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        1. Brethren may be the better choice, given their history of anti-anything new or progressive.

        2. The brethren is the name of another fundamentalist denomination who believe they have the accurate NT model of a church. They are also independent, but they historically don’t have a pastor and aren’t kjv-only.

        1. There’s another kind of “banging” going on in a lot of places like this, and it ain’t the Bible.

  1. Must be a Ruckmanite church. We had one of those guys in my old fundie church for a while. He would enjoy having very loud arguments in front of the church with anyone who would dare to bring in anything other than a KJV1611.

    I let him know this his KJV had some jots and tittles that had changes since 1611. He proceeded to shout and scream at me as I drove out of the parking lot. He then caught me at a red light and rolled down his window and let me have it again.

    How do you spell love? Uneducated rebuke apparently.

  2. Dang. That’s some Supah-Slick Marketing right there.

    Funniest thing to me is the related videos that appear once that…commercial?…is over: “Huntsville Radar Mystery”, “Feather-Like Fibers Fall From Sky Ovar (their spelling) Huntsville”, “Psychopaths in Christianity: As Sheeps Among…”

    I’m not gonna get anything done today with that kind of riveting entertainment tempting me. 😎

    1. Looks like he used windows movie maker software. His other videos are similar to this one. He loves birds according to his 30 second slides how bird videos.
      I guess I liked them, considering I watched them all.

      1. I don’t have time to go into all the details today, but English people in 1611 did not speak with the same dialects they do today. In some ways (SOME, not all), modern Americans sound more like the English speakers of 1611 than do modern English people.

  3. One of my first thoughts was “I didn’t know churches (buildings) believed in the King James Version”

    Then, I thought “I doubt very much that they really use the 1611 AV; I have a copy of it, and while it is readable, it isn’t as easy as the more modern KJV editions (with the clearer fonts and the modernized spelling).

    Finally: “They give direction to getting Down Below on their websites!?!!?!?! Most churches give directions to getting Above.

  4. Weird. But weirder still was the “Target Demographics” video (“More Shaking Truth…”) that came up as an option after the featured video. It was too scary to watch.

    1. I found a Jot & Tittle Certified KJV AV1611 bible a few years back at Wal-Mart for like $5. I bought it and had all kinds of fun with the “jot and tittle” Matthew 5:18 verse the use many times to defend the KJVAV1611.

      On another note, if you are ever near a IFB church and they happen to have WIFI access, the SSID is usually “Jesus Saves” and the network key will be either “KJV1611” or “JOHN316”.

      1. “18 For verily I say vnto you, Till heauen and earth passe, one iote or one title, shall in no wise passe from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

        If your Bible spells it “jot and tittle,” then it ain’t a KJV 1611.

      1. Religious extremists always make people wonder to what extent they themselves believe the stuff they’re saying. Once the rhetoric runs away with you, you may not know yourself how much of it you really mean.

    2. Wow.
      I hope KJV1611-only folks know that they’re supposed to obey “Chrift Iefus”. Maybe I should change my name to Chrift Iefus, then show them the original KJV, then order them to build me a swimming pool.
      Also, I am now reading the Bible in the voice of Sylvester the Cat. Miniftring fpirits!

      1. A street preaching video with no preaching and no preacher (but with plenty of street).

        This isn’t an ordinary Baptist church … it’s an avant-garde art collective!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1IkrkR__dg

    A deputation video from the same account. He is trying to bypass the traditional IFB route of a year of financial begging and go straight to Italy to work with an established pastor.

    That wont work out well, since he wont have to beg and fill out questionnaires for at least a year, he is obviously in rebellion to authority.

    And the whole country of Italy is without God. Really? Must be from the “real-true-christian” IFB branch, where no one else can be trusted.

    1. …decided to turn my deputation presentation into a video. This video still allows me to contact churches effectively, efficiently, and productively.

      No way will this passive approach raise enough money.

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