of their websites anyway…

Maybe if their webmaster spent a little more time keeping up their website instead of running around launching bogus DMCA claims against anybody who dares to quote their fearless leader this wouldn’t happen.

Just a thought.

(Thanks to steve for pointing this out over on the forums)

51 thoughts on “Compromise!”

    1. Usually means the Googlebots found malware while spidering the site. Either an out and out virus, or just a page that allows code injection.

    2. In all seriousness, it means that either the site’s security certificate is outdated or unverified, the site’s domain name/IP address has been blacklisted by most search engines or email servers (meaning it’s been added to one or more lists of spam/phishing sites), or that there’s just something about the site that has blipped on Google’s “this could possibly be spam” sensors.

    1. That would be hilarious!

      Also, photoshop Schaap in drag and make all the men have long hair.

      But leave those poor women alone. They have suffered enough just for having attended HAC.

  1. I never would have guessed that HAC would be compromisers! I wonder if my pastor knows. He will be very disappointed, although we are separated a little bit from that camp because of an experience at a summer camp. We learned that we should “do all to the glory of God” at that camp, but at another camp (run by a man and his wife who met at HAC) they said that it was too much like a Charismatic church to do hand motions to songs. They said, “what if a passerby looked in the church and saw the hand motion and thought we were adding things to the gospel like the Charismatics.” Pastor did not agree with this, so we separated from that camp and just a little from HAC. They are still used mightily by God in this sinful world but they just have to do it without my church.

  2. Special shout-out to Google for doing their retarded logo thing and making the screenshot less effective as comedy!

    1. But how else would you know that it was the 112th anniversary of the birth of Jorge Luis Borges?

      And do we really care?

        1. Chrome defaults me to https version of Google which I kind of like, but I have to once a day remember to check the normal version to see the doodles. I particularly like when it’s someone like highlight someone like Borges that I haven’t a clue about.

      1. If Borges were a second-rate author, I’d agree with the sentiment expressed.

        But he isn’t.

        Nice to see him get a nod here, even if it “detracted” from the screenshot’s comedic effect.

  3. Stephen Anderson and his church, who have won thousands to the Lord and yet still meet in a storefront, hate HAC because of their “compromise” on the KJV.

    Take my advice: if Stephen Anderson and HAC go to war againist each other sell arms to both sides.

      1. I have a feeling Steve Anderson already has a basement full of weapons just waiting to provoke a Waco-like situation.

  4. This is for Brade, wanted to ask you not to use the word “retarded”. That is word that I don’t allow to be used at youth group (along with the word “gay”).

      1. Seriously? On a site that discusses fundamentalism, where the hallmark is DEMANDING that everyone does things your way, you’re going to get on the case of someone who ASKS nicely?

  5. Compromise the one thing they hate the most!

    I’d love to see Schaap and Anderson battle it out. I’ll take a front seat and just watch. 😆


    I just found this on their page. It’s a bizarre testimony.. considering his son will probably have to do all of the things described after he leaves college. Also, the font is a really strange pick. Kind of like the font someone might pick to represent a preschooler’s writing.

    1. I can’t believe that that letter is on there! I swear I thought it was a parody or joke. Poe’s Law? Maybe the HACers thought the letter was real and it wasn’t? Freaky!

    2. I would be more concerned about wondering if your college age “child” is up for the task of manhood. Not having to worry about “work”?? When would be a good time to start worrying about it? After life gets harder than being a full time student or during that time?
      Plus, it wasn’t Jack Hyles work. It was supposed to be the Lord’s.

  7. No, Hyles is one of the most Godly colleges I know (even though I’ve never been, my pastor told me so.) If you actually think this website is guilty of compromise, I suggest you keep it to yourself until you talk to it directly!! Imagine how many people you are sending to hell by spreading this gossip! You’re giving (not the college, but)Jesus a bad name by spreading these unfounded rumors!!! Think of the lost! Blood will be on your hands!!! 😯

    1. I think you’ll find the correct word you are looking for is “your” as in “your giving Jesus a bad name”. That is if you want your post to appear authentic 😀

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