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  1. “Iโ€™m surprised that fundamentalists havenโ€™t created their own alternative to the Oscars so they can give awards to their low-budget film efforts.”

    There aren’t enough fundies who can get together and actually come to some agreement on how to hand out the awards. Of course, there is plenty of back slapping and congrats given out within their little circles of influence.


    1. I think you hit it, Big Red.
      Giving out a single set of awards would take away from the ability of each Fundy satrap to give whatever awards he can think of to his friends and their horses.

    2. The closest thing I have seen is from my old IFB church that is pretty much nothing like it used to be. They are now very progressive, two services (one traditional and one contemporary – Hillsong stuff) non KJV only and worse doctrine now than when they were legalistic IFB. They have a “award” show every year for volunteers called “The Volies” LOL. Nothing says humble volunteer not wanting praise than playing dress up on a red carpet because you greet people and make coffee every week…

        1. In all seriousness, who stands like that? I know that was Sunday’s signature pose, but I can’t figure it out…it looks uncomfortable and totally abnormal.

  2. (1) if you’re going to call it “new world order …”, shouldn’t you explain what you think the new world order is, and why the other translations are somehow related to the “new world order”?

    (2) I don’t get a good sense in that video whether the shaved head guy is kjv guy or not. Initially I thought he was, then they left a clip in the trailer of him basically making a clown of Anderson for following a tradition of kjv rather than the scriptures? I do like where it appears he just shut down the video shooting with something like “we’re done, you aren’t being serious”.

    1. The shaved head guy is James White who if I recall correctly is not kjv-only. He has written at least one book about the kjv-only movement.

      And yes, it was impressive when he basically told Anderson that his traditions are the English words in his KJV and then shut it down. Why include that in your trailer when you are made to look like the clown that you really are?

      1. Yeah, that was what made me think that I have to have misunderstood what White was saying. Noone would put themselves being humiliated in the trailer for their movie would they? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. RobM “Noone would put themselves being humiliated in the trailer for their movie would they?” (Not sure how to actually quote you ๐Ÿ˜ณ )

          Sure he would, because he’s not really being humiliated, just persecuted by the ungodly Calvinists who worship the ESV… ๐Ÿ™„

          And James White is a good guy. He’s debated bible translation issues many times, particularly against KJVO. Scoprio is right, he wrote a book called The King James Only Controversy.

          It’s particularly entertaining to see him destroy Sam Gipp. ๐Ÿ˜€

        2. Don, super link, thanks. I had to pull myself away due to time, but will go back and listen to it all. White is compelling.


      2. But the way Anderson and his crowd view things is not that Anderson was shot down with those words, they will say he refused to answer the question. He is being illusive and not cooperative. Anderson had him on the wire not the other way. At least that is how Anderson probably interprets it and why it was in the trailer.

        What we see as a great argument against, they see as evidence forโ€ฆ.how blind can they get?

        1. Many of Dr. White’s critics like to claim he ran away rather than give him an answer. I think that is what Mr. Anderson is trying to do here.

        2. They will claim that White is “avoiding the question” and “evading”, while ignoring the fact that Anderson is only giving them tiny chopped up pieces of the entire interview that he thinks makes him look good. And they won’t even bother to look up and watch the entire interview elsewhere.

    2. James White addresses this video on his show Dividing Lune. Apparently this was the end of an almost 3 hour interview when Anderson started to talk about how he believed that Jesus Christ went to hell as a burnt sacrifice.

      He played the last 15-20 minutes of the interview and made a few comments. It’s fantastic stuff…look it up.

      1. And Dr. White was pointing out if you read the Greek, which Mr. Anderson can, you know this doesn’t fit Scripture. But the KJV translation wrongly implies it. AND ANDERSON KNOWS THAT. But he puts the translation over the original words. That is what led to the end of the interview.

        1. That doesn’t make sense. Why would Spamerson bother to learn Greek if he considers such knowledge useless?

          Perhaps Spamerson equated “knowing Greek” with having the ability to look up words. ๐Ÿ™„

        2. Lol. 30 credits of Koine here, and I can tell you there is a huge difference between reading Greek and being able to translate it. I wouldn’t tell anyone that I “know” Koine, even though I can pick up a Greek NT and read it (in most places – as long as I don’t open up to the middle of a very long Pauline sentence, which is easy to do).

