126 thoughts on “D-A-F-F-O-D-I-L”

    1. You missed the

      C- church every time the doors are open!
      O – outrageous behavior from the pastor and deacons
      C – Catholics are the debil, amen?
      K – KJV-only!

  1. Ok, now I’m confused. This was submitted from the bowels of fundyland? Or submitted by a person who is in the bowels of fundyland. I get it if it is poking fun at the IFB, but if fundies actually came up with this, it is beyond damning. Clarification anyone?

      1. Dear Darrell:

        YIKES! Someone is experiencing MAJOR frustration! We’d better pray that this poor soul find another position before [s]he is gnawing rocks!

        Christian Socialist

  2. It took me a while to come up with a flowering plant idea.

    Q – Quick to judge
    A – Argumentative
    T – Trying (as in both trying to earn God’s favor and trying the patience of anyone in proximity)

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