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  1. Usually Fundies are too ignorant about Calvinism to directly debate it, so they are left building strawmen to set up and knock down…as illustrated by the above Tweet.

    1. Either that or they know they can’t throw the “Calvin killed Servetus” argument around anymore very effectively, so they have to stoop to a new low πŸ˜›

  2. The attitude the tweeter displays is why I don’t want to identify as a fundamentalist. There is no grace or humility displayed in this tweet. Fellow Christians are misrepresented (a violation of the truth) and maligned (a violation of love).

    1. It’s hard to get a good picture of someone through one tweet entry. I thought he was just making a comparison, not saying that Calvinsts are homosexual.

      In his mind, and many fundamentalist’s mind, the comparisons he drew are all correct:

      – Both are against God’s design.
      – Because people like this man believe that Calvinists do not evangelize, they can only “steal” members from non-Calvinist churches. This is the “predatory” aspect. Likewise, homosexual couples cannot reproduce, so they have to teach or persuade someone born to heterosexual parents to adopt the homosexual lifestyle, which this guy thinks of as “predatory”.

      I understand where he’s coming from, and the comparison (in his mind) is apt.

      1. I hope your understanding is characterized by dismay rather than sympathy. So do people like this think that gays go around recruiting and converting otherwise normal heterosexuals?

        1. Yes, they do think homosexuals are out to convert others (especially children) to “their way”.

          I can understand a position without either sympathy or dismay.

          I will state here that I believe the homosexual lifestyle is an abomination to God, based upon the Bible passages that teach on the subject.

      2. How does this comparison make any sense?
        It’s not true that Calvinists don’t evangelize, nor that they don’t reproduce in the conventional way. Nor is it true that gay people go around trying to make heterosexuals gay. (At least, not in greater numbers than the heterosexuals who try to make gays turn heterosexual.) And many gay and lesbian people do reproduce biologically.
        As to what’s “a perversion of God’s design,” well, I could say that about Hummers (the cars), but that doesn’t make Hummers gay.

        1. Charles Spurgeon, the “prince of preachers”, was a calvinist. Did he not preach the gospel?

          William Carey, the “father of modern missions”, was a calvinist. Did he not preach the gospel?

          George Whitefield, another great evangelist – a calvinist

          Jonathan Edwards, who gave the famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, was a calvinist

          John Bunyan, author of Pilgrims Progress – a calvinist

          John Newton, who penned the hymn “Amazing Grace” – a calvinist


          It is okay to disagree with calvinism and to debate, but it is dishonest to misrepresent it by claiming it kills evangelism. That is a flat out lie that is clearly not supported by history. Dwight Smith and John Goetsch both do this, and it just shows their ignorance at best – dishonesty at worst.


        2. I wasn’t trying to say that it makes sense… I have heard the “MoG” in previous churches say nearly the same things.

          Calvinism probably IS attractive to some people who were forced/manipluated/guilted into “going soul-winning” (selling heaven door-to-door), and want nothing more to do with that.

          I’m quite sure that there are Calvinists who evangelize; I have heard of others that won’t even invite people to church because they don’t think that it is right.

          My understanding is that Calvinists come in a wide range of beliefs (just like most other groups).

      3. Everything you don’t like is not the same as everything else you don’t like. I don’t like sugar in my iced tea. I also don’t like cannibalism. So putting sugar in iced tea is cannibalism???

        1. When I feel like goofing around with people and making them squeamish, I ask them if they can give me any solid Biblical reasoning for rejecting cannibalism. πŸ˜€

        2. I’m pretty sure people aren’t kosher– they don’t have cloven hooves, they don’t chew cud, they don’t have scales or feathers, and so forth.

          Even if “long pig” is kosher, you could still only eat people who had been slaughtered according to the proper ritual.

        3. But we don’t have to worry about clean or unclean food since the time of Acts…

      4. Christians are responsible to know the TRUTH. Pleading ignorance is no excuse. Earnest or not, he is spreading falsehood and doing it in an ungracious way.

