148 thoughts on “Reader Submitted Photo: 5 Sins of Christian Women”

  1. I think you would get more out of George Carlin’s stand up about the seven words you could never say on the television than any useless crap published by the scum at hyles.

  2. Ugh… labeling Depression as a sin–that one REALLY gets me, and yes, I did hear it when I went to an IFB and I almost believed it for awhile.

    1. I just realized that “depression” was listed as a sin. Good grief! And while we’re at it, why are “nerves” listed as a sin?

      1. hahahahaha- I didn’t see the second page. But that makes it MORE funny. 😳

  3. Just curious . . . did anyone in the HAC crowd ever put out a similar book for guys? I’d give my eye teeth to see it.

  4. I’m rather ticked that immodest dress is listed before lack of soulwinning/Bible reading/prayer.

    What the HECK?? Dress is outward; prayer and a personal relationship with God is inward and much more important.

    Reminds me of IFB churches’ statement of faith/beliefs page. Mine lists the Scriptures and, of course, supremacy of the KJV before everything, even God and Christ and salvation. Gah!

  5. Someone in an earlier comment stated they couldn’t believe the book ONLY listed 5 sins. If you pay closer attention, you can see they don’t actually list 5 – they list way more. Just because they’ve grouped them into 5 similar “categories” doesn’t mean they only listed 5 sins. Really, the title of the book should be _The 12 Sins of the Christian Woman_.

    When I got saved at my fundy church, I went through a spell of depression/anxiety. My pastor/therapist/counselor told me that my life was like a sink full of dirty dishes just getting fuller and fuller because I wouldn’t deal with my sins or whatever. Really? Because I’m pretty sure I was scared into believing if I didn’t throw away all my “rock” CDs (ugh – what about mp3’s haha) and have a chaperone for every dating situation, then I must not have ever loved the Lord. I was also told that I didn’t need to see anyone else for this “problem”.

    It’s sad when men in a leadership position scare women into believing their emotions and bodily functions are sinful. To tell women (or men, for that matter) that the depression (and I mean REAL depression or anxiety) they experience is strictly from their outright rebellion against God is incredibly detrimental. Fortunately, my parents never bought into fundamentalism as a whole, and I was seeing a REAL psychiatrist/psychologist behind the Managawd’s back.

    Yet another reason why I left fundamentalism.

    1. BTW, the depression and anxiety I suffered was short-lived (thank goodness). I honestly believe it’s partly seasonal depression because I start “feeling” that way again when fall comes around.

      I can’t imagine what women with real bouts of depression, anxiety, or anything else that the Managawd doesn’t believe truly exists go through being stuck in these churches.

      God bless them.

    2. It’s sad when men in a leadership position scare women into believing their emotions and bodily functions are sinful.

      Fundies claim God created humans, but they act like they actually believe He subcontracted out designing certain bits to Satan.

  6. I wondered that gluttony was not listed, then I saw that she has a culotte pattern for a 70″ waist!

    1. soulwinning: going out on a Tuesday, Thursday evening or on a Saturday morning disturbing people in their homes and handing them a piece of paper with an ambiguous message that they will promptly throw in the trash.

  7. I think the saddest thing is that “Dr” Evans is such a horrible writer. “Lack of Loving…” and “Lack of…Bible…?” As a professional editor, I would burn this for the English abominations alone.

  8. Just in case, I think I’ll specify:

    It should be “Lack of Love for Husband and Children”

    And I would love to know what sin the “Lack of Bible” really is. Not having a big enough Bible? Not having enough Bibles?

    And, my theory on the 6th sin? She already sent the title to the layout department and they couldn’t change it, so she had to make up a way to stick the sixth one she made up in there.

    1. @Miriam, I’m not a professional editor, but as an English teacher, I share your outrage! That HAC publishes such stuff seems to demonstrate that their college is not really about academic excellence!

  9. The last, unnamed sin is jealousy!

    Just in case anyone was still wondering, six months later (I googled the book and found a review that was in favour of it. Ugh.)

    1. There is no secret door! Repent of your sin of noticing when he stares at the secretary…

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