A Woman Meets With Bob Jones III To Ask About Chuck Phelps

If you haven’t already read it, check out the transcript of this meeting here.

You can also find more information on the background of this discussion here.

I’ve had some personal interaction with the lady who had this meeting and I have ever reason to believe that this transcript is legitimate and accurate. It’s also appalling but that doesn’t come as any real surprise.

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  1. I got through about 4 pages. By then it had gone from ridiculous to me having to repent for what I said out loud. 👿

    How can so many be blinded into following such a weasel?

  2. Don’t discourage the Bob, Weaseling is important to learn. Its what separates us from the animals!…except the weasel. -Homer Simpson

  3. Don’t discourage the Bob, Weaseling out of things is important to learn. Its what separates us from the animals!…except the weasel. -Homer Simpson

  4. BJ3 says that Phelps performed his legal responsibility.

    Pardon my self-censored French, but how the **** do you get to be president of a Christian college without having ever once read Matthew 5:41 ?

    1. He’s so manipulative. He knows what to say and when to say it to cast doubt, act like the accuser is confused, and spin it in a positive light!
      He went to the police four times!! HE LET THE PERVERT STAY ON. Even if it was in some way consensual (IF), the dude still should not have been allowed to stay. Period. End of story.

  5. I’d like to invoke the “A Few Good Men” questioning technique and ask (in my best Tom Cruise impersonation): If there was no crime because the matter was consensual, then why did he call the police four times?

  6. Darrell, you’re right. Nothing surprising. However, it was worth the read if for no other reason than to see that (on page 10) Dr. Bob Jones III referred to Chuck Phelps as Phuck Chelps. My new absolute favorite name for him. 😆

    1. Maybe that’s a hint of what Roman Numeral Three really thinks of the man in his heart of hearts?

  7. I commend the interviewer for staying on the subject. It can be intimidating when a manipulator is constantly trying to throw you off (ex: he brought the mother into the conversation, then accused the interviewer of going off topic when “mama” was exposed as having faulty character).

    On a side note, I would love to a see video of BJIII’s “time of fellowship” after he preached. I’m sure the pastor caught hell from 3sticks for being left in that room for an inquisition.

  8. It is mean, but I have to say it: the photo of him, above, makes him look like an inbred moron. Particularly apt.

  9. Roman Numeral Three, do you really think it helps your college, or helps the cause of Christ, to just keep denying everything, even to the point of denying things that are documented facts?

  10. As a student I thought he must have one fancy shmancy education to be wearing all that bizarro regalia at graduations. Nope. Honorary.

  11. Interesting; the banner ad on the right says “Dragon Nest,” then shows what appears to be a sword wielder in supernatural fury descending from the sky to strike the ferocious dragon below. The remaining text near the bottom reads “Join the Revolution.”

    The diagnosis of BJU and the solution? I think so.

  12. i dislike bj as much as the next sfl reader, but unless this is verified as legit i have a hard time forming any opinions from it.

    1. It has been. Check out the thread on the forum and Bart Smith’s Facebook note about it. Darrell says quite plainly that he’s had interaction with the lady who recorded (yes, recorded on a digital recorder) this, and he believes it’s legit (otherwise, I doubt he’d post it).

      The woman wants to remain anonymous for now and she has good reason to do so.

      1. “darrell says quite plainly” oh? i read that sherlock. and i’m sure if you told a judge that someone else told you something was true, he would have no reason to believe otherwise.

        is that fundy u degree affecting your ability to reason?

        1. OK, let’s not get nasty here.
          If you don’t want to believe this conversation took place and was reported accurately, then don’t.
          It doesn’t change anything, anyway. With or without this conversation, Chuck Phelps is on BJU’s board and BJU leadership apparently wants him there.

        2. I used the wrong tense.
          Phelps apparently resigned from the board effective December 2, 2011 (according to BJU’s news release).
          But in November, when this dialogue happened, he was still a board member in good standing.

        3. The word you are casting about for is “hearsay”. And it is allowed in court. As hearsay.

    2. The woman doesn’t want to be harrassed, which is why only certain people have heard this (to attest to its validity) and there’s an anonymous transcript for the rest of us. At some point, when she feels that she’s in a place that it’s safe – both legally and physically – for her to do so, she may post the audio.

  13. Ballsy, ballsy, ballsy. WAY TO GO! In a system where women from birth are taught to never think that they can confront a man, especially a highly-esteemed man, this is revolutionary. She was like ricky ticky tavi with a cobra!! Well-done mystery woman!!! I’m very proud of you!

    1. Yes, she did a great job with this master manipulator who has deflection down to an art form. He constantly tried to make this about her and he also tried to make her mad.

  14. I couldn’t help but feels sorry for the wrong old man being continually interrupted and attacked by the young whippersnapper.

  15. Not a surprise. But then, BJU has never been known for it’s wisdom or morality.

  16. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I felt like I was back in Bro W. office, KNOWING that what I was doing was right but he refused to acknowledge what I was saying. So wrong. Just so so wrong. He’s so concerned about their testimony, but refuses to see what happened. Sickening.

  17. Re BJIII’s attire: He’s sporting the standard puffy cap that all doctoral degree holders wear. (I wore one last year when I collected my degree.) University Presidents and Deans sometimes wear other special stuff on their robes

    1. And it would indeed be perfectly acceptable for him to be wearing this if he did actually earn a doctorate.

      1. Exactly. The point is that the outfit goes with an earned doctorate. Most people who have only honorary degrees don’t put on those kind of airs.

  18. What a flaming weasel Bab the Turd is! He couldn’t even rear his own kids! I spent more time with them than he did. Bab & Beneth almost got shipped for extra-curricular activities backstage @ Rodeheaver. Bab Jr. (the ultimate hypocrite & pharisee) was going to ship them. Bab Sr. said “no.”

    Then there’s Bab Jr’s. exploits with Katherine Stenholm and Mrs. Edwards. And not only his painting collection but his win collection.

    The sexcapades go way back… including Dick Chivers, who was in charge of BJU kids and was arrested for soliciting a MALE undercover cop.

    BJU calling Mormonism a cult, or name-calling at Pat Robertson or the Falwells is like Britney Spears calling Kim Kardashian a skank.

    The harm these inbred hereditary pharisees have done in the name of Christ is blasphemy, hypocrisy, and what Jesus hated most.

    No wonder that Bobby IV went to Notre Dame and elsewhere. Can you blame him?

    God will sort them all out. There will indeed be much woe on judgment day.

    Jonestown lives (and dies) by the Law. Christ came to fulfill the Law and provide mercy and grace… compassion and understanding. Our Savior chided the legalists. The Joneses never got the memo.

    Payback is going to be hell for the harm they have done to countless families. Especially to their slaves. Been there, done that. I still get hate mail from my resume. Goddamn BJU. He will, indeed.

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