Screaming, Pew Climbing, and Shenanigans

It has been a while since we heard from Tony Hutson. His “sermons” have not improved in the interim.

Given my recent focus on charity work, I especially enjoyed his disdain for churches doing AIDS walks or supporting Jerry’s Kids.

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  1. Possibly instead of making fun of Jazzercise, he should try it! Of course, he could rename it KingJamesacize (KJVacize for short).

      1. No no no. Brother Tony just told you in this very clip: “Physical training availeth little.” As you can see, he’s trying hard to live out that belief. Say A-MEN????!!!!!!!” …and pass the fried chicken.

  2. The baby was sitting in my lap when I started watching. She kept saying “no” and shaking her head.

  3. Someone should tell the good Pastor (not that facts get in the way of a good sermon-point) that the word “wait” in Isaiah 40:31 IS just that, “But they that wait upon the Lord – The word rendered ‘wait upon’ here (from קוה qâvâh), denotes properly to wait, in the sense of expecting. The phrase, ‘to wait on Yahweh,’ means to wait for his help; that is, to trust in him, to put our hope or confidence in him.”

      1. unless MiG stands for “Man is Gid” or “Man i’m Great.” Which would aptly apply to blowfish like Tony who replace God with themselves in their sermonizing. 😯 😉

      2. Dear formerHACgirl:

        MiG may also work. FYI, that refers to a Soviet era fighter aircraft [ ]. The MiG and the MoG work in different ‘planes’ of existence. One works in physical world, and the other in the spiritual realm. The the connection is clear since both produce devastation.

        Christian Socialist

        1. Dear Don:

          Thanks for the link. That gave me an admittedly odd idea.

          Finney’s wild eyes and beard reminded me of Rasputin.

          Then Sunday’s intent look and finger-pointing made me think of Hitler.

          Bob Gray also reminds me of someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on who it is.

          This led to another thought…

          Could we prevail on Darrell to make a future, ‘match the celebrity/fraud/villain/etc., with the preacher!

          Christian Socialist

    1. Dear John Fincher:

      I didn’t know this forum would do Hebrew fonts! How did you do that? Character map?

      Christian Socialist

      1. I can’t type non-English characters here, but if I copy them (from Microsoft Word) and paste them in my comment, they work. For example, ñ, à, á, ü, €, £, Я, щ, Ω.
        Apparently, it also works with Hebrew (and Greek) characters.

      2. Most English language sites and programs reverse Hebrew when you type it. Word does this. I do not understand why but most programs insist on spelling the words backwards. It seems to have something to do with Hebrew being written from right to left but I can’t figure out why that matters.

        It is good to know that SFL doesn’t do that.

    2. Years ago I heard The Man himself, Jack Hyles, make that same point. He did a long routine where he was a waiter running up to God. “What can I get you God? Soulwinning? Okay, I’ll run and do that!” etc

      Original languages? We don’t need no stinkin’ original languages!

      1. Dear Apathetic or whatever:

        Yeah — Why do we need original languages when we don’t have original autographs.

        We’ve got preachers like this to prove we don’t need original languages. And as long as we have the 1611, we don’t need copies, let alone original autographs.

        Christian Socialist

    3. I have heard other preachers say the same thing; that the word “wait” there means to serve, as a waiter “waits” — but, given what you say, I’ll need to look it up. Sad that a preacher would rely on the word of other preachers and not check it out for himself. The one I heard was a Jack Hyles disciple, so I’m sure that’s where he got it (not from the Word of God).

      1. I heard that too, and looked it up; it really does mean to just wait! Who’d a thunk? 😉

    4. I was just going to post something like this. Horrible interpretation of the scriptures.

      Here’s a neat factoid: hermeneutics is not required at nearly any IFB “college” for a theological degree. Here’s proof. 🙄

      1. Dear Pixelmaker:

        This confirms what I’ve suspected for some time.

        In some quarters, preaching requires two things. You need an axe, and you need a Bible. You use the axe to cut down a tree. Then you stand on the stump, open the Bible, and start preaching.

        It seems not to occur to them that we could do that much ourselves …

        Christian Socialist

        1. At the risk of sounding bitter (which I’m not, or I’d just be a slave to something else), I know about this firsthand. I paid to get that “degree.” 🙄

          The real issue in their preaching, not even the style although that is indicative, but it is the lack of the Holy Spirit at all. They replace the Holy Spirit with whichever axe they want to grind…and somehow justify it with an out-of-context portion of scripture.

          I know this because I have done it, and am ashamed of it. 😥

        2. Dearly beloved PixelMaker:

          Your testimony to honest loss subsequent to personal sacrifice breathes the spirit of one who said, ‘whatever was gain to me, I now count as loss for the sake of Christ’ [Phi 3:7-8].

          Without minimizing your sense of loss, I believe you have gained something far greater.

          You have my deepest respect, my friend. I suspect that others here will agree …

          Christian Socialist

        3. Thank you for your kind words. I am positive that I have gained far greater by actually meditating on what Christ taught, than what I say.

          The thing is to be honest about your situation and the changes that it brings is much more liberating than wallowing in the bitterness that it could easily bring.

          God is great, and he’s bigger than most fundy pastors ever see Him. 💡

      2. PM, it was not required for undergrad at my school, but it was for graduate work, my degree, and it was serious, hard work. We studied strongly evangelical Hermeneutic textbooks.

  4. Amen, Brother Tony! That’s some good preaching!
    You posters are so hypocritical. Always claiming that the Ifb is a cult and man centered- that was some good Christ centered preaching right there.
    1. It’s not about you! It’s about Jesus Christ
    2. Charity work is not the main work of the church- it is souls
    You all claim liberty but you forget- the liberty through grace is NOT a license to sin!

      1. Aw, Darrell, you really need to integrate some sort of passive ratings system for comments.

        +1 for you, sir! 😆

    1. license to sin??? non-sequitur

      It grieves the soul to be reminded that I was once like this. Bound by ignorance and legalism to following shallow preaching and even shallower Men-o-god who preach a minnow god.

      Just to stir the pot there P2bf… what is it you are proud of? Proud you are a fundy? Why? What is it that sets you apart so that you can stand and say, “God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers or even as these on SFL.”

      **extortioners, unjust, adulterers??? oh snap! I thought that was the official requirements for being an IFB DR.BrotherPastorPreacherEvangelist.

    2. That was not preaching. That was a rant of self-congratulation salted with a few Biblical themes twisted out of the wrong references. Last time I checked Paul didn’t include, “That’s right apostle Paul” every half verse.

    3. Also, I’m not sure how many people would argue that charity is the MAIN work of the church.

        1. Are we talking about the church collectively or individually? I was meaning collectively: as a body of believers we meet to teach and edify one another, not simply for charity. Individually, you have no argument from me.

        2. Isn’t it portrayed in scripture as both individually and collectively? How about the famous 1 Cor passage where Paul is asking every one to bring in their first fruits at the first of the month so he can take them to the impoverished “saints” in Jerusalem? — Fundy “pastors” twist this passage out of its original context and say it a new testamate justification for “tithing” to the local church.

        3. I think you misunderstood me. Charity is a purpose of the church both collectively and individually. It is A important purpose. However, I don’t think that too many people would say THE MAIN purpose of the church collectively, is for charity. Most would say the MAIN purposes of the church collectively are glorifying God and teaching/edification of believers.

        4. Big Gary, You are right about Matthew 25. It is frightening to think that what we are doing NOW for others is going to be brought up later as an example of our love for Lord Jesus. When we pour out our soul to the poor, needy, widows, orphans, jailed, sick, we are ministering to Him. How closely He identifies with the suffering !

