GOH: It’ll Be Worth It After All

At about 1 minute in (if you can make it that far) the blonde lady apparently starts having some kind of spasm. I’ve been to a lot of different kinds of meetings that that particular ecstatic tic is not one I’m familiar with.

And yes I know the male singer is not wearing a tie. And yes this is most definitely a fundy church camp meeting.

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    1. Teh heh, first. 😉

      That was just luck. I just logged on.

      Poor woman looks like a test pattern in that shirt who’s apparently demonstrating to us how she beats her husband for wearing a fu-man-chu.

      I’d like to demonstrate the word “blend” to his hairstylist, though.

  1. This is in China Grove, NC. I recognize two of the folks (pianist and the guy with no tie). Back when I was still brainwashed from my childhood indoctrination, I had to go to those camp meetings. Crazy. People.

      1. I’ve been to hundreds of meetings there. Say what you want about fundies (I’m not one of them), but there have been some great preachers on that platform (stage). I don’t really go in for the spasmodic thing though.

    1. Wait a minute… then why is their church called Safe Harbor? It’s not really near the lake and not at all near the ocean. I hadn’t really paid attention to where they were when I went to their site. I just assumed they were on a coast somehwere.

      1. There used to be a church in Dallas called “Soul’s Harbor.” It was nowhere near any navigable water. Soul’s Harbor was famous because it had a 5-year-old evangelist who preached at most of the services.

        I don’t think the church still exists, and I don’t know what happened to the boy preacher (who’s middle-aged by now if he’s still alive).

  2. I’m sorry, but from the still pic above, “she” looks like she could have been a “he”. 😕 It’s amazing that the other two people singing never even flinched or missed a beat. And if someone ever started flailing around like that during a song in our fundy church, the pastor would have stopped the song and excused the singers. No kidding. This is definitely not Mid-west Fundy. 🙄

    1. “She could be a he.”
      And that would be funny, gross, or what? Questioning a person’s gender is pretty low. And so what if she was transgendered? (Not that a fundy church would allow a trans person to participate in ministry)

      1. For me, not funny or gross, just contributing to the incongruity. As you say, as if that would EVER happen in a fundy church, and as I note elsewhere, most fundy churches I have experienced would NEVER allow this kind of spasmodic stuff during a special music dealio. If Natalie had not mentioned that she actually recognized people on this clip, I had truly wondered if it were some sort of satire.

  3. That was NOT a way to start the day with a blessing… there was something missing in their singing; it seemed like what I would expect on the 30th day of a month-long, daily tent meeting. They just didn’t seem to have their hearts into the song.

  4. Was she channeling “Beach Blanket Bingo” or “How to stuff a Wild Bikini?” I remember that dance move from the 60’s.
    Or was she secretly listening to Madonna’s “Hanky Panky” …slap that thang!
    Just a little more and she would have been off on her own “Evilution of Dance” I do believe. 😯

  5. That was just plain awful. First why was the whole first two minutes cutting off the singers? Focusing on the MOG no doubt, since even with others singing HE was the most important one there. He seemed to be twitching like he just couldn’t want to get up there and start preaching for an hour and a half. I’ve seen this posture from preachers before, like they can’t wait for the special to be over. I know then we’re in for a long one and we may not get out of there before midnight.

    The blonde woman’s blouse made her look even fatter. Doesn’t she know to wear vertical stripes or dark colors when you’re that overweight?

    As for the lack of a tie, well it’s a camp, maybe they relaxed the standards a bit but you just know when that fundy preacher gets up there he’s gonna hammer on everything, you just know it! 😈

  6. The thought is that if you don’t act like a fool you are not spiritual. All the stupidity is to please the idiot mog; that is why she looks at him while having her spaz attacks.

    If you don’t act like an idiot people feel sorry for you.

    I don’t know how anyone thinks that is a blessing.

  7. Good . . . Lord.
    It’s bad enough to sing that kind of Gospel music — dull, with bad harmonization that all sounds the same — but to do it that badly is . . . well . . . suffice it to say that the congregation looked like they were thoroughly enjoying it, which says as much about them as it does the people doing the singing.

    Not to mention the tic, or whatever the lady had or was doing.

