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      1. In light of this honor, I’ll send you a tailor-made Butt Cushion, stuffed with grade-A butt dust, gathered three times every Sunday.
        Question: may I inquire as to your size? 😀

    1. They don’t really say, do they? If you were so inclined, you could listen to previous sermons and probably hear an explanation, but what a waste of time.

    2. I’m really unclear on that too. They have 9AM meetings on W-F, so you would think retirees, but that’s not normally a name for your senior saints group that is going to go over well with the people in that group, in most churches. I would’ve guessed VBS, but they got M-F 7PM services too.

        1. Yeah, that was another “can’t be VBS. I guess they expect working members to take 3 days off work & (home)school to attend morning services?

    1. I count six different fonts with seven different sizes in 22 lines of text.

      Not quite the busiest composition I’ve seen, but in the running.

  1. Nothing like monopolizing people’s time for three days. Both morning and evenings. I always disliked that when it came to these special meeting, you were shamed if you did not attend all the services. But it was exhausting to sit for hours at a time at these types of services.

    Tink of how long people would have to be there: Morning starts with breakfast at 8:00 (presumably coffee and donuts) and lunch follows the morning service. So the first service is 2-3 hours.

    The evening service would be just as long probably because more people could be there (the ones wi jobs could attend)

    By the end of the meetings, everyone is exhausted…

    The you were expected to be at Saturday soul winning and then “in your place” on Sunday morning for a rehash of how great things were.

    1. I would assume the morning services are at least 9-11 if not 9-12, and lunch another hour or 2. 8-1 (5 to maybe 6 hours) in the morning, evening service starts @ 7, and I doubt they are going less than 2 on that if they are going 2-3 for just the service in the AM.

    2. We didn’t have Saturday soul-winning after out campmeetings, but the Sunday rehash….THAT, I could have done without.

      My old church used to have an 8-day meeting in December, Sunday to Sunday. Morning and evening services every day except Monday and Saturday. I’m 37 now, and I don’t know how the adults had the energy to do that — we kids were fine. *gets a little nostalgic*

        1. Real True PEOPLE don’t have trouble. Us lil’ ole wimmen-folk, why, we ain’t people, we’s jess put here on this earth to support the MAN-O-gi..Ah mean, the Important peopl… Ah mean the Menfolk, to go out and raise more mone–to and carry out the LAWD’s business. And iffen that business includes lots ‘n LOTS o’ conferin’ with teenage Jezebe– Ah means troubled young ladies, then thas jess our cross to bear, isn’t ladies? Isn’t it? ISN’T IT? AH SAID, ISN’T IT? 😛 😈 😥

  2. Pass the flag relay pew running. Now that’s just awesome.

    Ok I’m skipping through the first video, this just gets weirder and weirder. Does this song really go on for 15 minutes???

    I think I would start running and screaming after about 2 minutes of that.

  3. Heh, I know every person on there except Keith Woodby. One was an evangelist out of my old church.

    Charlie Tenney and Jimmy Hood, though, are definitely two of the better preachers (and people) I met in fundamentalism.

    1. When I attended Charity Baptist Bible School in Dayton back in the late 80s/early 90s, we’d take an occasional Saturday trip to Jimmy Hood’s mission in Columbus to help out and hone our preaching skills.

      He was the most genuine, kind and caring soul in the entire field of funnymentalist preachers. He cared for this streep people in the city when no one else did. Preachers took cheap shots at him sometimes, but Jimmy just kept on loving people.

      I have nothing but wonderful experiences around Jimmy Hood.

  4. I’m guessing the title comes from the saying along the lines of “sharing the Gospel is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”

    1. If you’re referring to all the clamour over the gay marriage and DOMA issues, I’ve already put my earplugs in.
      I just wonder if this country’s going through a sea-change, rich and strange. 😕

  5. Oh my…..I was THERE! (Shiver…)

    To answer some questions, they call it a beggars meeting, well….because they can. The pastor wanted a different name for the meeting. (Fun fact: apparently the chick tract “Bad Bob” is based on his life.)

