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  1. If God needs us to wear our BEST every week why do you sometimes wear different suits, ties and shirts? One of those suits, ties and shirt combos are your BEST and you should wear that every single week.

    Also if i have jeans and a hoodie that cost more than my suit why cant i wear those on Sunday? They ARE my best!

  2. To my most recent MOG:

    Since you publicly belittle ‘book larnin’ and have an obvious disregard for studying of any kind, why is it you feel lead to start a Bible College?

    1. Apathetic or Whatever wrote, “Since you publicly belittle β€˜book larnin’ and have an obvious disregard for studying of any kind, why is it you feel lead to start a Bible College?

      And since book larnin’ is frowned upon, why do you pretend to have a formal education by using a “doctor” title that you did not earn?

    1. Nope, but you may find yourself the topic of a letter to the church at large or a sermon illustration.

    1. oh that’s just wrong….BUT AMAZINGLY great for my hurting heart here in Fundy land! πŸ˜‰

  3. If you really believe it is an abomination for a woman to wear slacks, why don’t you make the wealthier (tithing) members feel as threatened as you make the staff (I was one) feel. Why do “volunteers” get to wear pants in public, but if I do, I could lose my job? (two questions…but can it count as one?)

  4. “Do you truly, honestly believe what you’re taught or are you afraid of what could happen if you allow yourself to question?”

    I know that before I left, I spent a few years ‘playing the game’. People still thought I was an ideal fundy, but inside I was terribly confused. I think many others are the same way, but afraid to even let themselves consider the thought that everything they know could be wrong.

    1. Someone earlier asked a list of short questions and one of them was “why are you afraid?” This is HUGE! I’m always hearing about how they’re afraid of what’s happening in the world, they’re afraid of the direction the church is going, etc. What happened to “perfect love casts out fear”? What about “greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world”? I agree – what’s with all the fear?

      1. It’s all about control. IF they keep people in fear, they keep them in control! Well, I have broken free and the only one in control of me Jesus, not some preacher yelling at me with his version of the gospel.

        1. me too…
          as that would be my question
          “why is your faith based on fear
          rather than love?”

  5. Why do we have an invitation every week when the sermon had nothing to do with salvation? And why do we have said invitation every week when you can look out at the small yet sparsely populated sanctuary and see that every.single.person here is someone you know and there’s not one new face? And since you know everyone here, why do you keep telling us not to drink (alcoholic beverages)?

    It’s like the post above, about being so stressed from being harangued about not smoking and having to go light up after leaving the church; it takes a few shots to make it through. I mean, if I went there anymore.

  6. My question…

    Why are you so afraid of grace? Its in the name of your church, yet you have completely missed the concept.

  7. How can you straight-facedly critic Rob Bell’s Love Wins when it’s obvious you didn’t read it?

    1. That’s an easy answer (speaking for them of course)…”Because I didn’t read the Bible either and the MOG can say whatever he wants to because we’re lead by the Spirit and not blinded by satan! 😈

      1. Or the pastor could have watched the interview Bell had when the interviewer condemned Bell by saying Bell watered down the gospel by believing in a post-mortem salvation experience.

        1. That would never happen (watching the interview) because 1) television promotes vile wickedness and is the number 1 tool of satan (behind music) and 2)the ‘godless’ show the interview was on is liberal from the word go and 3)the interviewer is a foreigner 😯 From a former pastor “I’m not telling you to get rid of your cable, but I don’t have it in my home because my 7 children will NOT be exposed to the world”…all this while he holds P90x classes for his ‘favorites’ in the church…

          there needs to be a ‘puke’ icon

    1. Depends.
      1. Is the lizard male? How short is his hair?
      2. Is the lizard female? What shade of khaki is her little lizard skirt?
      3. Has Mr/Ms lizard ever been to a movie, bar, smoked, drank IBC Root beer or listened to devil music?
      4. Which church does Mr/Ms Lizard attend and what position does he or she hold there?

      I need to stop now.

  8. Do you realize how stupid you sound, you big, fat, bald jack-ass?

    By the way, I love you in the Lord. (YOU IDIOT!)

    1. I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “Bless your heart.” It’s the churchy way of saying “you idiot.”

  9. Why do you insist that I and my wife are adulterers because she left her abusive first husband and eventually found me?

    1. Or “Why, when my self absorbed faithless wife divorced me entirely against my will do you consider me sinfull beyond redemption.?”

  10. Why do you refuse to study anything that isn’t pre-tribulation/pre-millenialism when there are very intelligent people who know the Scriptures that hold to other stances?

    Why have I never heard you once preach on Christian liberty?

    Why have I never heard you once preach on grace, and not just the saving grace, by the grace we live by everyday?

    1. Those last two questions prompted my move away from IFBism, although the first one is unfair, because most people who hold to a theological system, whether it be premil dispy, post mil dispy, calvinism, arminianism etc, are reluctant to study material from an opposing point of view.