    4. Could someone provide me any Bible reference that says the main work of the church is souls?
      btw, What does it mean that the main work of the church is “souls?” (<-this is what is known as a “fundyism. I mean, boy, that sounds good and sounds very “Spiritual” but it means… ??? )

      1. I was wondering the same thing. Generally when we care for people souls, we are concerned about their total well-being. So I guess that the main work of the church isn’t caring about people’s needs (charity), it is about caring for people’s needs (total well-being).

        p.s. Although, I suppose much of this hinges on whether one is a “Dichotomist” or a “Trichotomist.” 😕

      2. The Great Commission is the answer; somehow, it is interpreted to mean that it is the primary purpose of every Christian “win” people, even though the 2nd and oft-ignored 3rd part are not done by everyone.

      3. It seems to come down to the fundy urge to get decisions, decisions and more decisions…get in someones face, get them to agree with a few key points about their interpretation of the Gospel, get a sinners prayer recited and then get the $@#@#$%# out before they actually have to show care or concern about the physical or emotional needs of this person…

    5. Dear Proud2bfundy:

      Welcome to the forum! We’re glad you’re hear, and I sincerely hope you’ll stick around and show us that you have the strength of your convictions as stated in your moniker!

      Did it take 5:44 minutes to tell us that it’s about Jesus Christ?

      As it stands, that’s a mere platitude. Shouldn’t preaching unpack what that means? Why not say, ‘it’s about Jesus in that he is the ground, guarantor and executor of the covenant, in and through which God deals with us, proffers his grace, ministers his salvation and bestows assurance?’ All preaching is an exposition of that covenant which Christ established in his body and blood, signed and sealed by word and sacrament, and worked in us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

      Wouldn’t good preaching focus on at least some of these things, or is God’s covenant better expounded with his ‘reach out’ antics?

      Wouldn’t it make more sense for Jesus to go straight to hell, pay the price to make ‘salvation’ legal, and skip the incarnation altogether? Is that not more compatible with fundamentalist dogma that it is ‘souls’ that are saved, and that the church is a ‘spiritual’ body?

      If it is ‘souls’ and not the body that matters, why was Jesus made incarnate? Why was there a crucifixion? If the body doesn’t matter, why was Jesus raised?

      It happens that elehosuh [translated ‘charity’] also translates tsedaqah [righteousness], which Ps 33:5 pairs with mishpat [justice], which [together] are defined as chesed [covenant loving-kindness].

      It happens that ‘charity’ [elehosuh] also translates ‘tsedaqah’ [righteousness], which Ps 33:5 pairs with mishpat [justice], which [together] are defined as chesed [covenant loving-kindness].

      The LXX [Greek translation of the Heb OT, which Jesus used] renders elehosuh [charity] also translates ‘tsedaqah’ [righteousness]. Ps 33:5 pairs tsedaqah with mishpat [justice]. Together, these are defined as chesed [covenant loving-kindness].

      How do you justify the refusal of the Biblical view of charity?

      Ps 103:6 teaches that YHWH performs charity/righteous deeds. How do you justify the refusal to imitate God in all his works?

      In Pr 3:3, the LXX translates ‘elehosuh’ as ‘hesed’ [loving-kindnesses]. ‘Do not let hesed/charity and truth leave you.’ How do you escape the charge that a minimalist view of charity correspondingly minimizes truth?

      Pr 14:22 also joins hesed/charity with truth which are contrasted to the way of error and evil. How do you rationalize the assertion of error and evil over charity and truth in Pr 14:22?

      My faith tradition takes Biblical preaching seriously, and the result is seen in the kind of text based application you see in the verses cited. How long do you think our brother’s congregation would put up with such preaching?

      Moreover, how long would YOU put up with such preaching, however Bible based it is?

      I charge that fundamentalist ‘theology’ has a strongly Gnostic bent, that proffers more lip service to the incarnation, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ while largely denying the salvific import of these events. That is an extremely serious accusation. You can avoid this ONLY by acknowledging the correctness of my assessment.

      Kindly distinguish your position from the blasphemous, Gnostic heresy. Some of us are having difficulty why fundamentalism looks so much like it.


      Christian Socialist

      1. Dear Proud2bfundy:

        Sorry about the lousy editing. I really shouldn’t try to do longer posts in this tiny box.

        Christian Socialist

    6. Regarding number 2:

      “I’d believe, if I were able, but I’m waiting on the crumbs from your table”


  5. **I’m about to make a point.. stop.. rear back like a snake about to strike… raise hankie hand… wait for it… wait for it… get ready… raise voice… are all eyes on ME??? wait for it….
    BAM! Qualified!**

    The show is better sans audio.

    1. I’m starting to wonder if Brother Tony is in the early stages of some neurological disorder. The odd postures and awkward hand movements he does in this video look like those of people in the early stages of Parkinson’s or tardive dyskinesia.
      (This is on my mind because my uncle just died of Parkinson’s.)

      Also, this is the first sermon clip I’ve seen of Brother Tony’s where he doesn’t go on and on about his favorite recipes for mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and sweet tea. Is he slipping?

      1. Mr. Hutson is doing a pretty good imitation of Sammy Allen in this clip. Sammy Allen is an evangelist from North Georgia. I have heard Hutson mention that Sammy Allen is one of his favorite preachers.

        Sammy Allen is famous for yelling “Hey!” and throwing his arm like Hutson is doing in this clip.

        1. I knew this man reminded me of another rantin’s Baptist. Thanks for providing me with the name. You are right, that arm motion is almost identical.

          @BG: sorry to hear about your uncle.

        2. I wish I had the time and ability to do an “Evolution of the Fundie Mannerism” video. You begin with Billy Sunday and bring it forward to Tony.
          Tony mimicking Sammy is the result of Fundie programming and spiritual inbreeding.

      2. I think he’s been on a diet for a while now. He looks a lot healthier now than in previous posts!

    2. It’s best sans audio with the closed captioning turned on. I’m still trying to figure out what euro jobs and buster keaton could have to do with this guy.

  6. Ahhhhh *gack* *choke* This is one of the few people I absolutely just loathe!! My last year at the North Valley youth conference was his first year speaking there. Even as incredibly fundy as I was at that time, I literally wanted to stand up and throw my hymn-book at him. How even the most IF of IFBs can stand him is completely beyond my comprehension. This man is a fool. And I never call people fools–I take it very seriously. But Tony Hutson….he’s the exception to my rule.

    1. I agree, FWHFM. I find no humor in his “shenanigans”. I find him arrogant, condescending, and I also loathe the “preacher-posture” he sports.

      This man is beyond disgusting, and I truly believe he’s a dying breed. He’s a caricature of himself.

  7. Wow! I had forgotten how annoying and hateful this man can be. What does it say about you as a public speaker that you feel the need to not once but twice yell at people in your audience for not looking at you. Reminds me of my current church, there is a rule that all church and Christian school staff must maintain eye contact with all speakers at all times. Just sad that he feels he has the right to denigrate those who have come to listen to him. It’s not like his adoring fanbase is unlimited.
    Two main things stuck out at me.
    At 2:10 he screams “What can your family do for the church?”. I hate this line of thinking so much. It leads to so much abuse. I can remember growing up as a preacher boy’s (eventually earned his way to pastor) daughter and how much stuff we had to do every single week for years to prove our loyalty. Not only were we there every time the doors were open, we were serving in some way every time the doors were open, and even when they weren’t. The wife and quiver full of homeschooling kids were a free labor pool for the church. To this day, I don’t know what to do with my spare time. I get panicky just knowing that I have to go to church on Sunday. I always wonder what else the church will find a way to take from me. And then he backs that work mentality up with multiple out-of-context Scriptures? 😯
    Second, at 3:50 in regards to charity work, he says “It used to be about helping people”. I would agree with him there – I think when fundamentalism first started it was about helping people. Now it is about putting another notch in your gospel gun. People really can see through that, and that does make me sad. What happened to helping people in need the way Christ did?
    Anyway, that was an awesome reminder of why this man does not need to a pulpiteer.

