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  1. And the beautiful irony of this is that when I go to leave a comment, I get a database error. lol.

    1. Yeah, the only reason I got first was because of the rare two-fer. The database error snarled me on the Survey attempt.

  2. Goerge gives us posters no respect,
    Be we newbies or well-seasoned.
    He makes us look like foolish folk,
    Instead of wise and reasoned.

    1. Oooh, LOVE a LIMERICK! Let’s see:

      There once was a priest from Siberia…

      No, wait.

      There was a young lady who begat…

      No, wait.

      Um, maybe I had better not try this. 😳

  3. So this is what George looks like. An uncanny resemblance to Don. Although I think Don has more facial hair. :mrgreen:

    1. I think George has fatter fingers than this. Ham hands. Before I met George we used to say that a typo was “Fat-fingered” (Does that sound nasty?)

  4. **george so proud ot have own SFL post! Mad george day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    *sniff* george so happy 😀

      1. **Seen Enough: now writing your name in my book of ones to remember… better hope you don’t need my professional services anytime soon. You may be in there a while 😯 if you keep being so mean to me.
        george **

        1. Oh, no! I am all a-tremble. (yawn)

          Really Don, rein that boy in, please. He is getting rather above himself. 🙄

        2. I’m glad you didn’t say george was stuck up… *snicker*
          You know george is a good guy really, he doesn’t require folks to call him Doctor or anything like that. He’s just mischievous with the keyboards and post placement and making up wonderful new words for the SFL lexicon.

        3. Don, Don, she says sadly. Grammar and spelling should not be mistreated. While I see your point that George is not self-aggrandizing, nor harsh, judgmental, nor condemning, still! One can, however, make exceptions if the poor lad is simply trying to recover from a fundy past. It messes with all of us, after all. Just look at Sims. 😉

  5. I think you all are just bitter against George. Has even a single one of you sat down personally with George and discussed your concerns with him? Seems to me you’d rather just defame him on the Internet instead. You all don’t realize the good that George does.

    Let’s see, did I miss anything? 😉

    1. Well, you neglected to tell me that I am just as guilty of the same sins of which I am accusing George. You did not tell me I am harsh, judgmental, unholy, impious, unforgiving, and/or ungodly. You did not mention that I am driving others away from Christ with my attitude. You DID, however, speak in George’s defense, which makes me now eye you askance~~~ 😯


    2. Defending George? Could it be because he left you alone at least in this post? He doesn’t bother me as much as others, but every now and then… I suspect George is an equal opportunity typo man, he doesn’t discriminate.

      We love ya, George! :mrgreen:

    3. Clara English,

      Due to nothing more than your hit-and-run post I have seen the error of my ways and will now do an abrupt about-face. Thank you for your willingness to troll the internet and correct those of us who are wrong. Without you I would still be wallowing in my ignorance and sin. I will now make an appointment with George to sit down and discuss with him exactly where I am wrong and how I can fix it to his satisfaction. I hope I can cleanse my heart of the bitterness that engulfs it.

  6. Hail, George! Bringer of amusement to readers, and annoyance and frustration to posters–until they give up and go with the flo.

  7. I wonder if George knows good grammar.

    Grammar: Makes a difference between those know know their shit and those who know they’re shit.

  8. Indulge a newbie — what is George’s backstory? How did he come to be named? (And why does he make us do typos?)

    1. george is a pooka. His talents include typos, misplaced replys and bad grammar. But gerge is a pooka of many talents. He also holds a doctorate in rectal-cranialectomy. His services are much needed in the IFB world. Many times a young preacher boy will forget to use Preperation KY-H one his hair before climbing in the Senior Pastor’s posterior. Often this will cause a vapor lock as well. That is why it is so important for IFB preacher boys to wear a tie at all times. (and not just a clip on as that will not help in breaking the airlock and extraction the young wannabee.)

      Jack Hyles once warned about halitosis being so offensive and hindering soul winning. Here is the source of that problem and george is an expert at rectumfying the situtation.

      that is the story of my friend george.

        1. 😯 oh my.

          . . . although it does make sense that if you are in need of a craniorectalectomy, your breath would not be the sweetest. 😉

  9. Aww, I remember the first time George introduced himself to me. I felt like I was finally accepted here 🙂

    Hi, George! 😀

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