97 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Caption Contest”

    1. There is no fundy pastor in the world who would EVER utter such nonsense! They may have guest speakers in from time to time but make no mistake the pulpit is only big enouth for one ego, one vision, one personality… the Pastor’s.

      Remember, the size of the pulpit (and or the dais) is directly proportional to the “spirituality” of the one behind it (or on it). It’s an over-compensation thing. 🙄

  1. On the other photo, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to put my caption right there on their facebook page (although that would have been fun) so I will put it here… Fifth photo from the last…
    “Whew! That one was silent but DEADLY!”

    1. Heh heh! I wondered that too! I’m not about to put snarky comments on their page!!!

      BTW, that is one absolutely magnificent pulpit! You can see it really well in the last photo.

    1. I know the pulpit is made out of shittim wood, and this one looks like a beautiful Bullshittim® model. I wonder if the puppet is also made out of shittim wood? Maybe it’s one of those sturdy Fullashittim® models?

    1. after further analysis it appears to not be a hernia exam, but instead a prostate milking – from the facial expression I am guessing he either forgot the lube or didn’t warm up the tube

  2. Byron Foxx, David Chamberlain, and Ed and Debbie Russ… Much as Crown is the flagship college of the “New Fundamentalism” those guys are the new faces and larynges* of New Fundy music. I remember going to some of these conferences…lots of back(side)-slapping and majoring on the minors (“We’re Baptists! Booyah! In your face!”) but little of substance. Not completely devoid, but not quite overflowing, either.

    And also, LOL at the big BJU recruitment display in Crown’s gym. I’m surprised Crown let them through the door.

    *And yes, I checked, the plural of “larynx” is “larynges.” English.

  3. Could there be a bigger distinction between men dressed in fancy suits standing behind an ornate pulpit preaching AT people, and Jesus the unemployed carpenter’s son sitting on a hillside teaching people? More and more this just breaks my heart how people have bought into this debauchery. 🙁

    1. Yep, I would agree that a lot of these comments are at least approaching inappropriate.

      However. At the risk of not expressing myself adequately, I’ll still say the following:

      One of the blessings of escaping fundamentalism is being allowed to make mistakes. To do the inappropriate or even wrong thing. To get caught up in the moment perhaps, and the anger over what these men have done to theology and the Church. And you’re free to dialogue about it and think. To admit you were wrong or stand by what you said.

      We are only human. And praise God, Christ died for humanity.

  4. For picture #10, I was thinking that there should be a “thinks bubble” coming from the guy on the left “Oh, not that long, boring story again! I hope I can stay awake. I feel myself going…”

  5. I actually like Johnny Pope. He has gotten much more complex and deeper in his older years.

    I have no clue who the other guy is….But he seems very mad at the world.

  6. I wonder what “General Fund” paid for all those INSANE displays for their conference!? Seriously… so sad. They look like a bunch of CEO’s at a cushy business weekend. Laughing and soaking in their *awesomeness*. Yes… this is exactly what Jesus commanded us to do. Hold conferences & spend obsene amounts of money that doesn’t in ANY way help the impoverished or widowed (AKA true “religion”). Sick. 😕 😕 😕

  7. When did Johnny Pope get so OLD??? I knew him when he was just a lad in his twenties. Wow. Now *I* feel old. Dangit! Why did you have to go and tell me who it was? Mutter mumble…

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