  8. If you can get past the spasms, they’re singing about needing the MOG, singers and people praying, but did I miss the part about God? Eh, I guess they don’t need HIm…

  9. Wow that was bad. But the histrionics almost made it worth it. Obv knew to expect something. I didn’t know to expect *that*. The wii joke above was excellent. I bet that bowling ball was a good 40mph!

  10. That was AWFUL! I couldn’t wait for it to be over, kept watching the red line waiting for it to reach the end. I think the woman maybe has Toureettes? I won’t make fun of her for that, it seems she was crying afterwards.

    But the music and the lousy singing were painful to listen to. If a singer had an “outburst” of movement like that on my fundy churches platform she would have been immediately pounced on by the deacons and hauled away.

  11. I’m puzzled by the apparent professional that did the videography since the advertising was everywhere. Remind me not to use BEAudio to cover any of my events. It’s like he fell asleep on the job for the first minute.

    1. LOL!! It sounded like they all had heavy colds with blocked noses!
      Listening to that was just painful. Why does no-one have the courage to tell these volunteers that their talent is not in singing?

  12. 😆 oh my…..all I can say is THANK YOU, Darrell! After a long rainy weekend of camping with the (fundy) extended family- this is exactly what I needed. I find it hilarious!

  13. I agree with whoever up there wondered if the blonde is or was actually she-male. I hav only been in one fundy church where that type of histrionics would have been applauded, 🙄 and it was in Ohio, 25 years ago. Once their freakish music guy left–he had no options, he was imprisoned for embezzling church monies–it got a tad calmer. But not much.

  14. I can usually last through the videos on here, but music is kinda my thing. And I also gre up with that exact kind of singing…I lasted exactly 36 seconds. Just could do it. So much wrong from a musical perspective. Not to mention the audio mixing! Bleh.

  15. Ok… I was expected maybe a little something around 1 minute in… I DID NOT expect there to be THAT much twitching. I felt kind of sorry for that woman, to be honest; it looked like she might’ve been wiping tears aside or something.


    After listening to that song, I have an urge to take a couple of aspirin to stop my ears from hurting. Most painful listening experience ever.

  16. “We need some spirit-filled preachers to teach us right from wrong”??????
    “We need some good Gospel singing to help us go another mile”?????

    The Christian life: it won’t feel like it’s worth it here on Earth, but once you suffer through this temporary hell you’ll find that, hey, it really *was* worth it! I can’t believe it! Here I thought the Christian life wasn’t worth living! Gee, I sure wasted my life, didn’t I?

    Man, the theology in this song is atrocious. If they stopped to consider the implications of, I dunno, THE TITLE, maybe they’d realize the stupidity of this song and they wouldn’t have tortured us with a viciously off-key and painful experience.

  17. I’m a little surprised- aren’t independent fundamentalist Baptists usually pretty against the “charismatic” gifts of the spirit? Not that whatever that lady was doing was like any Charismatic gift I’ve seen before, but it definitely didn’t seem very Baptist to me…

    1. It’s actually pretty common in the southern (geographically) vein of Baptist churches. People will jump up and run around the pews, grab a flowerpot and hold it over their head, shout, stand up and jump around, etc., all in response to “good preachin'” or “good sangin.'” And if you happen to be in a geographically northern Baptist church trying to copy their southern cousins, you’ll get the same thing, only with more awkwardness. Call it what you will, but you’ll get an earful if you try calling it “Charismatic.” I know…I’ve tried. 😉

  18. I have utilized that particular move to get the last remnants out of a barbeque sause bottle but never had the urge to try it with a microphone. Just goes to show you though, fundies and disco are bad bedfellows.

    Jim K.

  19. That was really bizarre. Being Catholic I’ve never been exposed to anything like this. I’m afraid I’d have started laughing when the song leader was flailing her arm.

  20. This is just too much for words.
    And do you want to know why it’s worth it?
    I’m gonna let a real trooper explain what happens when you lift the bushel off the candle, and then I defy anyone to say this isn’t what the MOg, and his missus, and his misses, and The Good And Proper Chorus Of Good Decent Christians aren’t really looking for. 😈 😛 :mrgreen:

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