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  1. People really are amazing and not in a good way. 👿 Eww. Oh, I posted the antidote in the forums. :mrgreen: To wipe this out go listen to the inaugural choir. (shameless promotion)

  2. Never heard that before.

    So, if I read the KJV, I’m not a wicked sinner!?!?!?

    I do believe that the KJV is a superior translation, but some of the screaming here was nearly enough to drive someone away from the position. Of course, the vitriol is on both sides as well.

    Bob Jones University has never believed the Bible?!?!?

    1. Guilt, I’m the same way. I believe the KJV is the most precise of the translations, but sometimes to make the message clearer to those that have no biblical background another version might be more beneficial. These types of songs and this type of screaming is why people don’t want anything to do with the IFB movement.

      1. As mean and hateful as the man (men?) in the clip was (were?), I have heard similar mean & hateful speech from supporters of more modern versions.

        All I meant is that mean & ugly speech is not restricted to KJV supporters.

        1. I retired in 09, and one of the hobbies I have taken up has been studying the bible translation issue. I speak with folks on a daily basis about these issues and have NEVER heard someone from the “other side” speak like the fanatical KJVonly’s! Not even close! One merely has to look at the modern-day fathers of this movement to see why the followers of KJVonlyism act the way they do. Take alittle spin over to Samuel “Bullgipp” Gipp’s website, he’s a very nasty piece of work! But then do some reading on Peter Ruckman, who is the Godfather of KJVonlyism today, a very, legalistic, actually vile man!He calls people that disagree with him names I have never heard of! And I’m a 6-yr military veteran, and retired police officer!

          As for me, I think the KJV is a fine 17th century, Anglican translation, the only problem is that most of us, me included, have a difficult time understanding it. Language has moved on and always will. The KJV translators themselves said, that “A variety of translations is profitable for the finding out of the sense of the Scriptures…must do good, yea, is necessary, as we are persuaded.”

      1. A GeoCities link!? Is that still a thing? Do I have to have a Juno account to sign up? So many questions….

        1. Still with the same sophisticated graphics and animated GIFs, I trust? 😀 😆 :mrgreen:

          Beware of geeks bearing GIFs….

      2. On the one hand, I’m a Cradle Catholic, so I did not grow up with the KJB. On the other hand, I’m an erstwhile English major, so I must admit…parts of the KJV sure are purty!

        One of my favorite examples: that wonderful line from Psalm 107 that’s inscribed at the base of the famous statue of the Gloucester Sea Captain (which figures in the classic tear-jerker movie Captains Courageous….but I digress): “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters.”

        Oh my gosh!!! I can smell the salt spray.

        In other translations, this line is utterly flat-footed: “Some went down to the ocean in boats”…that sort of thing.

        I’m sure these other translations are more accurate, but they completely lose the poetry. :p

        However, this does not mean that I would want a steady diet of the KJV. Just some small doses when I’m in the mood for some of the most beautiful English prose and poetry EVAH.

        1. I agree! The KJV isn’t my prefered translation usually, but I think that it is actually the better translation depending on the book of the bible you’re reading. For example, if you are reading Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, or Job, the I think the KJV actually gets closer to the ‘heart’ of the texts as these were artful and poetic books. Art and poetry say things as much with style as they do the actual words or pictures. The KJV tends to take hold of some of that feeling with these books.

        2. I love the beauty of the KJV, but, for teaching my children, I prefer a translation that doesn’t need my own explanations so much!

          I agree that the Psalms are beautiful in the KJV, but I like reading Proverbs in the NLT. So many of the proverbs are such practical advice about life, yet, phrased in Elizabethan language, are really vague and confusing.

          An example is Proverbs 18:1: “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom” (KJV). It’s hard to even tell if in that context the man is behaving wisely or not. Other versions help clarify: “He who separates himself seeks his own desire, He quarrels against all sound wisdom” (NASB). (And that verse alone may be why some fundies hate other versions since it seems to describe them!)

        3. I’d read Proverbs all my life (at least since I was 8) and thought I understood it about as well as anyone. Then I read it in the ESV and everything made so much more sense!

      3. Big Gary is correct. No one who reads Greek, or especially Hebrew, would ever pretend that the KJV is the most precise translation. I do think it’s the prettiest, and I still prefer it for Christmas Eve services, etc. However, it is abundantly clear that the translators took poetic license in order to make it more elegant. Also, the translators didn’t grasp the concept of Greek “aspect” (Greek doesn’t have actual tenses in our sense of the word), so aspect changes are sometimes mistranslated as tenses in the KJV, when they aren’t meant to be.

  3. A “retard “and a” pervert”? Really. Sounds like judgment to me. What happened to judge not lest ye be judges?

  4. Please tell me where I can get this Bible that makes me lie on the beach, fornicate, and smoke cigars. I think I need more of that.

