Writing Week Day #5: Five More Quick Things

Here are five more quick things I’ve learned about blogging in the last five years:

1. Pick how frequently you’ll post and then stick to it. Good blogging is a job and has to be treated like one.

2. Write short. Short stuff gets read.

3. Perfect isn’t the goal; practice is. Learning how to do what you do is never over.

4. In writing, big enough failures are their own kind of success.

5. Stay on topic. For an example of what happens when you don’t, look at the engagement level on this week’s posts.

Thanks for putting up with Writing Week, folks. We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled insanity soon.

43 thoughts on “Writing Week Day #5: Five More Quick Things”

  1. Aw, Darrell…the only reason the engagement level has been low is because it’s extremely difficult to snark about a decent how-to topic. πŸ™‚

    1. Ah, no worries. It’s just strange to see a post on here with only 15 comments anymore.

      Usually everybody has a lot to say. πŸ™‚

    2. Exactly so. Also, I do possess the ability to shut up and learn from people more learned or experienced than I. I even exercise the ability on rare occasions.

    1. But short writing is a lot more difficult than carrying on and on and on. . .

      I have enjoyed this week, even if I haven’t commented before. For some things, it’s better just to keep quiet and learn.

  2. “We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled insanity soon.”

    And this worries me. Whenever our Fearless Leader has taken time away from posting about fundies, he usually comes back with a vengeance. Consider this your twitch alert.

    Nice picture of Sir Jackie Stewart in the link.

        1. -gleeful evil hand rubbing —

          You may regret this, my friend. You may regret this …


        2. Let’s see if this works. I’ll probably screw it up and Darrell will have to boot me off the island. Here goes nothing….

        3. <p><img width=”300″ title=β€œNumber 1 super guy, quicker than the human eye.'” src=”http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-E2f4CW6yr7w/UlfgJkaX8NI/AAAAAAAAERI/MUK1AIUAPB4/s1600/437050655_225313.gif

          Tried the second time adding a </img>

    1. Actually I really do enjoy Darrell’s writing, wit and wisdom. Even though I am his senior I have learned much from Darrel and I truly appreciate SFL (an his other blogs as well) as it has been here that the greater part of my recovery from the IFB cult has taken place.

      Thank you Darrell. I tip my Pink cowboy hat to you. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  3. These are great points for any endeavor, not just writing. This week I got handed a major challenge, and I’ll need at least 3-5 to make it. Point 2 is relevant, with some convolutions. Thanks for sharing, Darrell.

  4. This weeks topic has been fine. I appreciate it, and it has caused me to rethink my writing attempts and probably start again.
    Thank you.

    As the king of digression, I have to focus hard on #5 in my public speaking, also. If I had been born 30 years later I would have likely been diagnosed as ADD. Attention Digression Disorder.

  5. Darrell, this week has been helpful. On occasion, I write for a friend’s website, and we try to keep it to around 800-100 words. After that, apparently readership falls off. Helpful for me, though, as I realize how much chaff I normally include. Cutting the chaff makes the piece more focused & readable.

  6. With regards to #2, the Gettysburg Address had only 270 words…length does not equal quality.

        1. Better send a spy first to get undercover, rifle through the drawers, find any intimate secrets, and jockey for a position of support.

        2. Bond was already dispatched and all he could find was the skid marks left by a hurried evacuation.

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