How long until one of Anderson’s converts (Anderson’s, certainly not the Lord’s) “celebrates hard-core preaching” in the alcohol store? 🙁

  3. Man choo see th’ way he kilt them thar alcohol demons? Hooo-weee, he shur showed the devil wat fur!
    Billy Sunday wood shur be proud o ‘im.

  4. Of course, unless he stole that Mike’s Hard Lemonade he’s still supporting the industry.

    1. That’s one of the many things that are unbelievable about this video, unless he is just getting rid of the alcohol that he previously owned.

    2. Certainly was cheap booze. I’m surprised that it wasn’t Mad Dog 20/20 or something like that.

      I’ve got better stuff from Trader Joe’s. (Actually, they carry some really good stuff…)

    3. I noticed he went for the cheap stuff. We didn’t see him blasting a bottle of 40-year-old single malt scotch.

      1. That’s the truth. I’m all for making fun of him for shooting wine coolers, but if he starts shooting scotch he’s going to get my dander up! However, he may shoot Dewars, if he wishes. It tastes like burnt cypress stumps.

  5. Who bought the alcohol for him? As an IFB is it okay to buy liquor in order to destroy it?

    1. What a dumb-ass. His purchase only drives the demand up. Soon, IFB will be the number one target demographic.

  6. Let’s give the guy a break. He is just re-enacting that scene from the Bible where Jesus and the apostles did this. I think it was in Mark. Or was it John?

      1. Actually I respect the opinions of those who, having prayerfully studied scripture, have come to the conclusion that the Bible teaches abstinence. After watching this video though, is it possible this guy is one of “The Unteachables?”

        1. I certainly respect the views of those who advocate and practice abstinence, but I don’t see how you can read the Bible as containing an absolute prohibition on alcohol.

        2. Big Gary,

          When I was new to Fundamentalism, I had those verses in Proverbs nailed into me pretty hard, you know, “Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? …,” and, “Look not thou upon the wine when it is red,…”

          I no longer take the position of total abstinence, but caution is always in order particularly if there is a family history of alcoholism. So I don’t have a problem with those who believe what I used to believe on that matter as long as they don’t try to force their views on others. I also wouldn’t try to persuade non-drinkers to start drinking.

          On the other hand, the Bible is clear about drunkenness.

        3. Ben, the guy in this video has actually been seen on a poster advertising birth control. “Use the Trojan or you might give birth to something this stupid!”

        4. Would you say the Bible’s … ever clear … about drunkenness? 😳

        5. One of the hardest things for me to break away from my fundy upbringing is the idea that the Bible CANNOT contradict itself. I’m still uncomfortable jettisoning that idea, but the more I read about what the Bible says about alcohol (here on SFL, mostly) the more I am convinced that the Scriptures simply do not have a consistent message on that point.

        6. Deacon’s Son, I struggle with understanding some things in Scripture, but I’m still giving the Bible the benefit of the doubt.

          The OT law allowed, even encouraged apparently, the buying of strong drink; in the wisdom literature, however, we are warned of the danger in lingering long at the wine and getting drunk. One verse even says that poor people could drink wine to forget their sorrow but kings, who need their wits about them, ought not to. Lev. 10:9 says that priests are not to drink wine when they go into the tent of meeting.

          The New Testament specifies that we shouldn’t get drunk. 1 Timothy 3:8 says deacons aren’t to be given to much wine, and Titus 3:2 mentions that older women (in the church) are not to be given to much wine.

          I don’t see this as contradictory, since drinking is still allowed, but Christians, indwelt by the Spirit, are not to be drunk.

        7. Pastor’s Wife, I agree. Like anything else, *overindulgence* in alcohol is discouraged. Or course, we can easily argue that overindulgence in food is discouraged, or fancy clothes, or jewelery, etc etc. Over-anything isn’t good. But we seldom hear sermons based on that.

          I’m been drunk once. Once was enough. It was so unrewarding (bed spins OMG) that I have no desire to do it again. Warm and giggly is ok, but no more than that.

    1. I could have sworn I read that in a passage in 2nd Hesitations. 🙄

    2. Only the Smith-Wesson manuscripts have that particular account. Or was it the Heckler-Koch? I don’t recall, now that I think about it.

