GOH: What The Preacher Said

A country-style song about a man coming to the altar during an invitation complete with yelling preacher clips? This one is worth listening to if only for the cognitive dissonance.

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      1. I’m just glad other people posted. I was starting to think The Raptureβ„’ happened.

  1. I listened to the clip-ah!
    Preacher man was yelling a lot-ah!
    He screamed about hell-ah!
    I didn’t like it-ah!
    That means I am going to hell-ah!
    Hell would be listening him all day-ah!
    Why do they add “-ah!” at the end of words-ah!?

    1. Thirty years ago-uh, I heard a preacher-uh,
      Who sounded-uh, like this-uh.
      And I realized-uh, that this man-uh,
      Was making this sound-uh, when he breathed in-uh.
      I don’t know-uh, any reason to do-uh this-uh.

    1. That’s what she said.

      I mean the preacher. That’s what the preacher said.

    2. Well, I suppose as long as you don’t try to score a home run everything will be ok. And that’s also what she said.

  2. That dragged on like 57 verses of “Just as I Am” does to a hungry kid on Sunday morning.

  3. I never heard this song before, and it seemed like a nice song but that screaming preacher ruint it. You couldn’t even make out what he was saying. I don’t remember too many fundy preachers being this bad. This group ought to try singing this without that nonsense. πŸ˜‰

  4. “The message– It was loud and long.”

    And they say it like that is a good thing.

    1. I’ve been reading a book about Haitian Vodoun (Voodoo), and that possessed shouting reminds me very much of the behavior of Vodoun adepts when they are channeling some of the more chaotic loa (AfroCaribbean divine spirits).

      I’m not sure this is bad, but I don’t think it has much to do with Jesus.

    1. I thought the preacher was Harry Nix. He was my former pastor. This group and song was popular at my church, and the use of our former pastor’s voice was something that somebody pointed out every time this song was played. I’m not really sure how true that is, as I’m not sure when this song was recorded.

      1. I want to say it came from a tape recorded at one of our campmeetings (Charity Baptist Church in Beavercreek [then – Kettering now], Ohio). My dad founded and pastored the church, and he’d have Harry and Sound Doctrine in a lot.

        Harry was also always one of the kindest people. When I was running around being too busy for my own good, he’d stop me and have an actual conversation with me. Again, better than a lot of other preachers.

        That said, you kind of either like his style or you don’t. πŸ˜‰ I don’t mind it at all, because I know I’m getting Christ preached to me.

    2. It’s definitely Harry Nix. Also, he’s one of the few preachers who would come around our campmeeting circuit and preach Christ and grace, instead of tearing everybody down, giving his opinions on everything, etc. He is very good about keeping the emphasis on Christ. I only wish more would have followed his example.

      1. That’s right, Steven, it’s Harry Nix.

        And he did preach grace and Jesus.

        I remember him starting out by saying “I’m just gonna brag on Jesus for a while…”

  5. I like his voice, and the quality of the singing/playing is not terrible. But what the heck? Have we run out of things to say about Jesus that we now have to sing about the preacher and giving in to peer pressure and manipulation during an invitation? πŸ™

  6. …and on another note, Gary Duty wrote quite a few nice songs. While still in my “church” I was told that he had left Fundyland. πŸ˜€

    1. On another note the group never broke up and is still traveling and releasing new albums. Bloggers are the ones who started the negative rumors. Garys songs are now published in church hymnals and he has won song of the year and songwriter of the year and many other distinguished awards. But some just need to look in the “MIRROR” another of his songs about the Bible being a mirror of who you are when you read it if critics ever do.

  7. 1) I wonder who the preachertainer is supplying the background noise?

    2) I can’t help but wonder if Matthew 7:21-23 was put in Scripture for these followers of Finney?

    3) They may as well have been singing “Feelings… nothing more than feelings…”

    1. I doubt it is Jason Kendrick. This song is from the early 90’s. Harry Nix is mentioned above, and I don’t doubt that Nix is the correct answer. Nix was held in high esteem in the circles that Sound Doctrine traveled in (Ruckmanites).

