Focusing on the Really Important Stuff

I don’t like alarmists but prepare to be alarmed!

Topics Discussed: Genetic ancestry of the Global Elite, New World Order, Anti-Christ, One World Government, population control, man-made plagues, planned parenthood, abortion, planned wars, 9/11, Zionism, Masons, Kundalini Yoga, Eugenics.

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    1. Clearly, the Illuminati were censoring this for most of you, or I wouldn’t have gotten in the first post.

  1. The world is scary! Not only do we have real things to be scared of, but now we have all these terrifying imaginary things too!!

    I didn’t listen to it, but does he talk about RFID at all? That’s my favorite NWO trope. Mark of the beast, and all.

    1. Hey, now!!!! I do peels regularly AND dye my hair! I am not that scary!!!

  2. “Be of good cheer! I have overcome the world…Just not the New World (Order). Of that be afraid. Be very afraid.”

    If you’re reading the RIGHT Bible, you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

  3. The first comment on the video was, “Great sermon, keep the uploads going.ο»Ώ This video motivated me to become a soldier of Christ and fight against the growing anti-Christ influence. I want to expose these criminals for what they really are, who’s with me?”
    Ugh, sheeple in the congregation πŸ™„

    1. There’s no law against posting comments on a video of yourself, but it’s more honest if you do so under your own name. 😎

  4. Does he tells us to be alarmed of our own shadow? That should make the list I would think.

    1. I propose Rule 13: If it exists, somewhere on the Internet there will be a post by a fundamentalist explaining why it’s demonic. (13 for the nonsense over the old Proctor & Gamble logo.)

  5. But seriously, this reminds me more of a mystery cult/religion than Christianity. Perhaps I should create a conspiracy theory about it.

  6. Throw in some black helicopters and jack-booted thugs marching in lockstep with the rocking hits from the Reichstag and you’ve got a full blown conspiracy! Okay, bug-eyed, foam-mouth tirades aside, I’ve been hearing about this sort of thing for decades. Conspiracy? That’s questionable due to the mammoth efforts needed to keep it under wraps. Massive corruption? Entirely possible. And therein is where you’ll find most people today…corrupt in the natural deliberations of their minds, and this corruption comes out in their behavior. (Rant setting off).

  7. I couldn’t listen past the part where he told me to throw my bible away….figured there was no point if I couldn’t fact-check. My HCSB isn’t good enough, I guess.

    1. Oh, no! You don’t have one of those Bibles that refers to Christ as “the Lord” do you? Get yourself a REAL Bible! πŸ™„

  8. If this MOG wants to dabble in conspiracy theories, I’ll play along. I believe that MOGs use sermons like this not to warn the sheeple against a genuine threat, but rather to make the sheeple see the MOG as one who knows all things and is the keeper of great and important secrets far beyond their ability to comprehend. Subsequently their reverence for the MOG grows and grows and he can say more and more outlandish things that the sheeple will swallow hook, line and sinker.

    One more thing…I almost feel bad pointing this out, but the wide suspenders on the gentleman sitting up front to the MOG’s left lead me to think that this service was held in a very rural setting. How calculating on the part of the MOG to preach something like this in this setting.

    1. …but rather to make the sheeple see the MOG as one who knows all things and is the keeper of great and important secrets far beyond their ability to comprehend.

      Isn’t that called a GNOSTIC?

    1. The difference here is that the “Puzzlin’ Evidence” preacher is better at connecting the random stuff he mentions than is today’s special guest, Pastor Charles Lawson.

  9. I got to the 22:50 mark (while I was doing other stuff). If it gets any better after that, somebody let me know.

    It’s the old “blind ’em with science strategem: Throw out names, “facts,” and figures faster than anybody can fact-check you.

    Also, mention a whole lot of stuff together, and you can somehow imply that those things are related.

    Lindberg crossed the Altantic! And the Hindenberg! And the Charleston! And Krakatoa! And the Jonestown flood! It’s the Apocalypse!

  10. I’ve heard a lot of this stuff on the late-night Coast To Coast radio program, some of it almost verbatim. About the only thing he leaves out are the Grey and Reptilian alien races, and the British Royal Family’s connections to the Antichrist, but it can’t be for lack of trying. πŸ™„

  11. Is it just me or did he NOT explain what “letteth” means? He said, “Will you LET me …” but that’s the modern use, not the 1611 use. I thought his explanation of that word was rather garbled.

    1. His ‘explanation’ was garbled.
      “Let” in the 16th and 17th centuries could have the meaning it has now (permit, allow, remove impediments), but it could also mean prevent, hinder, or restrain.

      It’s one of a class of words sometimes called contranyms. A contranym is a word at least two of whose meanings are exact opposites of each other. There are a surprising number of these in modern English:

      clip: to attach, or to cut off
      dust: to scatter a powder on something, or to remove fine powder
      sanction: to approve of, or to express condemnation of
      seed: to plant seeds (as in a field), or to remove seeds (as from a fruit)

      and many others.

      1. I am pleased to know that I’m not the only one who geeks out over things like this πŸ™‚

    2. No idea about 1611 KJB English, but the Greek behind “letteth” means “to hinder, to prevent” in modern American English.

    3. @PW: I noticed this — our modern use of “let” is to allow; or to NOT hinder, which isn’t AT ALL the meaning here. I was shaking my head in despair when he went through that.

      1. Don’t forget the carrotths.

        I know a pastor who explains/defines KJV words from Webster to his congregation, and doesn’t refer back to Hebrew or Greek. Quite often, the original meaning isn’t garbled. It’s just plain wrong.

        Some of the folks in his church are so blinded by KJVonlyism, they even think the punctuation is placed there by God.

