Being Completely and Totally Different From Those Crazy Fundies Who Are Nothing Like Us At All (Not even a little bit)

Bob Jones and Hyles Anderson College are nothing alike. They’re so completely different and separated and not at all the same that Bob Jones III is going to be preaching at the same conference as Jack Schaap and Mike Norris this summer.

I guess as long as they’re on different nights then it’s all good and nobody should get all confused and think that maybe they’re not as different as they’d like people to think that they are.

Update 1: Multiple sources have now confirmed to me that Rick Arrowood has dropped out of the conference upon learning that Schaap was attending. Further updates as they become available.

Update 2: Apparently BJIII has decided to bring Dr. Eric Newton (Dean of Students at BJU) with him as the second speaker.

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  1. There must be a sense of desperation in these fundamentalist types. I’ve never seen anything like this.

    1. I have friends who go to that church. I went to a youth event with a friend once when I was about 12. Scared me to death. Apparently the leaders thought that telling a group of girls who were hiking with them in a forest at night that rapists were on the loose would be a tremendously funny joke.

      1. What would really be funny is if there were rapists, and that they were only into men. Especially Xtian leaders. Hey, it could happen… 😈

  2. The “Summer Bible Conference” font in the flyer looks like it’s appropriate for a wedding invitation.

  3. My take is that with what is happening in fundamentalism right now with all the negative exposure and all–they probably feel the need to consolidate and unify their forces. In one sense the unity might be a good thing if it is truly spiritually motivated. My experience makes me naturally dubious about that even if they talk a great deal about such unity. We already know that they know how to talk a great game. I rather suspect that they feel that they can no longer afford the division they have had up to this point and that it is prudent to combine forces to continue to build their “spiritual empires.” *THAT* kind of unity would make them far. more. powerful. at controlling their people. Such an organization would also provide long-term political advantages in many ways in the state and federal governments by electing those most favorable to their political agenda. It would enable them to motivate and control millions of Christian voters–which they most certainly do in spite of the fact they loudly deny it. I am repeatedly struck with how much the IFB is becoming (and has become) just like the Romanism they so vehemently condemn. Salvation by faith; sanctification through works standards of conduct. Most of them cannot even think rationally or function in the world of reality without their little rules books. I am not talking about the Bible being the rulebook here either.

  4. They need to update the last speaker. Atlantic Baptist no longer exists. I went there with Bob’s daughters, but cannot remember how good a preacher he was.

  5. I love how 3 of the 5 pastors’ bios just HAVE to mention how much they run/have baptized. I’d have thought that would have gone out of fashion right now.

  6. Dr. Newton is actually a pretty decent guy. I went to BJU for two years (still debating whether to return next fall lol).

  7. They’re dropping like flies because the preacher, asst. preacher, music guy and youth pastor have all been fired, in fact threatened to leave or they would call the cops. (Guess they stood their ground.) Pastor Aikens ran off w/ his secretary as his wife hid from him in FL and he’s under SUSPICION, NOT INDITED, for embezzlement. Yeah, I’d be amazed to even see this thing come off this summer, or it will be so desperate that they’ll all be grimacing w/ the effort to “keep smiling, for God’s sake, keep smiling!” I don’t know if this is a pro-fundie site or an anti-fundie site, but I’m pro-fundie, but my husband and I had this one called as they started building their new church AND a radio station, 2 for the price of God knows what. “Pride goeth before a fall.” Uh huh, had it nailed Dec 2009.

    1. Chris, you have the facts skewed juuuusst a little bit with the whole EBT situation. I was an actual member and have first-hand info on the whole thing. Please ensure your facts are straight before you post slander/gossip against a (former) pastor/church where everyone can see, including the Lord. The Devil has gotten enough of a victory in this situation.

    2. U should stay outta what u dont know. He (Larry)hurt an entire church body & destroyed his family. I know those kids. Imagine ur own daughter & grandchildren survivin this. It was a shock to everyone. EBT is still standin because Real christians were there before & still r now.

      1. Our church is searching for a new pastor…our pastor retired after 35 years.
        Larry Aikens has applied. Very concernef about him…red flags. Can you give us facts about his leaving your church.

  8. Sigh. It’s a good thing that Bob Jones never sullied his reputation by sharing a platform with someone like John MacArthur or John Piper and instead stayed separated from worldliness by only fellowshiped with holy people like Schaap.


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