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        1. Spiritual protection? Isn’t that the Holy Spirit and the Scripture?

          I didn’t think that the preacher is our source of protection.

  1. So he is basically preaching a sermon about why his preaching style is the correct, and perhaps only valid style of preaching.

    Well that is just rich. So if you hear another preacher you like and he doesn’t yell and belittle you then obviously you are in a seeker friendly church on your way to hell. Of course while he is verbally abusing them talking about putting size 14 shoes in their head people are sitting there like dogs with their tongue wagging saying, “amen, amen, preach it.” They have no earthly clue.

        1. Are you the Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church? I typed your name into the Issues, Etc. archive search and am wondering if you are the same guy.

  2. I don’t know, was that spiritual exortion or extortion? (you need protection)
    What scripture was he preaching here? Did he actually have a passage he launched from or was it just a general tirade on all the hyperbole he feels comfortable preaching against?

    1. I know at my church the preacher usually reads one verse and spins a whole sermon out of. Out of context of course. Very rare for him to read more then one.

  3. Where in the world do you get these damning videos? If that preacher had known he was being recorded, he or the ushers would have confiscated your camera. I mean, it’s really hard to believe that they would allow such stupidity to be released to the general public.

    1. These videos really aren’t the exception. And these pastors would go to the grave claiming that they’re preaching the truth and therefore should have no shame in others seeing this.

      1. Good lord! Reminds me of a trite little saying that I heard as a kid: “you’re the only Bible that some people read.” If this represents his definition of Christianity, why would any reasonable person want to be one. it’s like a well-known Baptist minister responding to Osama’s death with the words “welcome to hell.” If we are elated at the death of any of God’s creation, what kind of testimony is that?

      2. Except for when some of them make copyright claims and take their shameful ranting off the airwaves and leave it to the clueless brainwashed people in their pews of which some of us here were at some time…

    1. Interesting that he apparently considers his judgement infallible as to whether someone is hurting (afflicted) or comfortable.

      Maybe he is afflicting the afflicted in error?

      1. Unless the Fundamentalist in question belongs to a different camp and/or sings Steve Green in church. Then they’re automatically wrong.

      2. I fixed it for you.

        There are two Fundy Rules:

        Rule One: The fundamentlst is always right
        Rule Two: If the Fundamentalist is wrong, then you need to get right with God. Haymen!

  4. Has there ever been a sermon he’s preached that wasn’t a rant? Darrel, I know you post the “crazy” ones here, but it seems like he’s just in a constant state of bullying. I don’t know how people could sit there week after week and stand it…

    I’m kind of afraid to look for “sane” ones from him, since I’m so turned off by him in general…

  5. Ah, yes, its the closet homosexual again trying to set us all right. I don’t even WANT to think about what this dude searches on his computer in private.

    I love how he doesn’t want to go to a church that makes him feel good. I guess he likes ones that smack him around a bit.

    Sounds like fun to me!

      1. There’s more than 1 or 2 videos of David Grice spending entirely too much time describing the muscles of shirtless men, and such behavior.

      2. Oh, Theo, chill out, and stop throwing accusations at me.

        It was an ongoing joke that we were doing a few posts back. No Big Deal.

        (BTW… ssssslander is ssssspoken)

        1. no problem…just seemed a little wrong to be so harsssssssssssh….wasn’t aware of the earlier “joke”.

          Is written slander libel? I always mix that up.

        2. Oh, who the f*** cares, Theo.

          Our comments were neither slander nor libel as I CLEARLY pointed out that we were joking and it obviously wasn’t a factual statement that we were trying to make. I don’t know the man’s sexual preference nor do I really care. If he wants to hump monkeys, that’s his business.

        3. Wow Nat—and I thought I was the one that needed a chill pill! After thinking maybe I had been to harsh


          I see the fighting fundy in you is alive and well–just on the other side!

          It’s like SFL has become the Huffington Post comment section or sumthin’

        4. The slander/libel question was a genuine question by the way–I was sincerily wondering.

          Sorry you took offense.

  6. Why do some shepherd’s think they have to yell at their sheep?
    What’s that?…the Holy Spirit’s trying to tell me something but I can’t hear with all that yelling going on…

  7. “Preacher that wounded me” “that was protection, there is safety in protection”
    Hmmmm so his view of protection is to intentionally wound people? Last time I checked protection is keeping people from being wounded.
    He better watch out The Wizard of Oz might come after him. If you haven’t watched the clip on The Wizard of Oz it is worth the conspiracy theory chuckle.

