108 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Superfundy!”

  1. Somebody should make a cartoon called the Super Fundy League with all of these characters included. I’d watch it.

  2. This superhero is much, much more powerful than his name would suggest. He’s in every church meeting, every youth group, every women’s Bible study, and every fundy college, in fact everywhere fundies gather, simultaneously!! Nobody wants to offend him by taking a social drink, going to movies, or listening to Steve Green. Oddly enough, although he has been in church his whole life, he is not considered a strong believer. He probably hasn’t grown at all, but he holds extreme power over all other Christians. Give it up for WB–Weaker Brother!!!!

  3. Fundy SuperHero? would it be Biblical to wear your underpants outside your trousers?

  4. One of my best friends performed a skit at PCC where “KJV-man” showed up to supply a verse to some kids who were in need of it. But it didn’t sound right and so then the real “KJV-man” showed up and unmasked the first guy as the imposter “NKJV-man”.

    Of course, he and the others that planned the skit got called into the office for mocking their KJV stance. (Which of course, he was). 😆

  5. Dont forget about Captain Fag-Basher, the scourge of the world’s worst sinners, the evil Homosexuals. He has a supernatural ability to disern that everything bad that happens to the US is God’s judgement on a nation that tolerates this Abomination. Captain Fag-basheris also a ruthless hunder of Laodaian Christians who are in any way sympathetic to the evil Homosexual.

  6. It’s SUBMISSION WOMAN!!! Completely invisible to any and all males, she has the power to magically (oops, I mean “miraculously”) lengthen skirts and hair, silence any woman in the congregation who tries to speak out/discuss/disagree with any man, and quickly provides a male covering for any unmarried woman who tries to make a decision on her own! Her costume is an ankle length, loosing-fitting, long-sleeved dress (no slit, of course) from 50-60 years ago, close-toed shoes, plastic framed glasses, and hair in a tight bun. She is in her early 20s, and she graduated from Fundy U with a masters degree in Home Economics!

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