  5. My first thought was that Darrell had recorded himself singing the song and cut the…other guy in around him. But I would like to think much, much better of Darrell’s singing abilites. I do hope I am wrong.

    1. You can find some of Darrell’s actual singing and guitar playing in the SFL archives. He’s good at both. This is someone else braying.

    2. Nope. This is just one song from an entire “album” of made some students at PCC. I think it has circulated through all the Fundy U campuses over the years!

      1. I just can’t believe how liberal and worldly his vocalizations are. And that evil rock strumming on the guitar… how did PCC ever allow this? 😉

  6. I’m not even going to try and pick on even one aspect of that song. It is just ignorance in its purest form.

    However, if anyone is struggling with the issue of KJV-onlyism, I found the lectures on the History of the English Bible at “biblical training. org” to be extremely helpful to me in trying to get my head around a lot of the misconceptions I had about Bible translation, the KJV and modern versions. It’s well worth the two hours to listen to the four lectures.

    1. This debate is also very insightful. http://youtu.be/kTfiuksOwl4
      James White (on the non KJV only side of the debate) of Alpha and Omega Ministries has a lot of great resources on the issue of KJV onlyism. He also has several youtube responses to Sam Gipp’s nonsense.

  7. I love this song. It made my day. I laughed so hard. There’s no way the song’s writer was thinking anything but parody. I certainly hope I’m not wrong. “Jesus wrote KJV in the sand” LOL

  8. “It hasn’t gotten any better with age.”

    NOTHING gets “better” with age unless you’re an evolutionist or have allowed the satanic evolutionist PHILOSOPHY (Col. 2:8) to take over your thinking.

    I can understand why you’re so bitter AGAINST King James Bible believing Christians. You KNEW what was right and you stuck your nose up at God when he showed you.

    1. Nothing gets better with age?

      “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.” Job 12:12

      It seems that time should have the effect of producing both wisdom and understanding. I know that in my case time and age have helped me to see that this song is pure drivel. As a Christian I’m not against fellow believers, and I’m not against the King James Bible, but I am against arrogance and ignorance of the truth, both of which this song is full of.

    2. Nothing gets better with age? *sniff sniff* Do I smell… are you… could this be… a veiled concession that the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible are superior to the KJV, which came 1500+ years later? That the KJV is NOT an improvement on the originals? So the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that we have today, which are more numerous and OLDER than the manuscripts that Erasmus used to compile the TR (from which the KJV was translated), are better because they are older? Are you saying that these, being the same manuscripts used to translate the NIV, NAS, ESV, RSV, and HCSB, are then better and more reliable texts? Is that what you mean? :mrgreen:

    3. Wine, Cheese, and my wife.

      All 3 of these things get better with age. Even better if I can get all 3 at once. 😈

      1. Amen! This song struck me as pure idolatry, worshiping the book rather than the God of the book.

  9. I remember the guy who wrote this song, I was there. He had a whole album, it was great. Does anyone remember his name? I can’t for the life of me remember.

  10. Well! I’m a first time visitor here, and I bring my letters of recommendation from several childhood/young adult IFB churches in order to be accepted into the service of the LORD y’all are laboring at.

    I’ve spent a little time looking at the archives and reading comments, and this site seems like a pretty healthy way to deal with an interesting past—kudos to all. Laughter the best medicine and all that.

    I left the IFB movement a little over two decades ago, also enjoying stints in Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist churches (including a tour of duty as a RB pastor) before becoming Orthodox in 2000. I should add: I am still Orthodox, but I would be considered “progressive” by anyone’s standards. (Come to think of it, I probably would not be considered even a decent Christian by most people’s standards!) I attended a IFB Christian school (with ABeka and BJU textbooks being the foundation—next to the KJV of course!), Word of Life Bible Institute, a Preacher Boy Conference at BJU, tried to attend Liberty but thankfully was rescued by Gawd from such a fate. So I understand where y’all are coming from. A lot of the stuff on this site is a fun trip down memory lane for me. Of course, I didn’t suffer some of the abuse many here have endured, so my memories are not terrifying—just pleasantly odd. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I still have not fully recovered from that fundy preaching trait. Gawd bless you reprobates, I really enjoyed this edifying hymn.

    1. Welcome aboard, Sailor. Ya see that wigwam amidships, all made of baleen? Within sits our master and commander, the venerable Dar-El. He’s a queer sight for merchant-men; don’t cross his wake, or he’ll take his whale-bone timber and plant it firmly up your transom.

      1. ‘Slid, man, so long as he kicks me with a right good will, ’twill be an honor. I consider it an honor. Tell me though. Is he mad?

  11. Dude. This song was still making the rounds when I was a student (probably 4-5 years after Darrell graduated). That and “Ode to Bob Jones”, “I Got 150 Demerits cuz I Said Amen in Church”, etc. And interesting how whores in California are so the norm that they can be referenced in sermons without further explanation. Apparently we are the only state that produces such people.

