54 thoughts on “Church Promo Videos (That Mostly Feature the Pastor)”

  1. OMG! Cage cribs! In other news, I turned off perfectly good music to watch that drivel.

  2. That was painful. I’m glad the 2009 Soul winning marathon was in memory of Wes Thompson. “Let’s win these for Wes!”

  3. Actually, I’ve seen worse.

    This video did show a fair amount of parishioners, be it the soul winning contests (it is a contest,) bus ministry or whatever else. I did notice they mentioned the KJVonly stance several times, while they did not mention Jesus Christ once.

    1. Yea, I kept watching to see if they even mentioned Jesus. Not. Even. Once.

      Something is seriously whacked if your version of the Bible gets mentioned over your Savior. The sad thing is they don’t see it.

    2. Yeah, the only True Word of God in today’s English language. The last time I heard anyone speaking in “King James” English, it was in a Shakespeare play.

    1. I don’t know if painting the Olympic rings on the U.S. flag is illegal, but it’s certainly a whopping violation of the Code of Flag Etiquette.

      1. Actually, its a copyright violation. The olympic rings are copy-protected. In fact, the USOC is currently moving forward with litigation against Discount Tires for using the olympic rings flag to promote their business in Salt Lake City.

        1. It’s the reason AWANA changed its yearly competition from “Olympics” to “Games”. Probably had to change the winner banner, too.

  4. This place is a little less than an hour and a half away from me. I’ve never heard of it. With all those bus routes, I’m surprised. πŸ™„

    1. One of the bus routes is the town I grew up in (Connellsville). What is kind of funny is that all of those scenic pictures and the cross are part of the Jumonville Methodist Campground 😈

      My old church which my parents have attended for 40+ years is only 10 miles from this church. Over the years many people have come and gone from our church but no one ever ended up there.

      My dad has never even heard of this church and he knows all of the fundy churches in a 40 mile radius. He is even in Uniontown a few times a week. Its not like it is a big city!

  5. Are we supposed to keep photographic evidence of our “good works” used flauntingly for self promotion? The photo-op beside that bedridden man really makes me sad at 1:02. He looks incapacitated. It’s kind of tacky.

  6. I couldn’t finish it. I quit somewhere around the time the blue busses showed up. Too many flashbacks for me.

  7. blech on many counts. This is just a slide show with copywritten music and some cheap animations at the beginning and the end. “Hard-working Pastor” was my favorite slide! My pastor’s entire family never got their hands dirty.

  8. We don’t have one of those godless steeples like the main-liners and Southern Baptists do…but we do have a pretty cool and painfully obtuse phallic symbol sticking out of our roof…

  9. I think the great thing is that the whole movie was produced by someone with the MOG’s last name too. Nothing like dad being the preacher and family members being in charge of the MOG worship! All the suits and ties on outreach make me get the shakes!

  10. Western PA is very parochial. Pittsburgh is uber Catholic. There are 3 parishes in my little municipality. Even in small Connellsville (on the bus route of this Church), there are 3 parishes within 3 miles of each other.

    Sad thing about this church though is that all of the other fundy churches around it don’t even recognize it or fellowship with them because they disagree on tripe. Super sad.

  11. I like the numbers they threw out there. 107 saved 55 soul-hunters 1 bible 1 super-duper fundie pastor = 1.9 souls per person. The angels are rejoicing over the fundies out with their suits on!

    1. FYI … In the video I just linked to, the highlights start at 40:36. At 41:08 he really starts to get ramped up, and the climax comes at 41:47.

      Darrell might have posted that video I linked to before – I can’t remember where I first saw it. But I was reminded of it again, because this guy is preaching about why he left the church (and pastor) in the video Darrell just posted.

      Seriously, check out at least those segments noted, keeping in mind that these guys left BBC of Uniontown, PA because it was too liberal. 😯

      1. my personal favorite..
        I left because we shouldn’t be going back to the Greek and Hebrew to find out the meaning, you know, like the Catholics and latin and they’re just making up all sorts of meanings and the like, and we speak English so we shouldn’t go back to the Greek and Hebrew to study the Bible.
        (because Jesus was a Jew and spoke…
        you guessed it-ENGLISH!)

      2. The group that left Bible Baptist Church because it is too liberal – are Steven Anderson fans through and through. I know them all personally. I even warned Pastor Redick about them. They hated him especially because he was a Schapp fan.

    2. Nate, this video is awesome! Great find! One of the people commenting asked what church they were from and the guy says, “no church, just a bunch of guys preaching at each other in the basement.” LOL! This is def SFL material! How in the world did yu find it????

      1. Are these guys now followers of the infamous Steve “Don’t tase me!” Anderson? ❓

        The video has that vibe to it.

  12. What on earth is a “mail ministry” – it appears to hve something to do with the bereaved and telephone books.

    1. That’s what I was wondering. All I could come up with is looking through obituaries and mailing people who have lost loved ones a soul winning message. But that’s a stupid idea I just thought of, even fundies wouldn’t do that, right? Anyone know what it is?

    2. Since it seemed to involve searching for addresses and phone numbers, I thought it might involve helping people find lost relatives.
      On reflection, though, that’s probably way too useful a project for a Fundy church to undertake.

  13. I loved the ‘soul winning’ segment of the video with all of the closed doors, one door that was open about 2 inches, and the ‘secret’ snapshots through car windows of random people on the streets.

    1. My fav was @1:44, I can imgagine that guy being like, “what is this for? Why are you taking my picture?”

  14. Did anyone else notice the irony at 0:22? “in todays English language.” WHAT THE CRAP!

    1. 0:35. should be “King James-only” 35 seconds into the video and they’re already beating the crap out of the English language they know so much about.

  15. As a non-fundy all my life, please help me out and explain what exactly a bus ministry is? I’ve never been to or heard of a church, other than on SFL, that has one.


    Liberal and confused

  16. Bus ministry is all about going into (usually) socio-economically depressed areas near your church and giving the kids there a ride to church. In my experience with Bus Ministry, the Bus kids had their own worship area and seldom mixed with the regular church members. Saturday mornings were for knocking on doors inviting kids to be ready in the Sunday morning for the bus.

    1. I just do want to state that those of us with bus ministries next door in fundy-adjacent (I love my new termnology for my childhood churches) didn’t segregate… in fact I don’t think I realized which kids rode the bus until we were making jumpers for Bible Bowl competition) and my mom and another mom had to each make two because we had two girls from the bus ministry on the team!

      Doesn’t make other things less weird though…

  17. I actually went to church through a bus ministry when I was 7 – 8 years old and liked it. My parents weren’t church goers, so this was really my first experience with church. There were all the other kids, fun songs, a leader whose name was Brother Scudder, but didn’t mind that us kids called him Butter Scudder (so of course we did) and, yes, we had our own worship area and didn’t mix with the regular church members. The bus dropped us off near the nursery, so we all looked in and said “hi” to the babies, and then went into our little church. I went into the big church exactly once, and that was after service to wait for my mom to get there because the bus broke down. I thought the church was pretty, but kind of scary!

  18. Did anyone else get motion sickness from all of the zooming out and in of the video? My 12 year old brother could have done a better editing job!

  19. So, the entirety of their “soul-winning” efforts appears to be going door-to-door. That’s about when I started skimming. *Sigh*

  20. To quote a friend, “This video commits the unforgivable sin of being boring.”
    Also, that music would have been frowned on in the fundy circles I grew up in. Sending mixed signals with that “worldly” sound! 😈

  21. Wow, you won’t fund much narcissism in Uniontown, but Darrell found what sure appears to be one (and only?)!

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