  11. Question they expect someone somewhere to ask eventually: “I noticed that you don’t drink, smoke, swear, mow your lawn on Sunday, or listen to rock & roll. Your life is different. What must I do to be saved?”

    1. Jenn – That is so true. I was always told that the “world” was watching us. Every day, all the time. And that we had to be different. And by being different, people would approach us and ask “what do you have because we want it too.”

      1. Of course, that’s assuming that the life you live is ATTRACTIVELY different; like happier, more joyfull, more at peace, or more confident.

      2. Well, people might ask you about why you don’t mow the lawn on Sunday IF they know you. Those kind of questions come up in the context of relationships. The guy down the street you’ve never talked to isn’t going to approach you about such things. Not gonna happen.

  12. Do you realize there is a category of people out there who are sincere and well educated followers of Christ who believe differently?

    (Corollary: Do you realize that people who don’t agree with you might actually be NOT rebellious against God AND well educated on the issue?)

  13. Why is it more important for you to be known as an Independent Baptist than a Christian? If your religion doesn’t use any other book but the Bible, why must I read the ABCs of Christian Growth and the Baptist History to find the “truth”?

  14. I assume you would separate from Chuck Phelps if he were to support Billy Graham. Will you separate from him now that he has talked publicly about a 15 year old girl being in a consensual relationship with a man twice her age? Isn’t this when separation really matters?

  15. “Can you show me in scripture where the church is to be ruled by one man?”

    “Can you explain to me why preaching is exclusively done by lecture?”

    “Can you explain to me how you as a pastor and this church fulfills the mandate of Ephesians chapter 4 when lecture is the only form of training for the people?”

    “What is Church for?”

    “When Paul wrote to a city or an area he wrote to the church (singular) at __________. (Galatia, Philippi, Cornith) Given that as a Biblical example would you be willing to join up with the folks over at ____________ church in order to strengthen the body of Christ in our community so that we might take on some projects together and show the true meaning of Christian Love in this community? If not why not?”

    “We only have 20-25 each Sunday, and the Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church of the Beautiful Roses down the street has about the same. Would you be willing to combine our congregations and share the pastoral duties with their pastor? If not Why Not?”

    I could go on all day. But I’ll stop right there.

  16. WHAT is your name?
    WHAT is your quest?
    WHAT is the airspeed velocity of an unburdened swallow?

  17. Actual Question asked by an actualy I.B.F Pastor, (my dad) “Why are there so many idiots, who are Independent Baptist?”

    1. People at my ex-IFB church would say something along the lines of “we don’t hate catholics, we just think/know they follow a false religion. we want to show them what the true religion is”..

      Sad. πŸ™

        1. Because Roman Catholics believe in the gospel of Jesus our Messiah. Any debates we have with them are in-house arguments.

      1. A few years ago, my parents’ IFB church actually offered a Sunday school class to teach people about the dangers and evils and fase teachings of Catholicism. They thought it was a great idea. 😯

  18. Just wanted to share some of my musings of a real ‘ask a question to the pastor’…Here are some questions I did ask an IFB (former but now assistant) pastor yesterday who came to my house to ‘fix’ my thinking:

    He started with wanting if I was ‘okay’ because I was not in church and then starting quoting me 1 john 4:4 because I was under demonic attack

    Open door for me, I thought, to ask questions and get answers….

    Q) What’s up

    A) Satan’s mo is alive and well and I haven’t seen you in church

    Q) Why do you magnify and idolize the tools of satan but minimize if it’s mentioned at all, God’s glory and power OVER that

    A) silence

    Q) why does the church make fun of catholics for their idols when you make idols of Bible versions, dress and music

    A) you can get saved under an NIV bible but we’re not liberal, there are women who wear pants that go to our church (but you can’t serve unless you’re in a skirt), and Eph 5:19 (answers in the order of my points)

    Q) why would I want to go back to a church that is the most unfriendly unloving church I’ve ever been to; where I hold my breath while I’m there and then cry when I get home

    A)you’ve been blindsided. the devils blinded you. and the devils blinded all those people who aren’t friendly. they can’t see you because you’re blind

    Q)why is it that you say that God’s given me a spiritual gift to use for the body but then not let me use it

    A)because you don’t have a platform. If you’re in a position to have a platform then by following your authority and not usurping those over you, you can share if it’s biblical

    Q)if you agree with all that i’m saying, then why do you and the rest of the church teach just the opposite?

    A5) silence….then, “We’ll what are you doing? If you’re not doing anything, you can’t judge!”

    And he wonders why I’m never going back…

    1. My heart goes out to you. I will put you in my prayer journal and pray for you and your precious family. May God deliver you from this.