    1. Tony Hutson is insecure, thus the constant need of demanding everyone’s attention. Also may explain the constant need to yell. As someone who used to attend (K-12) a Christian school and also worked in one, I feel your pain.

    2. I have found it is much easier to use critical thinking skills when not making 100% eye contact. I’m betting that is why some preacher’s demand eye contact.

    3. If you’re a speaker, and you can’t hold people’s attention, the problem is more likely to be with you than with your audience.

    4. I’m sorry for all you went through.

      In one sense, this screaming, attention-deprived man is right, though: We should ask God to show us where to go to church. Having been a member of both large and small churches, I have seen people bypass a perfectly good small church because they wanted a large youth group. Or they wanted a church with a school. I heard one former pastor say (confess?) that he gave up the pastorate to put his children in a larger church with a school and college.

      I believe we should use of talents and gifts to help the church, but your case, HACgirl was more like abuse: it should be voluntary, always.

      1. If you ask God where to go to church, how will you know when he answers? I’m just curious, because I tried that, and I didn’t get a single text or email. I didn’t even get a “feeling of peace”. At least, not until the second shot of Four Roses Single Barrel, but that is another story.

      2. Or, because the church isn’t a building or service, maybe we ask God to show us how to “be” the church.

  8. FWIW:

    1) I feel sorry for the deaf interpreter on this one. Think I would have just given up.

    2) Liked the quick hit on Gothardites. Reminds me of an old story of two possums locked in a cage. Next day they were gone. Old man walked away saying, “They must have eaten each other.” No one had the heart to ask him who took the last bite. (Sorry. Haven’t finished the first cup of coffee.)

    3) What is a “Mexican meat market”? Is that racist?

    4) Wants churches to be the same 10 years from now. Same music, same methods, etc. Since they haven’t changed in the last 100 years, I’m guessing it’s a safe bet that they won’t change in the next 10.

    5) Wow, Darrell. You were up early this morning. SFL is a different experience B.C. (before caffeine).

    1. There is at least one Mexican meat market in every neighborhood here in south Texas. They have a lot of meat on display, but so does every other kind of meat market.

      I wonder if Hutson is trying to imply that Mexican women dress immodestly. If so, that is both racist and inaccurate.

      1. It’s both sexist and racist, of course.
        The whole rant about girls wearing tight clothing is profoundly sexist, and the crack about a “Mexican meat market” adds racism to the mix.

    1. Me too. At first, I thought the pianist was just mocking him, then I figured out that it was the deaf interpreter.

    2. What does he have against Jazzercise, anyway?
      I say churches should be behind anything that promotes good health.

  9. I counted at least seven “it ain’t nothing about you”‘s in there at the end of the message.

    What ever happened to the body of Christ in Baptist churches?

  10. He is wrong on so many levels in this clip.
    I try to stay calm most of the time. But he is all about himself.
    Egotistical. Bad doctrine being taught, and he and others like him will make fun of churches who have Jazzercise etc. What about all of the sensational stories and making fun of people that he does? That is not Christ. He should be something like a motivational speaker or lecturer if he must be a public speaker rather than disguising his personal agendas and peeves and need to shock, intimidate and entertain under the description of preaching.
    It doesn’t matter how many bible verses he can rattle off. I could rattle off the alphabet when I was 3 and had no idea what it meant or how to use it.

    1. Motivational speaker? I don’t know. Comedian? Definitely. His coming to my home church was one of the things that made me leave fundyism. He went on and on about food, cracking one genuinely funny joke after another, and I was sitting there thinking this man is not preaching at all, but it is hilarious. He should quit pretending his act is ministry and get a theater in Branson and put on a comedy act. He would make a lot more money, and it would be an honest living.

      1. Yes! Comedian, that’s it. I was trying to think of public speaking jobs, and could only think of those couple. But you nailed it. Rubs me the wrong way as a preacher though.

        1. But being a comedian wouldn’t give him a sense of spiritual superiority. And while you could yell at people for the laughs, you wouldn’t really have any power over them. They go home and live as they wish. In fundyland, preachers often think they have the right to tell people how to live in their own homes in areas where the Bible is silent. (Where the Bible speaks, the preacher DOES have the obligation to speak.)

        2. “In fundyland, preachers often think they have the right to tell people how to live in their own homes…”

          pw – my old pastor would always say from the pulpit that he’s not going to tell us how to live our own lives, that we wasn’t going to follow us around all week. And then he would go into a rant about how if we weren’t in church every time the doors…and we weren’t tithing and going soul winning and praying 2 hours a day then God would never hear our prayers and our lives would become a mess.

          So in other words, do as I say, not as I said earlier. 😆

        3. But Scorpio, he was telling the truth. He wasn’t following you around all week, he was demanding you stay where he could keep an eye on you and keep busy praying when you weren’t where he was so he wouldn’t miss you committing any sins.

          Less stress on the MoG that way.

        4. pastor’s wife–unfortunately, my father was one of the few in the church who took everything said from the pulpit by pastor or visiting evangelist and implemented it into our home laws. Not a very happy home, because our lives were dictated by the pulpit.

      2. Famous comedian form the 80’s Sam Kinison started out as a “Hell fire and brimstone” preacher. Didn’t end well for him…

  11. Dear SFL Readers:

    Ya’ll should be ashamed of yerselves fer bein’ too hard on this here preachin’ and a screechin’ man. He needs hep! GIVE THIS MAN A TEXT TO PREACH! To that end, I offer …

    “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven’ [Gen 11:4]

    ‘This commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach’ [Deu 30:11].

    ‘I will also make you a light of the nations So that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth’ [Isa 49:6]

    ‘Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I reach my goal’ [Luk 13:32].

    ‘”Reach here with your finger, and see my hands; and reach here your hand and put it into My side; and do not be unbelieving, but believing”‘ [Joh 20:27].

    ‘Because the harbor was not suitable for wintering, the majority reached a decision to put out to sea from there, if somehow they could reach Phoenix, a harbor of Crete, facing southwest and northwest, and spend the winter there’ [Act 27:12].

    ‘For we are not overextending ourselves, as if we did not reach to you, for we were the first to come even as far as you in the gospel of Christ’ [2Co 10:14].

    Now some questions for our good brother!

    What if the Lord wants us to do an AIDS walk, teach a church school class, or serve on the Deaconal Board? Didn’t you say that ‘waiting on the Lord’ meant ‘what can I do, what can I do, what can I do?’

    Should your church school teachers resign their positions? What would you do then?

    See? Our brother is right! It’s about ‘consistency.’

    Christian Socialist

  12. I was wondering if I’m at the point where I can handle watching these videos, but reading through everyone’s comments reassured me that I am NOT!

