126 thoughts on “D-A-F-F-O-D-I-L”

  1. I ………..
    R …….
    I ……….
    S shut up and do what the MOG says. The rest really doesn’t matter

  2. The spelling is atrocious. Apart from that — anyone who isn’t a Baptist is depraved? Really?! Exaggerate much?

  3. P-Personal Standards
    O-Outward Appearances
    P-Pressure to Serve
    P-Poor and Needy are under God’s Judgement
    Y- Yes men only

    1. You missed the

      C- church every time the doors are open!
      O – outrageous behavior from the pastor and deacons
      C – Catholics are the debil, amen?
      K – KJV-only!

  4. Ok, now I’m confused. This was submitted from the bowels of fundyland? Or submitted by a person who is in the bowels of fundyland. I get it if it is poking fun at the IFB, but if fundies actually came up with this, it is beyond damning. Clarification anyone?

    1. It’s an intentional parody submitted by someone who is still associated with a fundamentalist institution. And for that persons’s safety that’s all I can say. 🙂

      1. Dear Darrell:

        YIKES! Someone is experiencing MAJOR frustration! We’d better pray that this poor soul find another position before [s]he is gnawing rocks!

        Christian Socialist

  5. It took me a while to come up with a flowering plant idea.

    Q – Quick to judge
    A – Argumentative
    T – Trying (as in both trying to earn God’s favor and trying the patience of anyone in proximity)

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