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  1. Its the corrupting presence of Hollywood, the Crystal Cathedral, and the beach.

    1. Joshua 14:12, where Caleb asked for his portion of his inheritance. He said basically, “I want what the Lord has promised me.”

    2. this song is talking about overcoming spiritual obstacles in your life. It relates mountains to these these obstacles and it comes from the story of caleb going to conquer a mountain in the promissed land.

  2. For reason the man on the right reminds me of the bear on Disney’s “Jungle Book.”

  3. “……..Look for the bear necessities, those simple bear necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife.”

      1. The Jungle Book” was the first movie I went to see at the cinema. I was a young kid, and I loved it. Now I’m an old kid and I still love it.

        1. We used to have the “album” yes, vinyl of that movie. What a happy, feel-good, and true song! Unlike the one Darrell posted which left me saying… huh? πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  4. Lol I remember trying to play that song on the piano with the timing changes fundies would make on the spot as they’re singing it. It can tend to lend itself to a nice beat if they’d let it. πŸ˜†

  5. This song was often requested in my old fundy church in Michigan. But it was just more fundy guilt tripppin’. πŸ˜• πŸ™ πŸ™„

      1. That’s the first time I’ve seen a guitar like that, with three diagonal slits instead of a round hole or a couple of “F-holes.”

        Any comments, guitarists?

        1. I’m not a guitar player, but I’ll guess the female version of a phallic symbol? 😯

        2. If that’s what it is, it’s a triple one. 😯 😯 😯

        3. Absolutely no further comments on that from me, nope… not going to go there…. πŸ˜‰

        4. My first thought was that it is an Ovation. They do some interesting things with the placement of the sound holes, the most common being three or four round holes in that position with a decorative leaf-like pattern around it and another on the ther side of the strings. I tried to find this guitar, but the closest I came was a rare one with lightning bolt shaped holes, one on each side of the strings. Cool. One advantage to this is that you are less likely to drop your pick in the usual large round sound hole and spend half and hour shaking the thing upside down trying to get it back out! How many times have I done that! 😑 The guitar in the video sounds really harsh and tinny.

      2. I couldn’t get past the part where someone puts a cup of something on the podium. 😐

  6. Anyone else think they were about to break into a rendition of “Hey, Soul Sister”?

  7. Is that a karaoke machine on the platform, next to the pulpit? This fundy church (they would only sing “I Want That Mountain” in a fundy church) is obviously the only “good church” for hundreds of miles, since if they fellowshipped with more fundy churches, they would not have such low standards of dress and blatant appearances of evil.

    There are lots of little fundy churches like this in Missouri and Arkansas, where I grew up. They are each little kingdoms unto themselves and make their own rules. They will generally recognize the baptisms of other fundy churches around, but other than that they are the only good church, and thrive mostly on the people who get mad at the other fundy churches in the area.

  8. I hate this song. My fundy church still sings it, which always surprises me beacause they are so high and mighty about “country music”. Never will understand how music that sounds cheesy and carnival-esque is “better” than some of the awesome CCM out there. I just can’t see David singing this back to God!

    1. What you said! What the heck was the POINT of that song???

  9. Is this Frank Garlock’s “Give Me This Mountain” or another song on the same topic?

    1. No, this is fundy child molestor Bill Harvey’s song, not fundy ear abuser Frank Garlock’s song.

      1. Hey! Please substantiate such charges! Bill Harvey was my brother’s friend, and so I knew him. If there is evidence, fine, but please don’t throw around charges. Being part of the “all of the people” that can be fooled “some of the time”, it is possible he was a fake, but it certainly didn’t seem like it.

      1. Just saying that fundies might not elevate him to their manly hall of fame πŸ™‚

  10. Leave it to the portly men to sing about the “Giant of Laziness”.

  11. WoW

    Scary… DoppelgΓ€nger scary… That one on the right is a dead ringer for me at that age. *shudder* That’s unnerving. 😯

        1. I’ve a confession to make – I have been guilty of playing the ukelele (not very well, but still guilty) I have also been guilty of playing the Autoharp, which has featured in one of Darrell’s earlier postings. Both are fun instruments.

  12. I learned the chorus when I was a teenager, but didn’t know that there were actually verses – hmmm!

  13. Thanks, now I’ve got this awesome song stuck in my head. I love that it has a little beat to it, so I can really enjoy it without listening to worldly music. Thanks for the happy!

    1. Me, too! I listened to the thing two hours ago. Went on to a project I’m working on with this song stuck in my buffer. Agggh! It’s still there. It’s a snappy little tune for sure, but it’s just about to rank up there with It’s a Small World After All and This is the Song That Never Ends.

    1. I thought the same thing, Tammy! It wasn’t quite as painful as many of the others.

    2. Yes, but typically a duet includes harmony. Also, I think he should not have attempted directing the congregation.

      (These comments have nothing to do with his fundiness and everything to do with my overly-criticalness)

    1. That was fun! There’s some good pickin’ there! My band had fun with this song back in the day. We did it cowboy style with a harmony yodeling passage that we took from Sons of the Pioneers’ song Way Out There. Some interesting history regarding Life’s Railway to Heaven and Tom Horn, a hired gunman who was hanged in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1903. He asked for this song to be sung at his hanging. An elderly friend in Wyoming told me that was because he didn’t want people to hear the drop of his body. No doubt the version done for the hanging was neither bluegrass or Western even if Horn was a cowboy.

  14. Ok, how freaky is this…. I was just cleaning up the kitchen, blasting my Ipod when I thought of this dude and his anti-CCM vids that I had watched a few years back?

    Sometimes, I swear that I have psychic abilities of some sort. I just get to embrace that side of me now. πŸ˜‰

  15. I hate that song. hate, hate, hate, loathe. It’s one of those songs that could make even Pavarotti sound tone-deaf. My 5th grade teacher at Tabernacle (the one on White Horse Road in Greenville) had a thing for that song. I hated it then. Next, the guy playing the little tiny guitar has a Mose Schrute beard.

  16. It’s gotta be a Wednesday night service. People are allowed to let their hair down on Wed night. Men can wear jeans w collared shirts, Ladies don’t have to wear hose and we don’t have to sing strictly just hymns.

  17. My Fundy cult sang this song when we were being stirred up *yet again* to participate in the never-ending building program.

  18. You guys are idiots they may not even be catholic! they have camdles OH MY 😯

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