    Scripture itself tells me to reject preachers with attitudes like this:
    “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy” (James 3:17)

  13. Wait, I’m confused. Admittedly, I couldn’t sit through the entire thing, but, first, he condemns churches for doing good works, and then, he tells people to stop thinking of themselves and instead come to the church to give to others. Erm… isn’t that what AIDS walks and other charitable actions are? He says Jesus came for the sinners, but he doesn’t want people to be out in the world among the sinners, winning their respect the way Jesus did — by tending to them and healing them.

    1. Too often it’s what formerHACgirl above said: it’s about serving in OUR church, covering OUR nursery, building OUR library, driving OUR buses, dusting OUR white piano, knocking on OUR doors. The only thing that’s “out there” that you need to be worried about is the number of Won Souls you’ve notched on your belt.

        1. You are certainly on to something there. I remember a sermon in which Jack Schaap told us that we were welcome to warm the pews as non-members for a while, but once we became members, he expected HIS church to take everything we had. That right there should have been a warning.

        2. I know of at least one person at my current church of attendance who has pretty much told me if I ever join, he’s going to force me to sign up to do things I have no way of getting to or paying for. And he doesn’t care about that.

          So I’ve been a pew warmer for two years, with no signs that ever gets to change.

      1. Somewhere (here?) I recently read a comment by a reader whose older female relative (mother?) insisted that her church was “doing good work” by having Thanksgiving dinner every year. Specifically, they were “feeding the homeless.” However, nobody ever showed up except church regulars who were not homeless, and apparently there was no offering taken up at the dinner either. But the church was open, people were inside it, and something was being done. Hence, “doing good work.” 🙄

    2. It’s pretty simple really. To fundies like him…AIDS = sodomites* = people to be hated (even though they will not openly admit it)

      * term commonly use by fundies likely to sound more “biblical”

      1. Dear Doc37172:

        Of course some people are born with AIDS, contracted by their parents, possibly in the very act that generated them. These people clearly did nothing to bring the plague of AIDS on themselves. So perhaps it is necessary to collect details on how the AIDS was contracted.

        Master, why was this man born blind; was it his parent’s sin, or his own?

        Good grief!

        Christian Socialist

    1. But the 5th is the main ingredient for a soul stirring, shout-it-out, rural Fundie Revival sermon. It doesn’t matter how bad the point stinks so long as you S-H-O-U-T it loud enough and keep the people off balance so they don’t have time to actually think about how big a pile you just dumped on them is.

        1. Hi, I’m formerHACgirl and I’m here to “wait upon” (קוה qâvâh) you today. Would that be whiskey or scotch? 😀

        2. Could you make me a margarita? Over ice, with salt, please. Maybe after that I could get all the way through Hutson’s rant.

    2. If he is using a cordless mic (or a microphone at all), if he has a website or puts videos on youtube, if his church has a lighted sign or airconditioning, his methods HAVE changed from the past and he’s a hypocrite.

      It’s so wonderfully convenient to pick and choose which things are OK to change because HE wants to change them and which things it is a SIN to change because he doesn’t like them. Hmmmmmm. Sorta sounds like he’s standing in the place of God.

      1. Oh, but don’t you know that the MoG receives special insight into what God wants? It’s only coincidence if God’s will happens to coincide with what the pastor wants at the time. Particularly hot summer? Well, how amazingly providential that God has prompted us to install air conditioning! 😉

    3. Ten years from now he wants churches to be using the same:

      1. Music.
      2. Methods.
      3. Message.
      4. Manuscript.
      5. Manure.*

      *I added the fifth point.

      NOTE: Order may vary depending on latest thing to irritate speaker.

  14. My cat was napping on the desk next to me this morning with her feet tucked up under her body. When I turned this video on she hit me with an aggrieved look and sat with her ears laid back. After about two minutes of Brover Tawny she got up and stalked out of the room while angrily twitching her tail.

    1. That’s a very discerning cat. Mine just had kittens, and when the screaming started, she took her babies and went to hide under the bed while shooting me a dirty look. Cats are smart.

  15. I love the audio ground loop in the background. I was at a fundie church once and they had a horrible hum coming through their sound system. I mentioned to their pastor that I could fix their ground loop problem for them.

    He slapped his Bible stood up on the pew and said the following: “Bless God we don’t need no proper grounding, our foot is grounded on the solid rock, the blessed hope, and the King James Bible and thats all the grounding we need” – as he proceeds to step down off the pew he slips and falls. I had to fake cough to control my laughter.

    1. That is hilarious. I was just thinking that this sermon is missing someone running along the backs of those pews, not just standing on them.

  16. ^^^ That is a really funny story. We had a mog like this clown in our old fundy church as well. Oh the warped stories I could tell…

  17. it boggles the mind how these guys abuse the bible… all of his proof text are out of context-what he is saying about it not being about one individual is correct but how he proves it is b.s. i swear these guys know like 20 verses and just go right to them every time. he couldn’t walk his way through the text if his life depended on it.

    it is too funny to think that these guys really believe the 50’s is the best time period in human history… the bible was written 2000 years ago friend and culture was different, methods were different but the message was the same-that being Jesus! your clothing and your music and your methods are a joke and are awkward.

    how easy would it be to be an ifb pastor? know 20 verses, scream, find stories that make you a hero and scare everyone from reading a bible that isn’t the 1611 and walk all the way to the bank. oh and the best part is the pastor is God’s guy-so give me stuff, and make my family meals and remember it isn’t about you—-can i get an aaaaaamen???!!! it is about me (your pastor)

  18. The inconsistency is with him complaining that people don’t serve in church anymore and then berating people who offer to serve – singing, teaching, being a deacon. Seemed like he had more of an axe to grind than a clear point to make.

    1. Just the fact that he’s taken the sole right to decide who is “fit” to serve in what areas. I’m not arguing that modesty (whatever that means) should never be a factor, but he’s making it sound like serving in a public capacity is something people have to audition for. You have a singing voice and a desire to worship? Too bad – pastor thinks your shirt is too tight. God wants service, but not yours, thanks.

  19. While watching this I came to the realization that there is a way to watch clips like this without getting twitching or upset.

    Do not watch this like it was a preacher preaching a sermon. Look at it as if it were open-mic night at the local Improv Comedy Club. All of a sudden it becomes somewhat funny.

  20. 2 points

    1. The favorite verse for every fat preacher who has forgotten that self control is a fruit of the spirit is, “Bodily exercise profiteth little.” Too bad the point of the verse isn’t how they use it.

    2. When he screams about, “What can your family do for the church?” how different is that from, “Come to me you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest?” There’s not a xian in the world who doesn’t come to God as a beggar before they are made into a son/daughter. To condemn someone for coming to church with a need is so anithetical to the gospel it isn’t humorous to listen to this guy anymore.

    1. Good points..ironically, I get the feeling that this guy comes to church merely to feed his own ego…and of course, I’m sure he gets a nice little boost to his income for his “evangelism” ministry.

    1. I read a Chick tract yesterday at the place where I get my oil changed! Very edifying! Something about words deleted out of the Bible I’ve been using for devotions. Good thing to know, plus I got my oil changed. Win-win!

  21. I think he missed his calling in life as a Marine drill seargent . . . . nah, on second thought, he doesn’t command enough respect for that.

    what is with that guy up in the piano box on the right side of the screen behind the pulpit? He is in, like,constant motion throughout the clip–particularly during the “Jazzercise” discussion.

      1. I have such a slow computer! It wasn’t showing Molly’s response until AFTER I posted mine!

        1. Haha. I was actually thinking to myself as I typed that there would probably be three posts by the time mine was submitted!

  22. “Look up here! HEY! Sir! Look up here!”