      1. As someone who enjoyed weather near 80 degrees today, I’ve gotta agree.

    1. You were there when he sang it? So you of all people would know: did he sing it as a joke/parody? Or was he serious about this?

        1. Geritol Hall?? They have a place called Geritol Hall?

          Is it well supplied with hoverounds and Metamucil? 😆

        2. Geritol Hall is the floor for students 23 and older. They are allowed to stay up past 2300, and they have other freedoms as well. Some of the more studious students on Geritol actually wished for a stricter lights out so they could get some sleep.

        3. I was a joke but not a joke…he was very passionate about the KJV and even left his church where he had come to Christ over the issue. So even though he was a joker he was with out a doubt KJV only. Bill B. actually edit with my help it was like the night before Christmas break.

        4. Cyzek was all hopped up on a book from Dr. Sorenson…He was crazy for the KJV

        5. Here’s Poe’s Law in action!!
          Kap’n Krank and Doc Fun both knew the guy and were both there when he recorded the song, but they disagree about whether he was serious or doing a parody!

        6. KKP, David Sorenson was my pastor when I was in high school.

          We weren’t allowed to go to Pizza Hut on official youth outings because they served beer.

          We all wondered where he did his grocery shopping, since beer was sold just about EVERYWHERE in Brainerd, Minnesota.

  12. Dear SFL Reader …

    Years ago, I told a guy who went on a ‘KJVO’ screed that he reminded me of Jude 10:

    ‘these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed’ [Jud 1:10].

    He wasn’t happy!

    Christian Socialist

  13. Darrell,

    Consider this my sternly-worded righteously indignant formal freakin’ complaint that there was not a disclaimer/warning/gigantic neon sign warning your unsuspecting readers that Phil Kidd was doing the color commentary on that video. (God knows that is not preaching-that man just has public temper tantrums.) My ears are *bleeding*. Thanks loads.

    Lucky for you, it’s your first offense, so I’ll just give you a few hundred demerits. Next time, you’re getting hauled in front of the P.C.C. D.C. 😎

  14. Is California whore a trademark? Kind of like California Raisins?
    What about a California whore is distinctive? Especially compared to whores from other warm climates?
    Perhaps I should send Mr. Kidd a list of questions.

    I grew up KJVO. I am no longer KJVO in spirit but I am in practice. It is the Bible I know best and the language is comfortable to me. I have no problem with other versions and think some of them are probably better but I like the KJV.

    1. I grew up in California and then went to PCC. I can not tell you how many people really assumed that I was not saved because I lived in California.

      One girl asked me very seriously if we had churches OUT THERE. I looked at with a straight face and told her, No. We are all pagans out there. But I was lucky and a missionary came by our town once and preached the gospel and I got saved. However he was run out of town by an angry mob playing Styper on their boom boxes.

      She believed me. Why is it so easy to lie to these people?

      1. wow. I’m gonna chalk that up to just plain ditzy. I can’t find it in me to think that all Fundy U students are that oblivious, so I certainly hope that was an isolated case. Then again… why would they be at PCC if they had any common sense to begin with.

        1. They aren’t ALL that oblivious, but many of them have scary bad educations.

          I watched a BJU student go in and sign up to share a ride home. Part of the process was to put a marker on the US map, showing where you want to go. She said, “You expect me to find Virginia on that big ol’ map?”

      2. I too am from CA and went to PCC. There weren’t many Californians compared to, say, the amount of people from Ohio. The preconceived ideas they had about me were interesting, although I’ve got to say I fulfilled almost every one (like oh my gosh, talked super fast, OP/Quiksilver/Hurley/Fox everything).

  15. THIS> THIS song is rofl laughing. as seriously on the floor. I grew up in ATI, a homeschool cult that also stressed KJV only. So done.

    1. Me. And as a person who has taught a Bob Dylan course at a university, and thus knows about all the anti-Dylan sections in the anti-rock books, I am finding excessive ironies on this point.

  16. Ahhh yes. As if there were no Scriptures before the KJV was translated.

    My wife gave me a copy of the NASV for a wedding present. When my sister saw it, she went through the roof, called me a heretic. She railed about how corrupt it was.

    I asked her why she thought that. Oh, I knew. I had grown up under that, and at BJU I had learned that KJV-onlyism was itself a heresy.

    My sister got out her little tracts. So I challenged her to compare verses from the KJV with my NASV. The verse she chose (and I don’t really remember what it was), was not in any way different in meaning whatsoever. When I pointed that out, my sister ran off screaming that I was trying to destroy her faith.

    There is a big difference between faith in God and faith in a version.

  17. A non-rhetorical question: when did it become okay for a Fundy to try to sound like Bob Dylan?

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