      1. Has anyone checked the Avtomat-Kalashnikova text type? I’m not sure how closely it follows the Mosin-Nagant.

    3. I believe it is not seen in earlier MSS in the Mosin-Nagant text type, which is why it was removed from the Neo-Beretta and Springfield eclectic texts in the 16th-17th centuries

    4. I don’t remember that passage. Must be one of those passages that’s only in the proper KJV and has been left out of the abominable translations I use. I really need to shape up.

    5. It was in John, the story of the wedding in Cana. Jesus turned the water to wine, the wine to Mike’s Hard, and then you can see rest acted out in the video.

  7. And in keeping with this week’s theme, we can’t critize because we don’t know his heart. 😉

  8. Ok, here’s my explanation. It looks to me like someone is trying to make up for a recent poor pizzle performance. You have the entire scenario, only this time it’s a success: the anticipatory excitement, the careful preparation, firm gripping of his piece, shooting his entire load, giddy laughter, breathless trembling. What a MAN!

      1. Yes. My shooting has improved dramatically since adjusting my grip. Then again, does he even have an extra half-inch to work with? This could explain his hypermasculine overcompensation and the long-suppressed frustration that caused him to spill his load all over the ground like Onan.

        1. http://www.handgunsmag.com/2010/09/24/tactics_training_combatg_100306/

          Getting the proper grip helps with consistent sight picture acquisition from draw, as well as significantly better recoil recovery. When done correctly and practiced it will bring the pistol right back on target very fast with little conscious effort by the shooter. Drastic improvement in my shooting and speed for both straight target shooting and practical competition shooting.

          Just make sure you don’t hit the slide lock lever while the gun is cycling, can cause it to lock open prematurely if you know what I’m saying 😉

          It feels weird when you do it, but shoot your gun like this for a while and it becomes natural and easy like a sunday morning (outside fundamentalism) Maybe have a partner video you so you can evaluate your technique. Remember, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. 😳

        2. My off-hand is already designated for holding my beer can. I prefer to sacrifice a little accuracy for the sake of proper hydration.

      2. Stuff Fundies Like never ceases to amaze and amuse. Here we have crowds of commenters participating in a detailed critique of this guy’s choice of gun, what kind of bullets he uses, his grip on the pistol, and the angle of his shots, rather than the fact that what he’s doing is completely mad in the first place.

        I’m not complaining, I’m just noticing.

        1. Hey, wait a minute–everyone else was really talking about firearms? And here I assumed everyone else was talking about Flash’s hypermasculine gun fetish as a phallic symbol, representing his frustrated attempt to overcome his performance issues. Guess it was just me! 😆

        2. Well, you could both be a little correct. The double entendre is a classic SFL polemic methodology.

  9. What is that on the left? Looks like it has duct tape and a timer on it.

    I’m afraid what the next video in the series will be. Blowing up non-KJV Bibles? Womens’ pants? A democrat?

    1. No, no, no. They burn non-KJV Bibles, not blow them up. We saw a demonstration of this the other week, remember?

  10. Well, this is a rather contemporary method straight from the church growth movement. The anti-alcohol heritage of the IFB comes from hatchet wielding Carrie Nation and the Temperance movement, so I believe a hatchet would be more the proper “KJVonly” mode of alkeyhaul destruction.

    Who would’a thunk that this guy’s youtube channel would feature videos about public school indoctrination, “Who’s killing our sunlight” chemtrails, and Ron Paul. Inconcievable!

  11. Beer cans. You’re supposed to shoot at beer cans, for crying out loud! And they’re supposed to be sitting up on top of a fence post, preferably lined up along it.

    And most importantly, they’re supposed to be EMPTY. You drink the beer before you shoot the cans. Sigh.

    Silly fundies.

      1. In ‘Merica, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are regulated by the same agency. I wonder why..?

        1. That store would truly offer one-stop convenience. You could get a gun and use it to rob the liquor store in all in one great location.

  12. Ok, for some reason, the slo-mo at the end made me laugh out loud. Don’t judge.

    Darrell, how in the world do you find these? Seriously. I mean, what search terms are you using?