        3. I listened to White’s show where he discusses this trailer and his conversation with Anderson. 2 things impressed me about Anderson:

          1 – the guy is, or at least appears, much more intelligent than I would have ever given him credit for. His conversation in German with White was totally unexpected.

          2 – the guy is a complete, unapologetic liar and heretic. I mean…I already assumed that, but this has proven it beyond any shadow of doubt.

        4. I listened to it too, and agree…but noted Spamerson does NOT know Greek.

          I think he has many of the traits of a dangerous cult leader. I keep saying, one day he is gonna start a Waco IYKWIM.

    3. The “shaved head guy” is James White. He is a Reformed Baptist pastor/elder who is anything but KJV only. He wrote the definitive book putting the nail in the coffin of KJV onlyism: “The King James Only Controversy”. KJV olyists are easy to spoy: they use the same old canned responses and arguments that have been refuted since the beginning of this movement with SDA Benjamin Wilkerson, who started it.

    1. Rob, that’s because they don’t know the difference between the written Revelation of God in word form and the Word of God, Jesus the Christ, in human form. They believe the written form is the Living Word of God in John 1, which is blaspheme compounded with idolatry.

      In the IFB tradition you have God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost and the 1611 King James Word of God. You know, the Holy Quartet.

      1. “They believe the written form is the Living Word of God in John 1, which is blaspheme compounded with idolatry.”

        So very true! It’s bibliolotry. These people preach heresy.

  3. So we did start the week with Sammy, ended with Stevie boy and had Hamblin in the middle. I would call the week a BLT. Blowhard-Loudmouth-Taserboy.

    Or we could just call it a big sh*t sandwich.

    1. “Or we could just call it a big sh*t sandwich.”

      Problem with this phrase is that you are elevating the bookends to the status of bread. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. If I may loosely quote one of my seminary professors, if you are unaware of which philosophical or theological lens you see life through or read the Bible through, you will be completely controlled by it.

    Anderson and many other IFB preachers fall into that. They have no clue how their philosophy, theology, and tradition drives them and become an idol. They have exchanged the image of the living God for the image of written words.

    And their ignorance of their own philosophical, theological, and traditional lenses pours over into the rest of their life–they are ignorant to how language works and how translating works.

  5. Well, if his purpose is to show an amazing use of non sequitur, I’d say it was a rousing success.

    By the way, I don’t think ol’ Steve was interviewing the right White. I think he wanted Ellen, not James. Her KJV views are closer to Anderson’s.

  6. Dang, I kinda thought that the SOTL Conference was their version of an Awards ceremony. Or maybe the old FBCH Preachers Conference was? I know that the one I attended celebrated the heroes of the IFB more than they celebrated Jesus Christ.

    1. Acts 17:11 pops to mind. The Bereans searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether what Paul and Silas preached was so.

      If you do that now you will be labeled a troublemaker.

        1. SERIOUSLY?!

          “Do not study our religious books, just accept what I tell you about them” is a classic sign of a cult! And here I thought Driscoll was just a blowhard MRA with a pulpit.

        1. Yes, that’s how it was in my church, too. “It’s good to go and study it for yourself . . . but if you come to a different conclusion than me, you’re a heretic.”

    2. The problem with checking the Greek is … Actually, there’s no problem with checking the Greek. It’s what people studying the New Testament have always done.

  7. They should call their award the PAW (P*ss against wall)

    “And the PAW for ineffectual railing against things you don’t understand goes to………..Sam Gipp!”

  8. I love that reading the Bible in it’s original languages is oppressive and taking people back to the dark ages. that doesn’t even make sense.

    1. I like a lot of what the guy says, but White never saw an argument he didn’t want to be a part of. He will instigate fights with people just to make a point.

        1. I think White is a jerk at times, as evidenced by his relentlessness towards Ergun Caner. He was one of many that called BS on Caner’s testimony of being raised Muslim. And Caner refused to repent and lost his position at Liberty.

