Morality In Musical Styles

Honestly, I think this presentation is mostly a way for the speaker to show off his own ability to play a bunch of different instruments.

Weirdest of all, this looks like it may have been a presentation at a Valentines gathering of some kind.

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  1. How many times does he access the Bible? 0
    The Rrumba beat he used is also found in Hebrew music. The type of music they used to dance and praise God. He’s using his American culture and interpretation of beats to create rules because he’s not comfortable with the fact that the Bible leaves this area open. Also, “the march beat reminds us to be good soldiers for Christ”? ROFL!!

  2. What, exactly, defines “contemporary Christian music”? Can we safely assume that the hymns written by Fanny Crosby and others would not have been successful or appreciated right after they were written because then they would have been contemporary? That said, I’m not exactly thrilled by standing for 45 minutes while repeating the lyrics to the same song 20 some times.

  3. I went to a IFB college, and I never bought into their stand on music. Music is as much a preference as colors and flavors. If you can find something you enjoy, ENJOY IT. That doesn’t mean every style is appropriate for church – or at least for every church.

    The music professor at our college who taught the IFB stand on music straight from Garlock’s lips to our ears ran off with a lady he met online and left his wife and 3 kids. I think when any person concentrates so hard on being godly in one aspect, the devil sneaks in from the rear.

    A couple years ago I started listening to only music with words that I feel minister to my soul. But I still own secular music, and don’t plan to burn anything any time soon. My husband didn’t grow up in an IFB church, and has listened to CCM for years. He said that the Holy Spirit has never convicted him about it and THAT is his yardstick.

    I’m so glad I married outside the IFB!

    1. “I think when any person concentrates so hard on being godly in one aspect, the devil sneaks in from the rear.”


  4. Another down side of IFB is that many of its talented followers never achieve their full potential because of their faith. I had a friend give up a medical scholarship to Johns Hoskins to follow his lord (an girlfriend) to BJU. This man is talented. He could have been a studio musician or a music professor. He could of had a good paying career. Instead he is probably driving around the country in a beat up minivan, living off love offerings and sales of his CDs. He probably has to beg for jigs at local churches and find host famlies that will give him a free place to sleep. Maybe some nights he is sleeping in his van down by the river.

    Ironically, he is living the life of the college rock band, but without the groupies, hope of a major record deal or a Myspace music page.

  5. We had that joker at our church.He has a whole lecture on his webpage with lots more of the same. There is nothing like good gospel music, and it was nothing like good gospel music. What is really creepy is that he also yodels.

  6. He didn’t back any of that up with scripture cause you can’t so…don’t preach it.

  7. Wowww, music theory fundy style! 😯

    Re the hearts, reminds me of the Februarys (all-Winter Quarters?) that the then-president’s wife at (non-fundy!) Cedarville U would decorate the front of the chapel with hearts GALORE. :gag: Yeah, it made me wanna throw up in my mouth a little. 😳

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