  12. He seems nice. I mean, he spends too much time googling for answers, but he might be a fun grandpa to have. He reminds me of a RonPaulist I used to like to meet for coffee from time to time. He once said to me, “John, I only believe in conspiracies that are true.”

    1. While the video was playing, I did have the thought: If you don’t happen to have a crazy uncle of your own, he’ll do until you get one.

      1. ^ Indeed.
        I wonder if he leads off with The Rapture and Anti-Christ when soul winning. Geting him going at holidays is probably endless fun.

        1. Haha, yeah, did you notice how he frequently would say something fringe-ish and he’d say something like, “You never anyone say that before, have you?”

      2. “Mom, mom, look at the shines hats Uncle Chuck made us!”
        “Sweetie, there’s something I need to tell you about your uncle…”

    2. I have a brother-in-law who is a complete and utter believer in conspiracies and was a 100% Ron Paul supporter. Some of the things the man in the video talked about were mentioned by my B-in-L.

  13. Wow Darrell,
    Thanks for the entertainment. In the immortal words of Larry the Cucumber, “I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob!” πŸ˜•

  14. I was moderately entertained, until he said “Abortion is a convenient way to control the population.” That really hurt my soul AND my brain. No one thinks abortion is convenient. No one. And to people who abhor abortion for it being MURDER, the characterization of abortion as “convenient” really stings.

  15. I had to take a break when he started quoting Kevin Trudeau. Billionaire Kevin Trudeau, that is. 😯 πŸ™„ That’s when I knew the train bound for reality had long since departed.

    1. … “in the late 1990s [Kevin Trudeau] promoted several products including Coral Calcium and something called Hair Farming, all of which got him in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.”

      Hair Farming! Yeah! Let’s hear it for hair farming!

  16. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! I got all the way to the end and he says, “have I got you thinking? We’ll pick it up next week!” Does he have a book table in the back? I want to know all the answers NOW!!

      1. I agree. I actually listened to that too. Did you know your cell phone is listening to you? And people are looking at my Myspace account?

  17. Two things he mentions in his sermon:
    1. There is a group of people who believe it is their right to rule over you.
    2. These same people want keep you entertained and ignorant.

    How is this different from the leadership of the IFB?

  18. Subordinate Dow: Thank you for alerting us to this apparent breach in our security wall. He shall be handled in the usual manner.

  19. First twelve minutes he hit the antichrist, the one world government, Margaret Sanger (because when she was alive she was the only racist around), the DaVinci Code, and ….wait for it….the Federal Reserve System. So I’m going to say this guy’s sources are mainly Alex Jones, maybe some David Hunt thrown in there, and Art Bell. This “sermon” is like a conspiracy-theory casserole with the goal of convincing me that THE END IS NEAR! Yeah, nope.

    Also, I’ve got to say that it’s interesting how often you hear there’s going to be a totalitarian one-world government. Even taking Revelation as a nearly literal work, I’m pretty sure totalitarianism isn’t implied at all. The whole thing is that the antichrist is so awesome everybody follows him. That’s not so totalitarian.

    HOLY COW I JUST GOT TO “NO ONE KNOWS WHERE AIDS CAME FROM”! That’s so much crazypants bs! Wow. Wow. Wow.

    1. I used to listen to Art Bell for my weirdness fix — until the show went All Conspiracy All The Time.

  20. This is just…wow. I can’t believe I’m still listening, but this quite the train wreck. Man, he just contrasted ignorance with amounts of information. Information =/= knowledge or truth, I’m afraid to say. He has lots of information, but none of what he’s puking out there will counter-act ignorance in any way, shape, or form.

    1. There’s no benefit to having lots of information if 75% of your information is wrong and the wrong stuff is all jumbled up with the true stuff.

  21. Topics Discussed: Genetic ancestry of the Global Elite, New World Order, Anti-Christ, One World Government, population control, man-made plagues, planned parenthood, abortion, planned wars, 9/11, Zionism, Masons, Kundalini Yoga, Eugenics.

    No Shapeshifting Cannibal Reptoids from the Constellation Draco or the Hollow Earth?

  22. Ahhh yes!

    The old “prophetic” ministries. My family was greatly influenced by Hal Lindsey’s “The Late, Great Planet Earth.” It was sent to us by a friend who was concerned for our souls, and the book did its work. We were soon connected with a home church of believers just convinced Christ was coming at any moment.

    After a few years of waiting, they went ahead and bought a church building. They were still convinced Christ was coming back immediately, but perhaps not so immediately that they maybe possibly could use the Sunday school space for children and a slightly larger Sanctuary and a mortgage payment.

    At one point a few years after I was saved, a missionary from Holland (to Holland?) name Cornelius Vanderbreggan visited our church. He and I were talking about the latest Jesus is Coming Soon fervor (it happened every couple of years when the politics ramped up), and he sounded a note of caution. Jesus might indeed come back that year, that month, or even that day. But since He hadn’t come back when the Apostles thought He would, and in fact had delayed more than 1900 years after John wrote the Revelation, might it not be possible Christ wouldn’t come again for 30 or 40 more years? Or maybe even another 2000?

    It was not the excitement or the anticipation that mattered, he noted. It was that we live lives faithful so that whenever He should come, we would be ready to meet Him and glad to see Him.

    And that caution, 34 years ago(?) saved me much grief as the fervor went through cycle after cycle.

    Today I am unconvinced by “prophetic teaching.” They have made so many predictions, been so very wrong, and always recalculate, adjust for current politics, put out revised editions of their books and make more money. Jesus will come when He comes. I am not going to worry about it or fuss over it. There is too much to get done.

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