6 thoughts on “MOY: Death or Taxes? (Hang On a Second, I’m Thinking It Over)”

  1. You asked, “Which benefits would you be fine doing without if it meant you got to keep more money?”

    Many of these benefits are worthwhile and I support them. What I do not support is the massive bureaucracy “required” by these services. I believe there is incredible corruption involved in government programs, both from people who try to beat the system as well as workers who milk the system. I mean no disrespect against those government workers who do their job, but I believe there are a lot, especially in “supervisory” roles, who are unnecessary leaches on the system, wasting our hard-earned money. THAT’S what I object to, not the taxes themselves but the careless and cavalier way they often get mishandled.

  2. pw–I used to work for the government and this is so true. People (mostly those who contributed to the boss’s campaign fund, his relatives, people who shared his unique ethnic background, etc.) were paid to sit in a back room and watch TV all day. I was one of those favored souls because of my family’s involvement in politics. We watched Jerry Springer, Maury, Wheel of Fortune, and occasionally licked envelopes or did other mindless tasks. Kids often came to work hung over or high, and no one even noticed. I felt so guilty about it, even as a teenager, that I had to quit after a few months.

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