  13. On the bright side, at least he didn’t try to drill through it, like the backwoods apostate-Bible destroyer!

  14. This is insane. This is why non-fundies know fundies are crazy. This man actually went out and bought malt beverages, thus supporting the very thing he is “preaching” against, and proceeded to empty an entire clip into them. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO IN THIS WORLD. I’ve been on this site for about 2-3 years now and I honestly think I’m completely done watching this nonsense. It’s a waste of my time. Is there any hope for fundies at all? Will they remain insane until they die? Is our blog here (which is an awesome one and has helped me through my fundy-minded fog) actually doing helping these people at all? I’m of the mind that FUNDIES are our mission field now. We’ve got to help them. Seriously….It’s just sad.

    1. I ended up being a missionary inside a fundy church for several years, I don’t recommend it.

      -The people are hard-hearted to the real gospel
      -You will face lots of persecution for your faith
      -Dangerous pot-luck combinations
      -The culture will be hard on your children

      1. dangerous potluck combinations….

        you mean like “my hubby killed this deer to provide meat for our family, nevermind the smell” Venison meatballs and crockpot chocolate pudding?


        1. …don’t forget green jello fluff :mrgreen: I am going to go ahead and ask brother Jed to close the service and ask the blessing on the food; then our visitors can go downstairs first so they can be the first to go through the line….

      2. We used to have a lady who would bring precisely 12 homemade dinner rolls (which were actually extremely delicious) to potlucks for about 250 people. There would be a mad dash by everyone to be first in line so they could get one of “Jeanne’s Rolls.”

  15. I don’t know if he plays COD or not, but the end seemed like a final killcam. 😕

    Something about “all things in moderation” comes to mind when watching this video. I didn’t see the need to empty a whole clip on the ground. It was kinda scary to watch and know someone (that seemingly unstable) who can legally do that is able to carry that same piece and stand beside me in line… 🙁

    1. Yeah, I found it less disturbing that he was plinking at wine coolers (or whatever) than that he kept shooting long after all the bottles were broken. What was the point of that?

    2. “… is able to carry that same piece and stand beside me in line …”

      I’m definitely going to start looking more carefully at the people behind me in the liquor store queue. 😯

  16. 🙄 Mike’s just barely qualifies as alcohol. If he wants to make a statement, he should be shooting a bottle of scotch.

    1. But hard liquor would actually cost real money.

      On the other hand, I probably shouldn’t make too much of his choice to shoot up a beverage that’s often perceived as “feminine.”

    2. I thought the same thing! I mean, c’mon….you gotta drink at least a case of those things to even watch Duck Dynasty COMMERCIALS. If you were to drink like 2 scotches, you’d be downloading the entire series off iTunes and donating to Chick fil a.

    3. My thoughts exactly Phatchick! It’s Mike’s… I would hardly consider that “booze”. In Portland we refer to such beverages as b*tch brews. 😉

      1. T-C-B, you can spell it out here. No worries. Should have known you were on the Left Coast. It’s late. Of course, here in AK we are a hour earlier than you. BTW I do like the bitch brew thing. Good one.

        1. BJC, it’s two hours earlier in the Pacific time zone (Portland, OR) than it is in the Central zone (Arkansas).

        2. Ri-i-i-i-i-ght.
          Alaska. Serves me right for not reading carefully.
          I actually had a friend who was born in Arkansas, but when she got her passport, it gave her place of birth as “Alaska, USA.” Someone at the State Department read the abbreviation wrong, as I did this morning.
          We used to speculate about whether or not she could get arrested for using a fake identity document.

        3. Haha, Left Coast! I’ve never heard that one. 😀 Alaska- how lovely! I’m eager to visit your beautiful state.
          My BIL is from Alaska and also went to BJU. Though his family was ATI (Bill Gothard). Interesting…

      2. Yeah, around here it’d more likely be a local microbrew, or at least something from Widmer or Pyramid…

        Does remind me though, of one of my favorite jokes:

        A Texan, a Californian, and an Oregonian were sitting around a campfire late one late one night, when the Texan says “Hey, watch this!” He pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels, takes a long swig, throws it up in the air, whips out his pearl-handled pistol, and blows away the bottle.

        “Oh yeah? Then watch this!” says the Californian, who picks up his bottle of Chardonnay, takes a long drink, then throws it up in the air, pulls out his 9mm, and blows away the bottle.