  3. Darrell, what are you doing? Going for the flame war triple crown? Yesterday it was your highly inflamatory remarks about enjoying music. Today I wake up to see that you have moved on to CALVINISM?!? You, sir, are on a roll. I think we may have to give you a timeout. πŸ˜‰

      1. the theory cannot be proven because clearly the closeted homosexual faction within avowed calvinists implicated by this tweet (I use that word in both a literal and a figurative sense) have already come out about their belief that God is in fact, actually, God and were given a right cross by the likes of Mr. Smith for it, so don’t expect them to be quick to reveal their flaming gayness so he can use both fists. er, maybe that’s not the best imagery, but hey, I have heard this guy preach, its an apt anal ogy.

  4. shheesh This is just vile. I really never even tell anyone I am a christian because of this kind of hateful speech seems so prevalent. Makes me feel sad. πŸ™

    1. I don’t tell people I’m Baptist until I know them well enough that they know I’m not an intolerant so – and – so. Actually, the fact I’m Baptist comes up only when a discussion of beliefs or where you go to church comes up. (And if a where you go to church comes up, then people usually realize I’m Southern Baptist, because I go to a fairly well known Southern Baptist church here.)

  5. Wow. I don’t know how you find this stuff. I am amazed that these people still exist and are still as hard headed and closed minded as ever.
    Wait, I can do this too!
    Fundamentalism is homosexual in nature because it is a MAN-centered theology and they claim to love their fellow MAN and Jack Schaap wrote something about communion that I can’t remember that made me once think he was gay.
    Wow. This is fun. Actually, I would feel bad tweeting that because I wouldn’t want to offend homosexuals in that way.
    I wish I could remember the reference of the verse, but this one reminds me of the verse in the BIble that says something about “Believing themselves to be wise, they became fools…”

    1. Sims, that would be Romans 1:22. My Biology class has memorized that chapter of the Bible for the last two years running! And I would hate to offend the homosexuals by comparing them to Jack Schaap! But that is so hilarious, and two can play that game quite well.

  6. Sigh. I went to fundy high school with this guy. He has since been blasted for his hateful and illogical stances by more than one person associated with that organization, thanksfully.

  7. He hates the sin and the sinner. His testimony of Christs love is – you calvinists are as bad as the gays and you gays are as bad as the calvinists. What a great way to evangelize.

  8. It’s especially sad to me that he has “4Him” after his name as if this post is characteristic of the life Christ calls us to. “Lord, Lord, have I not insulted Calvinists in thy name? And in thy name tweeted many harsh tweets?”

  9. Huh????

    Dwight, Dwight, Dwight, not everything you don’t like is homosexual.

    I don’t think much of Stalin, but I have no reason to think he was gay.

      1. PS, your theory is as intriguing as it is mystifying.

        (I didn’t remember who Roland Burris was at first. I Googled his name and found this:
        “Burris has built a mausoleum for himself in Oak Woods Cemetery on Chicago’s South Side. His tombstone proclaims, “TRAIL BLAZER”, and includes a list of his accomplishments, with space left for future ones.”) πŸ™„

        1. One of his future accomplishments will be voting after his death. Vote early, vote often.

  10. I think I get how he thinks Calvinists can’t reproduce because, like most anti-Calvinists, he assumes they don’t evangelize; and “perversion of God’s design” is just his harsh and presumptuous way of saying he disagrees with something, but how, even in his mind, does he find it “predatory”? Or is that just another way of repeating that he doesn’t like it?

    1. “… he thinks Calvinists can’t reproduce because, … he assumes they don’t evangelize …”

      Either that, or he has them confused with the Cathars– something I wouldn’t rule out, given the twit tweeting this message.

      1. Don’t all churches try to build membership?
        Don’t all churches welcome people transferring in from other denominations?
        So how are Calvinists different from any other Christians there?

        1. In his mind, it is the ONLY way a Calvinist church can grow. Some churches (well, pastors or MoG) are very proud about the few number of people who have joined from other churches.

  11. The sad thing about this statement is just a complete lack of understanding history. Dispite your views on that theological system it is responsible for some of the most evangelistic movements in the history of the protistent church. Such a shame….

