Apparently, David Grice has released a blooper reel from his King James Moment Series. Which is odd considering that I kind of thought that videos themselves were pretty much one big blooper. (Am I allowed to say “big” there? Can someone who is tracking David’s weight loss give me a ruling on that?)

Don’t miss him pulling his gun out of his desk about 5:30 minutes in.

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  1. First? Nope by the time I quit getting the Error establishing a database connection message there will be 100 posts!

    1. It’s probably the fault of my slow computer but do others get this message? I’m really tired of it. It does seem to take forever for this site to boot up! πŸ™„

      1. It’s a server issue, not a client one. I’ll bet I’d even gt it on my StupidPhone(tm)

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      1. I see we aren’t the only ones overwhelming the server. (There, Darrell, you won’t be the only one saying it.)

  2. Now I watched it and laughed so many times through it. I wonder when this was made, he doesn’t look like he’s lost any weight at all. “What are we all here for?” he asked. Gee, I dunno, to eat?” :mrgreen:

    1. “Gee, I dunno, to eat?”

      BWAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA! Chewing gum nearly hit the monitor…. πŸ˜†

  3. Darrell, I will be honest: I read what you said about his pulling a gun out, and I thought you were pulling our collective leg. Daggone if he does not actually do it. WHAT THE WHAT??

  4. He said, “Big Daddy’s gotta go” while flipping the gun from one hand to the other. Where, pray tell is Big Daddy going? Was there a half off special at the IHOP?

    1. ROFL. I know I am so mean to laugh at the overweight jokes, but if he were a nice guy, it would feel different. I realize I am applying situation ethics… where will it all end, I ask myself…

  5. King James moments? More like senior moments.
    “They purposely mistranslate to cover up their sins.”
    And he knows that because…..?? So arrogant. πŸ™„

  6. What is up with all the books on the desk? Are they there to make him look smarter? This guy is a clown.

  7. I like that fact that he has a sense of humor about of himself. Now, if he only had a brain. (Insert image of the Scarecrow singing. :mrgreen: )

  8. “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves. . .” Double fail, Pastor Grice, unless the doves are packing heat. What the hey?

  9. I think my personal favorite is that to eliminate some of the audio problems, they turned the lights off to eliminate a buzz. Didn’t try to find a quieter spot to record, or put any real thought into how to do it right. Turn the lights off and I guess dub the audio in (or have it as a a voice over, maybe?

  10. Big Daddy? BIG DADDY? What sort of idiot refers to himself in the third person as Big Daddy? Is there some texan connotation I don’t know or does it sound as weird there as it does everywhere else?

    1. I’m from Dallas, adjacent to Grand Prairie (where Grice’s church is), and believe me, whipping out a gun and saying “Big Daddy’s got to go” is just as weird there as it is everywhere else I’ve been.

      As for calling oneself “Big Daddy,” the only bell that name rings is that on my way to work, I used to pass a male strip club called Big Daddy’s on Cedar Springs Road, in the heart of Dallas gay district. Any resemblence is probably coincidental, though. πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

      1. 😯 😯 πŸ˜† very interesting! At first I thought he was calling the gun big daddy. πŸ™„

        1. Why yes, look up references to guns as phallic symbols. It fits in nicely with the night club.

  11. My internet’s playing up so I can’t watch the whole thing. Watched the first few seconds and that was enough to cause triggers. How many “Lighthouse Baptist Churches” are there???

  12. OK, can anybody offer any tips on how to tell the “bloopers” from the “real” David Grice videos?
    Because one’s just a weird as the other.

      1. Ahh, yes. The Fundy-approved substitute for sh!t. πŸ™„ Why is is Fundies can say “stink” and “poop” in the exact context normal, er, worldly people would say “sh!t” but it’s somehow better?

  13. I’m wondering if it’s a shout-out to Stuff Fundies Like where he yells (at about the 6:30 mark) “Open your Bibles, you dirty maggots, I hate your guts! Bunch of maggots all going to hell! Watch me take a verse out of context and beat you over the head with it!”

