The title of this post may seem unkind but if the shoe fits…

Update (3/13) After almost a month of this post being up, TeaysValleyBaptist has decided to remove the video. It’s worth pointing out that although that have been several claims that this clip was edited, it was not edited by me. All I did was embed the video clip as it was uploaded by TeaysValleyBaptist.

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  1. Many fundies make Satan as omniscient as their god. Of the 7 billion people on the earth, the most important thing Satan has to do on Sunday morning is to keep a fundie’s car from starting!

  2. I actually like the fact that he said…like Baptists do, they were putting on a show. and if you watch to the end he said he was under conviction and he told her besides his Salvation she was the best thing God ever did for him. Don’t get me wrong…. I think he put too much emphasis on us staying clean enough for God…and his preaching made me twitch.

  3. I agree with Doc Brown. If he doesn’t get his big boy britches on then his dad might not meet his mom at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance and he’ll never be born. Great Scott!

  4. TThereis nothing wrong with asking a guy to be to work on time. Something is definantly wrong with telling a guy to put his “house” in order when what he really meant was “put your wife in order.” If the “preacher” handn’t emasculated this guy by telling him to “put on his big boy pants,” I’m guessing the whole fight could have been avoided. From the story, she seems like a wonderfully sweet wife. If he had just “shown her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life,” this wouldn’t have been a big fight. It’s so easy to lose sight of how Jesus taught us to truly lead people (service and putting yourself last).

  5. Too many things wrong with this to even start. Thing that stands out and has probably already been discussed is that this is basically a 10+ minute comedy routine with him as the subject he just loves to talk about…just typical BS. By the way, his education primarily seems to consist of a church basement Bible school

  6. What you do not understand about this video is that the guy’s wife is the pastor’s relation. This was a personal talk – and a funny story told in a very culturally typical manner. The preacher is not stupid; he is a southerner. In a southern church of this type people expect this style of humor – why do you think redneck comedians are so popular?

    Those of you who judged the story without watching all the way through are true fundies at heart. You are full of vitriolic hatred and you dishonor God.

    1. Hmmmm. You say we wrongly pre-judged a video, and yet here you sit judging all of us. We’re FULL of vitriolic hatred? Wow. Glad you’re omniscient and can see everyone’s hearts. And we dishonor God? That’s rather presumptuous of you to assume.

      And if this was a personal talk, why was it posted on the internet for the whole wide world to see?

      1. And, it didn’t look like a “Personal talk” it looked like a “sermon”. I can see how it could be confusing though, as it really DIDN’T look much like a sermon since it didn’t have a lot of basis in Scripture. Just more autobiographical tales from the sacred desk.

        Funny thing… Someone at our church sent in a complaint e-mail that the sermons were too much like Bible studies. I guess they were more used to the entertaining and autobiographical style sermons seen here.

        And just to set the record straight, I am not at all filled with vitriolic hatred. I used to be though. But then we left the independent fundamental baptist movement and I got better.

        1. Realy when u left the independent baptist u got worldly and you need to get right with God and actually ct Townsend is one to talk becuase he needs to get his wife under control becuase he lets her were skirts that show half her thigh an that’s no right at all

    2. Having lived in the South for 5 years, I can attest that Southern humor is based a great deal on good story-telling. However, the misogynistic tone of this particular tale made it completely unfit for a church setting, no matter how entertaining the delivery was intended to be.

    3. I watched it all the way through and I don’t think this guy is stupid. I’m not against an illustration where the preacher is the subject, but this one went on, and on, and on. He could have simply said that he and his wife came to church one day at odds, and needed to make it right with each other before ministering to people. It would take perhaps 30 seconds. But this guy took nearly 15 minutes of useless banter.

    4. “The preacher is not stupid; he is a southerner.”

      Oh that explains it. If I can take the liberty to rephrase this statement….

      He’s just a southerner, that’s why he appears to be stupid.

      And let me be clear, I do not think this way. I am just analyzing Freedom’s statement.

      1. He definitely stated in a way that equates southern with stupid. The major hole in his insult to Southerners is all the people from the south who use proper grammar.

    5. I’d love to know what it is that you think gives a preacher the right to impugn your wife, and more importantly what kind of a rotten husband would let that happen without putting the preacher in his place (boss or no, that shouldn’t fly).

  7. Who developed the stage for this church with the pulpit 25 feet up in the air and the series of chairs behind the pulpit with the big cheese sitting behind the pulpit giving “preacher” a thumbs up or down with his smile or frown?