  12. It’s an interesting comparison but ironically, it’s those who choose remain in the fundamental fold under guys like this who get screwed…in the end

  13. I really don’t envy your twitter feed Darrel. Having to scroll through this nonsense daily would drive me to drink more than I already do πŸ™‚

  14. Pardon my english I am from sweden and follow this webpage with interesr. Although I really do dislike fundamentalism I atleast have to give Dwight Smith at least half right. I really do not se what people seem to find so attractive with Calvinism. If fundamentalism has a negative view on human nature Calvinism is even worse. According to Calvinism humans includin you and me are totally evil. There is nothing good about us at all. We all hate God. Because of this only those who God for some unknown reason choose to draw to him can get saved. The alternative to this according to Calvinism is not that all has a chance to get saved but that we all will burn in hell forever because we are totally depraved. Another rather disturbing view put forward by for examle John Piper is the idea of Gods total Soverenity. This means that everything that happends happends according to Gods Will. A comment by Piper after a natural disaster in US earlier this year was. God will take us all down its just aquestion of how and when. Even such an horrific event as the holocast must according to this view been Gods will. This is disgusting

    1. Is the Holocaust (as evil and barbaric as it was) more evil than what took place by man leading up to and including the Crufixicion of Christ? We can continue this discussion in the forum rather than hijacking the blog out here, if you like.

        1. ha! I can’t be held responsible for Godwin’s law since the subject was already on the table. πŸ˜‰

    2. Samuel, I don’t agree with Calvinism, either (I’m pretty much an Arminian), but I hope you can see how absurd it is for Dwight Smith to say that whatever he disagrees with is homosexual. You will find both gay and straight individuals in just about every theological camp.

      1. I am totally with you. Fundamentalism perverse interests of sexual preference and their need to connect everyone who disagree with them is very sad and irritating. I am just a little suprised over how many people suddenly sees calvinism as the Truth with the big T which no one shoul question.

        1. Hopefully, those of us who were heavily involved in the IFB will NEVER accept anything without questioning it!

          I also think that a belief system that stresses the sovereignty, power, and ability of GOD is a welcome antidote to people who’ve spent years striving on their own to soul-win, gain sanctification, and please God. It’s exhausting, scary, and discouraging to live as if everything depended on you. I’ve heard evangelists from the pulpit say that it’s YOUR FAULT if someone goes to hell. It’s such a burden, when Jesus says that His yoke is easy.

          It’s funny that while Calvinism has been called “man-centered” since it’s named for a man, it’s certainly nowhere near as man-centered as the typical IFB church that revolves around a powerful, dictatorial pastor who constantly stresses to his people what they have to do and achieve instead of letting the Spirit produce His fruit in them.

    3. It’s not about something being ‘attractive’ or not. It’s about what we find to be true. What does the bible say? What theology/ philosophy best explains reality? I’m not a 5 pointer, but I do agree w/ the Total Depravity part that you are hammering on.

      1. I agree. It is not attractiveness that decides whether something is true or not it is the evidence. When it comes to christianity, the scripture of course have the last say. And there are some verses that would support predestination for example but there are also other verses doing the opposite. I I find it fascinationg however that many people seems to believe that the less attractive something is the truer it is.

      2. I understand what you mean. I did not mean to offend anyone and i can understand that the Calvinist theology can relieve us from the heavy yoke of trying to save oneself. I am myself not brought up in an extreme fundametalist environment, my parents are Swedish pentacostals so the stuff I read about here is my upbringing multipled with hundred or so. Its like looking at your own uprbringing with a microscope.

        However, in the same way as a fundamentalist may all the time question there own salvation, wether they are good enough, wether their latest trespasses are really forgiven or not, how do you as a Calvinist know that you are one of the elect, and if I am not sure how would the angst over this be different than the ordinarie guiltridden life of an exsemifundamentalist christian like me πŸ˜‰ . Anyway I do not want to offend anyone and I think I can understand why calvinism to a degree can be attractive, although the more extreme form seem to picture God as not a really nice person.

  15. I am not much for tweeting, but this seems to be a great way for some arrogant fundies to infuriate and offend millions of people with only a few seconds. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that something is gay, evil, predatory, or anything else – it means you don’t like that thing.

      1. Nature of twitter. He tweets, someone retweets, etc. Not to mention you can search tweets, so if someone searched “Calvinism” or “homosexuality” this could pop up…

      1. I made this my wife’s ringtone once. I might have failed to mention it to her. She heard it rather loudly in a store in front of other people. Since she was unaware of the tone change, she wondered why no one was answering. Until it she realized it was emanating from her purse. She was not as amused as I was.

        1. Tiptoe, not Stairway.

          George will probably pass the blame on to Calvin, but I don’t buy it. It was George.