        The Oregonian says “Heh.” He picks up a bottle of Henry’s, pops the top, drinks the whole thing in one swig, throws it up in the air… grabs his deer rifle and blows away the Californian, and turns to catch the empty bottle.

        “WHAT THE HALL ARE YOU DOING!?” screams the Texan.

        “Eh,” says the Oregonian, pointing to the dead Californian, “Where I come from, those are a dime a dozen. But this-” he says, holding up the empty bottle of Henry’s, “This is worth a nickel!”

        1. Mmmmm, Widmer. (said in Homer Simpson voice) 😉
          Haha! Californians. Yes. We have opinions about those. 😈

  17. So when he shares about this at the next prayer meeting will he be chastised for being a poor shot? I mean if his ministry really was of the Holy Spirit, wouldn’t he busted all six with the first shot?

  18. There just aren’t words. The level of fruitcakery is so high it defies all fruitcakeriness. But the death of those poor Mike’s Hard Lemonade must be mourned. I’d call for revenge but I’ll leave that to the Klingons who know how to serve it properly chilled.

    I know it’s considered an American duty to keep the wild beer can population in check but this goes way beyond this.


    1. What makes him more of a fruitcake; shooting bottles and claiming he’s doing it for his god, or owning a gun in the first place? Anyone who feels the need to do either deserves pity, and maybe psychiatric help.

      1. Owning a weapon is not a symptom of a psychiatric condition. Shooting at booze with a weapon might be.

        1. Owning a personal weapon, for any reason other than pure sport, in a society governed by law and with universal access to justice is indicative of psychological imbalance, suggesting deep seated insecurities and lack of trust in others, such as the state, due legal process, strangers and of course God.

        2. There is not universal access to justice. That is a theoretical construct but not always true in real life. Have a crime committed against you by a cop of the town you live in and see how accessible justice is.

          Not everyone believes in a deity. If you don’t believe, then you’ve got nothing to trust.

          I’ve been around the block a time or two. I’ve been a crime victim; I don’t trust people. That’s why I lock my doors and I don’t even live in a high crime area. Even people who trust in a deity will lock doors to protect themselves and their valuables. I don’t even open spam email because I don’t trust what might be there if I do. People who are theists and trust their deity will often take reasonable safety precautions such as wearing seat belts, not skate on thin ice, etc. Wanting to protect yourself is not morally wrong nor is it a mental illness.

        3. I’m anti-violence, anti-war, anti-force. A pacifist. And a gun owner. For justification I offer as my proof text these words from Uncle Walt: “Do I contradict myself? / Very well then I contradict myself, / (I am large, I contain multitudes.)” 😀

        4. Like Nico, I’m antiwar, and against violence. My chosen profession has called for the carry of firearms, and I own maybe 6 handguns, 2 shotguns, and 2 assault rifles. Had them for many years. Being shot in the line of duty 23 years ago took the shine off guns. Now I see them as tools of the trade.

    2. As a Klingon (yes, I was a trekkie before it was cool), I wouldn’t waste my time. Now if that had been a vintage bloodwine…

  19. Shouldn’t he have been shooting at bottles of Nyquil? I’m pretty sure cough syrup would qualify as “booze” before a Mike’s. This dude is unstable at best. *rolls eyes*

    1. Yes! What about the “Baptist booze”? Vanilla extract has alcohol in it as well as mouthwash. Things I point out to my Mother when she insists, “alcohol has never touched her lips.” 🙄

      1. If she has ever eaten bread, she has presumably consumed the traces of alcohol (a by-product of yeast fermentation) that are left in bread after cooking.

        1. I believe she says it because Jack Hyles often gave the sermon example of the time someone offered him liquor. He claimed he brought the bottle to his lips but then threw it down saying, “No! I won’t drink it!” and would then brag about how alcohol had never touched his lips. She worked for wacko Jacko and still idolizes him so I’m not sure why I’m surprised every time she says it. 🙄

      2. Back when my parents were Lutherans, my father once handed me his communion wine cup and let me drink it. I was like 2 years old. Yeah, he kind of got in trouble for that. (He was trying to teach me not to beg for it every time we went forward in church for communion because I would always whine about not getting “the juice.”) Anyway, later on my mother told me that she was so sad that he had done that because now I could never honestly tell people that I had never consumed alcohol.