      1. And here I have to raise my hand and point out that we weren’t all Ruckmanites. πŸ˜€

      2. Yep, got the CD booklet in front of me now.

        Preaching on “What the Preacher Said” by Evangelist Harry Nix, taken from a message preached at Charity Baptist Church, Dayton, OH, entitled “I Find No Fault.” (7/91).

        Copyright on the CD is 1997.

  8. Somewhere some fundie is thinking

    β€œSampling” Wasn’t that invited by those hippiety-hopping rappers? (Who are also the descendents of Ham) Sounds like a tool of the devil to me.”

  9. Funny thing is Sound Doctrine broke up the group over….wait for it….doctrine.

    1. There once was a musical troupe
      A pickin’ singin’ folk group
      They sang the mountain ballads
      And the folk songs of our land

      They were long on musical ability
      Folks thought they would go far
      But political incompatibility led to their downfall

      Well, the one on the right was on the left
      And the one in the middle was on the right
      And the one on the left was in the middle
      And the guy in the rear was a Methodist

      This musical aggregation toured the entire nation
      Singing the traditional ballads
      And the folk songs of our land
      They performed with great virtuosity
      And soon they were the rage
      But political animosity prevailed upon the stage

      Well, the one on the right was on the left
      And the one in the middle was on the right
      And the one on the left was in the middle
      And the guy in the rear burned his driver’s license

      Well the curtain had ascended
      A hush fell on the crowd
      As thousands there were gathered to hear The folk songs of our land
      But they took their politics seriously
      And that night at the concert hall
      As the audience watched deliriously
      They had a free-for-all

      Well, the one on the right was on the bottom
      And the one in the middle was on the top
      And the one on the left got a broken arm
      And the guy in the rear, said, “Oh dear”

      Now this should be a lesson if you plan to start a folk group
      Don’t go mixin’ politics with the folk songs of our land
      Just work on harmony and diction
      Play your banjo well
      And if you have political convictions keep them to yourself

      Now, the one on the left works in a bank
      And the one in the middle drives a truck
      The one on the right’s an all-night deejay
      And the guy in the rear got drafted

    2. No the Group is still together and still travel. My brother is releasing a new album soon.

  10. Is there nothing that you will not mock? I thought this song was a blessing. I am glad for an old-time preacher who preached at me until I got saved! If this ever happens to you all on this site you will know what I am talking about!

    I think the people reading this need to take a good hard look at their hearts and make sure they are saved. Psalms 1 warns the Christian about sitting in the seat of the scornful.

    But his delight is in the LAW of the Lord! You people seem to have a problem with Godly rules! Well the Bible tells us that we are to delight in the LAW of the Lord! We are supposed to follow His LAW! I wonder what you scorners think of that?

    I am sure you have turned aside after the fables of this world. Verse 4: The ungodly are not so. This means they are liars! Why are you believing liars over the truth of God?

    The Bible says that you are going to perish. Verse 6: the way of the ungodly shall perish! You still have time to repent of your sins of ungodly scoofing and pride and repent! You people need to find you a good man of God like the ones in this clip. Someone who will love you enough to preach the truth to you and show you how wrong you are. It breaks my heart to see so many people so wrong.

    Now I have wasted enough time on this site. I am going soul-winning even though you scoffers probably think that is wrong too.

    1. Pastor Fred, I’ll gladly accept being called a “scorner” by the likes of you. Good day.

    2. Thanks for the sermon. Do you have any idea how many fundie pastors just “discovered” what they are preaching Sunday? πŸ™‚

    3. Let’s total up the fundy points:

      Ad hominem attacks on everyone who reads SFL? Check. +15
      Glorifies old-time preacher? Check. +10
      Insinuates that readers aren’t saved? Check. +10
      Does violence to Biblical context to make point? Check. +20
      Conflates Biblical Law with fundy rules? Check.
      Condescending tone? Check. +10
      Passive-aggressive use of soul-winning? Check. +20
      “You need to find you a good man of God” not “You need to find God”? Check. +5
      Mentions Man of God twice. God gets no mention? +5
      Juno account? +5

      Total fundy score: 100!