  16. I am always amazed at how many of the fundy rabbit trails lead back to homosexuality. They really believe that all the sins they struggle with are less offensive to God. Such arrogance and stupidity are always a deadly combination. FWIW, I went to elementary school and played on the same FBCHammond little league baseball team with Dwight–unfortunately he left the fire of FBCHammond and jumped into the frying pan at Ambassador. Makes me sick to read that junk.


  17. So does that mean Dwight Smith is a Homersexual Evangelist because the nature of his alter calls is predatory, he perverts the natural and obvious truth of God into a lie by arguing against what is obvious to anyone viewing God’s creation (that he is the Sovereign Lord), and he can only reproduce his faith through coercion not by genuine rebirth since he doesn’t actually preach the gospel of grace, and makes converts who become twice the child of hell that he is?

    Just checking…

  18. Wow, Dwighty was digging deep for this one. No doubt he’s trying to impress some people out there. There’s a lot of raging insecurity in this post.
    Dwight, you can still come out of the IFB. It just really sucks when you have an online history of such an ignorant, hate-driven past to answer for when you do. Please, stop embarrassing yourself.

  19. Yikes, Dwight. Just because Ron Comfort went on an unwarranted crusade against his best faculty member, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Educate yourself.

    1. Who was that faculty member? I knew Comfort went on a crusade against calvinistic students, but not faculty. Yes, I’ve heard Comfort’s infamous chapel series, er tirade.

      1. Earned doctorates by the way and a Greek Master. He is what some called an “historic fundamentalist”. He believes in the true fundamentals of the Christian faith, not the egotistical rantings of uneducated screechers.

  20. This is pure fundy gold the likes of which I haven’t witnessed recently. This guy needs to have his head checked out, what a mental midget.

  21. Believe it or not, It was reTweeted by an IFB Evangelist, Billy Ingram, whose website propagates the following statements:

    “I have no problem with a Christian who calls himself a Calvinist. By this I mean that I hold no grudge against these folks, and I do not consider their theology outside the realm of fundamental orthodoxy.”

    “…my arguments with certain Calvinist brethren are not so much about their system of doctrine…”

    β€œThis problem is not necessary because many good revivalists have been more or less Calvinistic, and many Calvinists have been evangelistic in both spirit and practice.”

    β€œAn accurate understanding of Calvinism would not stop anyone from being an aggressive winner of souls. As we have said, the false idea that God does not want to save everybody tends to cool evangelistic zeal, but there is nothing in Calvinism itself that says it is wrong to work hard at converting sinners.”

    http://www.billyingram.org/images/stories/Articles/My Beef With Calvinists.pdf

    1. when a fundamentalist starts an argument about, say Calvinism, the argument is, in 99% of cases, not actually about Calvinism. It is about the Fundamentalist always being RIGHT.

  22. #oldpaths #Calvinism Amazing! In his page, “Carving out your ministry” @DwightSmith4Him recommends we read the Banner of Truth (!) bio of #Calvinist George Whitefield. He says: “While I would not adhere to all that these men believed, much good can be gained from reading after their lives.” Perhaps he can explain to us how we can gain “much good” from a man whose theological #Calvinism he likens to sodomite perversion? http://is.gd/rwlduN

    Whitefield’s Calvinism: http://is.gd/D6477Q

    //RT @DwightSmith4Him: Calvinism – cal-vin-ism a homosexual theology bcause it’s predatory in nature, a perversion of God’s design, and cannot reproduce.

  23. Ok, I want to state right off the bat that I think what he just tweeted is horrible.

    That said, I don’t think he’s saying Calvinism = homosexuality. I think he’s taking it for granted that those who read his tweets will realise, like him, that homosexuality is the worst sin in the world, and therefore everyone will be astounded that calvinism has so many (perceived) similarities. They will then be shocked that they ever considered calvinists to be reasonable, and take them outside the street and stone them.

    Well, figuratively.

    1. Yes, exactly. He’s using “gay” the same way ignorant high school boys use “gay” — as the worst insult, but not necessarily connected to literal homosexual behavior.

    2. “Calvinism is GAY!” πŸ™„

      The tweet might’ve been funny if he wasn’t so grim and serious about it. He could’ve been an edgy comedian; instead he went for “edgy fundy.” Big diff.

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