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  1. πŸ˜€ An error occurred and I couldn’t watch it but am I…?

  2. Okay, I watched it through. If that narrator’s voice was hurting my ears even after I turned the volume way down, I can’t imagine the pain of actually being there! It was cheezy that they had to read from the papers. And it was disturbing and misrepresentative of the truth when they showed “David” and whoever else kicking the body of Saul after he was killed. We just got the postcard for my former fundy church’s vbs which has been using the same graphic for at least 6 years. I think we will pass. πŸ™„ God does use the Gospel given at vbs to save kids despite the kind we just saw. And for that I PRAISE HIM. πŸ˜€

    1. I only made it to the 1:36 marker. Let me know if anything good happens in the last four and a half minutes of the video.

    1. Bronze medal it is!!! And, meh, I saw enough “dramatic (mis)representations” of Bible stories to last me. I’ll pass on the vid. πŸ˜‰

  3. I couldn’t tell if the kids were enjoying the story or were laughing at the terrible show. The comment about using Goliath’s head for a cereal bowl is disturbing in too many different ways to contemplate.

    1. Oh, yeah, that comment is one I forgot to mention, beyond disturbing, that one. 😯

  4. I’ve sat through enough of this nonsense when I helped at VBS and had to pretend to enjoy it for the sake of the kids but I am not gonna waste my time now when I don’t have to! 😑 Which Lighthouse Baptist church is this and who is the narrator and the other big guy in the middle anyone know? ❓

  5. They could not even be bothered to memorize the ‘script?’ Even those who only had one line?

  6. Yeah, that was just bad. I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. At my church’s English-teaching summer and winter camps, we have a little twist. We make the kids do a skit or a song at the end of the three week camp. It actually becomes a lot more fun when the kids are involved.

  7. This is just garbage. I would never allow anything like this in the church I was the preaching pastor in.

  8. Why is that guy wearing a dress?

    If God speaks directly to you from heaven, do you really have to look around as if you’re thinking, “who said that”?

    Could you not tarry with me and memorize one line?

    Having said all this, I still absolutely love VBS. And our kids seem to as well.

    1. *Could you not tarry with me and memorize one line?*

      ^^ Comment of the day! ^^

  9. And the children are lost in 3….2….1….ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

    The adult ADD is dizzying!!

  10. Imagine this parent/child conversation:

    P: So, what did you learn in VBS today?
    C: David chopped off Galioth’s head, cleaned out the brains, and used it for a cereal bowl for his CoCo Puffs.

  11. The whole David kicking Saul part bothered me.

    They weren’t using KJV, cause they said Goliath had a battering ram…pretty sure that wasn’t in the 1611 version. Maybe the 1769?

    Where is this church, anyone know?

    1. They had David kick Saul? He GRIEVED Saul’s death. He refused to hurt him even when he could have because HE WAS GOD’S ANOINTED. These overgrown goofballs need to have a little more respect for God’s Word.

      (I only watched about 15 seconds: while the narrator speaks, Samuel does a little jig; then when Samuel begins, the narrator is jiggling his hand up at the podium. Can these guys not hold still?)

      1. The sad thing is that had this been a more theologically “liberal” (or for that matter, mainstream evangelical) church portraying David and the others kicking the fallen Saul like that, there would be fundamentalists screaming up and down (and honestly, I would be agreeing with them in that case).

        Bit of IFB hypocrisy at work here. πŸ™„

  12. #1 Moment: cereal bowl comment. It is dispicable, but I might use it later with my blood-thirsty youth group.
    #2 Moment: giving the stink-eye to the black kid who got up and walked out at the last second.

    1. The cereal-bowl line was sort of gruesomely witty. That detail is not in the Book, though.

      Since humans don’t part the hoof or chew the cud, I’m pretty sure they’re not kosher.

  13. You know…I think it was seeing VBS skits, camp skits, and Christian movies that broke me into watching my first R rated movie. I realized there must have been something better.

  14. Proposition 1: David was the ideal manly man. (A fairly Biblical assertion)
    Proposition 2: Manly men are all about their self image and making their opponents look like idiots. (Fundie *doctrine)
    Conclusion: David should use Goliath’s head as a cereal bowl and kick the dead body of Saul.

    – Sounds logical to me.

  15. Since I don’t have any acting abilities whatsoever, and probably couldn’t do any better, I’m not going to say anything about that the ones performing in the skit.

    What I really don’t like is their adding little made-up details into, and taking other details away from, what was supposed to be a story from the Bible. The ones that are clearly too ridiculous to be true make a mockery of the Bible, and the ones that look like they might be true can potentially mislead kids that don’t know the story well enough. If they’re going to do a skit just to be funny, that’s fine, but there needs to be a clear difference between Bible truth and fictional skits.

  16. Ok, let me see if I get this straight:

    First: You have to come to church 16 times a week, and you have to dress up, and you have to have your devotions first thing in the morning, because that’s “giving God your best.”

    But you don’t have to bother to prepare for presenting information to children on behalf of a holy God? You can just wing it? If you don’t have 30 minutes of devos at 6:30am God will strike your car with engine trouble in response; but if you act like a moron and don’t bother to memorize your lines when presuming to speak for Him to small, impressionable people, God’s happy anyway and it’s all covered in the blood and you’re “doin’ the Lord’s work?”

    Second: You can’t have images, because that’s sin.

    But YOU can pretend to be Bible characters? And not only can you image them in your own person, but you can make up stuff they didn’t say and imagine feelings that aren’t recorded in the Word?

    Third: You can’t question anything the Manogawd says. You must obey his every whim, pay for his minivan and not question his relationship with the secretary.

    But you can portray Samuel, chosen by the Lord from birth to be His prophet and speak for Him, as a dancing fool? No worries about lions, we live in the burbs! Besides, Samuel was an Old Testament character, so he wasn’t even really saved, right?

  17. So glad I don’t do this anymore…the last time I helped out with a drama at a VBS – one that I was pretty much forced to “volunteer” at – I had such a hard time with the kids. I had, like, 50 little souls in my hands, and I was teaching them stuff that I wasn’t even sure I believed in or agreed with…All I could think was “What the hell am I DOING?”

    At one point, I pretty much threw my arms up and was like, “Screw it. I don’t care anymore.” So instead of teaching them a lesson about martyrdom (they’re bloody 7-year-olds; what are you thinking?!), I had the puppets eat each other. They loved it.

  18. Sooo… the fundies have a firewall of separation to keep anything “worldly” and secular (and by default, evil) out of the church, but blending VBS with WWF is okay? Cool! Just checking.

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