Christmas Tradition

I have a tradition for the week before Christmas that involves eating Mexican food until I’m comatose and then listening to this:

The requirement has been fulfilled for another year and for just a moment I’m not feeling the least bit snarky about anything. Therein lies the miracle of Christmas.

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    1. I would have been quicker, but I was trying to think of a clever connection between a butt cushion and Mexican food………

  1. Thank you, Darrell. I needed that.

    God made such an effort to reduce the distance between Him and us, and we try so hard to increase it. God with us.

  2. I think the first time Dar-El posted this was like 2 or 3 years ago, and I hadn’t heard it since PCC in like 96 or so, and I can’t thank you enough. Such a great great great song! IDK how it’s not more popular!

    1. * might’ve been a tweet or FB status not a post, I don’t recall exactly, but I know it was SFL related that I saw it after like 15 yearsish.

      (Don’t want to be on the bad side of the Benevolent Dictator after a mexican binge week!

      1. I know I did a post but I may also have tweeted it. I love this song so you’re likely to get it from me multiple times.

  3. This song reminds me of the picture book “The Birthday of a King” by Bob Hartman from the What It Was Like? series published by Victor Books. (David Jeremiah called it the best preschool retelling of Christ’s birth.)

    (I gain nothing from suggesting this here; I’m not that ebay seller! I just like books, and I do have this one and wanted to recommend it. And Amazon doesn’t have a picture of it.)

  4. My recent (within the last 5 years) Christmas tradition has been spiking my holiday drinks, & dancing & singing to all the Christmas music that was verboten in Fundyland.

    1. We order Chinese delivery and eat it on the couch while watching Doctor Who.

      So festive!

      1. If it isn’t the baby Jesus or Saint Nicholas, you can hardly do Christmas better than Doctor Who!

        On Christmas Eve we arrive at my wife’s parent’s house in the evening. They are older, and Daddy is in poor health. But the rest of us go to Christ Church for the Christmas Eve Eucharist. They play about a half hour to 40 minutes of chamber music first. Then at 11:00 the service begins.

        At midnight, we are all partaking of the bread and wine, remembering what our Lord came to do. After that we light candles, sing Silent Night, and at 12:30 it is Christmas Day, we are out in the street feeling wonderful at having welcomed our Lord into the world on His Day.

        And yes, I know He wasn’t really born on Christmas Day. But we regard the day to the Lord, even as others regard not the day. To our own Master we Stand.

        It is an extraordinarily satisfying service. I never felt the like at any Baptist service. But whine we discovered the Episcopal Church, we found such delights as this.

        1. While we really do spend our evenings in front of Doctor Who, we spend the day enjoying our family and celebrating the birth of Christ. 🙂

        2. Another Doctor Who fan here; I have started collecting Doctors #3 and #4 from the classic series. Looking forward to the Christmas special!

  5. Thank you, Darrell. I had forgotten that song, which is sad. I really enjoy it when I do hear it.

    Our most consistent tradition involves me being the first one up and making pancakes (from scratch, of course) and frying bacon. As the kids got up, they would be allowed to empty their stockings. After breakfast, we would open gifts. Since there will be no children at the house for Christmas, and I am scheduled to work my normal twelve hours Christmas Eve, I’m not sure about the pancakes this year. Maybe I’ll make them as dinner for two.

  6. I never heard that song until we left the controlling, MOG-exalting / MOG-is-never-wrong church… At our new church, it is regularly sung each Christmas.

  7. Thanks…we are planning to stream to the tv for our kids Christmas morning….our kids who were not converted at age 3 and we are praying for very hard that God will draw their hearts to Him….sooner would be better for my momma’s heart!

  8. Maybe I’m totally missing something here but what does the Mexican food have to do with this? 🙂

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