        So yeah, apparently I lost my lip-alcohol virginity at the age of 2 inside Christ the King Lutheran Church in Houston Texas!

        1. When I was somewhere around 5 years old, my parents started experimenting with a little drinking. They were both raised without alcohol- Dad was a lapsed Mennonite turned Conservative Baptist, Mom was Conservative Baptist. Being very young and knowing nothing about booze, they started with Manischevitz. 🙄 I remember one evening I was curious what they were drinking- it smelled like grape juice to me. Mom let me have a sip, warning me that it was very sour. I thought it was horrible, and apparently the face I made was pretty funny. I didn’t ask for more. (And didn’t have any more until I was well into my teens, at a slumber party- rum and coke wasn’t bad…)

          My own kids were allowed to have *a* glass of wine or champagne at family holiday dinners, after they turned 16. I figured (and still do) that a bit of exposure to the good stuff in a safe, supervised, but festive environment, would reinforce healthy attitudes about alcohol, as well as taking the mystery out of it. It seems to have done the trick. 😎

        2. Deacon’s Son, you gotta remember that last line for you book! It definitely made me laugh.

        3. Luitgard- wise! When I left fundystan I had no healthy education or knowledge surrounding alcohol and very sad and foolish choices ensued. This was my experience as well as all the kids who I attended xian school with that had also left. In contrast, friends who were raised in *normal* homes who’d been educated on alcohol and exposed to it in a healthy way enjoy a drink or two but don’t drink in excess.
          Now, I (with my husband) make my own wine. When our children are older, they will certainly be allowed sips and small amounts and we will keep an open dialogue about wise alcohol consumption so it’s not taboo or a complete mystery other than hokum.

        4. Hokum is right. You know, I’d bet that 3/4 of these stupid rules and regulations are nothing but opportunities for self-righteousness. _I_ don’t drink, _I_ don’t smoke, _I_ don’t show my arm above the elbow… Really? Does it make you any closer to God to say so?

    1. The fact that you had to qualify your “this guy is nuts statement” with “I’m not a proponent of alcohol” tells me that you might not be as unbrainwashed as you think. There still might be some brainwahshiness going on up there.

      1. So now, anyone with any disagreement is brainwashed? Too easy. Let the guy make a point. Some people mourn the loss of good spirits at the shooting. He’s just saying that’s not his main disappointment with the shooting.

        Leaving Fundywonderland was great for me, but I can’t help but roll my eyes every time we act like arrogant self-righteous scholars and every belief a fundy has is brainwash. So what that he doesn’t like alcohol?

        Sometimes we can be as bad as the IFB. We can’t mention anything with being “liberal”, and they can’t say anything without being “brainwashed”.

        1. My husband and I couldn’t hold to “any drinking of alcohol is evil,” anymore but we don’t drink. I’m a little concerned since I have trouble not eating too much chocolate, drinking too much soda, etc. to the point of stuggling with weight. Really, since I know I’m can overconsume I’ve decided not to mess with it. I’ve also seen a boatload of stupid done by drunks (my beaten teacher, our mailbox taken out 5 times, elderly man with wet pants after a binge screaming for more booze at the grocery store, my pervert drunk uncle). I know I am also definitely capable of stupid. Maybe for cooking though….I’ve had some really yummy dishes with wine in them…:^) Also, our Muslim friends are very comfortable at our house. :^)

        2. No, not what I am saying. Could care less about the personal conviction. My point is why was the qualification necessary? It has nothing to do with the point of the person’s comment which was that the guy is nuts. Why would you need to qualify that with an anti-alcohol stance? See where I am going?

        3. He’s saying it because though he agrees with not being thrilled about alcohol (in whatever way), the way the shooter acts is beyond normal even within that camp.

  20. Wow. Now I remember the part in the book of Hezekiah where we are commanded to walk around with a pistol, for the days are evil and filled with wickedness.

    This is a strange thing. Why would you do this?

    1. Because just blasting apart the trees at the neighborhood makeshift target range like any other jerk would be too worldly (can’t pretend they’re zombies like those other guys do, donchaknow, because zombies are occultic) and defying the powers and principalities by shooting at highway signs the way he did back in high school would get him arrested again.

      And anybody who acts that happy about shooting a large target at close range is too immature to own a firearm.