    Why the eff do these preachers think they can yell at people for not making eye contact? That ALWAYS bothered me, even when I was drinking the fundy koolaid. Someone looks down at their Bible and they feel the need to stop mid-sentence to shout “Look up in here!” because not making constant, unblinking eye contact with your preacher is a personal insult.

    1. You know, sometimes I’d like to attend a service like this just so when the speaker got really rude, I could stand up and walk out as a silent signal that that kind of behavior is unacceptable.

      1. I’ve walked out on sermons.
        Of course, then the rest of the sermon may well be about you, but sometimes it’s worth it.

        1. At the last “fundy lite” church I attended: a former VP from the fundy college I attended showed up. The appearances started to become more frequent…. then one wednesday evening the pastor was out of town and whom did they ask to “fill the pulpit” – that guy… I got up and left; I had had enough of their version of the bible the 4 years I attended. This was a huge red flag that aided in the path of leaving that congregation.

  23. BroTo “I’m so tired of these families saying what can I get out of it! Hey! What can you do for the church!?”

    Average Family Dude – “Well, my wife is a trained educator and would like to teach a Sunday School class”

    BroTo – “IT AINT NOTHIN YOU!!”

    Average Family Dude – “Wait, but you said…”

    BroTo – “IT’S PREACHIN TIME!!”

    Also, I love it when he mistimes his little stutter step thing.

  24. Does this jackass have Tourettes?? You know what steams me a little?? I worked my butt off to get my degree and I’m working on my Masters right now. I couldn’t get an invite to preach at one of these churches if I paid them to ask me. But someone takes an offering for this guy and they go home at night and probably talk about how “brother Tony had them under the con-VIK-shun!”

  25. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. What a waste of sermon time, energy, effort, resources, electric lights, and sheetrock for the building. Can anyone shut this guy up?? 🙁

  26. I noticed 3 things in particular:

    1. He obviously doesn’t know that the trademark of the Early Church was their charity. Their charity was what won them the majority of their converts.

    2. His sermon was quite Gnostic in his attitude toward the body. He called the physical body a temporal unimportant thing, the same message of Gnostics, but not the Bible. The Body is important, especially in the resurrection of Christ.

    3. He talked about modesty, then climbed the pew and put his crotch right in that girl’s face!

  27. Don’t be surprised if he ends up in Prison for sexually assaulting little boys or something. These kinds of intimidating thugfit the profile.

  28. I love how he preaches on teen girls in tight clothes and modesty and then happens to stand on a pew and stick his n*ts right in a teen girls face… then ramble on about consistency. yikes!

    1. The poor girl looks so uncomfortable. She keeps looking around hoping someone will make the idiot get out of her personal space. It doesn’t even look like he left her enough space for her to get up and walk out if she wanted to.

  29. 1) Mr. Hutson has some annoying and distracting verbal and physical clutter.

    2) He can’t possible think that anyone with two brain cells to rub together for friction takes him seriously.

    3) Surely he realizes that everyone knows he is just making this up as he goes along.

  30. I only got to 1:37 before my intestines told me that they lacked the fortitude to continue remaining silent as they watched this video. What is so wrong with people trying to improve their physical health? Also, I admire churches that do AIDS walks and support kids with muscular dystrophy. Didn’t Jesus say, “What you do unto the least of these, my brethren, you do unto me?” That means this pastor is disdaining “the least of these” against the Gospel.

    Of course, are “the least” only Christian believers?

  31. I am thankful for the teaching ministry that God has given Bro. Tony. I am grateful for every time he came to our church and preached the old-time way! I don’t regret for a minute any time that I ever heard him preach.

    If you think he is wrong why don’t you go to him in the spirit of Matthew 18 and show him where he is in error?

    I know why you won’t do that. You are too busy mocking his gestures, his manner of speech and his idiosyncrasies to confront what he has to say. I haven’t read all of the comments posted here but the ones I read are disheartening. You joke about Bro. Tony’s weight, make fun of Bro. Tony and say that he is wrong yet you do not offer any Scripture to back up your claims.

    1. One more thing. Here is the contact information for his church so you do not have any excuse as to why you do not Scripturally contact him:

      If you are intent on exposing your spirit of scornfulness then do that by all means. Do not try to gussy it up in the clothes of super-spiritualness. Everyone can see that you intend to mock the preacher. Do not try to hide your real intentions.

      Any lurkers or posters with a conscience should take heed to the warning of II Kings 2!
      God sent some bears to eat the ones who were mocking his man. Something to think about!

        1. Unless he’s channelling Mark Driscoll, who said the pastors were either prophets, priests, or kings.

      1. “Any lurkers or posters with a conscience should take heed to the warning of II Kings 2!”

        Oh, yes, that reminds me: Get a load of how bald Tony Hutson is!

      2. I have a conscience, and it tells me that this showmanship-instead-of-interacting-with-the-scripture is mishandling the Word of God.

        It also tells me that Mr. Hutson has none of the qualifications of a prophet, baldness excepted.

        Also, the three stages of church discipline are only practicable in a local, congregation-based situation (hard to distance yourself from someone you haven’t even met yet).

  32. Sam, please tell me you’re a fake. Please.
    if you’re not a fake, then I have one question for you:
    you complain that we “say that he is wrong yet you do not offer any Scripture to back up your claims.” My question for you is, where does Tony offer Scripture to back up HIS claims? Where does the Bible say that the church is more important than the family and you shouldn’t choose a church on the basis of its benefit to your family? Where does the Bible say that AIDS walks and Jazzercise are wrong? Where does the Bible say that church members need to make eye contact with the preacher throughout the entire sermon? where does the Bible justify yelling and screaming and making a spectacle of yourself to a captive audience? It seems to me that this fellow is up there screaming, in the NAME of God, about things that God never actually said, in a spirit that does not glorify Christ. That, certainly, is an appropriate basis for ridicule. I would be happy to contact Brother Tony and tell him that he’s unBiblical and also looks like a doofus, but I’m not sure I could do that in a manner glorifying to Christ. Besides, it looks like the pews are full-somehow I think Tony’s ego is going to be just fine, he’s got plenty of worshippers. He can deal with a few people making fun of him on the Internet.

    1. I am not implying that I agree 100% with Bro. Tony. I am not like a lot of fundamentalists, I think it is okay to disagree. You are right that a lot of the things he mentions are not in the Bible. But it is also okay to be against them as he is. He has, I am sure, prayed about the stand that God would have him take and a wise person would head the admonitions of a man who has been used to reach so many.
      It seems that the posters on this site do not necessarily like Jazzercise, etc so much as they have a knee-jerk reaction against whatever God’s man is saying. That shows a heart of rebellion and should be a cause for concern.

      Proverbs 17:11 KJV
      An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.

      1. I don’t believe it’s a knee-jerk reaction to whatever a mog says. I believe many formers here are now super-attuned to perceive a man-centered sermon almost as soon as they hear the first few sentences.

      2. So, anyone that calls himself a man of God, should be allowed to preach things that are not Biblical?
        Just because he wants eyes on him all the time does not mean he has the right to preach it as the word of God. Nor should he be insulting women as “meat”. If you think this is just some feminist thing, you have another thing you need to pray about Mr. Sam Baker. I have heard Tony Hudson for many years and while entertaining, his sermons have never caused me to look at my own heart and examine it before God. Many other preachers have given sermons that did.

        I have given my heart and life to God. I do not claim to be super spiritual, to read Hebrew or Greek; but I know the Bible. My fundie credentials are pretty darn good. Tony Hudson was not preaching about God or Jesus, he was preaching his top ten pet peeves. Learn the difference.

