Christian vs. Secular College: A Response

I’ve had roughly 8,239,106 people forward me the recent Maranatha Baptist Bible College article which attempts to prove that if you send your child (read that full-grown adult) to a secular school then you may as well just tattoo a pentagram on their head and change their name to Suzy P. Atheist — even if they’re a boy.

For those who have asked me to give a response I will give it now: it’s a load of fear-inducing, fact-eschewing, fundy-glorifying bullshit.

Come back and see me when you’ve done your due diligence with another study about how many graduates of IFB institutions have also left the faith or abandoned the “morals” they have been taught. For good measure you could also do a quick check into how many kids who were raised in church and went to no college at all are also now atheists. A quick anecdotal check of Fundy U grads I know suggest that number will be pretty high.

However, for all it lacks in academic rigor, the article does yeoman’s work in fear mongering.

Coed dorms? Why one might as well be living in…any apartment building in the country!

Liberal professors? God forbid we be exposed to other points of view!

Drinking, sex, and porn? Funny how nobody tries to warn young fundamentalist men off from joining the military where they will be exposed to all of these things and more.

If you’ve had 18 years with your young person and have not through that most impressionable time managed to convince them of your religion, politics, and philosophy then the game is pretty much over. If there are real studies that show otherwise, I’d invite MBBC to trot them out. Otherwise, I’ll remain convinced that this is no more than a last ditch attempt to remain solvent in a movement that continues its march towards oblivion.

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    1. The let people make their own decisions about what music they listen to, and allow women to wear pants EVEN TO CLASS! The men wear shorts in public and have hair on their collars.

      They haven’t changed doctrinally, just realized that society-wise, it was time to enter the new century. My girls were there during the transition, and I saw changes that I thought were for the better.

      Oh, and Matt Olson is gone.

      1. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I don’t have ties “inside” anymore and hadn’t heard anything about this. I’m glad they’ve loosened up. I’m sure there’s more there than meets the eye but on the surface they seem to be headed the right direction.

        1. Semp–That has come up. A lot of Fundies are upset.

          Many people from my past have slid down that slope. Often to a point of relevance within the community at large, not just the Fundy Village.

  1. Had this conversation on the FFF the other day. I am no fan of MBBC and refuted the points made in the article. I somehow managed to do so without talking like a 12 year old on the playground.

    1. Sir, I agree that certain words should not be flung around like poop in a monkey cage. However, prudent use of such vocabulary makes a point that might otherwise go ignored. I don’t understand why use of the euphemism for bovine fecal matter is more upsetting than the actual bovine fecal matter that fundies fling with glee.

        1. Look, if no one listens to pretty words it’s pointless to speak them. Abstaining from low vocabulary does not automatically place one on the moral highground. Neither does the rare use of such expressions automatically place one in the mire and muck of humanity.

          Are you really more offended by his use of the term “BS” than the point of his post? I’m curious.

        2. Obviously he should have dropped an “F” bomb to make it a more effective point. πŸ™„

        3. Why is use of the term “bullshit” wrong or sinful? Chapter and verse, please. I don’t remember anything in the KJV that directly prohibited use of the word “bullshit”.

          While you didn’t directly answer my question about being more offended by the use of the word “bullshit” or the point Darrell was making, it’s fairly obvious that “bullshit” as a word is more offensive to you than the metaphorical reference the word made. That, dear sir, is offensive, and bovine poo-poo.

        4. KJV? What are you talking about?

          I believe you can find admonitions against coarse talking in any translation.

          Be that as it may, my point stands on its own merit. There is no need to “punctuate” with cussing.

          The essay linked is pretty lame. I agree. So now that we have that out of the way.

          Again, me pointing out that the word chosen was unnecessary had nothing to do with the point he was making. Or are you unable to separate the two thoughts?

        5. Why is using certain vocabulary wrong? Are some words “God” words & others “Satan” words?

    2. 12 year olds don’t necessarily frequent playgrounds. If & when they do congregate there, the language tends to be a bit coarser than Darrell’s.

  2. “While your son or daughter may enjoy a supportive home and a solid church, the constant bombardment of negative influences may eventually prove too much to overcome.”

    I get so tired of the fundys’ small view of God and their lack of faith in the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer… “Of course God is for you, son. And yes, he is strong. But libs, doobies, and the hoochie-coochie is just too much for him sometimes.”

      1. Ya do the hoochie-coochie and ya turn yourself around.
        That’s what it’s all about.

  3. I am appalled at the quality of “science” education being provided at this establishment.
    “The goal of the project was to provide an alternative to the evolutionist explanation for the transcription of endogenous retroviruses into human genomes.”
    “Liu said he feels the Lord directed him to the study of endogenous retroviruses….His research on ERVs has been presented in … papers published in publications such as the Journal of Creation, Creation Research Society Quarterly,
    and on the Answers in Genesis website. However, according to Liu, this conference β€œis the highest level of creationist conferences.”

    I dare say that a penny spent on an education at this “school” is a penny wasted.

    1. A science education in pretty much any “Christian” college or university is a waste of time, money, and integrity.

      I will, on that however, make an exception.

      I took a Physical Geography course at BJU. The lady who taught it told us on the first day that she did not dispute the University’s position on creationism. However, she was going to teach the course like it was taught at any other university. That way, when we got out into the world, we would not show ourselves to be ignorant when coming across these concepts.

      Besides, she said, anyone going on to a postgrad program in the sciences would have to know the evolutionary position.

      And did she do a good job! The project for the course was to write about a particular geographic region of the world and discuss the various factors (plate tectonics, wind and rain patterns, apparent geographical history, etc.) that made that region unique and contributed to its development.

      I really cannot remember if I saw her after that semester. It was my senior year, and I was going to do a Master’s in Teaching Mathematics there.

      I hope she was able to stay a long time and teach that course to lots of others. However, I have a suspicion that her stay was relatively short. She made evolution understandable. She relayed everything to evidence.

      It was easily my favorite class my undergrad career.

  4. I attended a well-known IFB “college” and frankly was disappointed by the level of education that I received. Several of my teachers often wasted a lot of class time with personal stories and fruitless dribble. I didn’t know it was possible to cover 2 Corinthians in 1 1/2 class periods until I experienced it. πŸ˜•

  5. Great post Darrell. You have to consider the demographic they are pandering this slop at: IFB lemmings. Bobble-head-Christians that eat up any drivel their propagandist preacher throws out at them. Thusly “schools” such as maranatha and pcc and bju and crown etc.. use their publication arms to try to get more students (paying customers). This is marketing disguised as religious reading material aimed at the foolish who think their preacher knows whats good for them and is speaking for god.

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