      1. True. I don’t know what’s so great about basically hitting the broad side of a barn from one pace away.

  21. I am studying Colossians right now for an upcoming Bible Study. And that book has a lot to say about empty religion and elemental spirits that Christ followers have been freed from so why do we go back to submitting to “do not handle, do not taste” laws?
    Some sermons inspire people to love God and love others more.
    Some sermons inspire childish knee jerk reactions submitting to elemental spirits and empty religion once again.

    1. Ok, yes. But while we have a good chuckle here, you have hit apron a topic so grave it really spoils the mood. The fact is, many brands of fundamentalism are just plain false religion. The actual teachings and practice deny the message of Jesus and the tradition received. It’s sad, really.

      1. sorry for spoiling the mood. but yes, fundamentalism seems to fall into the category Paul speaks of in empty philosophies and elemental religion.

  22. Great point, Leanne. I don’t think this sermon was one of those “love God and love others more” sermons though.

  23. Where’d the other 5 red ones go? What about the 6th lemonade one? Looks to me like he only shot what he couldn’t finish. If not, he failed to ‘avoid every appearance of evil,’ and has sinned and must be preached against next Sunday.

  24. I don’t know exactly where he was but gun ranges really don’t care much for people shooting glass bottles.

    1. He’s not at a range. He’s on the back 40 at the Batshit Crazy Compound. At the Compound, it doesn’t matter what you shoot, as long as you’re shootin’ for the Glory of God.

    2. ..or shooting at the ground. bullets bounce out of the facility with sloppy shooting like this.

    3. Yes. Is there a follow-up video where he cleans up the broken glass so no human or animal will get hurt?

    4. Since that video showed Anderson, he’s in the Phoenix area, which means he’s shooting up the desert. It’s because of nuts like him the Ironwood Forest near Tucson was closed to target shooting, and they had to temporarily close another favorite shooting spot so people could clean it up. 😡

  25. I just watched the video again and noticed that this must have taken place on a Sunday (he talks about doing after the hardcore preaching that morning). Not being IFB, I’m curious to know if this violates any of the Sabbath keeping rules or does this fall under the category of doing good on the Sabbath (Mark 3:4)?

    1. violates any Sabbath rules? Here’s the rule:
      1. The fundies are free from the law because of grace.
      2. If you are truly saved by grace you will keep all of the law.
      3. Any law which makes the fundies uncomfortable gets piled in the “laws which were meant only for the OT.”

      1. I forgot to add that its the man of God who determines which laws are still in affect for those under grace to follow.
        And there is an escape clause for the man of God in some of those laws but not for the people in the pews.

  26. This guy freaks me out. For real.

    I love guns. I grew up around guns. Shooting at targets is fun. Shooting at glass bottles from a distance of 5 feet is dangerous. Emptying the cartridge into the ground is a complete waste. Orgasmic trembling after emptying a firearm is so far outside the universe of normal that I can’t begin to convey how disturbing I found it. 😯

    1. I grew up around them, too, and can’t imagine not having them around…like when 2 feral german shepherds were roaming around my hometown tearing the abdomen’s out of defenseless chained dogs (freaky times 20 years ago) or when we had intruders in our house last year…imagine waking up to two men’s voices on the other side if the wall your head is resting by…SIX INCHES AWAY!!! But guns inspire responsibility and care in us, not the crazies.

  27. Dear SFL Reader:

    Imagine this guy at the Canaan wedding party!

    Christian Socialist

    1. That was what I thought initially too. Jesus turns it into wine, this man enters and shoots up the place.

  28. When I shoot alkeyhaul I prefer the Glock 40 model 35, longer barrel and vented rib, less kick…one shot and the devil’s brew is history.

  29. Have you seen his YouTube comments?
    He’s one of those that think “wine” in the Bible only means “wine” when spoken of in negative connotations and means “grape juice” when not. Now why didn’t King James’s translators get it right and use “grape juice” where they should’ve? 🙄

    1. I’m having a hard time finding nog now that Christmas is over 🙁 no shortage of the other stuff though!

      1. Considering how much I love egg nog and the number of calories in it, it’s probably a good thing for me that it’s only available at Christmastime.