          But White went on and on in a social media tirade against Caner, and wouldn’t stop. I mean, come on dude, you marked the guy as a fake. Everyone knows it and doesn’t take Caner seriously anymore. Why can’t you move on with your life?

    2. But if someone doesn’t keep standing up to the “junk” and battling against it, the “junk” will get a foothold, and a following, and then it will become accepted and preached as truth. It’s easier to put out the fires when they are small than it is to take on an out-of-control wild fire.

    3. I agree with Don, but don’t think White should give a loon like Spamerson the sole video. I am sure the unedited version, which we will probably never see, makes Spamerson look completely foolish.

  9. Loony tunes. Anderson, et al., are loony tunes. I became so depressed by their lunacy that I almost despaired for the future of Christianity. Until I realized that there are believers living out the gospel. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. It’s interesting how they lift up the heroes who helped folks read the Bible in their own language yet insist on their people reading it in an archaic version of English the nobody uses anymore. And then preach sermons that are essentially the preacher reading King Jimmy and then translating it into modern English. ๐Ÿ™„

  11. James White is just one or two rungs up the ladder from Steven Anderson. Is that high enough to debunk Anderson? Yes. But White has similar massive blind-spots in his thinking, that is on full display when he ventures into a larger arena of Christian dialogue.

        1. Ah, we have a different definition of “fake” doctorate. I consider “honorary” doctorates fake, not those granted by a legitimate, albeit non accredited, university through a rigorous dissertation process like those offered at their accredited counterparts. White earned his doctorates from Columbia Evangelical Seminary, which is indeed unaccredited. With that said he earned his BA and MA from fully accredited schools. To be fair, he is widely considered a scholar by folks both inside and outside Christendom, not a charlatan like most fake doctors.

        2. You’re right that many, if not most, unaccredited universities lack a rigorous dissertation process, but it’s disingenuous to assume that all unaccredited institutions are mere diploma mills. Comparing James White’s work to Kent Hovind’s is like comparing New York strip to Alpo dog food. Just so we’re on the same page, were you aware that White was debating Anderson in the video? In fact much of his career is built on refuting fundy silliness like the KJV only movement, Finneyism, etc. I can respect that people disagree with or even attack White’s beliefs, but I think it’s a bit underhanded to attack his scholarship.

        3. I don’t have a problem with White at all. I do have a problem with unaccredited colleges. We’ve seen many cases of people going to BJU because it was ‘accredited’ – well, yes, it’s nationally accredited, not regionally accredited. Their degrees are worthless outside of fundydom. And while BJU claims it is pursuing accreditation, the reality is that in order to achieve accreditation, they will have to have staff who are actually qualified to teach the subjects they teach, and who are actually trained at other schools rather than simply regurgitating their own students. There are many other issues that they will have to change on. The point is that there is a huge difference between an accredited college and an unaccredited college.

          Our own Darrell graduated from an unaccredited college, and he’s an intelligent guy who is good in his field. I don’t think any less of him because his college was unaccredited – but then he’s not calling himself ‘doctor’ either.

          White’s arguments might be good. He might be a decent, intelligent man who is good at what he does. But an unaccredited college is not of the same standard as an accredited one; or else they value education and their own students so poorly that they can’t be bothered proving that they are up to the standards of accreditation. Either way, an unaccredited doctorate is not the same as an accredited doctorate.

        4. I agree with Tiarali that there is a world of difference between a regionally accredited degree and otherwise. And unfortunately, that accreditation is the only way of knowing the quality of a program. I have done personal research that was far more difficult than my “real” master’s, but who can know it? Otoh, I support all learning, and kudos to White or anyone else that keeps going to school, even if it isn’t top-tier.

        5. Tiarali, Your point is taken about unaccredited bodies at large. I simply don’t hold the same reservation against them. When it comes to honorary doctorates, (like that of a former pastor of mine) I completely agree. In any case, do you think it would be appropriate to judge a scholar by the quality of his doctoral work rather than the institution? By the way, thanks for posting the link to Hovind’s dissertation. My favorite part so far is the lack of citation or references.

    1. DH wrote: “White has similar massive blind-spots in his thinking, that is on full display when he ventures into a larger arena of Christian dialogue.”

