177 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Six Word Autobiography”

    1. Dr. Jezebel, clearly you are in need of help. When I read your post as an acrostic and I saw “Arf-Aid”

      So one of the following can be determined:

      A) You must need help with your dog….\
      B) ARF=A Raving Fundamentalist, and you’re a recovering fundamentalist.

      That is my diagnosis. Free of charge.

  1. Reading through these posts is an enlightening exposition about the pain caused by religious abuse and manipulation. I’m currently reading Lawrence Wright’s excellent book, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.” The parallels between the cold, calculated ways of L. Ron Hubbard remind me of the mind manipulation techniques used in some IFB circles.

    1. I read that book soon after it came out. I found it quite illuminating about how people are manipulated in all kinds of groups, religious and otherwise.

  2. I’m posting this here only because my phone won’t let me access the contact page and I figure more people will see it here anyway….I am just wondering if there was any inside information, for lack of a better term, on this recent murder/suicide at WCBC?? It just doesn’t add up and I can’t seem to find the article that was written on here a few days ago. Something smells fundy.

        1. Excellent find! I had no idea anyone sang that! In retrospect that seems an obv choice for possibly multiple people to have based a song on.

  3. It’s hard to narrow it down to six words. So I’ll do six phrases that are six words each. (I’m sure there’s something in the KJV 1611 that makes those numbers significant)…

    1) Your last church got it wrong.

    2) We have the only right way.

    3) Disagree with us, disagree with God.

    4) We are abusive but not compromising.

    5) God loves legalistic people the most.

    And finally…

    6) God hates you, so do we.

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