  33. Hey Sam,
    Why isn’t Tony going to the mother of the teenager he is calling out in the spirit of Matthew 18? Or is ridiculing her from a church pulpit okay, but ridiculing him from the internet is not?

    1. Why do you presume that he hasn’t done that? Perhaps he has done all that Matthew 18 requires. I would venture that he has and is indeed fulfilling Matthew 18:17 KJV:

      And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

      1. Sam, I think most of us here could agree that it borders on the ridiculous to assume this man is fulfilling the requirements of Matthew 18 by talking about a girl in such a mocking tone and without using her name. If this is intended to be Biblical confrontation, you damage your defense of this man by drawing attention to such a serious misapplication of it.

        On a slightly different note, I think I understand and can appreciate the intentions behind your posts, however mislead I believe them to be. FWIW, I agree that we should be careful to criticize wrongdoing without sacrificing love for the wrongdoer. Jesus consistently mocked and criticized the pharisees, but was gracious to Nicodemus when he came asking genuine questions. If Bro. Tony exhibited humility in his approach, I believe that many here would deal with him very differently.

        1. I know Bro. Tony. I have met him on several occasions and even gone out to eat with him a couple of times. He is one of the most humble and down to earth people I have ever met. You speak of him as if he were a Pharisee yet you do not know him. All you know of him is this one cherry-picked clip that has been posted here.

          Let me get this straight. I do not wish to misrepresent your views since that is not ethical. You state that Jesus showed mercy to Nicodemus when he came to Jesus. You then state that if Bro Tony showed some humility you would treat him differently. Are you seriously placing yourself in the place of Jesus?

        2. I am absolutely saying that I intend to use Jesus’ treatment of others as a template for my own. (1 Cor 11:1)
          You’re right – all I know of the man is how he has behaved in numerous video clips that demonstrate how he handles the Word in front of his flock.

      2. Mr. Baker, I’d like to suggest you visit this site: Matthew 18 isn’t applicable here. I would agree there is mocking and scoffing here, but I’d suggest you read Matthew 23. The first part of the chapter deals with religious leaders, and how Jesus felt about them.

        I also think it’s important that you realize the people here realize the fallacies within the IFB because they have first hand experience.

  34. It is as I figured it would be. I posted an admonition in love and provided Scripture for my arguments. When I returned to read any follow up comments all I see are bitterness and anger directed at me.

    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? Galatians 4:16 KJV

    1. Your arguments, as you call them, appear to be summed up as, “don’t criticize this guy I like because you haven’t spoken to him privately about the matter.” I’ll grant that you quoted Scripture to “bolster your argument,” but as others have said, Mt 18 has only application in situations where one person sins against another and they are common members of one congregation. Attempting to stretch this passage to cover this situation deforms the whole point. Which congregation to we share with Tony Hutson?
      You have, frankly, no standing to admonish anyone here. Admonishment can only come about through a sustained relationship. Likewise, there can be little of love in a situation like this where you know little or nothing about the persons whom you are criticizing (yes, that’s a better word for what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid of it.)
      I have examined the responses to your posting; I don’t see a lot of either bitterness and anger. Several people were busy mocking Mr. Hutson, true, but that isn’t directed at you….I assume. Many addressed your concerns, and disagreed with you. Nice appropriation of Gal 4:18, BTW.

  35. Tick Tock, time is passing! Can at least one of you rebels not wrench a verse out of context and use it to bolster your sarcasm? I didn’t think so.

    This is an example of what happens when people get puffed up with pride and think that they can run down God’s man. It is all fun and games until someone calls them on it and reminds them of the fearful consequences of their sin.

    Hopefully some of you will listen to me and turn from your wicked ways. I hope you will take the time to read this link:

    It is especially important for those who grew up in liturgical churches such as the Southern Baptist Convention to read that link thoroughly. Many people believe that they are on their way to Heaven but in fact are not.
    I hope that some of you who grew up hearing the truth will take time to read that and take it to heart.

    1. “But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unoprofitable and vain.” Titus 3:9 KJV

    2. “It is especially important for those who grew up in liturgical churches such as the Southern Baptist Convention”

      Too much… I think you are a troll.

      1. I attended a church in the SBC for several years in my childhood. The “minister” wore a robe, everyone said Ah-men and there was a prescribed order of service that we had to stick to. It seldom varied from week to week. So yes SBC churches are liturgical.

        1. This is a complete troll post. I went to what was once a megachurch in the SBC from 1997-2006, plus an emerging SBC congregation after that for about two years. I’ve also visited my spouse’s home church, the mother-in-law’s former church, and various SBC churches in our area (which happens to be the Buckle of the Bible Belt). Never saw a robe once. I had to visit the Episcopalians for that… and LOVED it!

          The general SBC “liturgy” lines up almost perfectly with the IFB order of service. IOW… no clue what he is talking about.

          As I’ve said in other places, if the IFB is really teaching the truth, there’s no need to defend it with lies.

          BTW, you know BJU used to have their preachers wear robes up until only a few years ago, right? I was there for that, too. Are they going to Hell for that? 😉

        2. There is an extremely small number of Southern Baptist churches who have their pastor in a Geneva robe. The number is even smaller than it used to be, because those churches tended to have very wealthy and highly educated congregations (i.e., liberal).

          They are so rare that it is almost inconceivable that anyone other than a historian or seminary student would know about them.

    3. Hickory Dickory Dock, the wolf feeds on the flock…

      …and finally we have the ol’ “If you don’t agree with me then you must not be saved” ploy. Judgment of one’s salvation is the ultimate Fundie insult and they think that by playing it the guilt will drive the hearer to their knees sobbing in repentance.
      Tell me Sam do you do any other parlor tricks? I mean being able to tell who is saved and who isn’t is a worldclass trick but surely you have more in your magical arsenal of judgement than just the one trick and the one Semi-Pelagian on-line tract??

      Pastor Fred? Is that you?

      1. I am not saying that anyone who disagrees with me is not saved. Please do not misrepresent my words like that. I am just pointing out that much of the behavior of people on this site is what the Bible warns against.

        It is not a trick to know who is saved and who is not.
        Matthew 7:16 KJV
        Ye shall know them by their fruits

        I John 4:1 KJV
        Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

        I believe that it is possible for the saved to discern who is not genuinely saved. I base my beliefs on the Bible.

        1. Dear Sam Baker:

          If you sincerely desire to make some headway here, may I respectfully suggest that you address some of the systemic issues related to the practice of ‘fundamentalism.’ For example:

          You might address the Biblical requirement for the plurality of elders.

          You might address whether independence sufficiently recognizes the unity of Christ’s body as taught in Ro 12, 1Co 12 and Ep 4.

          You might address absence of any Biblically submissive church polity.

          Any number of points which could be addressed; but these are sufficient to indicate the kind of work which should have your attention.

          Remember that others have just as much right to question your salvation as you have to question theirs. If that stings you might begin by addressing more serious questions.

          That said, I recognize that mine posted 8:07 am was purely tongue in cheek. If it is more exacting analysis you desire, consider take a crack at my admittedly poorly edited post at 10:44 am.

          Mr. Baker, there are those on SFL who have more competence with the word than either you or Mr. Hutson. So however freewheeling and anti-hermeneutical things might be in your corner of the vineyard, I respectfully suggest that on this forum, you might want to pick your battles wisely.


          Christian Socialist

        2. I do not care to waste my time debating contrived issues with someone who has a screen-name like yours. Anyone who reads the Bible with even a little bit of understanding will know that Socialism is evil.
          To be fair, you may have chosen that name as a joke. Is your screen-name humorous?

