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  1. Say, it’s good to be back home again.
    Sometimes, SFL feels like a long lost friend……….

  2. of course they really mean send the the infallible, inerrant word of God (KJV 1611) in itโ€™s inspiration and preservation and it is the rule of faith and practice.

    1. This is rural, redneck, hillbilly fundy. This is Andy Griffith Fundy.
      This is the world I am from.(not this congregation but this type. And I would have been one of those singing… though not quite this good, nor playing quite this good.) So If you think this is bad… I can tell you it can be much, much, much worse. ๐Ÿ™

      1. That makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚ At my old fundy church, all the men, boys, and even most of the male infants wore suits to church always. Even at church picnics and such, everyone was so formal. But I am from the east coast, so, different worlds I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. But no matter how casual the rural redneck hillbilly fundy MALE can be, the rural redneck hillbilly fundy FEMALE still has to wear a dress. Grrr… ๐Ÿ˜ก

      1. Dear Beth D:

        Dresses are not enough. Also, remember that women are supposed to be ‘silent’ in church. This means that if a woman is to appear before a congregation, you must half-hide her behind a pulpit. This makes it easier to overlook the fact that this person is a woman and that unbiblical things are happening around us. [I speak as a fool …].

        Christian Socialist

  3. I’m sure that they are doing their best as an offering to the Lord, but I don’t think I would have posted this anywhere.

    The twang makes me wince; I thought that there wasn’t supposed to be a accent in singing.

    1. Well, I found three places named Tunnel Hill–one in Pennsylvania, one in Illinois, and one in Georgia. I’m guessing this is the one in Georgia; I think the twang comes with the territory.

      I just wish they could look and sound a little happier about what they’re doing. They might be singing a dirge for all the enthusiasm they show, except that I’ve never heard a dirge played on the banjo.

      1. No, really, the deadpan delivery (standing still, looking straight ahead expressionlessly, not sounding too happy or too sad or too excited) is traditional in a certain strain of deep-woods white Southern gospel music. They pick but they don’t grin. It might not be the way I would sing it, but I recognize (and respect) the tradition behind it.

        1. I’m reminded of the Dillards from the Andy Griffith Show…

          “the boys is all keyed up to meet ya”
          (cue dead-eyed stare from The Dillards)

    2. Twang? What twang? Sounds like normal singing to me. I enjoyed it, but agree with The Other Jean. Enthusiasm is a good thing.

      Yes, that’s Tunnel Hill, GA. Famous for the Great Locomotive Chase of April, 1862.

      Allegedly, a stone from this view http://www.alincolnlearning.us/TunnelHillphotos.html is part of my front walk. (Although it was removed from the scene before the refurbishment, while the site was an eyesore and not a safe place to visit.)

    3. Dear Guilt Ridden:

      Thank you. I suspected that I might be reprobate for thinking, ‘TUNE the instruments and sing on PITCH!’ I’ll try to force my focus on the sincerity. LOL!

      Christian Socialist

      Remember — I’ve always admitted being a music snob.

    4. I remember being taught that sliding up or down to a note was a sin at MBBC. It was considered worldly b/c it’s too much like rock music.

      1. You were taught right, Mominator. Or, as my mother once put it: “sliding when you sing is a sin because those are the sounds people make when they are having sex.” ๐Ÿ˜ณ

        1. Eww. I bet that conversation made you uncomfortable!

          I didn’t think Fundy women enjoyed sex. I supposed they could just fake it to feed their hubby’s ego.

  4. Being from the south this is pretty typical down home southern gospel singing. Just a pickin and a grinin.

  5. Loved the song, especially the message of the song, of course my grass has been blue for a long time! If I were to quibble, I would say they could have used alot more enthusiasm. The song made me think of John 1:9:

    “The true light that gives light to EVERY man was coming into the world”

    I’m glad God doesn’t give light to just a handful! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. My grass is pretty blue, too. I was looking forward to something heartening and peppy when I saw the banjo and guitar. The pace is good….but I miss the spark. Eh, that’s okay, they’re doing their best. Bless their hearts.

      1. Fundies don’t smile when singing this song because its whole point is to inspire waves of guilt over not bein’ on the mishin field and sending the light to them heathens.

    2. I liked the tune also.

      Hey! They are way more courageous than me standing up in front and singing for the Lord.

      Not everybody can be a professional singer. We all have to start somewhere.

      Psalm 150 doesn’t say “Wait until you finally sound fairly decent…”

  6. I love how on their “what We Believe” page on their website, the first belief is about the KJV Bible. The most important belief and the only one that matters at the end of the day is almost at the very bottom of the page. Very revealing.

    1. I think most churches (should say Baptist) will list Bibliology first as being the foundation of how we know God & the Truth of the other doctrines. Easily slips into Bibilolatry as we all know.

  7. Hee hee hee….on their youtube page, there is a vid of a missionary playing flugelhorn and his wife playing the piano….the descrip says he and his wife play a solo…..derp LOL

    1. A double solo, twice as good as a regular solo.
      You should see a chanber music quadruple solo sometime …

      1. Well, at least “solo” is better than “special.” I seriously used to wonder what’s so special about it when we do it every damn service?

  8. I like this bluegrass gospel group, but the recording quality is bad enough that I can’t make out most of the words. Anybody know the lyrics to this song?

