Roles and Responsibilities

It’s fun to compare the virtues fundies think should be taught to women as opposed to those taught to men…

Pictures courtesy of Don’s big envelope of stuff from last years SOTL conference

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  1. Someone wanna tell fundies that the knights of old were closer to the bullies in gym class who used to beat you up and take your lunch money except that in addition to being big and strong, they also had years of combat training since childhood, really sharp swords, and the protection of a powerful feudal lord who really didn’t have to answer to anyone. About the only thing keeping a knight from killing every peasant in sight was that you needed a few to harvest the crops. Other than that, well if a knight wanted to kill you and rape your wife…well you didn’t really have any chance.

  2. What is it with fundies and obsessive alliteration? And does she ever explain why men should be alliterative in Year 2 but women have to wait until Year 3?

  3. First, the “foxes” refer to the “little foxes that spoil the vines” verse. According to the insane “Bible study” of some famous fundy woman or other, the little foxes that spoil the vine are the little things you do in your marriage that spoil it, like not serve your husband the food he especially likes, or the forget to iron his shirts on time, or get upset with him when he doesn’t tell you he’s bringing home three people from work to evangelize over dinner.

    Second, I’m disturbed that “faith” isn’t anywhere under the men’s category. They don’t need it? And the women don’t study it till year 3. So…fix your life up all perfect first, and then worry about whether you have strong/true faith in Christ? Typical fundy. Get them to pray the magic prayer, then teach them the endless list of what they should and should not do. But don’t teach them any of that doctrine stuff, or anything they actually ought to believe that’s taught in the Bible,’cause it just kills faith.

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