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  1. I just looked up the church website, and the Pastor is Terry Anglea. (Unrelated, but I heard him speak at Fundy U) Not a doctor, “just a pastor”. So why does this say that the conference host is Dr. Dennis Corle? Probably because the host pastor can’t be the only one on the page without a special title.

    1. He’s listed as “Host Pastor” in the upper left corner, and he has “Dr” in front of his name.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it very funny that the host church doesn’t even have the conference listed on their calendar.

  3. My former pastor was given an honorary. He actually didn’t take it seriously, and he didn’t like to be called “doctor.” However, he had spent most of his life in Senegal/(then) Zaire and knew French and Wolof fluently and some Arabic and had had a root canal done in Africa with no medication*. One of the few men who probably deserved the title refused it.

    *This isn’t academic-just impressive

    1. I was fortunate enough to have an IFB pastor who earned his doctorate and refused the title except while he was teaching a course at the nearby Fundy U. He insisted that Pastor was his title, but he called the assistant pastor and youth pastor “brother.” Probably to keep them in their place.

      1. I served on a IFB staff years ago…the people were told before I got there that there was only one pastor and I was to be called “Bro.”

  4. I keep wanting to click “Like” on your comments, but then I realize I’m not on Facebook. We really need a Like button. 😉

  5. Dear SFL Reader:

    Keith Gomez can’t belong here; he looks just a little too much like R.C. Sproul.

    Christian Socialist

        1. Q.: How many IFB pastors does it take to change a light bulb?

          A.: None. They’d make a woman do it. :mrgreen:

  6. The whole honorary doctorate among the IFB is kind of a funny paradox and certainly a contradiction to the normal faux standards. “We can’t be like the world and hand out doctorates to big donors or political figures. We have nothing to offer them that they want. But we still want the ego boost and impressive titles without the hard work. Here’s an idea: I’ll give you a doctorate and you send all your kids to my college. Then you can go around the country with Dr. in front of your name. Works for me if it works for you.”

  7. Is it possible that at least one of these ministers has a P.hd? I wonder what their doctoral dissertations were like.

  8. How many of these Drs(TM) are Honorary Doctorates awarded by one of the other Drs(TM) in the poster?

    Larry awards Moe an Honorary Doctorate,
    Moe awards Curly an Honorary Doctorate,
    Curly awards Larry an Honorary Doctorate —

  9. 22 old white guys talking for hours and guilting me into giving them money while they likely shame my house, my family, my personal relations and my appearance? Count me in!

  10. I know many of these good men personally and have dome work for a small handful of them. I just don’t see the benefit of publicly writing dark and harmful comments about men such as these. What is the point?
    Do any of you really buy into this theory put forth by truth-haters that open and honest discourse is the title for what this sort of stuff is?

    1. What’s the point?
      That one person reading this may be saved from being sucked into the IFB movement. Tha one who is in the movement will wee the excesses these men practice and the error they preach. That one soul is freed from the guilt, emotionalism, and experential legalism that these men collectively teach. screech and profit from.

      A Truth Lover

        1. His title was granted in the name of God Jesus Holy Spirit. (What was the name of that kook?)

          Anyway, he wears the title well.

    2. I’ve known many of them as well. I’m a recent escapee of the IFB and I’m glad I’m out.

      I spent 25 years of my life in fundie-land and have found the freedom of being able to worship God without all the rules, regulations, judgments, etc that has quite frankly hindered my personal walk with God.

      I would only hope this site would be a place of warning and education on what really goes on and brings out the dangers of the IFB.

      Its good to be free! 😀

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