    1. Since you asked—–

      Thereโ€™s a call comes ringing oโ€™er the restless wave,
      โ€œSend the light! Send the light!โ€
      There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save,
      Send the light! Send the light!
      Send the light, the blessed Gospel light;
      Let it shine from shore to shore!
      Send the light, the blessed Gospel light;
      Let it shine forevermore!
      We have heard the Macedonian call today,
      โ€œSend the light! Send the light!โ€
      And a golden offโ€™ring at the cross we lay,
      Send the light! Send the light!
      Let us pray that grace may everywhere abound,
      โ€œSend the light! Send the light!โ€
      And a Christlike spirit everywhere be found,
      Send the light! Send the light!
      Let us not grow weary in the work of love,
      โ€œSend the light! Send the light!โ€
      Let us gather jewels for a crown above,
      Send the light! Send the light!

      1. George is back also, I see. There was supposed to be a space between each two line set, (not counting “Send the light! Send the light!”) The refrain is four lines, ending with forevermore.

      2. Ok I’ll take a shot at the lyrics.
        Its a “We-Us” song.
        Throughout the song it is all about what the soulwinner does. Its all about man’s efforts.

        1. Just what is the “golden offโ€™ring” that we are to bring to the cross?
          What is it that this song would have us add to the work of the cross?

        2. Um, Don, we lay a “golden off’ring” at the cross because its necessary to do so in order to fit enough words into the meter of the song. Duh.

        3. The “golden off’ring” is probably the crowns won, perhaps for souls won? That line follows the “We have heard the Macedonian call today” line

        4. So… the “golden offโ€™ring” is made up of the souls they have won?
          I’m sure then it is made up of all those who were given a tract, and those who were shown the 5 verses in Romans, and those who walked the aisle to the “altar”, and those who said the sinner’s prayer.
          Very man-centric in other words.
          American Theology: 2000 miles wide…. 1/4 inch deep.

        5. I always think about the goose that laid the golden egg when I hear that line of the song.

      3. Reading the lyrics reminded me of how I once heard someone pronounce Macedonian with a hard “c” when singing this song. Made me wonder where the Macadamia nuts were! :mrgreen:

  9. Let us pray that grace may everywhere abound,

    So grace only abounds where is a soulwinner to pray for it to???

    Sorry but this is just another SGM feel-good kitschy church song.

    1. Well there was the time that God was going to destroy the Israelites, but then Moses prayed for them. Then Jesus came along and pointed out that God sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Then Judas came along and fulfilled prophecy, and Jesus said it had to happen so that scripture would be fulfilled… then Augustine, Jocobus Arminius, John Calvin,….::::thud::::

      So, to answer your question, “huh?”

      1. It just comes off as the same-ole same-ole, god can’t do anything until the soulwinner arrives and prays so that god can do something. It comes off as “grace only abounds” where there is someone praying it down out of the god box in heaven. ๐Ÿ™„

        1. Ah yes. It’s a good thing God has people like the courageous soul winner out there who will convert people into believing in the KJV. What would he do without them? Clearly God would be helpless without us people to give him a hand. Poor little lonely God…. okay I feel dirty now.

    1. That was extremely enlightening!

      Stay tuned for my explantion of why Techno/Rave is the only really God-honoring music …

  10. The light shines in darkness, to show men’s evil deeds and their need for repentance. The fundies are very happy to sing about sending the light out there, but if they really knew the light they would fear it. It is time for the light to shine in on them. They don’t like that sort of light.

  11. I rather enjoyed playing this song when I was the church pianist. (At nearly every church I ended up in, but that’s another story.) Agree that the words are fluff and the tune is probably getting rather dated, but the chord structure is such that it was comfortable to play and improvise on.

        1. I could see Jack making her wear a chastity belt so she couldn’t step out. Only he could cheat but not her.

  12. My favorite memory of this hymn was when we were singing it during a Sunday evening service and when we got to the first “Send the light!”: the lights went out. ๐Ÿ˜€ We laughed/sang through the verse when the lights came back on (there was a storm coming) only to go out again a few moments. The pianist was a trooper and played in the darkness!

  13. I’m a unashamed folker, so bluegrass gets a free pass with me any day of the week.
    That utter lack of stage presence, though – jeez, if it hurts to be on stage that much, do it from behind a wall like Pink Floyd.

    1. I love bluegrass too especially Alyson Krause. One of my favorite soundtracks is the Soggy Bottom Boys.

  14. Of course the real reason why this song is so popular is that it is Certified Eazy 2 Play. Seriously only takes two chords, which are usually G and D in the right hymnals but have been known to assume the form of C and G in some hymnals (but better make sure that it still says “worm” in “Alas and Did My Saviour Bleed” and also that the fimministicals didn’t remove “Dear Lord and Father of us All” even though we never sing it).

  15. There seems to be another guitar to the left of the trio. I guess moving the camera requires a stretch of the already too-close-to-the-world technology. That, or the “sacred desk” must stay in the center……..

  16. Real question: why do fundies have to shine on the fake smile and the “everything’s fine, I’m in god’s hands” attitude at all dad-blamed times EXCEPT when they’re singing praises to God? I’ll accept that maybe this crew is uncomfortable and maybe has stage fright, but it seems to be so danged consistent!

  17. Wow – you guys really will be critical of anything. I get a lot of the stuff you are critical of – but good grief. These people aren’t that bad – even if they are – where are your videos from you sining or ministering in church.

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