      However, we do need to dock some fundy points for the following reason:

      Only one typo? That is inexcusable for a fundy! In addition, this rant is reasonably coherent. This is just sloppy for a fundy. -9

      Final Fundy Score: 91

      1. Don’t knock @juno.com addresses. I had one to secretly email my boyfriend without my parents knowing (the only free email at the time) Perhaps the good pastor has his for the same reason. …. 😯

        1. Nah. That’s kind of SOP, Admiral. At least in some quarters.

    4. “Psalms 1 warns the Christian”

      There were Christians in the Old Testament?

    5. The only thing missing from Pastor Fred’s rant is an altar call.

      Pastor – how could you leave that out? What must I do to be like you?

    6. This is just too stereotypical to be real. Darrel, are you Pastor Fred? Scorpio? Don? Anyone? :mrgreen:

    7. Its amazing how comfortable you feel calling into the question the salvation of a bunch of people who you actually know nothing about and have never met. You should try putting into practice the precepts from that Bible that you so enjoy using to judge others with.

    8. Please don’t think that this is an attack against you. I don’t know you. I do, however, want to push back against your unbiblical and Christless theology. So, here goes:

      “I think the people reading this need to take a good hard look at their hearts and make sure they are saved.” Scripture says that the heart is deceitful above all things – who can know it? So, if you are looking to your heart, your subjective emotional feelings, or your personal piety to determine whether your have been born again – you are out of bounds. We are called to look to the objective reality of a Savior on the cross as the assurance of our salvation – not to our feelings.

      “You people seem to have a problem with Godly rules! Well the Bible tells us that we are to delight in the LAW of the Lord! We are supposed to follow His LAW! I wonder what you scorners think of that?” – I can’t speak for others, but I believe law is good (although it has no power to save). However, your movement is obsessed with “New Law” or “extra-biblical law” (i.e., your pastors pet peeves). This may come as a surprise to you, but women wearing skirts is not a law given by God. Abstinence from alcohol is not a law given by God. Parted hair on men is not a law given by God. Your movement has trivialized God’s law. you have made of mockery of the “Law” contained in Scripture – and you wonder why you are held in contempt by those who do love the law of God.

      “The Bible says that you are going to perish. Verse 6: the way of the ungodly shall perish!” – By this I am assuming that you are Godly? Again, I can only speak for myself, but I am not godly (to attribute such an adjective to any sinful man is an insult to a holy God), and I will perish. When I do, the only hope that I will have is that Jesus Christ is in fact who he said he is. I am not righteous, but he is, and through union with him that righteousness is reckoned to me. If getting into heaven was based on self righteousness, I think you would have us beat. If, however, eternal life is determined by Christ alone through his grace alone – then there is no room for your pride and works based gloating. We are all desperate sinners at the hands of a holy God.

      “You people need to find you a good man of God like the ones in this clip.” – We have, and we are still trying to recover from the hurt that he caused us.

      “Someone who will love you enough to preach the truth to you…” – The only truth that should be preached is Jesus Christ – not rants about politics or pants on women. Your perception of truth has been clouded by years of arrogant eisegeting preachers who have drawn your heart away from Christ and selfishly directed it towards themselves.

      “I am going soul-winning even though you scoffers probably think that is wrong too.” I think Christless, man-centered theology needs a good scoffing every now and then – don’t you?

  11. If the sinner really had a million thoughts going through his head he won’t make a very good fundie. Their heads can only handle one or two thoughts at a time. Won’t be long before our thoughtful sinner has moved on to another church and we can sit back and smugly assure ourselves that “he was never saved in the first place.”

  12. The whole “coughing up a hairball” twitch of the voiceover is a nice touch. Seriously, it gets very irritating very quickly. Who introduced that stylistic element of fundie preaching anyway?

  13. I shared in the forum that we are checking out a Non-Denominational church in our area after being out of church for almost a decade. They don’t have a Wednesday/Sunday night service b/c they believe families should have more time together and so do we. One of their commitments was relationships both in the church and in the home.

    We listened to the preaching on their website and it was so different than what we had been subjected to. There was no emotionalism aspect to it and no manipulation. They also believe in expository preaching so that we’ll learn more.

