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This site is the epitome of a fundamentalist managawds altar to himself. John’s favorite pictures mostly feature…John. John and a regular rogues gallery of fundies including the infamous hatemonger and racist Phil Kidd. Don’t miss the picture of John and his wife being taken to dinner in a stretch Hummer. How humble can you get?

But the self-love doesn’t end there. There’s an ALL CAPS BIO and the poem that someone wrote him to celebrate 30 years of his ministry. And he even lists himself among his favorite quotes.

And his preaching style? Well, judge for yourself…

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  1. From the “Amen Corner” on his website:

    “Some Christians are so backslidden that they’ll not even get a sucker at the Judgment Seat of Christ.” – Dr. Shelton L. Smith

    Wha???? God’s handing out suckers?

    1. Yeah, I wondered about that too. Actually, most of them made me scratch my head and wonder why they made the quotable section.

  2. The woman in the back of the photo in the hummer has short skirt (or shorts) and an obviously seductive top on. Also, she may be smoking. Was it like a Taxi hummer or something, where heaps of people got in?

  3. Oh, he also stole some lyrics from Casting Crowns.. nice

    Under the shadow of our steeple
    With all the lost and lonely people

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was inspired by this song, in a weird fundy way.

  4. John Hamblin has also been deceived and is supporting the “peeping pastor” Greg Neal and his father Tom Neal of the infamous Berean Baptist Church and Berean Baptist College in Fleming Island, Florida. John Hamblin was even sent a copy of the acual Police Report wherein the District Attorney states there is “overwhelming evidence” against Greg Neal. 👿

    1. This bothers me more than anything else about him… how he can support Greg Neal is amazing to me. It destroys whatever credibility he had.

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