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  1. Dr. Jack Trieber at North Valley Baptist in Santa Clara, CA has had Tony Hutson at his annual Pastor’s Conference for the past several years now. He’s the entertainment preacher, a total raving lunatic, whose hanky waving, crazy shouting, incoherent rantings are supposed to be preaching! Fundies from the Hyles’ camp must be desperate! No wonder so many of their young people are leaving. Makes one’s stomach turn!

    1. My last year at Western National Youth Conference was Hutson’s first year there. I could not believe they would have that big of a joke of a ‘preacher’ speaking. Oh, all the teens thought he was so funny…probably because he acted like a dope. As to anything spiritual being shared, there wasn’t. But there was plenty of hate speech and bashing other churches, colleges, etc. I usually never get extremely angry but Tony Hutson and his absolute falseness really gets under my skin. He’s loud, he’s rude, he’s hateful, and he parades his over-inflated ego and bad character under the name of ‘Christianity’. There were more than a few times I wanted to stand and throw my hymnal at him. In fact he should meet his brother, Mark Driscoll. They’re two of the fakest attention-hungry loud-mouths with nothing to say that I know of. Excuse all the grammar mistakes.

      1. Mark Driscoll has much more of value to say than Tony Hudson, but the egos are about the same size though.

  2. Well, that’s the calmest, most coherent I’ve ever seen him! Guess he was just warming up???

  3. Surely this is a subtle–or maybe not so subtle–mind control tactic. Do these people not realize how silly they look and sound? Good grief.

  4. And we wonder why nobody wants to invite people to church. How humiliating!! The NBT goobers always made the “big church’ do that retarded booster cheer too. For all of their ranting about what doesn’t belong in “God’s house” they sure have quirky exceptions.

    1. “For all their ranting about what doesn’t belong in ‘God’s house’ they sure have quirky exceptions.”

      YES!!! Once your eyes are open, you start to see the hypocrisy — they condemn others while excusing themselves.

      At least when the people in my church hold up their hands, they’re doing it in praise of God not pretending to be birds.

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