Hammond DMCA Claim Update: We Win

Lacking any further legal action, the video of Jack Schaap responding to 20/20 has been by put back up Vimeo. I’m sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to a messy lawsuit.

It’s a minor yet satisfying victory. The battle for truth and transparency continues.

22 thoughts on “Hammond DMCA Claim Update: We Win”

  1. I would be tempted to send a taunting e-mail, but I think we’ve all learned they monitor this site pretty closely, and are aware they failed to backup their DMCA claim.

  2. I believe the correct response is…”Keep on the firing line!” :mrgreen:

    But seriously…great news!

  3. Truth and Transparency – yay! The opposite of that is deception and obfuscation, which are NOT Godly characteristics.

    If they are preaching God’s Word, why are they so reluctant to let others hear it?

  4. It’s always cool when a guy stands up against the establishment and wins. congrats.

    1. Darrell, those were your loyal minions sitting behind you on the platform smiling. They need a smiley emoticon that nods approvingly.

  5. I am so glad I saw this on “random post” just now. My 23-year-old son picked up my iPad to have something to read while in the, er, restroom. As I was walking y, I heard some maniac screaming and hollering, and I called over the noise, “What in the world are you watching?”. He answered, in a mystified voice, “There’s a lunatic named Jack Skap ( his pronunciation!) screaming about 20/20 and he sounds insane!” When he emerged, he had a lot of questions: how had I EVER bought into the HAC crap, how does ANYONE think this is how a man behaves in a pulpit, and on and on it went. The jubilation here is, at his age, his dad and I were immersed in this crap. Now, my three grown children find it repugnant, ridiculous, and dangerous. I am here to testify, there IS complete deliverance from the mindset, there is a bright future, and you CAN leave it all behind. Thank God.

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