      2. Eggnog recipe-6 servings

        2 cups milk
        2 whole cloves
        1 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
        1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
        6 egg yolks
        3/4 cup sugar
        1 1/4 cups light rum
        2 cups light cream
        1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg

        Combine milk, cloves, 1/2 tsp. vanilla and the cinnamon in a saucepan and heat over lowest heat for five minutes. Slowly bring the mixture to a boil. Be careful not to scald the milk.

        In a large bowl, combine egg yolks and sugar and whisk until fluffy. Whisk the hot milk mixture slowly into the eggs, then pour the mixture into a saucepan and heat over medium heat for 3 minutes or so, until it thickens. Do not let it boil. Remove the cloves and let it cool for about an hour.

        Stir in the rum, light cream, the rest of the vanilla, and the nutmeg. Refrigerate overnight.

        Guaranteed bliss, and many calories. Use sparingly.

    2. I don’t drink, so here’s my favorite way to use bourbon, from Alton Brown, somewhat modified:

      You need the shank half of a city ham (the supermarket kind, not one of those old-fashioned Virginia hams). You will also need a small and sharp but sturdy knife, like an old-fashioned paring knife, and a spray bottle that has never had anything in it that wasn’t edible. Also gather a box of crisp gingersnaps, a bottle of Dijon or yellow mustard, a bag of moist dark brown sugar, and a bottle of the best bourbon you can find.

      Move the oven racks to the lowest positions–you may need to take one out, depending on the size of the ham. Preheat the oven to the temperature suggested on the ham wrapper. Put the unwrapped ham, cut side down, in a pan big enough to hold some drippings. Cover loosely with foil and heat for most of the time indicated on the wrapper. Meanwhile, crush a few cups of gingersnaps. Find a pastry brush, or use a spoon if you don’t have one. Put some bourbon in the spray bottle.

      When the ham is almost done, carefully take off the foil. Score the entire surface in a crosshatch with the knife and pull off any skin. Using the brush or spoon, paint the ham with mustard. Sprinkle generously with brown sugar. Then pat a layer of gingersnap crumbs all over the ham–just as much as will stick. Finally, spray the whole ham with bourbon. Put back into the oven until done. Let rest 10 minutes, carve, and serve. Watch guests groan in bliss. The leftovers make the best mac’n’cheese and scalloped potatoes I have ever tasted.

      1. Yummmmmmm. That beats the heck out of the usual pineapple ringa, brown sugar, and maraschino cherries glaze thing that my family does. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Nicholas. I wondered if this was the same guy–I knew I had seen his youtube username before. As I see it, people who use guns to intentionally antagonize and disturb the public (and all in the name of GOD, for godsake!) shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun.

      I learned proper gun use and responsibility when I was 8 yrs. old with my first BB gun. You misuse it, you lose it. Who in the hell is teaching these morons about gun responsibility? God? Rambo? “The Pisser” Anderson?

  30. That’s not “booze,” that there was froo-froo adult beverages consumed by the gentler sex.

    1. In my experience, I’ve found most froo-froo adult beverages revolting.

      Maybe my sex isn’t that gentle, either.

  31. Just take a gander at this idiot’s youtube page. He’s definitely a nutjob….real tin foil hat kind of stuff.

  32. I am not opposed to gun ownership. I am opposed to this guy owning a gun.

    What a loon.

  33. Wow, don’t know how I missed this post yesterday.

    Anyway, what you all seem to have missed is that this video is proof positive that Steve “Piss against the Wall” “Sing Noel as Fast as Possible” Anderson FINALLY HAS A REAL LIVE CHURCH MEMBER!! And that, my friends, is the scariest thing of all.

    1. 😯 Very perceptive, DS, and horrifying. Maybe Flash here will feel The Call and get himself ordained by Bro. “The Pisser” Anderson. I hear Arizona only has 3 Old-time-kjv-preaching-leather-slapping-gun-slinging churches. The fields are white unto harvest.

  34. I don’t know this guy, but I know the type. Trust me, this guy is terrified of his own shadow. Real operators who have fired millions of rounds in training and battle, would never get a rush shooting a bottle, or sound like this clown. Take a look at any recent interview with Marcus Lattrel (Lone Survivor) and you’ll instantly see the difference.

    1. I saw Marcus lattrel give a presentation back in March at a meeting. Wow. Hardly a dry eye when he was done. I read the book and am looking forward to seeing the movie.

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