        1. please don’t let doubt or the guilt they try and put on you weigh you down…

        2. The same pastor came back today (3 more hours).

          ME: “In the spirit of love (truly) I don’t believe the KJ is the only inspired English version. I don’t believe that all the other versions are corrupt. I don’t agree with the argument of Deutoronomy 22:5. I don’t need to study Gail R to prove your point. I don’t believe that CCM is of the devil. I don’t need a skirt to serve God. And I don’t need to be a wife of a ‘leader’ (code for ordained MOG) to teach others.

          HIM: “You’re forsaking the assembly by not going. Your hindering the body of Christ by not being there. If you’re the foot you have weakened the body. You need to remember the life of Joseph. He was greatly humbled before God used him. Compare the versions and you’ll see the corruption. (Followed immediately by him saying “It’s not the words or man’s understanding of the words in the Bible that teaches. It’s by God Himself”.) If you don’t come to church you’re running away, it would be like you and your husband separating and then trying to have ‘fellowship’.”

          ME: I don’t agree with you or the IFB position. Don’t tell me I’m forsaking the assembly b/c that’s another verse out of context used to ‘bash backsliders’. I never said I wasn’t going back to church, I said I wasn’t going back to yours. I’m not running away from God, I’ve finally run to Him. I’ve replaced the ‘idols’ on my altar of IFB leaders with the TRUE head of the church. And finally…we’re only hear for 7 more weeks. :mrgreen:

        3. @nokoolaid4me, Sorry you had to face his accusations. I hope you can find a church where you are welcomed and loved and can grow in Christ with freedom and joy.

        4. The Fundie Inquisition. You will now be labled a Code: 1John 2:19a
          Your name will be moved to the top of both the Prayer(gossip) list and the (backsliders)Sermon Illustration list.

          You will be branded a rebel and your salvation will be questioned from this point onward.

          … and I couldn’t be more proud of you for standing your ground. 😎

    1. Not one written in the last twenty years. Which annoys me because my father is a professor of history at a very good university! I mean, if you guys think that the Paulicians were good IFBs…

  19. If you truly believe in the priesthood of the believer, why do you trot out the “greek meaning” of words like wine or any word in scripture that goes against the traditions of your church?

  20. I wouldn’t ask any question because I can never be assured of an honest answer from a fundie.

  21. What are you going to do when you get to heaven and there are lots of other people there that do NOT call themselves “independent, conservative, KJV only BAPTISTS?”

  22. Why do you so often use the phrase “The bible says…” without saying where is says it and obviously not reading it? (This does not apply in YOUR case πŸ˜‰ )

  23. Have you ever honestly read and studied material that honestly promoted a non-KJV only, non-dispensational or anti-standards/pro-grace viewpoint?

    1. To be fair, that’s like asking YRR if they have ever honestly read and studied any material from a dispensational or New Covenant position πŸ˜› Everything they know about those positions are from caricatures in sermons, much like everything most IFB’s know about reformed or NCT is from making it up on the spot.

      1. exifb: I’m not quite so “Y” anymore and not really the last “R” so I don’t know if I qualify or not but any Reformed person I’ve ever spoken with that even knew the words “dispensationalism” or “NCT” used to be one. And nobody uses these terms in a sermon. Your typical lay person doesn’t really think about these type things. These thoughts come from my own personal experience being in reformed circles 15 or more years. Your mileage may vary.

        1. There are MANY theological arguments that never cross the minds of the average Christian. Their opinions are formed from sound bytes from sermons. Afew are dispensationalism, eternal security, millinialism, antidnomialism, equal ultimasy, extreme symatrism, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin….

  24. How do you feel about the fact that the Holy Spirit is out of a job at this church?

    1. Actually, I did tell the pastor of the church where I was working (Mike Harding) that “the Holy Spirit was out of a job at this church.” He wasn’t thrilled.

  25. Oh, one more – “Why do you single out particular congregants for public chastisment?” … and:
    “When was the last time you singled out congregants for praise and congratulation?”

  26. What do you think Jesus meant when we told his disciples not to “lord it over” the flock?

  27. Why does protecting the image of the fundy church trump protecting the safety of the abused children in your congregation?

    1. YES! My pastor asked me to not go to the police when one of our teen confided in us that she was being sexually abused by her father…ticked me off.

  28. Honestly I have nothing I want to ask. I am so done with it all. I don’t want their judgment, I don’t want their warped gospel and surely do not want their answers. I pretty much could answer my questions for them anyway.

  29. “Why is it that only you, the church secretary, and (perhaps) the janitor are the only paid staff, while the musicians are required to “give out of their gifts” – – especially after reading G-d’s requirements for those who offered up Worship and Praise (*NOT* Sermons!) in the tabernacle, and then the temple?”

  30. Do you honestly NOT realize that you left out an important part of that passage of scripture from your sermon outline because you couldn’t find a way to make it an alliterated point?

  31. Why do you have a Southern accent if you were born and raised in Michigan and have spent the last 30 years on the mission field in England?

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