        3. If you actually applied I John 4:1 to the Tonys, Phils, Sammys, Toms and the host of IFB pulpiteers out there today you could thin the Fundie herd down to the remnant of true believers then wouldn’t you?

          Sam like so many other drive-by fundies you bow up to defend your sacred sow and put us in our place according to your views, your standards, and your experiences… all without ever getting to know us and the experiences we have lived with these pulpiteers, these empire builders these Elmer Gantry wanna-bees.

          If you are not a Poe then you have my pity. If you are then I tip my hat to you.

        4. @Don,

          They are not my beliefs. They are Bible beliefs. I am sorry that the Bible offends you.

        5. Sam Baker is treating CS in the way he did not want to be treated. CS came back with some honest, kindly statements written in a respectful tone. SB said he came back to read follow-up comments and found bitterness and anger directed towards him. Then he says that he will not debate any issues with CS because of his screen name, then adds insult to injury by implying that CS does not read the Bible with understanding or else of course he’d see that socialism is evil.

          Hmmmm….I thought CS was one of the posters who didn’t sound angry or bitter at all. Yet SB attacked him in much the same way he didn’t like being attacked….

        6. Dear Sam Baker:

          In my Bob Jones University days, ‘independent’ church government was regarded as a corollary to the standing doctrine of separation. So I’m surprised that you would see my remark as a contrivance.

          If I may add a word in my own defense, I suggested [and it was ONLY a suggestion] that you address church independence from a Ro 12, 1Co 12 and Ep 4 standpoint. I did suggest that you consider the Biblical case for elder plurality, and used these together to invite your reflection on what a Biblical polity might look like.

          My point about others’ salvation was a reminder of the second table of the law as summed by Christ, that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves, which I believe binds all who live under his rule together.

          I’m resisting addressing the video directly as I’m not sure how to do so in a manner consistent with what I just described. It seems to me that the purpose of the church is to be as the presence of Jesus Christ in the world. In my opinion, this is the heart of cruciform living, and it leads us to humble acts of sharing food in his Name and example, healing the sick [including AIDS victims] in his Name and example, releasing captives in his Name and example and proclaiming freedom in his Name and example. Thus we follow in his steps daily, bearing humble witness to his Name. Thus, it truly is about Jesus Christ.

          May I respectfully suggest that you respond to my posts not on the basis of my moniker, but on the quality of my ideas, and in reference to such texts and Biblical allusions as I proffer.

          Christian Socialist

          PS: My time at SFL is not long; but I’ve found that with respectful posting and positive contributions, you are accepted with easily and with appreciation.

          I hope you’ll stay, Sam.

    4. Dear Sam Baker:

      Which texts were removed from context, Sam?

      The antecedent post was provided by YOUR guy. He is the guy in the flick.

      Christian Socialist

      PS: Did I mention that you should tell us what texts we removed from their context?

      1. I am sorry you misunderstood my post. I merely stated that none of you had supplied any verses at all to rebut what Bro. Tony was saying. I then suggested that some of you could at least wrench some verses out of context at the very least.

        Since then, to all the posters credit, they have not tried to tie their hateful posts to the Bible.

        1. It is hard to use Scripture to rebut Hutson, when I have respect for the Scriptures he twists and proof texts. I work hard not to wrench verses out of context out of a love and respect for God and His Word. I try not to use them in a farcical manner like many IFB egoists.
          The family was set up long before the church, and that is ministry number one, not a petty dictators self made mini kingdom. See Deuteronomy 6:4-9. The job is given to parents, not pastors.

        2. Of course the family was set up before the church. Noone is arguing that point. I believe that you will find that Old Testament sacrifices preceded Jesus advent. However, that does not mean that we should all renounce Christianity and become Jews does it? Of course not. Just because something predates something else does not mean that the first thing is more important. In fact, much of what was old was done away with. We live in the age of the church where the church should have preeminence in our lives.

          Hebrews 10:25 KJV
          Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

        3. So, then what exactly doesforsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; mean? Why, because some IFB preacher began equating that with three to thrive, is that the interpretation? I contend that we assemble together to keep from straying from true doctrine. To keep each other true to the word. And that means assembling with all believers, not just those who will parrot the party line.

          But then, to believe that would mean you cannot twist words to your own vague meanings.

          Show me from the New Testament that I should give up my God-given familial responsibilities to the church. To liken that to the sacrificial system being completed in Christ is foolishness. It’s a typical apples and oranges I have no argument so I’ll muddy the waters argument.

        4. @UncleWilbur

          Ephesians 4:11,12 KJV says
          And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

          I think that this conclusively shows that the pastor is ordained by God. Nowhere is the father or indeed the family even mentioned in this passage.

          The word Family is only used once in the New Testament. It is obviously not being used in the modern sense in Ephesians 3.

          The word Church on the other hand is used numerous times in the New Testament.

          I think Bro. Tony is right about the Gothardite thinking that places some sort of cultish primacy on the family over the church. It is not Biblical.

        5. @Sam Bager (you can’t spell my name, I won’t correctly spell yours)

          You never answered my questions. The family is in the N.T. And bishops and deacons are to have control of their children. There are a lot of IFB “leaders” who are major failures. Some example.

          So, is Hutson an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher? Because of all the multiple clips I’ve seen, he looks like an entertainer. Just not a very good one. Kinda reminds me of Bro. Cecil in Branson.

          I am looking forward to your next non sequitur, though.

        6. Dear Sam Baker:

          And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

          You wrote:

          I think that this conclusively shows that the pastor is ordained by God.

          Perhaps you’ll indicate precisely how this indicates that Mr. Hutson is ‘ordained by God.’ This is to say, exactly what is it that leads you to believe that this text is uniquely applicable to him in ways that do not apply to many other believers. What does the text say about WHY that is to be believed?

          Christian Socialist

    5. You want us to scripturally take dissect a meaningless rant? I would refer you to point #2 in a post that I made if that is the case.

      Since you brought up Matthew 18, we can talk about that one too. Since when does, “tell it to the church” mean we should publicly mock someone for wearing cloths that we’ve decided are too tight? Jesus ran off a bunch of men who drug a women to them caught in adultery and didn’t condemn. This guy is the one dragging a teenage girl to the crowd to be ‘stoned.’

      He’s completely the opposite of Jesus.

      1. Sam, just to be clear, the comment above this one was in reply to your challenge.

      2. The example that you cited from Scripture is very pertinent. First, we are dealing with adultery which is a bit more serious than a teenage girl wearing tight clothes. Second, the punishment was certainly more dire. It is sophistry to try to equate the actual, physical death of a woman with ridicule of a girl who may not even exist. Third, Jesus’ summation was that
        He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John 8:7

        I see a whole lot of sinners throwing stones on this site. Just sayin’.

        1. Apparently, you don’t know any teenage girls. Something like this could cause tons of harm to a young girl. It could also make her the target of some cruel peers.

          As to your application of ‘he who is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone,’ I would point out to you that, if we apply your interpretation of this event to yourself, you also have no right to rebuke us. Perhaps you should reconsider your understanding of the passage.

    6. Sorry Sam, every single word of Tony’s ranting was garbage. I don’t care how heavy he is or anything else like that, but everything he said was complete nonsense.

      For one thing, he totally misunderstands what the church is. He judges others based on appearances. He berates people and is rude. He says nothing of substance, nothing that edifies, nothing in love, nothing of grace . . . nothing at all. He says absolutely nothing at all. It’s a show and a poor one at that.