    They also have what’s called “plurality of elders” and I’m not familiar with those terms and will have to look them up. It seem like a good check and balance so that one man doesn’t have all the power.

    We’ll see. As soon as my foot feels better, we’d like to try it out. I remember being told that if I quit church I’d backslide. God, that’s so wrong. I’ve grown stronger just studying the Bible without all that crap being shoved down my throat.

    1. We have recently returned to church. We are now attending a non-denominational church. They have a plurality of elders where we are going. It is nice. I hope that you like it at your new church.

  14. I actually liked the song. But the “-uh” preacher was a big distraction. πŸ™„

  15. Well I made to 11 seconds and had enough. And Pastor Fred’s comments, so predictable, so angry, so pious, sitting back in his high backed chair on stage looking down on others and judging that no one here is saved. How do you know where I am going? I know for certain and I know whats in my heart. πŸ˜€

  16. I absolutely love this group and have a few of their CDs. The ranting preacher is definitely a turn-off, but I love their harmony and that steel guitar is amazing!
    On another note, this group’s CDs had to be confiscated while I was at HAC – they were too worldly and had too many guitars! πŸ™„

  17. It figures that when someone like me cares enough to try to warn you of your wicked ways all you can do is mock and scoff. Well, just keep up your mocking and your filthy jokes because you will have to stand before God and give an account for all of it.

    What is sad is that all of you all left a good Bible-preaching church for no good reason. Okay, maybe some of you got hurt. But you have let a root of bitterness spring up and trouble you (Hebrews 12:15) According to this verse the root of bitterness can defile many. You are on this site defiling others!

    You need to quit listening to these itching-eared NIV preachers that you seem to worship and get back under a good old-fashioned preacher who loves God and hates sin. Yours and his!

    I will give an invitation! You all need to get back to God! The only reason you spend so much time on this site is because you know you are wrong and you need the validation of fellow sinners. When you all stand before God you won’t have your pathetic little support group around you. No! It will just be you standing before God.

    I am probably wasting my time since you have all turned your ears away from the truth and have turned unto fables. I won’t give up hope though. Maybe one of you will get alone with God and a King James Bible and get right. That alone would make my time worth it.

      1. …Flintstone, Fred Flintstone.

        *cue “Peter Gunn Theme”
        *pixelate to Street preacher with “Turn or Burn” sandwich board, waving a 1611, King James Bible and shouting at people going into the Liquor Store.

        1. Polished – actually you have to add george. Don doesn’t go anywhere without him. They are a package deal.

          And thanks πŸ™‚

      2. Scorpio,
        I just gave ol’ Fred’s rants a reread. Funny thing is, a lot of us made fun of his first post but “Fred” only responded to your charge about the invitation.
        Then you were pretty quick to say he was a fake.

        A conspiracy theorist might put those two facts together and accuse you of being Fred. :mrgreen:

        1. Aow – as much as I would like to take credit for being Fred, I am not he. Good observation however. Apparently I must have some sort of troll pheromone about me that attracts them to my posts.

      3. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I come on here because it’s funny, and for the amazing doctrinal discussions that happen sometimes. I’d never heard doctrinal discussions among people with different viewpoints before, and find them very thought-provoking – and they drive me to my Bible to check things out for myself!

        I grew up with the King James version. I read Shakespeare in the original language (with footnotes). I’ve read Beowulf (many footnotes)! For fun! My point is that I know older versions of English reasonably well for a modern girl with no formal training in Old, Middle, or Modern English. And I will testify that I had no idea what an amazing book the Bible is until I started reading in a modern translation. I love reading my Bible now, and learning from it! English changes so fast! King James version is no more obsolete than Shakespeare, but why not read the Book as it was meant to be read – by common people, in the language they actually speak!

        For anyone that doesn’t think English has changed that much, here’s my favourite example. If I was to say to you, “You should try to be/look more gay,” would you be offended or consider why you come across as gloomy?

        1. Clearly, I was intending to reply to Pastor Fred. Hello, George, “nice” to meet you!

    1. Pastor Fred, you seem to be basing one’s salvation on works. Your emphasis has been on doing the right thing to get right with God, not leaning on the sweet and immeasurable grace of God. Why is this?