  8. You people are crazy, critical, and mean spirited! This young man was just telling a funny story, to illustrate a point! Jesus constantly told stories to illustrate a point! You all sound like a bunch of pharisees yelling how much better you ALL are than them! SAD!!! You better read the Bible and see what happens when you attack God’s man….”touch not mine anointed!” Bunch of liberals! Get a life, get off your computer and go tell somebody about Jesus! No wonder America is going to hell, and revival is not present, because of idiots just like you all!!! You should be ashamed!!! You will answer to God for how you have publicly slammed this young preacher!

      1. It’s an axiom of fundamentalism:
        Yea if thou shalt find it your lot to straighten out backslidden heathens on the internet thou shalt be called, “John”. It’s known as Dow’s Law. :mrgreen:

    1. Hey John,
      Do you even know who touch not mine anointed is referring to? Hint: it’s not preachers and pulpiteers. Do try and keep text in context if you are going to beat us up with it.


      You will answer to God for how you have publicly slammed this young preacher!

      And he will answer for his false teachings as well. (such as works sanctification and making himself out to be the determiner of who is filled with the Holy Spirit and who isn’t.)

    2. Calling people crazy, idiots, and fat slobs *isn’t mean spirited and critical? I’m curious as to just what your definition of mean spirited and critical is …

      I’m not mentally ill (incidentally, if you wouldn’t use cancer as a pejorative, you shouldn’t use mentally ill as one either, unless you are a bigot), an idiot, mean spirited, or critical. Nor am I a fat slob. I am quite fearfully and wonderfully made, tyvm, and I hope you find the grace of God some day. It will provide you such amazing peace.

  9. Laugh all you want, pharisee…. Lets all agree that Darrell is probably the greatest, most perfect Christian in the entire world! He is so perfect he can slam servants of God publicly! Coward!!

    1. Just because a man stands in front of people and tells stories doesn’t necessarily make him “God’s annointed” I didn’t see any Bible being used nor did I hear any Scripture being taught. I think this guy could just as easily been a comedian doing a stand-up routine. So get off your high horse and save your righteous indignation. We have all heard it before.

  10. That’s because obviously whoever posted it, cropped the story out of the video! Maybe you should have watched the entire thing… You all are a joke! lol… Get a life!!! You are probably just a bunch of fat slobs that have no life or ministry or influence, so you slam churches that do! I feel sorry for you! If this is not “sowing discord among the brethren” (WHICH GOD HATES), i don’t know what is! You all will answer for this one day!!! Cowards

    1. Well, there is that LOVE that Jesus talked so much about in the Bible. I see it now. You are absolutely right. I feel compelled to do what you say because of the love that you show. Thank you for coming here to set us all straight. Hallelujah!

    2. I think it’s funny that you “bless God” honor culture types think that being called a coward is the ultimate insult. You always whip it out whenever you really, really want throw down with someone even if it makes no sense in the context.

      You amuse me, John Taylor. You really do.

      1. I had that in a previous comment (that “Coward” didn’t fit where he put it) but then I erased it and went a different direction. Glad you put it back in there for me. πŸ˜€

    1. I wish you could see the smile on my face as I’m typing this, John. You see, I imagine you (and all the other johns) like small children who are angry and swinging their fists wildly at the air.

      It’s comical because you have no real power, you’re not mature enough to really use your words, so all you know how to do is look a little silly while venting your anger.

      I laugh at kids when I see them doing throwing a tantrum like that. And I’m having a chuckle at your little tantrum too.

      If you ever want to actually talk about this instead of just hurling confused and ill-formed invective then I’ll be happy to chat with you. But until then I’ll just sit here and smile.

  11. “You are probably just a bunch of fat slobs that have no life or ministry or influence, so you slam churches that do!”
    I don’t think that Jesus ever spoke to people the way you just spoke to us here. Is this an example of your ministry and influence? Because if so, then I do not think I want to have a ministry or influence. However, if loving the unsaved and feeding the hungry and teaching the actual Bible is what you are speaking of when you speak of ministry and influence you would be wrong. Also wrong about the fat slobs part, but I don’t know why that is even relevant here. Do you ever get tired of being so wrong all the time?

