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  1. (Now with that out of the way…)

    This is like an acid trip gone horribly wrong (as if they can go right): “I saw…Jack Hyles…*the* Jack Hyles — the man of men of god — he preached, in like, these waves of amorphous colors and something weird. Felt like the love of Jesus *unspoke* to me there.”

    1. I couldn’t make out much – I did hear the (in)famous “You say: I don’t like your preaching; well… I don’t like your living!”

      But the audio was really, really bad… I did finally figure out he was preaching against people committing “adultery” on television; I don’t know what television he watched back then, but it is far more hinted at than actually seen.

  2. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but was struck for the first time by how much Jack Hyles in this video looks and sounds like Jim Jones of People’s Temple/Jonestown fame. A fat, racist Jim Jones, basically.

  3. I seem to remember him being against speaking in tongues.

    But then again, he never looked or sounded better. I got about as much out of this than most of his sermons I heard back at ol’ Fundy High. He posed for us often, as I recall.

  4. The premier pozer of pozers passing himself off as a pastor of pecular people, preaching particulary poor points plucked out of his preacherboy packed posterior.

    Did he really preach on this topic??? one has to wonder was Jennie on his mind while he was preaching it?

  5. If that was a wider shot, you would have seen me sitting behind him there to the left. It was hard to tell from the distortion, but I think it was his wife behind him, dutifully smiling at his brilliance.

    1. But if that was Beverly I don’t remember her hair being that dark. And he is a little heavier there than I remember him being, but he still has some hair… I could be already gone by this time. But the sermons never change, do they?

  6. I’m pretty sure Jack Hyles was a prophet of Gawd. He is clearly seen “Tebowing” in this video that is clearly from the late 70’s or early 80’s.

    40 years ago, Jack Hyles demonstrated a prophetic Tebow stance!

    Now, the number 40 is clearly a biblical numeration with significance. Moses’ life is neatly divided into 40 year sections. How long did the children of Israel wander in the wilderness? yep, you guessed it: 40 years! How many days did Ezekiel lie on one side? 40!! How long did it rain during the flood? 40 days & 40 nights!!

    How long did Israel eat manna?!?? 40 years!!

    Gawd bless Bro Hyles! He, 40 years ago, prophesied the devilish Tebowism that is sweeping across this land like VD in a movie house!

  7. Ha Ha! Preachng against adultry-good one, Jack! You make me laugh, you silly man.
    (I thought I saw a “beam/4×4” in his eye at one point in the video) 😉

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