See You On The Other Side

The truck is packed, the apartment is cleaned, and the next thing on my list is a drive from Phenix City, AL to Brandon, Florida.

Good thoughts, well-wishes, and fervent prayers would be appreciated. (If you had any idea how terrified I am to drive this truck you’d request my man card to be revoked immediately.)

74 thoughts on “See You On The Other Side”

  1. Many years ago, some friends moved cross-country with a big rented truck.
    Their then-preschool son was immensely impressed with the size of the truck and the fact that his Daddy drove it. However, at that time he had trouble saying the “tr” consonant combination.
    So, for months afterward, whenever they were out in public somewhere and a large vehicle passed, the kid would point excitedly and yell, “There’s Daddy’s f–k!”

    1. I had this friend who’s small son had the same problem with the tr sound. This friend’s father was a pastor. One time when the friend’s mother was visiting, a fire truck went by the house. The little boy excitedly said “Firef–k, Mommy! Firef–k!” The friend said to her mother quickly “He means firetruck, Mom!” At that point her mother laughed and said “I had 5 kids, Sandy! I know that!” 😆

  2. Hey! I live about an hour from the Orlando area. Maybe we could get together some time and exchange stories. Good luck getting settled in. At least this is the somewhat tolerable season in FL. 😎

  3. I assume you made it safely to your destination. I drove a U Haul that size on our 500 mile move to So Cal. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The last hour or so was hard on my arms from the shaking of the bumpy ride.

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