13 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: Slide Presentation”

  1. They are supposed to be accompanied by “People Need the Lord” or “Bury My Heart on the Mission Field” or “Not Too Far From Here.” And that is all.

  2. This was beautiful, and the music was perfect because it wasn’t a huge trigger for me and my hypertrophic sense of (former fundamentalist Christian) guilt.

  3. What beautiful children! Thank you for taking such spectacular photos and sharing them with us.

  4. Wow, looks like World Vision did a get job of getting you into their pocket. How much do they pay you per child sponsorship? For most artists and orgs its $100 per child.

    1. World Vision has not and will not pay me anything other than paying the cost of the trip. Other organizations may operate in that way but World Vision does not pay commissions on child sponsorships.

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