    I was there on the Wednesday evening….. Never before have I wanted to walk out, or stand up and denounce a preacher so bad as the second sermon that night. Ironically, this gem did not make it to the youtubes, but the audio can be found at the link below. It was from a man named Mark McGaughey. Listen at your own risk.


    1. Though, I do try to be fair… The first sermon that evening was very good. Topical in nature, but it lifted up Jesus, and it was an encouragement and challenge to me. I have a lot of respect for an old preacher that loves Christ so much he tears up. I don’t remember his name, but he was good.

      Also, they had these older ladies with special needs that cme up from Tennessee to sing. One was mostly deaf, but man, the joy of The Lord was all over their faces, and it was so sweet, even if the twangy southern style usually isn’t my thing. It’s sad that all that was followed by something so sour…..

      1. That was probably The Enlighteners. One is completely blind, and the other is about 90%. They’re allright — they can get a little whiny when they testify, but they’re also a lot more open and real about the suckiness of life than most fundies.

        1. Yes! That’s the group. They didn’t do much testifying of the whiny sort, that I saw. But their spirit while singing was a blessing.

    2. I figured with AM services lasting from 9AM to lunch that the PM services would be at least 2 hours long!

      With the AM services do they actually expect people to take off work & school on W-F just to make it out for their meetings?

      1. Yep. For a lot of these meetings, working guys will take their vacation week off so they can make the morning meetings. I mean, I’ve done this before, but I loved campmeeting and always looked forward to being there.

        Things have changed, and I wouldn’t do it now, but especially when I was a kid and teen, it was the highlight of the year. People in from out of town we saw only then, the general excitement, a little drama, snack bar….

        On the flip side, I’ve heard so many bad messages, so many messages that had nothing to do with Christ. 🙁

    3. @Rob: Yeah, the service ended at maybe 9:45 I believe. It was a looooong night, especially putting up with that second “sermon”.

      @John: You are a brave soul for sitting through that. I played the mp3 for my more fundy mother the next day, and she flat out said he was a hateful fool within five minutes. Unfortunately, the pastor that I am currently helping….loves the guy. Sigh….

    4. He doesn’t sound much different than a ranting drunk. From the random changes in tone, to the rambling about getting into fights, to the rants about nuking ragheads, to finally busting into song. (Bonus for the completely off topic Facebook rant.) Next time he is around, check his “water” bottle.

      I didn’t even notice if his points were alliterated; he was just too incoherent.

      Also, amen, doesn’t he seem to have, amen, a verbal crutch, amen?

  6. Because America is God’s Chosen people. He fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way… Look, up in the sky! Or am I conflating unrelated Patriotic Christian memes again? 😯

  7. I’m not seeing the point here. I looked on youtube and found nothing worth spending the hours required to view this “Beggars Meeting” and “KJV 1611” blah, blah, blah. Is this merely designed to incite a riot?

    1. I thought that too. It must be revival-ish in overall approach. The purpose, however, isn’t revival, but just a rallying of evangelists and preachers to be part of something. Keeps them busy I guess.

      1. I have gotten to the point where I literally wince in distress if we happen to sing a song that mentions revival.
        Revival is such a strange concept. It’s this automatic assumption that we’ve all already gone to the dogs. It’s a yearning for the unattainable, this vague idea of “if only”. It’s even worse when they title something a revival meeting: I’m sorry, I didn’t know that we could schedule revivals! Heck, if we can schedule them, why have we been asking God to send one? Or is a revival meeting meant to ask for a revival? Or is it like, if you get a big enough tent with a certain number of people you automatically get a revival – like a quorum for voting?
        ANYWAY. I don’t think patriotic meetings would work so well in Canada. Like, if my church put up a Canadian flag somewhere, we’d probably go, “Hmm, that’s cute” at best, or “But I thought we only put up banners if they were about Jesus or given to us by that nice young missionary couple in Senegal to show the continent of Africa” at worst.

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