    2. No, Fred…most of us left fundyland because we cleared our heads long enough to compare strict, modern day fundamentalism (comprised of man-made “standards”, man-made holiness and man-made heroes) with scripture and Christ’s teachings and realized that fundamentalism had morphed into something corrupt and in no way reflective of a true follower of Christ…of course, maybe I should limit this to MY position without speaking for others.

    3. Pastor Fred,
      None of us are being that bad today. We are critiquing a piece of music that we enjoyed from the background of having decided to study the Bible for ourselves and allowing God to fully lead us independent of tradition. That has lead us to many places, some to liberal churches, some to other local King James churches, and even some to atheism. While I can both understand and appreciate the warning you are trying to give, you have the wrong audience.
      Furthermore, we are NOT bitter. As Don says, “I may be a bit tart, but not bitter”. We are happy enjoying what we have in this life without a preacher stealing our joy and browbeating us with a KJB. Please let us enjoy what we have and go on about your day. Thanks for your time and your invitation!

    4. Pastor Fred, “Get back under a good old-fashioned preacher who loves God and hates sin” is simply code for “You need to get back into a KJB church and do exactly what the Man of God (known here as MoG) says.” Been there, done that. All of us here have the scars to prove it. You really have the wrong audience here for your “preaching.”

    5. I’m calling Poe. Didn’t you just say you were done with this site on your first post? “Wicked ways”? “Filthy jokes”? “Going soul-winning?”. Too much, too soon. Save some of that for later posts….you’ll need the stamina. We sing all eight verses ’round here.

    6. Which KJV worshiper do you want us to worship?

      Pastor Fred–
      Wouldn’t a true old-fashioned preacher use the
      Wycliffe or Bishop’s Bible? Or Jerome’s Latin Vulgate?

      Why do you assume we all left “good churches” for NIV churches?(Whatever that means) You really should exercise caution with your glittering generalities, and maybe look over the edges of your box and get out more.

    7. “Well, just keep up your mocking and your filthy jokes because you will have to stand before God and give an account for all of it.”

      You won’t find much love for American dispensational theories here. You are flat wrong on this assertion. Those who are in Christ have already been judged. Our sentence was carried out on Christ 2000 years ago. There will not be a judgement seat for the redeemed. Christ was judged on our behalf. He took our punishment for us – past sins, present sins, future sins – paid for. This is the gospel.

    8. What’s being scoffed at is your arrogance, Fred. What’s really sad is that you are trying to hide behind your idea of “righteous”, thus blaming God for your prideful, judgmental attitude. I remind you that you don’t know and have likely never actually met any of the people you are condemning. You certainly have no clue as to the situations and abuses that they might have experienced, so what right do you have to pass judgment?

      You certainly aren’t doing a good job of representing Christ to anyone. I’m glad that when I heard the gospel, it wasn’t from someone like you.

    9. Pastor Fred,

      Which version of the King James Version is your favorite?

      The 1611?

      Which one of the following books of the Apogrypha is your favorite?

      1 Esdras
      2 Esdras
      Additions to Esther
      Wisdom of Solomon
      Letter of Jeremiah
      Prayer of Azariah
      Bel and the Dragon
      Prayer of Manasseh
      1 Maccabees
      2 Maccabees

  18. I could only take about 15 sec of the yelling. How does this glorify God in any way?

    1. I think the same thing when I hear a lot of modern Christian musicians singing with extreme breathiness and horrible pop-music vocal affectations.

      1. This is true. CCM is not inherently sinful as most fundies like to make it, but it is mostly crap.

      2. I guess I should have listened to the song. I was referring to the yelling/preaching.

        1. I was referring to the preaching. Just because someone has a style you don’t like, doesn’t mean it’s innately glorifying or not-glorifying to God.