      It’s funny that DH lit the fire of vigorous response, yet did not answer the question, “how so?”

      What say you, David Hume? ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Would you like to visit Columbia Evangelical Seminary, where White got three (3!) of his degrees (Fraraston is now known as Columbia)? Here’s the link to the “campus” …


        Sorry, folks The guy is a step up from Kent Hovind. Columbia Evangelical University is a diploma mill if I’ve ever seen one. Also, no respected theologian/Biblical scholar would receive three straight degrees from the same institution unless it was as high as you could go, like Ivy League level; and even then they would be urged to go elsewhere after the Masters degree).

        I also dislike his habit of disparaging other very qualified christian thinkers. For example, he recently attacked Peter Enns, a great evangelical thinker, and the author of “The Evolution of Adam,” (also a Harvard grad in Near Eastern Languages), by giving a speech at Westminster Theological Seminary (a bastion of reformed-fundamentalist thought where Peter Enns’ was once on faculty before resigning) and presented a talk on the subject of Peter Enns and his book which was nothing more than an hour of strawmen arguments and congratulatory remarks to the school for not associating with “heretics” and “compromisers.” You can find it on youtube very easily. Watch it and then ask yourself how much of it was content and how much of it was “rally the troops” lingo that I’m sure most of you are familiar with at your fundamentalist churches from yesteryear.

        That speech is a textbook example of everything that is wrong with fundamentalist thinking. It is low on honest critique and high on “We are the good team! He is a heretic!” If he wasn’t a Calvinist, he would be a BJU hero to many preacher boys (in fact many of my old BJU acquaintances who have gone the reformed direction do, indeed, tirelessly champion his work facebook accounts.)

        1. Also, I don’t necessarily support the critique of the website I posted, but I do, know that the images of the college are legitimate and show that the college is basically nothing more than a small correspondence school (Hovind’s Patriot Bible Univeristy anyone?), with academic requirements that are “interesting.”

          Also, be sure to see their very long, utterly confusing page on what accreditation truly is and means. Lesson: If your accreditation page looks like a student essay, then something is afoot.

  12. The nominees for best actor in a drama series ARE:

    Jack Schaap, for ” Felonies, Lies, and Texting”

    Sam Gipp, for “Lost in the KJV translation”

    Dave Hyles for “A Lifetime of Deception”

    and the award goes to………….

    1. Jack Schaap!

      Jack Schaap couldn’t be here to accept his award tonight due to his prison sentence.

      Chuck Phelps is here to accept the award on his behalf.

      1. Correct. As flippant as that statement sounds, it’s a fact: Oxford has been publishing the Scofield since its first edition (1909, I think) and it is one of the biggest moneymakers for the Oxford University Press. The Scofield has been the best-selling Bible in the U.K. and Ireland for many decades.

        To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, “Never overestimate the gullibility of the average fundamentalist layperson.” :mrgreen:

  13. I feel really confused. Whether caused by the contents of the video or my prescription narcotics is up for debate.

    “Who’s the villain?” “Anybody who tries to be God!” Or maybe, anybody who tries to elevate a Bible translation to penultimate importance?

    1. Oooh so sorry to be the dictionary nazi. Trying to resist! Can’t let it alone!!

      Penultimate = next to last or second place. From the context, it doesn’t appear that was your intended meaning.

      Me and RL ๐Ÿ˜ˆ , Shining the Light of Truth on America.

  14. My favorite translation is the full-strength KJV with the Apocrypha, not this watered-down version promoted by these subtle satanistic modern day KJVonliests. I also really love the inconsistent spellings in the original 1611 KJV–it proves you don’t need to be no skholler to understand the Bible.

    Now off to work I go!

    1. I’ve had a few discussions with people who really think that they spoke KJV English. I don’t really know how to deal with that level of ignorance.

    1. If by “he went rounds” you mean he got tazed and the snot beat out of him (all deserved for his actions) then yes, you do know how this guy is.

      We just call him Steven “pisseth against the wall” Anderson.