  12. I believe i have stepped into your trap… truth is you all are mad at the hard core IFB’s, and i understand that. You all just want to fight! Your statements are not intended to be based on truth, yet just trying to tear down. But I have never categorized this preacher to be one of those…You would never meet a nicer guy! It’s a shame that you all would attack him! You are taking a tiny “edited clip” of 1 illustration and categorizing their entire ministry. And yes i am frustrated and mad…. Not cool to be attacking another one of my Christian brethren… Come on guys!!! This is not right!!! I’ll admit, i probably shouldn’t have said some things i said. But I love this preacher and his family. They are not hard core legalists. They are not hard core IFB’s …

    1. They may not be hard core legalists, but YOU are. You came on here where nobody was fighting, and immediately picked a fight and called names. And even in admitting you said some things you probably shouldn’t have said (Ya think?) there was no apology or remorse. You have decided and that is that. I don’t want to fight with you. What I would REALLY like is for you to see what we see. But you don’t. Maybe someday though.

    2. John, in all sincerity I commend you for standing up for your friend. It’s a noble thing to do and often our first instinct is to defend those close to us who are attacked. But sometimes when we step back and look at the situation with a careful discerning eye we see that who were are defending is actually wrong. Your friend may have done everything else in his preaching career right, but in this clip he was completely wrong. Even if his wife has given his blessing to use this story as an example there is absolutely nothing in it that brings honor to her. Honor that she is due as his wife. There is nothing that would cause those who are listening to respect her more after listening to him tear her down and mock her for the minutes in this clip. Treating you wife with honor and respect and love that is due her means that you don’t put her on display in any way that demeans her. At that goes for what he has done in this clip as well as what other fundamentalist pastors have done for years. Incidentally, I think it applies to Mark Driscoll, not a fundy, as well when he goes into detail about what he and his wife enjoy doing with each other in the bedroom, but I digress. So John, take a step back, breathe a little bit, and then tell me how any of what he said was honoring to his wife or edifying to any believer. Not to mention where Scripture was referred to in this clip and where Jesus was exalted. “A sermon without Christ as its beginning, middle and end is a mistake in conception and a crime in execution.” β€”C.H. Spurgeon

  13. I Am sorry, I apologize! But, Why am I expected to apologize when no one is expected to apologize to this young preacher and his family? hmm?? You all have took his sermon and took it WAY out of context by 1 little clip. I think it was wrong

    1. Considering that this subject was posted a few weeks ago I forgot how long the clip was. But if it’s representative of this man’s preaching, it leaves a lot to be desired. He stood up there for at least a full minute, maybe more, ONLY demonstrating his wife using her blow dryer. He stood there with his legs wide apart (a woman usually doesn’t sit or stand that way) and imitated her blowing her hair dry, I think it was to emphasize how long it took, or something like that. Why would any man mock his wife like that? One fundy preacher actually imitated his wife putting her panty hose on! Why do they do this? Is this preaching the word of God or mocking his wife? If my husband did that, I’d slap him into next week. Our former fundy pastor in Michigan loved to imitate women’s voices and always they came off sounding ridiculous as he imitated a falsetto. These preachers need to stop mocking women and preach the word of God PERIOD! πŸ‘Ώ

    2. I didn’t have time to go back and read all the comments. (To tell the honest truth, I DO have the time, but just don’t want to) But to the best of my recollection, I think the comments were mostly pointing out things that the commenters found either funny or apalling based on (as you said) the clip shown.
      Now that I actually go to a REAL church where the Bible is taught in its entirety and my pastor doesn’t get up and tell self-serving stories from the pulpet, but instead he teaches the Word of God, I am a little itchy when I see people who claim to be doing this but are not. I had it my whole life. Sermons that were just stories about the speaker’s personal life, or taking a verse or passage out of context, or preaching opinions as if they were facts is not “Rightly Dividing” the Word of God. These sermons were designed to entertain but were not teaching Scripture. Of course I didn’t see the whole sermon, but I really don’t need to. I have heard a lifetime’s worth of them and they don’t change much. I am sorry that you were hurt by the comments. I don’t think that was anyone’s intention at all. But unless you see it from the perspective of a person who has been hurt by fundamentalism, or thrown under the bus by a “well meaning” pastor, or had their marriage nearly ruined by such interference, or been lied to, or treated badly, or used up, or burnt out and then criticized for having nothing left to give, or starved for love and recieving judgement instead then you really can’t understand this website at all. If you come here and pile it on some more you are really only doing the opposite of what you intended to do. You are only proving that the view we have of you fundamentalists is a correct view after all.

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