  8. I gotta hand it to him. For a big guy he’s got a nice limber leg kick. However, this tough guy, if you don’t do right (according to me), boot in your butt attitude is wearing thin.

  9. Lol. You need tp spend more time in gods word. While he doesn’t use Gods word once. Irony.

    And, the dodging bullets analogy… so his preaching is like he’s verbally shooting at you? I guess he’s trying to kill you with his words. Instead of healing you. A very apt metaphor right from his own mouth.


    1. I think he means listening to him rant, I think he equates that to being in God’s Word, even though like it has been pointed out he didn’t mention it but only used it as a physical prop during preachingโ€ฆ sigh…

  10. The grand irony of course is that his style and content are absent any hint of Christian love and charity that Jesus spoke of. The Apostle John said in his first letter that absent love for others, one cannot love God, yet we still endure these arrogant people as if they are speaking for God. If I knew of no other preachers, I would still know this is not a man of God.

  11. I can’t hear past his size 64 suit and babyface. Talk about a Cradlefundy spouting off soundbytes he heard growing up and at Fundy U. There is nothing original about this guy. He is a ranting fundy who uses a Bible as a prop.

    I would love to be preaching on the sin of gluttony while he would be in the pew. Would he be Haymening or Ohmeeing?

  12. Also, I’m pretty sure Islam is the light. I wasn’t certain at first, but after the 12th or 13th time I heard it, it just started making sense.

  13. Wow…..what’s with the weird “flippy” thing he does with his hands?? When he is waving them around it looks like they don’t have any bones in them.

  14. One pastor I knew said that, over time he figured out that what a preacher yells the loudest about is what he is struggling with himself…I guess this means he flirts at work, watches porn, lies, cheats, and is spiritually weak. Check, check, and check this guy is fulfills all qualifications for an IFB pastor.

  15. he apparently skipped over the gluttony is a sin verse. either that or turned it around ( an ifb specialty) to say eat more cheeseburgers!!

    1. Theo! You better call diachenko homophobic and slanderous, too, or I’ll feel singled out!!!

      ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

      (Can I let things go?… yes. Do I want to?… Nah :mrgreen: )

      1. It’s much more fun when you don’t let things go. I like to pretend to take offense at lots of things, although I rarely get truly offended. It’s quite entertaining. And yes, Theo, I’m waiting for you to call me the same things you did Natalie. Or perhaps you might just admit that my gaydar is pretty tuned to recognizing one of my own species… ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. “Gaydar”… ha ha… LOVE IT!!!

          I’m more inclined to not let things die and then add a bit of sarcasm to relish in both the fact that I am very much a classic female (uh-oh, does that make me sexist?) and a smartass.

          It is my practice. It is my art. :mrgreen:

        1. Why thank you, Theo! You have made my day a bit…gayer. Although my gaydar is not so much homophobic as hypocritaphobic. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ There, see Natalie? It wasn’t just you. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

        2. Have you ever seen Daffyd Thomas on Little Britain? One of my favorite sketches ever! When you said that your gaydar wasn’t homophobic, it reminded me of that and I laughed for a while!

        3. I haven’t seen Little Britain, but I just got the first disc from Netflix today, so the journey of hilarity is about to begin!

  16. At the end he said because we don’t spend enough time in the Word we are complainers and not praisers. Isn’t this whole rant a complaint about the current status of preaching? I guess he hasn’t spent much time in the Word – which is evident from every other video shown of him on this site.

  17. A glutton braying his opinions, while implying that he’s the toughest guy in the room. No verses, no Jesus, no good news. This should definitely go in a time capsule somewhere labeled “An IFB preacher”.

  18. He should add, “and eating all those twinkies and get out their and exersize” I am a heafty person myself, but i dont go out their and start preaching about others life styles until i settle my own

  19. preach it preacher! that is EXACTLY what i need…protection from you fundies!!!!!!! the world needs protection from you crazies!!!!!!!!! please don’t ruin anymore lives!

  20. 100th! YEAH! I am SO glad my pastor just preaches (teaches) from the Bible and leaves his personal preferences at home (where they belong) This guy is just a cartoon.

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