      1. Okay, I’m not an Anderson fan by any means, and I’m guessing he was a butt to the officers. Having said that, I am a fan of the Constitution, and you aren’t required to submit to illegal search and seizure, even if you are a KJVO fundy. He might have been a jerk, but their trampling of the law and using a fake hit by a drug dog to give probable cause is FAR WORSE.

        1. The complete video of the actual arrest is available online, as well as his entire trial. Speaking of crazies, Alex Jones, Mr. InfoWars conspiracy, made a big to do over this case. I’m not sold on a secret illuminati new world order, but I think it was a legitimate case of somebody refusing to have their rights trampled, and documenting how his rights were violated in a checkpoint.

          I hate when police manipulate “drug dogs” to give probable cause. Any office who does so, ought to be locked up at Gitmo as a domestic terrorist…since they love taking rights away from people.

    2. Don’t forget the “I won’t let my wife go to a male gynecologist because he’s a taliban-loving pervert, pervert, sicko, PERVERT” Steve Anderson. Of course, he deleted my question on the YouTube video when I asked what would happen if the female gynecologist was a lesbian. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

        1. And for the record, the sexuality wasn’t my concern. I was just trying to point out the idiocy of it in terms he would understand.

  15. At first, I thought this said “New Order Bible Version.” I might have bought that. Especially if there was an audio version, backed by Peter Hook guitar parts. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  16. The sociological study of conspiracy theory is fascinating. Most sociologists agree that conspiracy has replaced democracy as the predominant political paradigm in the western world. Conspiracy theory has some very interesting psychological components, most notable of which are the way in which the one holding the theory is always the victim, and the necessary non-falsifiability. Several good books about this:
    The Age of Anxiety

    Conspiracy Culture

    Empire of Conspiracy

  17. Trailer? You mean 3 minutes wasn’t enough? Ugh…not only does his voice get on my nerves, but so does his theology. I am so glad I do not associate with this crowd anymore. If you want to only read the KJV…fine. It’s a free country. If you want to follow all of your silly rules…fine. But don’t tell me I have to or I’m not right with God. Stuff like this is the reason why people want nothing to do with Christ. No love or compassion, just endless rules and condescending attitudes. I know some fine people in the IFB movement but they are few and far between. When we were missionaries, this was the first question my husband was asked. No deep theological questions, just do you use the KJV, does your wife wear pants, do you have a beard, etc. I would sooner read a book by Gail Riplinger than watch anything this joker would produce! (She’s a piece of work too, and this I know from personal experience!) ๐Ÿ˜•

  18. I wonder how long it will be until people figure out that Steven Anderson teaches salvation by WORKS and not faith alone?
    Check out his Youtube sermon “Calling on the name of the Lord”.
    Be warned – it makes anything he did in “Why I hate Barack Obama” look quite tame in comparison. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    Trigger warning?

  19. Funny, that SLA-wannabe preacher used the same logic that forms one of my major reasons for abandoning any pretense of the KJV-only crap I grew up with and was trained in at “Bible college.”

    People today can’t fully understand the KJV translation. For example, the KJV word “conversation” means the exact opposite of what that means for the average person today. The standard KJVO response is, “Well, if they listen to my preaching & teaching then I’ll explain it.” That means you have to go to a preacher as a mediator of God’s Word, and that’s the nonsense Tyndale gave his life to overcome.

    The boy pushing a lawnmower should still be able to read God’s Word in words he understands.

    1. To be honest, Todd, Theology is probably one of the more evil inventions of mankind.

      After all, it assumes you can contain God in a system of thought, that you can know all about God, put him, her or it in a box (or in a book, or in a Book) and know everything He thinks, does, approves of, etc.

      Have you ever noticed that the ones who think they have everything figured out theologically, that they are Right (and of course, everyone who disagrees with them is Wrong) are the ones most predisposed to act badly? Almost like believing that you “know God” is a license to act ungodly!

      Of course, I was one of those, years ago. I know a lot about the Bible and I can argue with it. I used to be a fundamentalist. And fundamentalism’s dark side means I am reconstructing faith rather painfully, piece by piece.

  20. Steven is standing behind a pulpit that I am pretty sure the wood comes from the 1611 AD era,,, therefore it doth be an more official pulpit with which to presenteth the Word of the Lord. The new style pulpits are so liberal

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