    7. Mr. Pot, I’d like you to meet the (hypothetical) Mr. Kettle. Nice color, eh?
      Calling any SBC church liturgical demonstrates specific ignorance of what it means to be liturgical. Protip: Don’t use Wikipedia.
      I was going to ignore the general air of namecalling, especially the implication that the participants don’t understand salvation by Grace through faith in Christ Jesus. But it’s really bad evangelistic tactics to categorically insult people you know little or nothing about.

  36. Oh man…he’s in Mrufreesboro. Which is sort of the Mecca for hyperfundies. He’s probably buddies with Bill Rice. I love that this is “Old Time Religion”…but compared to what? On whose timeline? I mean truly old time religion would be like Medieval right? Or First Century? Tongues of fire would be as old time as it gets. Can we narrow it down?

    1. Actually, Tony and the Bill Rice Ranch are on opposite ends of the spectrum. He would never be invited to “preach” there, and he wouldn’t welcome any of the Ranch staff members to his church without publicly embarrassing them. To quote him loosely, “I wouldn’t send a housecat to a camp where they couldn’t say Hayman and praise the Lord!” (The BRR discourages “Amens” or “Shake that tree” or “park there awhile” or whatever it is that you would hear in most “camp meeting” or “SOTL” type fundy churches. Oh, and Tony’s bluegrass pickin and red back church hymnal singin wouldn’t go over real well there either.)

      1. At North Valley youth conference one preacher (it may have been Hutson) said “shake that bush.” 😆

      2. Well the BRR produced perhaps the most offensive fundie evangelist I’ve ever known in Darrel Dunn. So they’re doing their fair share of wrapping their heads in tin foil

  37. (In southern radio preacher voice) So remember thats Middle Tennessee Baptist Church in the heart of Murfreesboro, where the women look like women and the men don’t. If you need a sermon real bad…we’ve got a real bad sermon!”

  38. Hey Sam…how about the charge to “Correctly Handle the word of truth”? Oh wait…Rightly divide in the KJV. I think you could paint that verse over the entire video…and probably over his entire pulpit ministry.

    1. I believe that Bro. Tony does indeed rightly divide the Word. I agree that it would be a good motto for his church and ministry.

      1. Sam…I’m sure you could point to an example of this rightly dividing in this wonderful sermon of his.
        What flavor Kool-aid are you drinking?

  39. I just got in touch with Bro Tony on his cell phone and told him what I was seeing on this site. I asked him if he wanted to come here and defend himself but like a true Christian gentleman he just chuckled and told me not to worry too much about it. He said he knew there were people in the world who just didn’t like him so he didn’t need to go looking for more. Wise words that I think I will heed.

    I hope that my admonitions will take root and grow in some of your hearts. I pray that you will abandon the rebellion and turn to God in repentance. What is sad is that so many of you have spent so long hearing good preaching that your hearts are now hardened to the Gospel. It has gotten to the point where you can mock preachers and the Gospel without even a twinge of your conscience. It is sad to think about what is in store for you at the Great White Throne when all of your mocking words will be made known.

    The Bible says in Psalm 105:15
    Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

    Even if you do not agree with Bro. Tony you should think twice about mocking him and insulting him like you have. He is God’s man and God takes it very seriously when people mock the preacher.

      1. I agree that it is not about Bro. Tony specifically but it definitely is applicable to Bible preachers in general. I suggest that you read the passage.

        1. Maybe he would be respected if he were a Bible preacher, and then that would be an applicable passage.

        2. No Sam you had better go back and read the passage in context, it has NOTHING to do with NT preachers or Pastors.

        3. “God is talking about the patriarchs, about how He protected them, about how He kept Abraham’s life. The main thing the scripture was dealing with is when Abemelech took Sarah into his harem. God wanted Abraham to keep his wife. God was protecting Abraham because from him was going to come a nation and from that nation was going to come the Messiah. Also John tells us that in the body of Christ we each have the anointing of God. (1 John 2:20-27) This anointing does not apply only to the man behind the pulpit; we each have the anointing of God. The Holy Spirit is available to every one of us. We can be filled as we open ourselves and yield to God. It’s not just one man, or some church leaders on earth who God has set apart anointed. “Touch not my anointed” refers to all of us who are in the body of Christ.

          Many times people forget that this scripture could never be used to mean that sheep should not question their leaders. A good leader should be honored and respected; but we are instructed (1 Thes. 5:21). to prove all things. First Tim 3:10 says that deacons must be proved. According to Revelations 2:2, even those who call themselves apostles should be tried. Jesus commends them because they tried those who called themselves apostles and found they were false. In abusive discipleship the mere fact that someone is a leader means that I should never say anything critical about that leader.

          What a nice position! To be a leader when your flock feels that they can’t be critical of you without going against God! But this is very dangerous for the flock.” Gilbert Trusty

    1. Again with the “Holier than thou” I have the truth and you need to be saved passive agressive tripe.

      And I’m quite certain that the 3rd commandment applies to the type of screed that passes for preaching in the IFB… and Hudson’s preachertainment specifically.
      You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

      ps for 38 years I sat under the mancentered preaching found in Baptist and Independent Fundamental Baptist pulpits but never heard good preaching until I was leaving the IFB cult. So yes my heart is hardened to such pseudo-biblical ravings that Pharasiees like Tony preach.

      1. I’ve already called him out. He writes like Davis. And he’s just too well spoken for me to believe he’s real shoutin’ baptist Fundy. He doesn’t have that down-home feel to him. And there’s just something about his responses that doesn’t feel legit.

      2. Something tells me Sam is Tony Hutson. Except that Sam’s grammar and spelling are too good.

      3. Sam has to be a Poe. Every Bible verse he throws out are all the ones we have had fun with here on SFL over the years. And I mean come on, he called Hutson? Really?
        The only question is which one of us is Sam.

      4. Could be. I seem to be regularly caught by them. It is hard to believe anyone who would defend Hutson this vehemently could write clearly with proper punctuation.

        1. (I decided to trade in the Peter Tork look for the more mature avatar. For a while, anyway)

      5. Even if this person is a “Poe”: this is a great exercise in the personality-cult apologetics that so many of these sad people who you see sitting in those pews in this video. I am being honest when I say that I feel sad for them sitting there watching this puke pass for “preaching”. There is always a cackler in the crowed cackling at some “zinger” as the demagoguery is espoused.

        Maybe someone someday will read through this and realize that they have had this same mentality and it will wake them from their cult-coma.

    2. Sam, if you’re not a Poe(which I believe you are), you need to look at more of what the Bible has to say about “prophets”, some of which is much more applicable to people like Hutson than the verse you have quoted.

      In light of the “wait on the Lord” distortions referenced earlier, I think this verse is particularly apropos. Jeremiah 23:21 “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied.”

    3. !!! If you are not a “Poe”!!!!— Please Sam, I beg you, please ask Tony to be a gentleman and a scholar and come here and eloquently support his position. Now THAT would be the proper thing to do. But you see I have noticed that these self proclaimed “pastors” cut and run when they are called out in error.

      Behind a pulpit Tony is safe – someone standing up and correcting him in the middle of a sermon would be considered “rude” or a “heckler”. This is one of the problems I have with our church method – there is only a 1 way flow of information.

      SFL provides a 2 way flow. So if he was so sure of his doctrine and was a true “gentleman” then he would be glad to come here and kindly support his position with truth when you notified him.

      I have found that many here on SFL handle scripture more maturely and truthfully than almost every “fundy” preacher I have heard. ( and thats alot unfortunately)

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