  19. Thing is…this was one of my favorite songs when I was still drinking the cool-aid. I was of that particular brand of fundyism that actually -enjoys- that kind of yelling. Still do, to some extent, although it’s somewhat of a guilty pleasure now, and it’s hard — nay, almost impossible — to find good doctrine being preached that way. It’s also like fudge…I can only enjoy a little bit, then it starts making me want to puke. πŸ™‚

    1. Forgot to hit “notify me of followups”…so I’m doing it with this reply. πŸ™‚ Kindly ignore….

      1. πŸ˜› No, he isn’t. I clicked on his name. But wouldn’t THAT be something! Actually, if someone started commenting on SFL claiming to be Steve Anderson as an ex-fundy, I wouldn’t believe them. πŸ˜†

  20. Although many preachers like this guy who insert a “ah” at the end of each phrase (or word) may not do it for this reason, the practice has its origin among pentecostal groups in the southern mountains who do it as a way of breathing out the words given to them by the Holy Spirit as they preach. You will also see some people wave their hand in a fanning motion across their mouths to accomplish the same purpose – spreading the “breath” of the Holy Spirit. Sounds strange I know, but bizarre practices aren’t limited to rural mountain churches.

    1. Can we spread the word on this?? Might be enough to make them stop doing it! πŸ˜‰

    2. Mountan man. It isn’t only the Pentecostals in the southern montains that do this. I grew up in a Pentecostal church in eastern Mass. and I always wondered as a small child what the -ahh was all about. It was supposed to make it more spirtual I always guessed. Even my older did this when she prayed in church but never at home.

    3. I really think it’s simpler than that. It’s a sharp, audible intake of air.

    4. If they fan their breath towards their congregants, I REALLY hope they don’t have halitosis!

  21. The song wasn’t too bad actually, but the preacher shrieking in the background ruined it. The screaming and the ‘-ah’ at the end of every other word made half of what he said unintelligible, and the other half nearly impossible to understand.

  22. I……..CAN’T……..TAKE IT-AH! PREACHERS SCREAMIN-AH! LIKE SAMMY ALLEN ALL UP IN MY FACE-AH! SPITTIN’ ON ME-AH! DRIPPIN’ SWEAT ALL IN MY LAP-AH! Sorry. but the first 10 seconds was all I could stand without screeching and running out the door.

  23. What the preacher said?

    He said,

    “To the Lord let praises be!
    It’s time for dinner, now let’s go eat.
    We got some beans and some good cornbread . . . “

  24. I’ve heard that the Tennessee Windsucker style(-ah!) of oratory(-ah!) comes from coal-miners whose lungs were shot to hell from breathing coal dust.

    Also, for another clip with totally bogus Preeching in the beginning, check out this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7jgE-9hph8.

  25. Oh, this song. When I was still in church and my father was still a preacher, they played this. Gah. Everyone laughed at the screaming preacher at the beginning. Awkward for those singing along with the tape recorder (which was another thing that irritated me. Singing with a tape. Happened quite a lot at my old church).

  26. You know the Lord is coming back best not to talk about the man of God like that. It’s funny really you see I’ve known that man all my life, and you all can make fun of him as if he’s not the man of God. I’ve never seen such horrible things written down, you all claim your Christians. Your not Christians there is nothing Christian about this your full of the devil If you think it is. rinse your mouths out with soap none of you have a lick of sense in you. Why a dog behaves better than all of you God help us all if this is what Christian people are supposed to act like now.

  27. Those of you with the ridiculously rude comments about this song have obviously never been convicted by a great message like the one in this song and went to the altar.
    I have witnessed this group sing this very song many times at revivals and it is very moving. Everyone who has ever been touched by the holy spirit can relate to the words sung here. The rest of you were just looking for something to complain about.

  28. “The rest of you were just looking for something to complain about.”

    And you know this how? Are you the Supreme Being with all knowledge of the thoughts and intents of everyone’s hearts? Did a supreme being of some kind (Allah, The FSM, etc.) give you some special divine revelation?

    The only way you can know another person’s motivation is for that person to tell you. And that you have to take on faith, because the person might be lying or even be unaware on a deeper level what the full motivation is.

  29. I love this song! A song about salvation with clips of a man genuinely excited about his salvation experience! I wonder about y’all coming on here just to criticize. What a ministry you have. I’m sure God is pleased with this.

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