    No, on second thought, that’s the mission statement of David Grice’s ministry. πŸ˜₯

    1. Oh, I think he definitely sounds like he lurks here, when he was talking about “they say when you yell or talk loud it’s because you have a weak point”… that’s straight off the comments here… I think it was really “special” where they filmed him walking down the aisle in the church with no suite coat on… he needs a bra for those man boobs. Yes, man boobs are not something you are born with so they are fair game. 😯

        1. If it also caused women’s breasts to grow larger, that would explain a lot about my figure! πŸ˜› πŸ˜†

        2. I doubt he has ever smoked pot. I think those are due to overeating… πŸ˜‰

        1. Thanks for that word, Liberal Lilly! Since I have discovered SFL I have added some choice new words and expressions to my vocabulary… :mrgreen:

  14. So, just what is an “anti-fundite”?

    I was surprised to see a script. I figured anything as bad as his moments had to be off the cuff.

    1. “So, just what is an ‘anti-fundite’?”

      (geek mode=”on”)
      OBVIOUSLY, an antifundite is like a fundite but with opposite charge and handedness of spin. Or what you get when you apply the charge conjugation, parity, and time reversal operators to a fundite.

      Unless the speaker is an Old Paths Fundite, in which case an Anti-Fundite is anyone who has the sheer audacity to disagree with his opinions.

      Unless “fundite” is a

  15. When I was at Bj thought I’d seen it all.. until now. Whoaa and people actually follow him. Sad πŸ™

  16. Watching this brings back memories, and not good ones. The IFB church in metro Atlanta I was a member of used video for various vignettes during the worship service, and also in Vacation Bible School. They did not have any really professional video equipment either, so we dealt with the same hum associated with fluorescent lighting that occurs in this video. Why that resonates so heavily with me, I don’t know. The pastor was young and wanted to use β€œcutting edge” equipment to bring more young people into the cult. He had the same arrogance this guy displays. Thankfully, the church did not have a website at the time. The pastor would almost certainly have gone for videos like what this guy produces. Shudder….

  17. I hope he never asks me to hold that bible…

    The number of times he got snot off his nose, only to lovingly deposit it on the bible in front of him…

  18. Outtakes are supposed to be funny. This is just pathetic. And more than a little bit frightening. Grice disturbs me deeply.

  19. I’ve been trying to remember why Big Daddy as a name sounded familiar. In England in the 70s/80s there was a professional wrestler of the same name (real name, of all things, Shirley Crabtree).

    English wrestling of the time was a really low budget cheesy show, BD was a huge bloke with an enormous chest/belly which he used to great effect by belly-flopping on opponents. So Big Daddy, a cheap and cheerful English wrestler you really could call Shirley.

  20. If Brother Jabba ever preaches a 7 part series on Gluttony, I’ll buy it. I’m know he hasn’t, and never will. He doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “antithesis”, and there isn’t anything funny about not being able to speak on camera for more than 10 seconds without screwing up. How do these guys walk around at 400lbs, and condemn anyone for anything? They make up lists of rules and ascribe Biblical authority to them, obsess over them, question good people’s Christianity over them, while ignoring actual rules in the Bible that are disputed by no one. That’s why I have no respect for guys like this. He and his 70″ waist show everyone that he had no control over certain urges, and he still thinks he’s qualified to condemn people that love God, love other people, but don’t have identical standards. I guarantee this guy jokes about shutting down the buffet, loving food, and talks all the time about testimony. That’s the giant umbrella he slides all of his man-made rules under. But what kind of testimony is it, how seperated from the world are you, when you look like 80% of the people walking around in a Wal Mart?

  21. Big Daddy is also the domineering father character in Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.

  22. I wonder if he’s even had an “American Pie” experience with one of his KJBs?

    If King James could be brought back from the dead, I doubt he want to hang out with a peasent like Grice.

  23. “Once again, this has been a King James Moment brought to you by Light House Baptist Church” – I so cannot get over this!:lol:

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